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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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Hello, it is me gugmt again :)

First i would like to thank for all those quick replies you goats give me, i am very happy to have found this website

I would like to use this thread as a gathering of all the small details and "between the lines" and not obvious interpretations during the story you`ve managed to learn, it can be anything like numbers and names interpretations or even magic scenes interpretations, i`ll give some i remember for now

1) One I am very fond of comes from EP2, the second twilight.

Kanon follows the shocked Jessica to her room and tries to help her to calm down when she starts to have an asthma attack. He helps her and she says she wants to be alone, then comes a romantic scene in which he basically answers he will never let her alone and will be waiting outside in case she needs him. He waits outside of the room and Beatrice appears and start saying crap so he enters the room in order to save jessica.

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Hello my dear seagull!

I was very happy to read this post. Explained many holes in the story for me, like about the episode of Kanon and Jessica in the second twilight.

About the names,*it's a good explanation and makes a lot of sense. I want to see the opinion of anyone else giving a different view of what you said.

Thank you for posting here, you were the first post I read on this website, and enlightened me so much ...

Thanks ;)

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I agree with most of No. 4.
I would add the referenced developement of Sayo's self-discovery after Beato the elder showed up. I say Chick-Beato is a mix between Beatrice of Yasu and Cage Beatrice.

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Hello, my first post here.
Here are some thoughts I made after I finished EP6 (I was aware of Shkannon, but I was more into Rosatrice at this time). After the manga finished more questions/thoughts arised.

1) Even if Erika was a corpse in the first 4 games, how it came that she was never "revived"?

2)I thought Erika was one of Sayo's personas. Why?
name: Beatrice (B)e(a)ri[c=k][e=a]; a nod to Beatrice?
appearance: flat chested girl; a nod to Sayo's true sex
Roses in the hair; like Beatrice
age: about Jessica's
introduction: by the servants, of course
interest: mystery; like Sayo+Battler
Love duel: she indirectly particapted in it and duelled
hates: denial (of her theories); in contrast to Beatrice

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File 144764583190.png - (621.90KB , 640x480 , GM_approves.png )
1). Not sure what you mean, she was created by Bern and was able to take part in the game thanks to confirmation that Kinzo was dead.
2). That would be denied by the fact they are seen together with Shannon and or Kanon at seperate times.
3). Erika was likely not an actual person in 1998, just a character to represent the witch hunters.
4). I don't remember the facts exactly, but I imagine that since she had no idea how her 'perfect' logic error was smashed caused her to focus more on that then anything else.
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1) I know that Bern would/could place her on the game board. What I'm talking about is the "executed" tip in the 6th game. Did Bern needed a free place and a vessel to place "herself" on the gameboard? But by going with this argument nobody in the story argued that the man from 19 years ago who's an alternate version of Sayo.
IIRC pieces from alternate fragments weren't revived normally. So, that makes Erika (as a character) not originally created by Bern?

2) Well, I don't have the VN at hand now. Yeah the manga showed they were seen together. Mmh I have to search for pages where Erika see Kanon/Shannon. EP6 don't count if Erika hasn't the detective authority.
3) I know she represents witches of truth like how it is showed in the trick ending. But this is new to me. Interesting.
4) It fits to her. But in EP6 she liked to trick Battler by not telling him her moves. At the end losing the duel is what the story demanded.

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Hello, i have been thinking for a while and I cant make a complete theory about this, please help me goats!

I am a true shkanontrice believer and I like the idea of the Metaworld(at least the first 6 episodes) being somehow a battle of wits between tohya+ikuko VS yasu´s letters, Tohya trying to figure out what happened in rokkenjima and stuff.

But firstly, Is there any hint given by the novel that the metaworld actually means that? I cant find it at all.

And do any of you goats know a theory that interprets all the meta skillfully from this point of view?

For me, Metabattler finding the truth about yasu at he end of episode 5 represents tohya finding the truth himself, But how has he been writing the episodes 3+4+5+6 all having the yasu solution even though he didnt know the truth back then? am I interpreting something wrong?

Also, what does it mean by Beatrice dying and reviving? does that have a deeper meaning regarding tohya finding the truth or is it just for the sake of he twin beatrices explanation??

I really want to see a solid interpretation of the metaworld, please help me!

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File 144662210567.jpg - (180.39KB , 728x1158 , l033_024.jpg )

Yeah it was Ikuko who wrote the first few. Although some points I wrote in the link above are silly, the general message there is still solid.

Basically, Ikuko writes 3-5 to show they know the truth/aid Tohya, Tohya writes 6 to make a happy ending which theorists try to rip apart, then the rest is about how the public and Ange come to a conclusion about the incident. The stuff in Ep6 basically is a preview of the solution Ange reaches in Ep8, and is more of a show that Battler put on with people reviving and such.

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Yeah. Unless, huh?

File 142056903411.jpg - (165.02KB , 1000x655 , by_sousui_hani.jpg )
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So I thought I'd just put this down here since I don't really see a full explanation else where, although I imagine someone else has already come up with it so call me a slowpoke or whatever. Naturally spoilers for whole series should be expected.


First and foremost what we know as the meta world, and what I'm talking about in particular is how the actually story unfolds as the reader first picks up Umineko. Mostly Battler vs Beatrice in the tearoom and all those scenes that follow afterwards.

When you think about some theories that are made by readers, you may recall a few radical ones that choose to ignore all of the red and meta world and only focus on the fragments, as they believe those are the only pieces that are real in the prime(world of 1998). But once you think like that, the logic would then become, aren't the EPs1-6 also just written by individuals and shouldn't also be taken seriously? At which point it becomes pointless for there is no longer anything to explain the game.

So while thinking this, concluded that the meta world surely has a place within the realms of Prime. We know that, well at the very least the events in Ep1-2 were written by Yasu. Then the next 3 were written by Ikuko (Ep6 was Touya I recall). While some argue they may be the same person, let's skip over that for now. What matters is that during the early episodes red truth is giving out with confidence that there is an answer to be solved, so Ikuko simply taking the role of the witch would work too.

So to get to the exact explanation, the events in the meta world seem to follow a pattern that can fit into the Prime world. We know later on that Battler gets amnesia and lives with Ikuko, so its a fair assumption that the meta world is just a dramatization of future events. To be more specific, Battler reading the games over and declaring that it can't be a witch and there must be a culprit to the fate which befell his family. Over the course of the next few games in the meta world Battler meets other characters who take the name of Beatrice, or at least is a witch spawned from the gameboard. Notably Ange and Eva, who both just
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