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i feel weird being like the only one who ever posts here anymore

Genji brought up a corona check-in thread, so I thought I might as well.

How's your quarantine? Hope everyone's staying health!
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how can you post without functioning captcha hacker
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H-how did you post?
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hi healthy is kind of a big word but im alive
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I had my nostalgia moment which never had an original) but then it stopped. Strange times, friend.
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wonder who this was

strange times indeed
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tis the fate of the internet now
At first I was worried most chat apps didn't have reliable log features, but people have made workarounds now. Never know when a chunk of internet history could be lost though.
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It was strange at first, had to move home from uni dorms, classes continued online. I didn't do well because it gave me insane opportunity to just slack off. I also managed to continue my job (90% pure slacking off) in home office, so dad being unable to work since the operation continues to fail starving us to death. It's all right overall!

I think I sent 2 or 3 posts here in 2014 while still reading Chiru for the first time, and a Happy Halloween Maria last year. This place makes me feel nostalgic, but that nostalgia has never really had an original, active counterpart.

I'm one of those sad mistakes who saw the anime first, and then jumped straight into Chiru seeking answers, only to be thoroughly fucked in the head by the end. There was no one to tell me to just read the VN instead of watching, but I guess that's how it is.
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If you want strange nostalgia, there was a time when we were told to gb2gaia. Yet, we were never there and I haven't heard anyone mention the place in so many years that I only remember it exists when thinking of seacats.
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In a way, that proves that seacats are from gaia!
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Oh no, what have I done?
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meditate this for forgiveness
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That is only true if I don't live to see 10/10/10 again.
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