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Death by poison.

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The Sea of Fragments. A multiverse filled with limitless potential for wonder, and boundless levels of cruelty. An empire known as the Illusion of the Witch holds each glittering Fragment within its grip of paranoia and superstition. From inside their unassailable City of Books, the Witches' Senate act as merciless gods, crushing lives and dreams in equal measure.

Yet, in this Sea of endless possibilities, hope has been found. From within one of the fragments, a resistance has begun. Beatrice the Golden Witch, the Ushiromiya family, and some of their closest friends and servants escaped the destruction of their home with the help of an immature but powerful witch of the Senate, Lambdadelta, and together they now sail the Sea of Fragments, looking to shake the tyrannical rule of the Illusion of the Witch and eventually find a way to bring the City of Books crashing down and restore their beautiful Golden Land to the form that it once knew.

A vicious battle of truth an illusion, where every reality hangs in the balance. This is...

The War of the Golden Witch

Premise: Alright, so that's my basic idea. To put it more plainly, this game follows a what-if scenario off of Episode 8. What if, before throwing a party to unlock the Book of the Single Truth, Featherine wanted to wrap things up with the Golden Land first? Erika led the Goat Fleet there and started battering away at it, while Ange was still on the side of Bernkastel and Featherine, determined to learn the truth. Lambdadelta, on the other hand, decided that rather than wait it out, actually would help. She couldn't get anyone but herself into the City of Books, and there weren't any guest passes since there was no party, but she could allow them to exist in the Sea of Fragments as long as she was nearby. With that, the residents of the Golden Land burst through the line of goats, stole one of the ships, and sailed off into the Sea.

However, the Illusion of the Witch, which is what I'm thinking of calling the empire, did not hold onto only their fragment, but thousands upon thousands of fragments, through sowing fear, superstition, and making people give up trying to figure out solutions and just accepting that things are the way they are. It's also this power that keeps the defenses of the City of Books so certain. If everyone on thousands of fragments think that the city can't be breached, then it can't. However, if the heroes can dispel the Illusion of the Witch from enough fragments, gathering allies along the way (Lambdadelta has a LOT of friends, after all), then the City of Books might become vulnerable, they could possibly break in, and if a miracle happens they could reclaim the Book of the Single Truth and free themselves and everyone from this wicked illusion.

At least that's how Lambda says it'll work, and she's trustworthy, right?

Current Character Split:

Good Guys (possible PCs):
Maria (maybe. mibht be in lower list)
Genji / Ronove (Ronove needed a vessel, so now they can switch into each other)
Kumasawa / Virgilia (same)
The Chiesters
The Seven Sisters of Purgatory

Good Guys (NPC only, but people can control them for side conversations and RP flavor):

Kinzo (because he's pretty officially dead, he can only really stick around as an Obi-Wan/Zordon/insert-ethereal-illusion-person-here)
Sakutaro (because making him equally powered as a PC would be really really tough. Plus for some reason I really like the idea of making him the helmslion for the ship. Cidkutaro, if you will. Give him little goggles...daww...)
Maria (maybe. might be on above list)
Zepar and Furfur (similar reason to Sakutaro, plus I just find them very odd. If you really really want them as PCs, we'll talk)

Neutral Guys (NPC only, or PC with special permission):
The Eiserne Jungfrau. (They're essentially the Sea of Fragments police, so although they work for the Witches' Senate, they'll only step in if laws are being broken. Dlanor is pleading the rebels' case to the others at the moment though, so they might turn a blind eye or be late to respond to disturbances.)

Bad Guys (NPC Only, or PC with special permission):

ANGE-Beatrice (for the moment. She's still in emo-don't-care-just-want-truth mode)
All of the Goats
All of the Kitties

How it's played: I have rules! They are not rules of D&D or Pathfinder. It's a set of rules called Cartoon Action Hour, Season Three. They're fairly simple I think, and would work well for this kind of story. However, I need to know if people want that. So options:

Option 1: Rules/Rules - We use those rules, everyone is aware of them, and it plays out just like a tabletop RP game.

Option 2: Rules/No Rules - I know the rules, I manage the stats, but the players just need to worry about playing. You all tell me what you want to do, I handle the mechanics of it, and let you know what happens.

Option 3: No Rules/No Rules - Freeform. No rules, just roleplaying and going with what feels right for the story. Only real rule is that I get final say for settling disputes.

So, here is the thread! Chime in with ideas, ask questions, or really just if anything comes to mind! I'll put in more posts when I have more time to flesh out ideas and whatnot.

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File 143917819221.jpg - (249.39KB , 800x600 , 2FC.jpg )

To head off an initial question, yes, that is a LONG list of potential PCs. However, I consider it to be more like a character select screen. For each little adventure, the players can choose to play who they want to for that one. After all, each adventure will tend to have very different settings as well. So a single player could be playing Jessica flying a hoverbike through the artificial canyons of a dark cyberpunk dystopia in one adventure, then decide to be Eva holding off a horde of barbarians on a frozen tundra the next adventure, just because they felt like it.

That way we could even rotate players in and out as real life schedules shift.
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Okay, let's say for now I might be interested. Who else is in?
>> No. 5223 edit

Woohoo! One possible declaration of interest! I've heard of a few others in Skype chat, but I'd like folks to stand and be counted in this thread as well. If you know folks who might be interested, message them. My contacts are still rather slim.
>> No. 5224 edit
Hmm, I already asked someone who could be interested, but no luck. Anyway, anyone else who wanna join should leave a message here, yeah.
>> No. 5225 edit
I am also in
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File 144022804372.jpg - (115.05KB , 1024x746 , nyan.jpg )
A little late to say, but in nonetheless!
>> No. 5227 edit
File 144047833576.jpg - (2.50MB , 2000x1447 , umineko-fanart.jpg )

Alright, sounds like we have four people! If the other person ever pops in. Either way, I can get a hold of him.

So! I know that I've talked to a couple folks. Right now I'm leaning towards the Rules/No Rules option, where I'll keep track of the mechanics, so that you all mainly need to keep track of roleplaying. I'll probably come up with a very condensed and simplified version of the rules, just so you have an idea of what kinds of things are just not allowed, but on the whole we'll follow the Rule of Cool. (If it's ridiculously cool, "fate" will conspire to make it happen.)

I'll make the book as available as I can, though copyright rules apply as much as anywhere else. Everyone knows the internet abides by copyright rules. If anyone wants to read about what fine establishments you can go to to read these rules after justly purchasing them, you all have my Skype, so drop me a line. I'll certainly not share a link to where you can read them.

So, unless there's any objection to that, I'll start numbercrunching and doing prep work there. Chat amoungst yourselves, ask questions of me, brainstorm awesomeness, whatever you wish! The more interaction there is here the more ideas I'll have for the game. Don't ask why that is, I don't know, but it's true.
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File 144055445751.gif - (639.90KB , 500x573 , 1398400814136.gif )
How many kitties is all of the kitties?

(Also, will they be sea kitties?)

Last edited at 15/08/25(Tue)19:03:57
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File 14405566327.png - (185.17KB , 640x480 , cats_eye2c.png )

A couple more than there are Goats.

And nope. Just kitties of the sea.

Last edited at 15/08/25(Tue)19:38:02
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File 144055807194.jpg - (35.74KB , 480x270 , 1398066282635.jpg )
I-isn't that the same thing?

>> No. 5231 edit
seakitties are kitties live in the sea
kitties of the sea are just the kitties that were born in the sea
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Sorry I am late to the party! I am in on this too. I am still deciding on a face-canon image/sprite I will be using for myself. So for now just call me indecisive and I will have one of those up soon! Please make sure to tell me if I am doing anything wrong, I tried to read all the rules but don't judge me to harshly if I missed one or two!
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Hello, Spahyk! I wouldn't worry too much about the rules; we're largely a nice bunch, I promise!

One thing to note, if you missed it: writing "nc" in the e-mail field will bypass the captcha.
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File 144129712524.jpg - (118.83KB , 750x1065 , uu.jpg )
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File 144186377436.jpg - (2.21KB , 66x71 , 135413674347s.jpg )
Gomene gomene gomenw I am here!
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File 144186628698.png - (531.69KB , 500x748 , hello.png )
No worries, I should think.

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