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Death by poison.

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No. 5199 edit

With the way opened, the group presses on through the temple, and its various traps and ambushes. There were the undead abominations in the next room over. And, upon the defeat of those creatures, a myriad more undead waited throughout the rest of the temple complex. All of which was coated in a fine layer of dust, as it remained undisturbed for ages. Here and there, traces of lingering defiling magic could be found, whether in the burning braziers that lit themselves, or in the hostile fungi that tried to drag the group into a pit.

But, after exhausting all other options, you finally come to a heavy stone door bearing inscriptions in Primordial. It reads that the chamber beyond the doors houses a precious treasure of an ancient Primordial, known as the Dust Kraken, Ul-Athra, or the Mouths of Thirst, though only Ves and Glenn are able to read it.

Primordial : In the beginning, Ul-Athra and its siblings created the world. For a time, each primordial claimed a domain among the formless, empty regions. Ul-Athra, a creature of wind and rage, had dominion over the fury of the dust storm. It wore upon its brow the Crown of Dust, into which the primordial had invested a considerable sum of its power. When Ul-Athra was lost to the world, fragments of the Crown remained.

Below it is a simplistic depiction of a massive serpent, hundreds of yards long but no thicker than a human torso. On its its snakelike head rests a crown from which a whirling halo writhes. The halo looks somewhat similar to a dust devil.

The door itself opens with little resistance, into a room bathed in dim purple light. Flickering purple radiance shines from a small object floating over a pit in the floor.

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>> No. 5201 edit
File 141237747515.png - (811.57KB , 762x749 , ron.png )
The room itself is eerily barren for what should have been a shrine to a primordial's greatest treasure. Near your position are a pair of sandstone slabs that have long-dried flecks of blood on them. To the south, beyond the pit, is a small stone altar.

The object in the pit floats as though on an invisible platform, or held in place by unseen chains. It remains utterly motionless.

Recette moves around the room, waving her torch about as she investigates. When she returns to the group, she shakes her head.

"I couldn't find anything. No traps, no monsters, nothing other than that," she explains, pointing to the floating object - a broken fragment of a crown that glows purple around its edges.

"I don't like this..." she murmurs.

Characters are now level 3
Characters gain the benefit of an extended rest
Recette takes 10 on her Perception check

>> No. 5202 edit
File 139080418993.gif - (554.74KB , 500x281 , nazuna shuffle.gif )
Kudust briefly considers the room before him before slowly approaching the object hovering in the center. He will remain fifteen feet from the edge of the pit, his hammer and shield drawn, and await the others.

Dungeoneering to try and figure out what's going on here. 13 http://orokos.com/roll/226213
>> No. 5203 edit
File 132053424896.png - (372.29KB , 536x886 , sak_a13 default 1.png )
Dungeoneering : As far as Kudust can tell, the crown fragment is floating under its own power.
>> No. 5204 edit
File 140528233982.png - (349.77KB , 854x480 , 51564321561321.png )
With a dagger in each hand, the rogue moves ahead, carefully.
"So... where's the bad guy?"
>> No. 5205 edit
File 140552224872.png - (105.05KB , 223x399 , rec_sad.png )
"I don't know..." Recette answers meekly. "Safest guess is the pit, but I couldn't even see to the bottom of that!"
>> No. 5207 edit
File 138921451545.gif - (2.00MB , 270x187 , 9VM9qDd.gif )
"And this crown... I wonder what does it do there."
Killua keeps walking into the center of the room, throwing a glance everywhere.
Perception: 10 http://orokos.com/roll/226828
>> No. 5208 edit
File 132053424896.png - (372.29KB , 536x886 , sak_a13 default 1.png )
Recette dutifully follows around Killua as he examines the place, providing illumination for him.

Perception (Killua) : You get the vague sense of something sinister about the altar, but that may just be due to the nature of the entire place so far.

As for the crown itself, it's just a fragment of a whole thing. About a third of it, and just barely wearable. It's made of gold, or at least colored gold, though it glows purple around the edges. The craftsmanship doesn't have any discernable style to it other than it most certainly being a crown. It's resting there without bobbing up and down, though from what Killua can tell, there is definitely a hole between it and him., as opposed to some sort of invisible floor.

Shockingly, you do not getting any sort of bad vibes from said crown fragment.

>> No. 5209 edit
"...Don't you think... the trap is waiting us to grab the crown, do you?"
>> No. 5210 edit
"Bad guy?"

Ves takes a look as well.

Perception (20) http://orokos.com/roll/226862
Dungeoneering (21) http://orokos.com/roll/226863

>> No. 5211 edit
File 141278929190.jpg - (234.77KB , 975x975 , sak_cocoon.jpg )
Ves : You find what Killua found, and also confirm that there is nothing holding up the crown - it's either floating under its own power, or due to the effect of some odd property of the room. The latter seems most likely, as it may be the cause of the purple glow. Disturbing it would almost certainly cause it to fall, though.

The slabs are remarkable not because of what they are, but because of what they were. You find evidence of erosion having broken them down from what were likely statues to the flat forms they have now.

The altar feels like it has trace remnants of defiling magic on it. Whatever it's for, it could have been used for various purposes, such as sustaining something.

You can't tell how deep the pit is by direct observation alone.

>> No. 5212 edit
File 141300890693.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Kudust joins the others near the altar, nervously looking around the room. "Ye find anythin'? This place gives me tha creeps..."
>> No. 5213 edit
"It feels like a trap" Killua concludes. "As if something were to happen the moment someone gets too close to that suspicious crown. Do we have any brave hero here?"
>> No. 5214 edit
File 140485259860.png - (104.05KB , 223x399 , rec_sigh.png )
Recette shakes her head. Brave she is not.
>> No. 5215 edit
File 141309039570.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Kudust sighs, then replies gravely, "If ye feel thas no otha way."

Assuming nobody objects or stops him, the dwarf will slowly approach the crown, weapon drawn and his shield raised.
>> No. 5216 edit
File 140487068110.png - (202.94KB , 450x385 , 456123263123.png )
"Go ahead, I'll try to cover you" the rogue adds, trying to reassure the dutiful mul.
Ready an action, if an enemy appears in a range of 10 squares, throw off-hand dagger at it.

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