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Death by poison.

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File 134452317080.png - (26.45KB , 147x185 , sak_diplomaticimmunity.png )
4803 No. 4803 edit
keiki: Slayer (striker) Glenn
Misha: Warden (defender) Kudust Earthheart
Voyager: Shaman (leader) Ves
anon-kun: Rogue (striker) Killua Zoldyck
NPC: Psion (controller) Recette Lemongrass

Merging these two threads into one, this will serve as a general thread for stuff that might be missed on Skype. If you have your character ready, post them here, too.
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>> No. 4813 edit
Tentative build, no name for now:

>> No. 4814 edit

Here's my character sheet with its terrible RP.

Last edited at 14/06/22(Sun)16:43:26
>> No. 4815 edit
ok its killua except its not killua
>> No. 4816 edit
File 140349394225.gif - (1.59MB , 375x301 , 1377275833482.gif )

Sheet here!
>> No. 4925 edit
Character sheet for Recette : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6XQuqqRbRyVY3liQWhhNmo1aUU/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 4994 edit
gone out for a couple days, just get someone to take my turn
>> No. 4995 edit
Alright. Thanks for the heads-up.
>> No. 5022 edit
>read up on Dark Sun
Wow House Shom reputation
>> No. 5030 edit
hey guys what are we doing here
>> No. 5031 edit
That's what I'm wondering : what are you going to do?
>> No. 5080 edit
the face is rather moe
>> No. 5083 edit
File 140778955253.jpg - (246.87KB , 480x640 , moe.jpg )
Lair of legendary maid U'guu the Kawaii.
>> No. 5140 edit
All surges spent with Healing Spirit. Ves spends her extra healing surge with Healing Spirit before it goes away, giving Glenn the bonus healing.

Healing per surge: 8+4=12
Spends 2 surges, healing for 24 total. Using Ribbit, Ribbit on both occasions to heal everyone else for 8 total.
Ribbit, Ribbit doesn't heal himself.
Healing Spirit bonus healing from Ves's surge. (3)
Total healing: 27
Final HP: 32/33

Healing per surge: 10+4=14
Spends 1 surge, healing for 14 total.
Ribbit, Ribbit heals him for 8 total.
Healing Spirit bonus healing from Glenn's surges twice. (6 total)
Total healing: 28
Final HP: 40/42

Healing per surge: 7+4=11
Spends 1 surge, healing for 11 total.
Ribbit, Ribbit heals him for 8 total.
Healing Spirit bonus healing from no one.
Total healing: 19
Final HP: 26/29

Healing per surge: 6+4=10
Spends no surge.
Ribbit, Ribbit heals her for 8 total.
Healing Spirit bonus healing from Kudust's and Killua's surges. (6 total)
Total healing: 14
Final HP: 26/26

Last edited at 14/08/26(Tue)14:55:06
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File 13161997155.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , sak_discarded.png )
Time will no longer advance. Game's over, folks.
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