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Death by poison.

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The Sea of Fragments. A multiverse filled with limitless potential for wonder, and boundless levels of cruelty. An empire known as the Illusion of the Witch holds each glittering Fragment within its grip of paranoia and superstition. From inside their unassailable City of Books, the Witches' Senate act as merciless gods, crushing lives and dreams in equal measure.

Yet, in this Sea of endless possibilities, hope has been found. From within one of the fragments, a resistance has begun. Beatrice the Golden Witch, the Ushiromiya family, and some of their closest friends and servants escaped the destruction of their home with the help of an immature but powerful witch of the Senate, Lambdadelta, and together they now sail the Sea of Fragments, looking to shake the tyrannical rule of the Illusion of the Witch and eventually find a way to bring the City of Books crashing down and restore their beautiful Golden Land to the form that it once knew.

A vicious battle of truth an illusion, where every reality hangs in the balance. This is...

The War of the Golden Witch

Premise: Alright, so that's my basic idea. To put it more plainly, this game follows a what-if scenario off of Episode 8. What if, before throwing a party to unlock the Book of the Single Truth, Featherine wanted to wrap things up with the Golden Land first? Erika led the Goat Fleet there and started battering away at it, while Ange was still on the side of Bernkastel and Featherine, determined to learn the truth. Lambdadelta, on the other hand, decided that rather than wait it out, actually would help. She couldn't get anyone but herself into the City of Books, and there weren't any guest passes since there was no party, but she could allow them to exist in the Sea of Fragments as long as she was nearby. With that, the residents of the Golden Land burst through the line of goats, stole one of the ships, and sailed off into the Sea.

However, the Illusion of the Witch, which is what I'm thinking of calling the empire, did not hold onto only their fragment, but thousands upon thousand
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Hello, Spahyk! I wouldn't worry too much about the rules; we're largely a nice bunch, I promise!

One thing to note, if you missed it: writing "nc" in the e-mail field will bypass the captcha.
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Gomene gomene gomenw I am here!
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File 144186628698.png - (531.69KB , 500x748 , hello.png )
No worries, I should think.

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keiki: Slayer (striker) Glenn
Misha: Warden (defender) Kudust Earthheart
Voyager: Shaman (leader) Ves
anon-kun: Rogue (striker) Killua Zoldyck
NPC: Psion (controller) Recette Lemongrass

Merging these two threads into one, this will serve as a general thread for stuff that might be missed on Skype. If you have your character ready, post them here, too.
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the face is rather moe
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File 140778955253.jpg - (246.87KB , 480x640 , moe.jpg )
Lair of legendary maid U'guu the Kawaii.
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All surges spent with Healing Spirit. Ves spends her extra healing surge with Healing Spirit before it goes away, giving Glenn the bonus healing.

Healing per surge: 8+4=12
Spends 2 surges, healing for 24 total. Using Ribbit, Ribbit on both occasions to heal everyone else for 8 total.
Ribbit, Ribbit doesn't heal himself.
Healing Spirit bonus healing from Ves's surge. (3)
Total healing: 27
Final HP: 32/33

Healing per surge: 10+4=14
Spends 1 surge, healing for 14 total.
Ribbit, Ribbit heals him for 8 total.
Healing Spirit bonus healing from Glenn's surges twice. (6 total)
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File 13161997155.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , sak_discarded.png )
Time will no longer advance. Game's over, folks.

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With the way opened, the group presses on through the temple, and its various traps and ambushes. There were the undead abominations in the next room over. And, upon the defeat of those creatures, a myriad more undead waited throughout the rest of the temple complex. All of which was coated in a fine layer of dust, as it remained undisturbed for ages. Here and there, traces of lingering defiling magic could be found, whether in the burning braziers that lit themselves, or in the hostile fungi that tried to drag the group into a pit.

But, after exhausting all other options, you finally come to a heavy stone door bearing inscriptions in Primordial. It reads that the chamber beyond the doors houses a precious treasure of an ancient Primordial, known as the Dust Kraken, Ul-Athra, or the Mouths of Thirst, though only Ves and Glenn are able to read it.

Primordial : In the beginning, Ul-Athra and its siblings created the world. For a time, each primordial claimed a domain among the formless, empty regions. Ul-Athra, a creature of wind and rage, had dominion over the fury of the dust storm. It wore upon its brow the Crown of Dust, into which the primordial had invested a considerable sum of its power. When Ul-Athra was lost to the world, fragments of the Crown remained.

Below it is a simplistic depiction of a massive serpent, hundreds of yards long but no thicker than a human torso. On its its snakelike head rests a crown from which a whirling halo writhes. The halo looks somewhat similar to a dust devil.

The door itself opens with little resistance, into a room bathed in dim purple light. Flickering purple radiance shines from a small object floating over a pit in the floor.

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"It feels like a trap" Killua concludes. "As if something were to happen the moment someone gets too close to that suspicious crown. Do we have any brave hero here?"
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File 140485259860.png - (104.05KB , 223x399 , rec_sigh.png )
Recette shakes her head. Brave she is not.
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File 141309039570.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Kudust sighs, then replies gravely, "If ye feel thas no otha way."

Assuming nobody objects or stops him, the dwarf will slowly approach the crown, weapon drawn and his shield raised.
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File 140487068110.png - (202.94KB , 450x385 , 456123263123.png )
"Go ahead, I'll try to cover you" the rogue adds, trying to reassure the dutiful mul.
Ready an action, if an enemy appears in a range of 10 squares, throw off-hand dagger at it.

File 140770298382.jpg - (137.43KB , 480x640 , Face in the Stone.jpg )
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The screaming winds of sand and dust batter the party as they push through. The ones pushing the cart have it the worst, and Killua is nearly thrown off his feet by the ferocity of the storm. Ves notices the cart beginning to tip, and shouts a warning to those outside to bring it back under control. Recette warns of another sudden gust, and the group braces themselves just in time to avoid being floored by it. http://orokos.com/roll/213386 (14)

It seems that the dust devil has thrown everything it can at you, for moments later you emerge through to the other side. Walls of roaring dust circumscribe a hollow area of still air bisecting a high cliff face. The cliff contains the relief carving of a massive humanoid face. The empty eyes are black shadows, but the gaping mouth is set with two granite obelisks that look like massive teeth. You see flashes of several humanoids darting about within the mouth cavity. The space you're in now is an open desert.

The crodlus are shaken, but seem to be okay. Recette is immensely relieved.
"For a moment there, I thought we were gonna die..." she murmurs, catching her breath. As for the wagon itself, it is in surprisingly good condition.

You've reached the Face in the Stone. Whatever it is Yarnath seeks, it lies inside.

Skill challenge completed. You gain 750 experience points (150 experience points each)
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File 141160141755.png - (901.12KB , 1144x749 , faceentrance 20.png )
Recette dutifully follows behind Kudust to provide illumination. Both of them find the basin, just as described by Ves.

Recette glances between the torch and the basin, and waits for Kudust to have the first drink. Not because she thinks it's poisoned, of course! She just doesn't want to drop the torch.

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File 141169051312.jpg - (840.70KB , 1826x2373 , wideatles.jpg )
Kudust does his best to remember what the ghost told them about the basins, then shakes his head. "Given tha shape we're in, ah think we may be better off wit' tha maroon pool, as unsavory as ah find it." With that, the dwarf will sidle back around the crevice and head to the opposite pool. Barring no interruptions, he will also drink from it.
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File 134981995296.png - (475.82KB , 888x886 , sak_a11 default 1g.png )
Kudust drinks deep from the basin, and finds the liquid... Rather bitter, like medicine. Tellingly, he also feels somewhat invigorated. Recette, meanwhile, tries the same with the aquamarine fluid and nearly spits it out. "Bleck!"

Kudust regains a healing surge
Recette regains the use of Living Missile

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New thread :

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The hustle and bustle of a lively market gradually dies down as you turn onto a nearby street. The stalls are eerily vacant, and you don't see any other people. At least, not right away.

Yells of surprise and alarm mix with the sounds of heavy boots and claws on Tyr's cobbled streets. From one end of the lane, two thri-kreen are bounding in your direction. On overlooking rooftops, a handful of elves throw off cloaks and snatch throwing chatkchas from their belts. From the other end of the street, three burly dwarves hustle toward you. Behind the dwarves strides a determined-looking human in a long cloak. He bears the insignia of the city of Urik: a roaring lion.

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http://orokos.com/roll/213278 nyanpassu
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File 140766563236.gif - (2.59MB , 500x338 , Sae and Hiro Hand Plant.gif )
Kudust lowers his head and squints his eyes tight as he continues to push the cart forward, steeling his body against whatever else the desert throws at him.

Endurance: (23) http://orokos.com/roll/213341
>> No. 5073 edit
"We better are close..."
The rogue barely manages to stand still.

Endurance (14) http://orokos.com/roll/213385
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File 14077031479.jpg - (87.58KB , 640x1136 , sak_knowsomethingyoudon't.jpg )

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