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Death by poison.

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File 134965910738.jpg - (142.74KB , 500x291 , lightning rail station.jpg )
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Current Players:

anon-kun: Warlord (leader) (Kuro) Accompanying Garret D'Jorasco
Gogo: Paladin (defender) (Melech) Accompanying Sophie
Cirno: Wizard (controller) (Sophie) Accompanied by Melech
Squitcher: Swordmage (defender) (Narerka) Accompanying Raki D'Medani
Misha: Executioner (striker) (Tainya) Accompanying Parthia D'Phiarlan
Riri: Druid (controller) (Sora)
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meta about being meta

seriously guys

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File 131626227823.png - (260.40KB , 400x726 , bugeyes.png )
Here's your post-short rest stats :
Healing Surges Spent :
Sora : 3 of 9
Melech : 5 of 12
Kuro : 1 of 9
Narerka : 3 of 12
Tainya : 1 of 8
Sophie : 0 of 7

New HP totals
Kuro : 62/69
Melech : 79/79
Sophie : 59/59
Narerka : 85/87
Tainya : 69/69
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File 132012252818.png - (21.13KB , 200x200 , Harry Potter studying for his OWLs.png )
The cargo's two cars down, past the dining hall and the kitchen. It's the last car before the caboose.
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File 135693138654.jpg - (64.37KB , 186x199 , Put On A Happy Face.jpg )
Update's coming sometime tomorrow. There'll be a new thread for OOC and the next chapter posted.

File 13496590688.png - (1.29MB , 1007x913 , station1.png )
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With little time given to prepare, most of the more important figures secured the safest travel methods first, such as elemental airships and teleportation. That left the Lightning Rail, which had already run out of cars currently in service. Which left the rails currently not in service, and they would need time to bring the train around and assemble a crew. By a stroke of serendipity, you and the people you have been assigned to escort were close enough to Sharn to make arrangements. The courier arrived at the last minute, but her mission was deemed urgent enough to make it onto the otherwise fairly exclusive trip.

The light of dawn just manages to illuminate the station, which is fairly expansive. A map is posted on a nearby wall, but it appears there's little to do when most of the population is either asleep or being redirected to other, less convenient means of transport. It's currently 5:30 AM, none of you having slept later than 5:15, and one of your escorts has nodded off in an effort to catch an extra nap before the trip begins. The elderly ticketmaster has already approved your travel papers and identification, having apologized profusely for the inconvenience, leaving you time to yourselves before the train pulls around in a half hour. The other dragonmarked patrons are glaring at each other silently across the aisles, except for the dwarf and the gnome who are engaged in lively conversation. They seem to have brought their own guard, though the ticketmaster, in between puffs on a cob pipe, gives the warforged a few wary looks. Sometimes the conversation between the two is interrupted by loud guffawing from a nearby room - possibly another group of diplomats who decided to get drunk early today.

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File 135302978011.gif - (481.71KB , 480x270 , 1343744093076.gif )
Seeing the rest of the group isn't quite a group of action, Tainya takes the lead and heads over to the cargo cart to inspect it from the outside.
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File 135693267189.png - (100.30KB , 505x392 , sakutarou_evilsmilea1kg.png )
Stepping outside for a second, Tainya can see the station gradually becoming more lively. Workers mill around the front cars carrying various implements and tools. Much of it seems to be cleaning equipment and replacement parts. Understandable, considering the state the entire train is in.

The cargo car, however, seems pretty uninteresting. There's no movement to be seen through the windows, only stacks of crates, sacks, and boxes. But whoever went in must have left in a hurry, as they didn't bother to shut the door behind them and left scuffmarks in the dust indicating somebody trying very hard to put a lot of distance between themselves and whatever was inside. Beyond that, there's just clutter to be seen inside through the opening. The entire car is deathly quiet.

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File 135596535852.gif - (465.66KB , 480x270 , 1352581691995.gif )
Tainya slowly approaches the door, and attempts to peer around the side of it while remaining hidden.

Stealth (27): http://orokos.com/roll/87942
Perception (23): http://orokos.com/roll/87943

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New thread:

File 134452285658.jpg - (480.71KB , 856x1422 , meet the dm.jpg )
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Current Players:

anon-kun: Warlord (leader) (Kuro)
Gogo: Paladin (defender) (Melech)
Cirno: Wizard (controller) (Sophie)
Squitcher: Swordmage (defender) (Narerka)
Misha: Executioner (striker) (Tainya)
Riri: Druid (controller) (Sora)
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File 134938078312.jpg - (52.62KB , 253x271 , Awemoe Narerka.jpg )
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File 134938299680.jpg - (29.45KB , 171x165 , FInal version.jpg )
Ok, since I forgot that I had a familiar, I just added it to the background. Dump time.

Narerka's youth was a pretty troubled one.
He knows himself little about his birth, being a half-elf, he was the son of a man and a female elf.
However, his mother was part of a pretty secluded Elf community, and when words came that she was pregnant with a Human's son,
she became loathed by the whole community. She was exiled two weeks after Narerka's birth. All that is known is that she left
the child to a group of wandering drows passing by. The last word she said to the leader of the group was
"It was in our best interest, I just hope he won't hate me." She was never heard from again.
As for the father, very little is known about him, even how they both met, but Malagyln, leader of the Drow group, seems to
know him somehow.

After being picked up by the drows while not even a month old, he grew up with them till the age of 10, wandering through the
various plains of Khorvaire. They apparently left the Xen'drik continent years ago, since they hold opinions in strong
disaccord with the Xen'Drik's drows. He learned basics of hunting and survival in these years, even if not being particularly
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File 134950846086.jpg - (29.85KB , 251x205 , NINJOB.jpg )
I just realized I hadn't written anything relating to my choice of guild. I hope it's not too late to dump something like this~

Secrets have power. That was the first lesson taught to Tainya by her mysterious master. Assassins were common in Eberron, particularly among the house of Thuranni, and house Phiarlan was known to hire freelancers quite often, via their leader, the enigmatic Hydra. However, among assassins, those who follow the way of the ninja are exceptionally rare. There are believed to be less than a hundred ninja in all of Khorvaire, and perhaps around a dozen outside of house Thuranni. However, when Tainya acquired a manual containing the secrets of ninjutsu from one of her marks--apparently, a novice being courted by House Thuranni, everything changed.

The drow was the curious sort, and was already an accomplished alchemist. Though Tainya attempted to study the book in secret, she made little progress on her own. It was then that Hydra appeared to her once again, and put her in touch with a hermetic master who trained her to harness the secrets found within that strange book. She never knew the master's name, and though he appeared as an elf, there was no way to be certain that even that was true, for the way of the ninja is shrouded in misdirection and deceit. The master explained to Tainya that those that she killed, and those that she would kill, each died taking hundreds of secrets to their graves with them. The power in those secrets would give Tainya power over others and the world... the power of deception. Each of the strange, archaic symbols contained in the manual Tainya found represented a secret that a ninja's victim had carried with them. The way of the ninja is to draw power from death... and to utilize deception to gain power over others.

Tainya carries the manual of ninjutsu she found back then to this day. She has added many secrets to it, and the shadow magic that she wields is focused and channeled via her nightly study of the book. Though the master told her that she had completed her training long ago, she continues to hone her skills as an assassin, a ninja, and an alchemist. Her skill in poison is such that she is abl
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File 131387928434.png - (96.63KB , 400x400 , =3.png )
Things officially start later today. Make sure you're ready, guys.

File 134782261366.jpg - (193.25KB , 340x519 , The Blades.jpg )
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Philosopher, visionary, warlord, messiah... abomination, racist, psychopath, tyrant-each of these words has been used to describe the enigmatic Lord of Blades. Revered as a messiah by a small sect of warforged, the Lord of Blades has established a cult of personality within the Mournland. To his followers, who call themselves the Blades, he is their god, and his words are law. They do not fear death, for they believe he can rebuild them. And his prophetic vision of the future is one where the warforged rule supreme over the races of the flesh, for whom they feel absolutely no attachment. Their goal is one of slaughtering the masses and enslaving the rest.

And yet, beyond this, little is known about this mysterious figure. Even the elves of House Phiarlan are in the dark about the Lord of Blades—and that’s not a place the House of Shadow likes to be.

As it was, however, his group of followers seemed to grow very slowly. At most, there were estimated to be less than half a dozen new initiates each month. As such, the threat of the Lord of Blades always loomed on the horizon, yet it seemed as far away as the setting sun. At worst, there were some skirmishes in various strongholds of Thrane and Karnath, usually to free imprisoned warforged.

That was the attitude of many leaders just one week ago. Before Sul, Rhaan 28th, 998 YK. On that fateful day, two seperate attacks were carried out against fortifications near the Mournland, and both fell before the day's end.

>> No. 2952 edit
File 134782292058.jpg - (247.72KB , 598x547 , LordofBlades.jpg )
Arythawn Keep in Thrane was overtaken by a small group from without, the inhabitants of this isolated location ripped apart like they were made of paper. It was fortunate that House Medani of the Mark of Detection had been able to detect the threat before it reached the fortress, or there would likely have been no survivors. Apparently the entire attacking force had come on a single vessel across the Brey River from the Mournland, then strode up to the keep with neither fear nor subtlety. Witnesses of the attack claim that the force was led by a single towering construct and his companion, a cybernetic beast that finished off the soldiers its companion had disarmed. The only reason they did not believe it was the Lord of Blades himself was hits body was not covered in sharp edges, but with heavy armor and a horned helmet, and it carried its six weapons simultaneously, his followers screaming out chants of the wicked gospel their god/king instilled in them. Of the five hundred inhabitants, there were only twenty survivors. And among those that made it out alive in spite of the battle, a name was given to the terrifying enemies who wielded such prowess in battle : The Man at Arms and the Devourer.

But far more worrying was the fate of Karrnath's Fort Zombie, as there is absolutely no knowledge of what happened to it. Every last one of the Karrnathi zombie soldiers stationed there, all four hundred of them, were annihilated with startling efficiency. The only reason that there was any knowledge of the incident was due to the scheduled run of the Lightning Rail train through that area. Witnesses say that they saw a mountain of headless corpses piled outside next to a pile of decapitated heads, while various warforged attempted to board the train by force. Only after abandoning the rear cart did the train manage to make it to the city of Vedykar. Since then, the line between Karnath and the Talenta Plains no longer heads past the city of Vedykar, and the nearby Fort Bones has tried to remain in constant contact with the nearest city, lest the same fate befall it.

When word finally got out that these places had fallen, people panicked. In anger and confusion, mobs formed, and went aft
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File 134488856272.jpg - (60.58KB , 449x324 , 4057681909_1b9c55e76f.jpg )
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Good afternoon, adventurers. In this thread we will have our little test game. It should start about 9pm board time.

Kanatash (Astaroth): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6XQuqqRbRyVa21tQUwycW82QnM/edit
Melech (Gogo): http://www.mediafire.com/view/?7934b6s8k8qph82
Narerka(Squitcher): http://www.mediafire.com/view/?iah3z55dhn2ad7s
Rulk(Rin): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8mqAzuTXE5dNjJhRjFaS2hCM0U/edit
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File 134624894696.jpg - (114.90KB , 774x1032 , LittleKuriboh.jpg )
Comforted in the knowledge that some people actually had the brain to save their own life. Narerka run for the exit alongside the others.

"I honestly wouldn't mind saving that old man if it didn't involve lots of rocks and my eventual death.
Let the fools be fools, run as hard as you can, companions !"
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File 134491702093.png - (126.88KB , 256x256 , old sick1.png )
And so, Rulk, Narerka and Sophie follow the escape route, Kanatash runs in name of Justice, attempting to find the old man, and Melech approach to the other man.
"Why, yes. Will you help me to go back for him?" Not really waiting for a proper answer, the man guides Melech to the old man's cell.
Kanatash, a little lost at the beggining, manages to find the old man too. Rolled a 19 for streetwise
"You defeated the old Steiner? Hahahaha, I didn't expect you guys were that strong."
>> No. 2896 edit
Rulk, Narerka and Sophie:
What seemed like a short walk at the start, ended being rather a long one. About 5 minutes later you started to run you can see the exit of this awful place already.
Is it beautiful outside? or is just the sunlight what makes it so pretty? In any case, you manage to get out of the prison and join with the rest of the prisoners; they seem to be impressed by something.
It doesn't take you long to notice what is it. You can hear ocean-like sounds, but there's no ocean near, rather, the whole building is out of the place. The prison is in a floating island!

The water splashing gets stronger and stronger, you notice some of the prisoner's faces lack color.
"I’ll be hornswoggled! How are we getting out of this place!?" a man says.
"Let's just jump from this dumfungled place!" another replies. But before this guy can get his plan into action, something huge appears in the water.
Purple skinned and big as a moutain. The foul creature moves its tentacles awaiting for its dinner.

Deep speech (Narerka): "Uwee hee hee... Game over!"
A huge explosion ... nowhere to run. It seems the old Steiner wins this time. BAD END

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Melech and Kanatash:
"Well, there's no time to lose. I was going to wait here, but now that you come I have no other option." the old man says.
"You can't get out of this place by normal means, the only safe way out is with the use of teleporters. Follow me, I know my way around here."
You get again into the maze-looking area of this prison but the old man doesn't hesitate at all. You keep walking into cirles, and when it feels as if you were going to return to the old man's cell, you find a different looking room.
"This place is filled with magic self-defense mechanisms. The guard's control rooms are protected with illusions."

You keep walking, until you find an strange mechanism placed in the floor. "Is this what are we looking for?" "What a foul luck, they deactivated it further leaving."
The old man nervously starts checking the device, for a sick old man he seems to know his magical stuff.
"This place will blown any second now! I reconfigurated it, but I have no idea to where will it send us." "Argh, better than staying here. Let's haste!"
As you step in the teleporter your vision clouds and your mind fades. Teleporting isn't a pleasant way to travel, but it seems you are alive.

You wake up by the voice of a stranger, "Hey there, are you okay? How did you come here?" "It's a long story ... where are we?"
"Where you ask!? You are in the biggest spectacle in all Faerûn! Take a look by yourself!"
"There will be time to talk about this later, for now please stay as our guests here."
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