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Main Character:
A bit of a delinquent, but not as bad a guy as people tend to assume. Prefers not to get into conflicts too often, but due to his short temper often ends up going further with his "punishments" on other people than he means to. Would rather focus on his studies and/or sports, but somehow violence always seems to find its way back into his life in one way or another. Most of the time prefers to just hang out with his bro than do any real work, and the two often end up killing a lot of time together. He values their friendship, even though his friend often ends up dragging him into trouble he never asked for.

Main character's bro:
Another delinquent who gets in trouble far more often than he means to. Can't stand conforming to rules, and hates taking tests, he's often getting into trouble with the teachers and the rest of the school staff for either fighting or not completing the work he's given. Rarely does homework and skips classes fairly often, but more due to laziness than out of contempt for the school and its teachers.
He and the MC met when they were both called to the head teacher's (principal's?) office for fighting on the school premises, and it turned out they were both just beating up guys who were bullying some of the younger students. The two got along really well and have been best friends ever since.

Main girl 1:
The younger sister of the MC's best friends, she is blind and home-schooled. A year younger than her brother, though since she's the more responsible of the two it almost seems like she's the older of the two. On the other hand she can't go outside many places on her own, so she always needs to be accompanied by someone be it her older brother or one of her close friends.
Fairly smart and a hard worker, she always makes sure to study properly and is always chastising her brother for never doing his homework or other school assignments. Occasionally she takes trips up to the shops with her older brother to pick up things that they need, since their parents often end up working late and forgetting to buy things like milk or bread themselves.
MC meets her
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Ended up writing far more than I meant to, but yeah.

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Blind Moe Blob:

A blind girl who has a weak heart and has asthma. Despite her condition she is cheerful usually. Though she is lonely, and desires someone to talk to.

Due to a car accident when she was 12 she is blind. She has to stay in the nurse's office due to her condition, where she is tutored by the nurse.

MC falls for her due to a need to protect her, and because of her strength even in her situation.


An energetic girl who is always cheerful. She is heavily into sports. She is a tomboy, and doesn't mind if people tell her so. She plays around with sports and games like one of the guys, though she also wants someone to treat her like a girl too.

Why the MC falls for her: Because of her easygoing attitude and her cheerfulness makes him feel comfortable around her.

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File 131076545070.png - (26.26KB , 639x479 , Untitled.png )
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First draft! Ignore the old title screen.

So, to do's:
- Add in the optional dialog routes involving Rabu rabu, Forever Alone, and stuff!
- Refine the main story. The one I would want people to read.
- Get some backgrounds, maybe sprites for characters. Placeholders?
- Music. Musiiic. I plan to mail my old musician and see if he'll want to work with me again, else it's time for hunting a new one.
- ... that's it!

Then I can plunge back into the mystery murder story once I finish this distraction!
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Any bad endings?
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File 131085557576.jpg - (42.59KB , 352x522 , 041218_ya.jpg )
No bad endings!

Anyway, I just got word back from the composer, and it looks like I'll have an ally. Now all I'll need is a reliable editor, and a reliable artist.

Preferably people with skill.

As for project progress, I've begun drafting out the romansu romansu route, leaving the main story route unattended until I can get a second opinion there.

The romansu route involves a return of Davis, and I have been having some difficulty in establishing him properly so that he is not a creepy stalker. ... this proves itself more difficult than I initially thought.

No matter! I'll steam on!
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File 131284585870.jpg - (112.68KB , 408x532 , 739003264083a464640db98823e2d040.jpg )

Rewritten version, steaming on like a pro and boss!

I've decided to cull the routes to three rather than four, mostly for ease of writing, and because it makes more sense given the story.

I've also changed Rachel's personality a little - in Nice Day, she's a talkative girl who talks about everything. I figured it stood to reason she thought a lot, too, and so she is more pretentious deep in this new revision.

The exposition scene with Alex has been shortened - I've decided it added little to the story other than words, and Rachel thinking about things seemed more appropriate. If the idea of the story is to provoke thought, the best way is to touch on philosophical subjects, right?!

Second route will involve ECONOMY, and comes in two flavours: staying at home, then refusing to go with Davis... or going out, then refusing to play with Alex. Both times, you have to refuse someone... isn't it sad?!

Third route is obviously OMG DAVIS I WANT YOU TAKE ME NOW so it's all lovey-dovey. I'm not actually looking forward to writing that!

I might have an artist, and the composer is still on-board. We'll see how this goes~
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File 131306110919.png - (275.33KB , 850x480 , Untitled.png )
Mocking up what I kinda want to do with the game... Think I should adjust the upper and lower margins of the window as well and add a pretty-esque border around it so that it'll look less like a sectioned off zone.

Sprite is obvious placeholder etc. Background even more so, I don't even know what I was going for.

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