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Myn advances and fires an eldritch blast towards the wight deathlock, but the beam misses its mark.

The wight, in turn, claws at the nearby warlord, but misses horribly. It shifts to the side, looking at the squishier backline hungrily.

The wight deathlock curses back at Torinn in response to his intimidations, "Your paltry threats mean little coming from one overcome by the chill of the grave! DIE!" Another bolt is flung from the wight's claws, striking Torinn soundly and keeping him immobilized.

The skeleton archer moves and draws another arrow, trying to pin down the paladin with a fiery shot, but misses as well.

Myn's eldritch blast misses wight deathlock.
Wight marauder 1's claw misses Michael.
Wight deathlock's grave bolt hits Torinn for 14 necrotic damage and Torinn is immobilized until the end of its next turn.
Skeletal archer's searing arrow misses Torinn.

Turn Order (Initiative)
Ghast Savage 2 (G) 24
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Consider this my re-checking everyone's interest in the /limbo/ game and making sure everyone's on board to resume where we left off. I'm interested in getting all six players back on board.

I have links to everyone's character sheets still saved, but without a dump of the old board we'll have to improvise immediately getting back into the game. Shouldn't be too difficult, though (I have a good idea about how I want to do it). Feel free to discuss such matters too.
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Didn't notice til just now, interested
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So, should we continue where we left?

Since higurashi have been referenced in Umineko, [spoiler]we are in the metaworld [spoiler]of a metaworld[/spoiler][/spoiler]
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I'm game.

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