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File: 129559844961.png - (343.85KB , 659x521 , natsuhi1.png )
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From what we know, Natsuhi seemed troubled from the start of this game. When Erika meet her she was already tired and not too happy. This could be of course from being the ilusion of Kinzo life status broken.
Anyways, when we arrive to his room we can see she is still not in good mood. And when we talk with her she tells us about a story from some years ago.
>> No. 209
File 129559864387.png - (523.64KB , 661x518 , natsuhi2.png )
She tells us of course of the story of yasu, the baby Kinzo gave to her.
Being corrompted by her pride, she asks a servant to walk along her holding the baby and then she push them off from the cliff. (Yet we know what happen to that baby)
>> No. 211
File 129560152985.png - (470.67KB , 658x520 , natsuhi3.png )
... and well, here can see the other things natsuhi say. Kinjo made us feel unmotivated with Kinjo stuff.
>> No. 212
File 129560168816.png - (65.66KB , 659x521 , natsuhi4.png )
>> No. 213
File 129560179332.png - (506.73KB , 660x520 , natsuhi5.png )

File: 129559971864.png - (133.79KB , 432x480 , 129514058888.png )
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"Kinjo" is the solution to the letter.

The letter was not placed by the culprit, but it could have been placed by somebody else working with them.

Is there any possibility that Kinjo could somehow be the culprit of this story?

File: 129533932753.png - (63.84KB , 370x417 , genji_blank.png )
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Alright everyone, this is the post I plan to make later, please read it and tell me if it meets with your approval. I think I made it suitably dramatic, so it sure will be funny if this isn‘t even close to the solution. Post any comments you have/additions you can think of/errors you find, and I will modify the post tomorrow as needed.

Alright Kinjo, steel yourself, for this is the truth! The one, final, perfect truth that the members of /Seacats/ have reached after our thousand-year journey! If we are correct in our reasoning, then you have been completely exposed, and you will not be able to stand against the onslaught which is soon to follow. We have read your narrative, examined the clues, and hereby declare our solution to this twisted tale. No more shall the vile criminal roam freely to disgrace the will of the living. The demands of justice must be satisfied, and a remorseless killer given their due. With this, it is our intention to deliver in full. The catbox you’ve so painstakingly crafted has at long last been torn asunder, it’s guts drawn out for all to cast their shimmering eyes upon.

So then endless witch Kinjo, Highmaster of the Inquisition and current Territory Lord of Rokkenjima,

The true culprit…..

[sp]…………IS YOU![/sp]

That’s right you crafty bastard, you did it. You smiled as we ran about in circles attempting to reason things out, no doubt with the grandest of expressions decorating your visage the entire time; you even went so far as to point a gun right at us as you announced the completion of your treasured tale. And of course, every step along the way, we fell for it, but no longer - the charade you’ve been putting on ends here. I am certain though, that you won’t be satisfied until I put this in a language with which you are so dangerously familiar, so with that I’ll digress with my monologue and make it official:
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>> No. 64
File 12953959014.jpg - (20.98KB , 553x363 , dr_ozaki thinking.jpg )
Well now I know it doesn't seem likely but I've thought since the beginning that the cousin's(who just happened to live) alibi for the first twilight isn't right. Since as we know you can be killed if you go to early to the shed.

So the fact that the went to sleep doesn't mean one or two of them could have slipped out after.

Also, I still can't tell. Didn't Kyrie leave her room during the first?
>> No. 66
Apparently that's all than Kinjo is saying about our theory, the howdunnit is wrong because it includes Nanjo.

By now something that's maybe meaningless is getting throught my mind.
Why they included Kanon in the first twilight victims list? And even then, there was no "dummy figure" as Yasu used on ep1. Is this because of the DV 20?
>> No. 67
That isn't really fair. He said he would deny each part. "Trick X doesn't" Work and so on.. He should cut down all the other blue.
>> No. 68
File 129540007429.png - (80.45KB , 320x467 , ros_komarua1.png )
Could it be possible that Genji and Rudolf lied, and there actually weren't any bodies inside at the time?

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