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The time has finally come.

-Information about the crime scenes, the suspects, and really any facts may be requested, in case the players feel something is unclear or was omitted. However, it is purely my decision as to how or whether I respond.
-Blue Truths presented must include the culprit and how they did it for each murder in order to require a Red response. Blues missing one or more of these items will be left to my discretion on how or whether I respond.
-I will have MYSTERY or FANTASY (or METAVERSE) at the top of every section.
-MYSTERY sections will be 100% fact. Anything said, done, or shown actually happened. Anything not said, done, or shown is up to interpretation. Yes, including the singing/dancing/other things related to being a musical.
-FANTASY sections may or may not be 100% fact, but could be. However, I will have leave to lie or alter absolutely anything I wish to. Skip them if you want, but they may have hints and clues in them.
-Red Truth given in the story hold full weight (i.e. the Red is fact).
-METAVERSE sections are held in the Metaverse (shockingly). Treat them as...whatever you treated the metaverse discussions in the original.
-This board is under the effects of Musical Logic. So singing, dancing, random music starting out of nowhere makes perfect sense in the reality of this world. Just relax and enjoy that fact. Musical Logic has no effect on the howdunnit (i.e. 'The culprit got into the room because they sang a song about the victim and were suddenly there' will never be the howdunnit.)
-I have included YouTube links for the songs in the PDF. The YouTube videos can be considered non-canon, only there to provide a vehicle for the music. Only the actual PDFs are canon.

Now then, without further ado, let's sing again.

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File 137775977984.png - (70.03KB , 209x219 , ozaki_7.png )
Assuming something happens to the others in the questhouse after what we have seen...

Kanon was the only body checked by the culprit. Kanon didn't actually die but faked his death. Having done this escape would have been easy assuming they knew about the gold passages.

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You're partly right. However, Kanon is also Shannon. How?
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File 131804537699.jpg - (165.07KB , 475x587 , 1311048875412.jpg )
Nobody checked Kanon after the door was locked, so they could have pretend to be dead as Shannon later as well. Shannon didn't have a visable wound, just dried blood.
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File 161255818955.jpg - (320.72KB , 1256x1256 , Gengaku-Shijuusou-To-Quintet-Piano-Ni-Yoru-Umineko.jpg )

Sayo, otherwise known as Kanon/Shannon/Beatrice, was planning on pressuring folks into solving the riddle of the epitaph that night. To that end, one room and three doors were indeed prepared, though only Eva's chain lock preparation ended up being used by the culprit. Jessica, meanwhile, spoke to Kanon, and together they hatched a plan to fake murders as the Golden Witch, Beatrice.
Jessica wrote the letter found at dinner, and Kanon placed it. However, once real murders started happening, Jessica obviously didn't follow through with her plan.

Krauss, his mind finally snapping under the strain, began his rampage. He started with the wife who he felt constantly belittled him, as well as the servants who knew the secret of Kinzo's death. He shot Shannon in the chest, but due to her disguise allowing her extra protection, as well as a great deal of luck, she only sustained some broken ribs and non-lethal bleeding. While Krauss was inspecting the bodies, Shannon slipped off her maid outfit to become Kanon and hide, dropping his hat in the process. Krauss discovered this, but didn't notice that Shannon's body, which would have been slightly covered by the open door, was now a pile of clothes. Krauss chased down Kanon and strangled him. However, falling victim to one of the classic misconceptions, he only strangled the boy to unconsciousness, then took his key. After Krauss had left, Kanon regained consciousness and debated what to do.
Krauss painted sigils on the doors and made the other guns nonfunctional. (Fun fact, in my head they were music symbols, but I could never find good bloody-looking music symbols and I didn't want to try to make them).

In the morning Kanon made a gamble and faked being dead, and luckily Krauss was expecting it of him and didn't truly investigate. Krauss faked finding Kanon's key on him, not knowing the boy also had Sh
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File 153607438389.png - (696.28KB , 1187x1064 , eva 11 1.png )
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I'm not great with names for games.

This game takes place on Rokkenjima during the 5th of October, the second day of the Family conference. The day before, a letter arrived detailing Beatrice's claim everything the Ushiromiya own.

The letter was sent by Kinzo
Kinzo is alive and Shannon and Kanon are two different people
This makes 18 people on the island at games beginning, before any deaths take place
At the beginning of the story, there are 5 Master Keys. Furthermore in the Servants room one key for each room in the house exists. Except Family Member's bedrooms, who keep their Bedroom Key on their person.
The definition of Master key is; A key which can open every single room on Rokkenjima except Kinzo's study
There are two keys to Kinzo's Study, Genji has one on his person. Kinzo has the other on his person.

Knox's Decalogue doesn't strictly apply to this game. Although despite this.

This game fairly easy to solve

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File 153645071261.png - (694.12KB , 1187x1064 , eva 18 1.png )

Ah yes.

Maria went to get the stake and parlour room key, during this time she applied poison to the painting.


The only person who solved the epitaph was Shannon, long before the game started.
Krauss was murdered, but Natsuhi wasn't
Objectively speaking, Maria has nothing to gain from the deaths. She did not plan them.

Next deaths!

Once Battler has had his fill, him and Kyrie go back to the entrance hall in front of the portrait. The only people left there are Eva and Maria. Eva is holding a short rifle and is wearing a sizable strap-bag she wasn't before. Eva tells Kyrie and Battler the rest of the group took Kinzo's key and went to hide in his study.
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File 153368108177.png - (102.74KB , 400x480 , But_b24_majime1.png )

Perhaps Natsuhi intended to kill Krauss but not die herself. Therefore, she did not commit suicide, but accidentally killed herself.

As for the parlor scene, Kyrie attacked Eva from behind with one of the stakes. Eva turned around and killed Kyrie with the gun, but later died from her wound.
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File 153609884820.png - (696.28KB , 1187x1064 , eva 11 1.png )

Hmph. Yes. Natsuhi died accidentally while trying to murder Krauss.

But still... When Kyrie sent Battler away, she had no intention of killing Eva.

Neither Kyrie nor Eva attacked anyone with a stake of purgatory.

Nor did Kyrie or Eva place the stakes of Purgatory in the wounds.

Hehehe, this one is particularly fiendish. Can you solve it? We'll see~
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File 143914225480.png - (2.53MB , 1418x1439 , detective-conan-conan-edogawa-33.png )

Eva and Kyrie entered the room under some pretext that Eva invented. Eva shut the door to block the sound and shot Kyrie with the short rifle.

Taking a stake from the bag on her back, Eva jabbed it into Kyrie's knee. As Kyrie was already dead, this did not count as 'attacking'.

Eva slung the bag over her shoulder and stood up. Unfortunately for her, she slipped or otherwise lost her balance and fell back. A stake that was still in her back managed to land point-up and she impaled herself.

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at the tenth twilight the witch shall revive and no one will be left alive

File 152937013212.png - (216.43KB , 392x529 , Gap_a13_akuwarai3.png )
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"Riiche! Riiche, hold up!" called Gaap, stopping Beatrice's escape attempt to a nice spa.

Sighing, Beatrice turned around. "Yes?"

Gaap, suddenly confronted, looked a little lost for words. "Well, I was just wondering if you had some time to think about my proposal?"

Beatrice frowned thoughtfully. "Which one was that again?"

The demon sighed. "You know. I mean, yeah, it's great that we're putting on the shows that we've been doing, but we should bring in something flashier, something hip, something..."

"Commercial?" the witch completed, dryly.

"Your word, not mine," said Gaap, grinning mischievously.
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File 137905083011.png - (488.56KB , 745x678 , ozaki_89.png )
Hmm in that case, Kyrie and Rudolf were still alive at that time and Gohda was just lying. They simply unlocked the door for him. We know the time was off but it would be a bit tough for the Doctor to save them in this state, so maybe Gohda knocked them out first with a drug, or some other means. Then while he was getting ready to beat the bodies the Doctor had a window to swap them.

Shame about the TARDIS trick, but I have a more satisfying answer now. George and perhaps the rest of the survivors also came with the Doctor or at least into the TARDIS. At some point during the game George replaced his past self and while in the VIP room let the secret Doctor sneak in to replace the body. Gohda then snapped the fake's neck and dropped it in the hole.

Last edited at 19/09/05(Thu)08:58:56
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File 156808879238.png - (199.92KB , 441x349 , large.png )

The Doctor grinned. "Alright, color me impressed. That would have been a nice trick. Still, not quite."

No one was replaced by themselves from the past or future throughout their lives.

He scrunched up his face. "That makes sense, right? Basically, time-swapping people for themselves doesn't figure into how I got around the problem."
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File 137927613654.png - (871.01KB , 1366x768 , ozaki_16.png )
Dang that would have been a great trick to end it on.
That said, I didn't really have anything solid after that so excuse me spamming a bit.

The bathroom doesn't count as part of the VIP room and the doctor was hiding in there.

When George fell asleep he just happened to fall over which allowed the doctor to be able to sneak in.

Instead of swapping George, the secret Doctor just made him an accomplice and had him lie.

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File 156869262680.jpg - (17.71KB , 342x700 , Allonsy.jpg )

The Doctor laughed. "Well, I suppose one of those is correct. I'm not sure about the rules for throwing them all out there like that, but since it was the last little thing, I guess it's alright. Beatrice, are you good?"

The witch smiled. "This is your part of the story, the choice is yours."

The Doctor nodded. "Yeah, I think we're good. Congratulations to all detectives out there who contributed to solving this! Now it's time for me to break this thing wide open so you can see how it ended." He stepped back on the stage, returning to where he had last been, facing down Battler's gun while the witch gloated. "Or rather, how it continued. Action!"




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File 150700980779.jpg - (65.86KB , 1024x768 , Twineball.jpg )
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"Come on, Beato, you and I both know it's been slow..." said Rudolf, chasing Beatrice (who was wearing her casual clothes) down the hallway backstage of the theater. "We haven't put on a decent show for months. Face it, we need something new to spice things up."

"Rudolf, things are never slow enough for me to need one of your suggestions." Beatrice tried to walk faster.

"That's not fair! I mean, look at what Goat-kun managed to give you once you gave him a chance! Who's to say mine will be any worse?!"

"Lawyers, I'd wager," she said. Still, she came to a halt.

Smiling, Rudolf replied, "Eh, alright, you may have me there, but there's plenty of things changed around so that I'm pretty sure we'll be fine. Even if we're not, well...I know people who are good at dodging things like that. We'll be fine!"

"My confidence in you overflows," replied Beato, oozing sarcasm. "Fine! Fine, you're right, we've been needing something fresh for a while..."

"And I've even gotten us a debut overseas!" said Rudolf, piling on the charm. "New audiences, ripe for the plucking! I mean, starved for entertainment!"
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File 15182357565.png - (13.84KB , 217x195 , curious octo.png )
This is a really short one, because I have a small idea, based on a previous theory; Kinzo shot the gun next to himself to knock himself out. Then, while he was knocked out, someone came in and lodged something into his mouth before leaving the room to do something else. What they did doesn't matter, but the fact that while they left the room, Kinzo was still alive. While the killer was gone, that was when Kinzo died, asphyxiating. The killer later came back, removed what suffocated Kinzo, and then left.

After all, the red of "Kinzo was alone in the parlor when he died" doesn't remove the possibility of Kinzo not being alone before and after dying, just the moment of death.

Last edited at 18/02/09(Fri)20:14:58
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File 149012126060.png - (686.37KB , 1070x1162 , Bea_a21_default_2.png )

"Oh, bravo!" The witch applauded. "That...actually gets around my red quite handily, doesn't it? Bravo indeed..."

She smirked. "However, I fear it is not to be. The killer did not place anything in Kinzo's mouth, and Kinzo did not knock himself out."
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File 151949315911.jpg - (165.40KB , 600x637 , 128560596_p6.jpg )
It was a nice battle, but every good things come to an end, and this game of yours isn't an exception to the rule, witch. So... here goes nothing.

During the dinner, Maria stole objects from the family members, including Kinzo. Later on, when everyone will recuperate their objects after Maria’s death, Kinzo’s object is nowhere to be found, which mean either way the culprit recuperated it when he killed Maria or earlier in the evening. For the sake of my argument we will retain the latter.
About the said object, despite the fact that I explained it must have the same template as the object used as a substitute (a golden pen), the study key and a stake from the study having been clearly refuted with the red, I’m left with the uneven but necessary idea that it could have been Kinzo’s plan papers for the night and that’s how the culprit got a grip on this event and the precious informations which will help him to commit the different murders.

Now let’s jump directly on Kinzo’s last stage. We know the parlor is a closed room thanks to plenty of reds concerning this very murder, and we also know that Kinzo died from asphyxiation. The tough part now is that poisons have been refuted in red… But anyway, the cause of Kinzo’s death was this glass of Brandy he ended in a single swallow. The reason is that the culprit put something in Kinzo’s glass when this last turned off the lights for the sake of his mise en scene. Of course, here no question of poison, but of oxycodine. A molecule that can be found in headache medicines, the like Nanjo will propose to Natsuhi during Gohda’s body discovery, and which, meddled with alcohol can cause respiratory depression resulting in asphyxiation.

But who could have put the medicine in Kinzo’s glass during this short amount of time the room was in the darkness? Given the layout of the room and the position of the different characters described in the mystery, the likely suspects would be Nanjo, Genji, who are at his side, and I guess Jessica and Battler who are a door a
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There was silence in the theater as the witch examined all the blue truths that had just been given. Most of all, she examined the truth about who the culprit was. Finally, she turned towards the detective who had given them, and bowed her head.

"A graceful opponent knows when she is beaten. There are some minor flaws in your theories, but the thrust of them is true. You determined the workaround of a poison-that-is-not-poison, you realized that the item that Maria took from Kinzo was of vital importance, you realized how Jessica's room was breached, and you have presented theories on gathering the stake that I cannot easily refute without giving the whole game away. ..I cede this gameboard."

With that, the stage went dark for a moment, and then the lights came back up, revealing the scene that had been left on pause.



Genji continued as he stood, eyeing the clock. "In order to explain the events here, allow me to go through each murder one by one, starting with the first."

Eva nodded. "Father."
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