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So I'm planning an oddity of a game. Something perhaps truly unique.

If you have ever played a game like Mafia or Werewolf, a social deduction game, I intend for my game to be like that. An Umineko themed Werewolf game (I guess it's Witch hunting instead of werewolf hunting but w/e)

The thing is, I want to be able to have a stack of characters to give out to players at random, each with small tidbits of information. That being the case, I need to know how many people would be interested in playing.

In Umineko there are 20ish humans available for the island (including Erika, Kinzo, and Beatrice), and 20 people is obviously too many, so I will need to be cutting characters. The game is still in the creation process so we'll see.

So far, Ozaki, anon-kun, Deadon, and Cirno have expressed interest in playing, so we need more players (preferably somewhere between the 8 to 14 range of players)

EDIT: To clarify, I will be having people assigned to their character randomly. Each player will receive a "letter from the witch" containing information pertaining to the game: their roles and perhaps a bit of information to aid them in accomplishing their goals.

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File 144315222919.jpg - (162.29KB , 861x1261 , pizzasauce.jpg )
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File 144315258989.jpg - (39.89KB , 353x449 , 1367944562444.jpg )
It seems my name isn't filtered. OK, I will join in.

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File 144330139144.jpg - (178.19KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Tribe Cool Crew - 34 [1080p]_mkv_sn.jpg )
sorces pls
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Also here is the thread for this game.

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So, don't know if this is the right section for this (but then again,I can't really imagine if there's a better one for it, so here we go).

The Golden Witch's Most Treasured Raven

This was originally intended as a gameboard, but quickly turned into a short story after I realized there was a major problem in some of the definitions and how the game would progress (plus I figured it'd be a shame it all my three days' worth of work go to waste, so... y'know). In other words, the doc itself has both the mystery portion and the solution included in it, so there won't be a game. This is just put out there for people to read and (hopefully) get a kick out of it.

So, without further ado:


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File 143927359961.png - (22.86KB , 256x256 , kyouko1.png )
That was a pretty fun read. Too bad the whole solution-thingy didn't work out, though.
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File 143868616193.png - (46.59KB , 366x456 , hmph.png )
The funny thing is that the part DWaM had a problem with was actually pretty much given as it would have been impossible otherwise... The real problem for me was that first murder lol. In retrospective, I guess I was pretty dumb.

File 144129820376.png - (209.96KB , 679x600 , rosa5.png )
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This is a gameboard with only 1 challenger. It shall be a red vs blue battle.

The invitation is to Cirno. No other players are invited. If she rejects this invitation the game will not commence.

The difficulty is deceptive.
The wheel of fate turns round and round once more, what will be the final end.

The victim of the first twilight is Maria, she was found in the cousins's room.

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File 144130680357.png - (353.92KB , 800x1300 , Vel Scared.png )
The wounds are a thin line.

The witch had the siesta's strangle Maria to death gently. She was released from the pain of this world and her soul was freed from her body and floated up into the golden land. May she always enjoy endless parties and happiness there.

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O-okay! Now, to more or less run this question into the ground:

There is more than one key with which to open the door to the cousins' room.

Someone outside of the cousins had a key to their room.
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File 13727624634.jpg - (50.81KB , 600x526 , j1.jpg )
When the cousins left the room Jessica locked the door. The door remained locked until Jessica unlocked it to discover Maria's corpse.

So, even though there are other keys, they are pointless in this scenario.
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File 144150412231.jpg - (274.69KB , 3200x2400 , Octy.jpg )
If you're having trouble Cirno, try to gather more information about the events, they may help you proceed.

File 143717976875.png - (106.37KB , 268x479 , Bea_c11_def2.png )
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Beatrice idly sauntered down the hallway dressed in sweatpants and a loose white shirt, calmly picking some kind of gummy candy from a white paper bag and eating them one by one. Finding herself at a plain plywood door with a silver star that had "Seven Sisters" written on it, she peaked her head in. Inside she saw Asmodeus laying on a couch, flipping through a magazine. Knocking, Beato let herself inside.

"Hey Asune. What's up?"

"Oh hey Beato. Not much. The others are out at some concert or another, but I didn't really feel like doing much tonight, you know?"

Beatrice laughed. "Yeah, I know what you mean. That's why I asked Gaap, Ronove, and Lia to run a few games without me. I needed a break. Been using the time to relax, do some stuff for me for a change. Like I finally got in for a checkup with my doctor. Oh, would you like a Jelly Baby?" she asked, offering the paper bag to Asmodeus, who turned it down. Beato shrugged and ate another sweet. "Though now Goat-kun says he wants to show me something, so I'm off to chat with him."

"Goat-kun? What is it?"

"A fan-favorite goat demon, but that's not important right now," replied Beatrice with a wink. "In all seriousness, though, I have no idea. He seemed really excited about showing me though."

"Huh. If you get time, let me know what it was," said Asmodeus, turning back to the magazine.
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"Ah, yes, excellent skills indeed. Perhaps the only side I don't like of this story is how it stains almost everyone in the family as terrible people, but I guess that happens in most of the theories" he concludes.

"Did everything in the game went as you expected? Maybe you forgot to add something or I didn't react the way you were expecting?"
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File 143813020850.png - (214.61KB , 535x479 , Rg7_d11_evil_laugh_1.png )

"Oh there were certainly a few things that you did that surprised me. I was actually incredibly worried when you seemed to just blow by Genji's death initially."

She sighed and relaxed, thinking over the game. "I also really shouldn't have handed out the reds of the boiler room so quickly. I realized that the instant they left my mouth. They were too many variables that that wiped out in an instant. Such is the game, though. Only perfect gameboards are never solved, and they're the most boring."
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File 130841902997.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
"Even if you had not said it in red, that kind of trick ends up giving away the culprit. And well, in fact it was decently hinted through the whole game, I was a little hesitant, since well, it was Kumasawa after all."

"I must thank you, this game got me on a better mood for my own gameboard, which I overheard your master is also interested in playing. I think she will have fun with it" he detective adds.
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File 144089758756.png - (172.75KB , 397x480 , Rg7_c11_smiling_1.png )

"I'm glad it helped, then. I'm sure that she'll have fun, in whatever guise she's in. And hey, if you need a Stake of Purgatory, give me a call. It'd be nice to just go back to being furniture again. Farewell until we meet again, detective."

She stretched, feeling content as she looked out into the empty theater. Everyone else had left, and the stage had been swept clear for the next game. She wondered what it would be...

"Oh, right. I wonder what Goat-kun was talking to Beato about?"

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File 143860802247.png - (380.33KB , 610x781 , BigOrobasBegins.png )
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Nightmare of the Golden Witch


Admittedly, this is a rather cruel gameboard of high difficulty. Or maybe it's not? I don't know, this is the first time I've done one of these things.

In any case, I present you this challenge. The rules are similar to those in Redaction. I don't have to give a red truth if I think that you're just shotgunning, making a theory without anything to back it up or that there's a flaw in your reasoning/logic. At times like these, I will probably ask a question for you to explain, point out a contradiction or ask for proof. Note, though, when I say proof I just mean hinting/foreshadowing of your solution. No need to find hard evidence proving your blue beyond a shadow of a doubt. Still, I will happily provide reds otherwise.

In any case, the game is the same as always. Deny the witch, find the human culprit, show how they did it!

And, more importantly, remember to have fun. Or... at least try to.

Good luck, fellow Witch Hunters!

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File 143936448316.png - (1.11MB , 906x1280 , LambdaRevealed.png )

Well, damn. I did not expect it to be gotten this fast. Then again, I also didn't anticipate people getting the narcolepsy trick off the bat... Well, then, let's finish this off by revealing the truth to the world!

The Mystery of the Disappearing Parents:
As you all worked out so quickly, Battler Ushiromiya is narcoleptic. As a result, halfway through his coffee (Gohda intentionally used decaf just in case he ever needed to make Battler into a patsy or the like, but you didn't need to work that one out. As for how he knew about Battler's condition, he WAS one of the servants who took Battler's coat...) he passed out. While asleep, everyone left. Not realizing any time had passed, it seemed as if all the adults had disappeared into thin air!

Maria's Murder: Once again, Battler fell asleep. Being semi-concious, he mistook the sounds of knocking as the sounds of his own heartbeat as he fell into a deep slumber. Meanwhile, Maria happily opened the door for the killer, Gohda, who proceeded to go full-Watanagashi on her like's it's 1983! Battler later woke up to see the scene and fled.

The Cousin's Murder: After dinner, Geoge and Jessica retired to the servant's room with Gohda to play cards with Shannon and Kanon. However, upon entering, Gohda proceeded to backstab them. Literally. Shannon and Kanon, meanwhile, were busy being corpses (as Gohda had killed them during or before dinner, either way works.) Upon leaving, Gohda locks the door with the master key he took from Genji or Kumasawa and applies the seal. Easy peasy.

The Disappearance of Genji and Kumasawa:
Let's rewind to before Battler arrived on the island. Gohda corners Genji and Kumasawa in the kitchen and murders them. After all, even Genji admits he's the strongest among them. Next up, he cooks them into
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File 143943420382.png - (107.69KB , 435x425 , jhgfdsxcfvgby.png )

Genji and Kumasawa was inside George and Jessica's stomachs.

It's crafty. However, I think it might be a slippery slope.

You said Genji and Kumasawa bodies escaped the servant's room in George and Jessica's bellies. But didn't they only consumed a portion of Genji and Kumasawa's remains? For instance, let's say George only ate Genji's mushed up heat-seeking missile. I mean, you wouldn't count a severed male sexual organ as a whole body, would you?
>> No. 17970 edit
File 14394419134.jpg - (64.63KB , 889x898 , one_truth_prevails__by_hetaliarper4life-d680vxh.jpg )

I quite enjoyed it! The narcolepsy would definitely have been the hardest point for me, but it was plenty hinted at when I knew what to look for.

Once that was essentially proven true, everything else just sort of fell into place.

Though I still want to know how Gohda actually dealt with the capture and kill on the parents.
>> No. 17971 edit
File 134368308459.png - (148.33KB , 349x480 , lam_odorokia3.png )

Well, sure. It's a bit... sneaky, like that. But Umineko is wordplay central, so I think it's pretty fair. Though, to be clear, what I think makes it okay here is that the amount in George and Jessica's stomach is approximately equal in proportion to all the other parts of Genji and Kumasawa's corpses. So, it's not like there's a really big part and a really small part of their body somewhere else.

Does that make sense?


Glad to hear it! As for how Gohda captured and killed the parents, well... He was armed and prepared, whereas they would have been unarmed and asleep when he started killing them considering it was around 4-5am or so...

Hence, it's not unreasonable that he simply shot them one by one without too much difficulty.

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