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File 137789126810.png - (427.37KB , 745x1134 , kinzo.png )
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Hello, my name is Kinzo-Shannon and you must be Akihiko, but it doesn't matter.
I am but a humble furniture to my lady Beatrice-sama and it is my awesome responsibility to guide you through the introduction of her eeriness' masterpiece.
Thou art to use blue truth to provide thy miserable theories, my lady shall use the red truth which is the most awesome and absolute truth of all.
Thou must explain twilights when those end and explain them with human tricks.
Thou shan't control any pieces, but thou can trust Battler eyes, because the truth is what they see, also thou can search the room and search the bodies.
On Rokkenjima there art 18 humans, which art Battler, George, Jessica, Maria, Kyrie, Rudolf, Rosa, Natsuhi, Krauss, Shannon, Kanon, Kumasawa, Genji, Gohda, Eva, Hideyoshi, Doctor Nanjo and Kinzo.
All Knoxes apply except for 5th, because there art no stereotypical minorities on Rokkenjima, also hidden passages art only those which the detective cannot find, if he searches.

Well then, shall we commence?

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File 137789781591.png - (158.80KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_akuwarai3.png )
Just in case, repeat in red "The door and the windows of the study are locked from the inside."

The culprit could've been outside the study when he killed Kinzo.
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File 137790935424.png - (635.50KB , 907x1161 , bea_a13 serious 1.png )
The door and the windows of the study are locked from the inside.
It is impossible for the culprit to kill Kinzo from outside of the study.

Last edited at 13/08/31(Sat)09:28:35
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File 137796670974.png - (174.67KB , 390x364 , eri_b13_odoroki2.png )
The culprit killed Kinzo inside the study then placed something like a chair for example and closed the door, with that the culprit managed to lock the door from the inside.
If you try to deny that it was the culprit who locked the door from the inside using an object then it could've been anyone, an accomplice or even someone who was scared of revealing Kinzo's death.
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File 137791067746.png - (646.16KB , 933x1161 , bea_a12 evil laugh 1.png )
It is impossible to block the door with any object from the inside and leave the room.

File 137624095291.png - (79.90KB , 1200x800 , logo_final.png )
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My latest mystery VN is available for download!


As usual, feel free to use this thread to post any comments.
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File 13702032519.png - (150.93KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile3.png )
Hi, finally got around to starting this up. I only had time to play up to the part where Butler gets knocked out in chapter 3, but I'm really enjoying it so far! It all feels really professional and polished, and you've obviously put a ton of work into it. Even the little things like the menu screens are designed in a really appealing way.

The plot and characters seem pretty interesting too; though obviously most of them haven't had much screentime yet, I really like Gilligan's characterisation in particular. I'll be sure to come back and give my full thoughts when I'm finished, though I'm not sure when that will be since I don't have that much free time right now.

Well done for finally getting it released, anyway! I know you've spent a lot of time and effort on it, so really, congratulations~
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File 136991388715.png - (163.81KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile4Pose.png )
This really took me a lot longer than it should have. I apologise for the ridiculous length of this post, but I'm sure you appreciate detailed feedback, right?

I know from your blog that you value honesty in reviews of your work, so I'm not going to hold back here, but keep in mind that I did enjoy a lot of things about it. The ending parts definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, though.

General opinions

I'll start off by saying that the first half of the game (the part before the murder happens) is undoubtedly the most polished and enjoyable. The beginning has a very leisurely pace to it, and reads a little like Umineko EP1's introduction - and that's fine. The atmosphere was well-done, the dialogue felt natural and flowed nicely, and it served as a perfectly good way to get introduced to the characters. It's a very well-done build-up, and it was very clear that a lot of time had been spent on getting the feel just right.

But from the point the murder happens, the pacing just seems to accelerate to a point where it's difficult to really take anything in, and we lose the smooth flow of the first section.
The initial investigation and discussion about the murder is fairly good, but mostly seems a bit dry and lacking in character (though Butler's antics help that a little). There are also a few really awkward parts of conversations that really should have been proofread more carefully (like where Gilligan spontaneously changes his attitude towards the closed room three times in a matter of minutes, going from undecided to convinced he's solved it to completely hopeless without any obvious trigger), and overall the dialogue just didn't flow as naturally as it did in the beginning, especially with the bizarre way Cecila was acting when she came to try and 'console' Gilligan. But it was still passable.

The very end parts, starting from the discovery of the will, were...quite obviously extremely rushed, unfortunately. I assume you were just rushing to finally get the ga
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File 13179539737.png - (144.46KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia2a.png )
Alright, uh, where should I even begin...? Well, thank you for playing, and I'm glad you liked it as much as you did. And I also want to start off by saying that I really could've used your help during beta testing. So if you're willing to help me for EP2, I'd be very happy to have you.

I don't find it surprising at all why you found the first half to be significantly better than the second half. The first half was pretty much set in stone and was only fine-tuned later on, primarily to develop the characters, as you noticed. The latter half, which consisted entirely of investigations, was heavily rewritten. Entire scenes were written and then thrown away because we decided to change the mystery around, and it happened so many times that undoubtedly it would seem sloppily put together. I accept that as a main flaw of poor planning on the outset.

I do find it interesting that your favorite scene was Butler and Gilligan's talk on the deck in chapter 2. I've had others complain about how over-emotional that scene was that it was "jarring", so I guess it goes to show that some people just have different tastes.

However, everyone does seem to agree that the ending was horribly rushed and is the worst part of the VN. And they would be right. The more comments I receive , the more I realize that I should've had testers take a closer look at chapter 10. But I think the main issue was a lack of clarity in conveying the theme of the story, which you picked up on. Blythe hadn't planned everything out before going on the boat, and if that's what I happened to convey, then that's my fault entirely. What should have been conveyed was that Blythe was not sorry for killing him, and when given the opportunity that night, she willfully killed him.

As for Captain Jack, he quickly found out about Blythe. However, Jack also had something to lose if anyone found
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File 13561782321.png - (771.27KB , 968x1041 , Erika_ConfidentSmile.png )
Regarding Blythe's dialogue at the ending, it does seem a little better knowing that the decision to murder was still spontaneous and not planned, but it still definitely feels a little off. I'm particularly concerned with the line, "I'd wanted to kill him for soooo loooong, I thought I'd never get the chance!" There just wasn't really anything presented to explain why she would have had such a deep-seated and profound resentment of him for all that time. I think it makes much more sense if she only wanted him dead after he decided to make Eliza the CEO.

But I had more of an issue with her random personality change than the implication of premeditation. The whole game up until that point made her seem like an extremely calm and collected individual, so the sudden shift to the crazy laughing maniac really came out of nowhere. I actually think her scene with Gilligan at the end would have more impact if she had stayed completely cold and detached throughout, just calmly saying something like "Yeah, I meant to kill him. And I don't regret it. You got a problem with that?" And then logically laying out the reasons why he was a failure of a father and a CEO, and how he made the wrong decision in choosing Eliza as the successor, etc. That way, Gilligan's horrified reaction could be due to her complete lack of compassion and to how she judges the value and worth of a human's life in the same cold and calculating way that she treats her financial work. Some of what Gilligan says at the end even seems to be heading this way already, but it's weakened by the way that Blythe randomly starts acting in a totally maniacal, impassioned and emotional state at the end instead of a cold and ruthless one.

As for Jack, I still feel like I'm missing the connection here? I don't see how framing Cecila for the crime helps him to hide the will; any investigation to the cri
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File 137663114591.png - (1.26MB , 1200x984 , 00.png )
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Welcome everyone to this thread!
In this thread we will starting sign ups for Super Seacatsronpa 2 the(spiritual?) successor to the first Seacatsronpa.
This game is set to take place on /seacat/ island, a paradise where you have to bond with people and gain lots of Hope points and Hope Shards.

It is an experience you cannot miss!
We promise laughs, no mysteries, and obviously the ability to live and bond with others without the need of lewd and horrible stuff as murders.

Note: this game will have slightly different rules than the first. We now also have a variety of judges in order to assure the legitimacy of the mysteries.
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File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
I don't go to /a/ anymore ever.... that card was from Kinjo's Dangan Ronpa game (the first Seacat Ronpa)
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File 137696435562.gif - (528.84KB , 625x626 , 1376959274558.gif )
Alright then, since someone brought up the whole Bartender thing I figured you were the same person.
>> No. 12620 edit
Due to personal issues with the 3d world, someone abandoned the game, so there is a free spot, so anyone that wants to play they can send their ID
to this mail: [email protected]
>> No. 12659 edit

also the free spot was already filled~

File 137266565877.jpg - (662.51KB , 600x840 , 1c3267bb9d90c09c55aa8dfafddfa141.jpg )
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I make this thread today in order to put a game to rest.

Almost two years ago the first 1vs1 RP game was played out. Created by GreatEqualizer and played by Black Witch Rosa the game spanned 208 days due to multiple delays. However eventually despite this they were able to push forward and end the game with Rosa's victory.

That isn't the truth.

Due to many reasons the game's solution wasn't questioned and by pushing it away like a withered bouquet it was then forgotten. Time passed and due to a site mishap the first thread along with many others were deleted.


Luckily, I saved all the threads. Once I checked I had indeed archived it correctly I noticed that there was still some trickery left unsolved. In fact the whole solution Rosa proposed was never confirmed and was even avoided with the red. I brought this to the attention of the players and spectators back then, however again we soon forgot about it.

Until today.

Today I finally opened the archives and started reading purposely trying to avoid the "accepted" answer. Within a few hours, to my surprise I had reached a new, plausible answer. I debated whether or not to post my results so I consulted another. I asked Kinjo to also read the thread and attempt to solve it in the same way. Kinjo ended up making the same theory I did, even though I hadn't told him mine until after he had finished reading.
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File 137705125598.jpg - (37.68KB , 225x350 , dlanor_proud.jpg )

Sorry about that. Like I said, life pulled me away and after that I just got distracted and kind of forgot about the board. I'm definitely glad I remembered, though.

How does one join Skypecats?


Hey! I was active a while back. I mainly hung around /gameboard and made and participated in different games.
>> No. 12650 edit
File 137705153741.png - (290.17KB , 600x600 , eve_16.png )
Can't be helped, life happens after all. We just need to know your Skype address. Then we can add you to the Skypegroup.
>> No. 12652 edit
File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
We actually have more several Skype chats, though the most notable ones are "/gameboard/ general" and "Skypecats general"
>> No. 12658 edit
File 136920689760.png - (152.00KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile4.png )
Heya, GE. I'm a relatively new member who joined around the same time as Squitcher-san, but I've heard a lot about you, so it's nice to see you back here again. I'll definitely be following your game with Ozaki, although I'm expecting to be distracted by Lion's game for the next little while.

...I really should look into Skype myself some time, huh.

File 13324611501.png - (439.03KB , 574x420 , 00000000.png )
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a certain Umineko-inspired forum that I've discovered quite some time ago.
I think it was called something "Gameboard-" or "Gamemaster-" related, but my memory seems to be failing me.
Basically, the members made riddles on rokkenjima and other members tried to solve them.

Quite fun, I must say.

Please, if someone has any information, let me know.
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>> No. 10802 edit
Eh, it's cool. You may want to wait for the eventual VN release since it's rather long right now. At least, assuming I get all the issues handled that will allow me to do a VN release.
>> No. 10806 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
I may remember it subconsciously because I glanced at it. Best to save it when I don't expect it.
>> No. 10807 edit
Alright then.

VN version ? That might be more convenient, yeah. Then I'll get on to it when you finish that version, sounds good, ganbare, etc.
>> No. 11419 edit
I forgot to thank you guys for your suggestions, I just got an email from Kinjo and replied there and forgot to check back here if any of you had tried to help. So if anyone else faces this problem, here's my solution:
Download the latest version of ONScripter and replace it with the one you downloaded in Kinjo's VN.

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