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The very gist of being a 'game master' is to have these as a rule
-Everyone dies or Everyone dies expect Eva
-Shannon and Kanon acts like a queen on the chessboard, they may swap places simultaneously
-There may be a culprit or none at all
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Final thread.

What will be the result?

Will the cat be saved?

Or will the cat die?
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Welcome to the mass red vs blue battle. Just grab your blue shot gun and fire away. There is only 2 rules.

1. You can only use blues on the current mystery that is trying to be solved. If players feel completely stumped at some point we can skip the current mystery and move on, coming back to this mystery at a later time.

2.Try to use at most only 2-3 blues in one post please.

But don't worry there is no limit to number of posts, blues, reds, or pages, so just guess away.

First Mystery: The Scene with Rosa and Maria in the rose garden.
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File 129964193118.png - (885B , 59x68 , 00LionPopcorns.png )
Dont mind me I am just watching at the spectacle.
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File 129965330941.jpg - (10.31KB , 295x261 , dr_ozaki sitting.jpg )
Maria was killed with poison laced on the Roses.

Hinted via fantasy scene.
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I think I tried something similar.
Something like Maria was poisoned with a Rose
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File 129965450266.png - (402.79KB , 638x1080 , ros_c22 serious 1.png )
You must be refering to.
Maria's candy was not poisoned.
Maria was not killed by poison gas.
Rosa's perfume was not used to kill Maria.

Nonetheless, Maria's rose was not laced with poison, nor was any other rose.

File 12985871918.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
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Very well Genji. This is my first attack, I excuse myself for the delay, but college have been a problem these days.
Anyways show me this interesting mystery you are so proud of!
Rain was related to Maria's death! Of course, there's a goddamn storm and Maria is only a little giiiiirrrl.
The plan to kill to kill Maria started before she and Battler went out to the rose garden! During the fight, Maria mentions her legs feel numb. Why would she sayy such a thiiing? Well this make me try the next point!
Maria candy had some kind of poison, drug or cause some kind of after effect! Afther all, Maria should not accept candy from strangers, riiight?~
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File 129911154417.png - (130.21KB , 432x477 , Wizardhuntingronoue_komarua.png )
It's hard to say. There are hints in there, but they're awfully subtle, and you might not pick up on them if you haven't been exposed to the appropriate context before. I'll leave it up to you; if you want to continue playing tis way, that's fine. Otherwise, i'll allow the use of shotgun if you'd prefer it. However, this murder is still a part of the game, so i'd rather not skip over it entirely unless you're absolutely lost.
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File 129739463251.png - (30.48KB , 200x200 , shakan_happy1.png )
I see, well then I desire to check the other mystery. Rosa said it was "What happened to everyone else". And if Rosa allows you to use red in this mystery as well it could be nice.
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File 129766809376.png - (133.63KB , 432x477 , Wizardhuntingronoue.png )
Well, if you want to bypass this twilight for now, i'm afraid it's out of my jurisdiction. Anything beyond Maria's death is strictly Rosa's business, so you'll have to wait until he gets back for that battle to commence. Well anyway, I had fun playing with you, Anon. Good luck with the rest of the mystery.
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Don't worry, I will need to solve it, the same with "last bossu". Once I get a better grip of the why and the how I should try again.

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