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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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As a long-time Umineko fan, I'm pretty sure I figured out Umineko. The entire thing is just a game of pretend that Rika and Satoko are playing on a playground somewhere. Rika is Bernkastel and Satoko is Lambda. Everything, including everything that happens to everyone and every Umineko character and every piece they have on the board is literally them just playing a very, very advanced game of cops and robbers. The witch's dimension is just the metaphysical representation of their shared imagination.

It even explains why the plot is retarded and they all act like children even though they're supposed to be super old: they're like fucking 10.
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Actually, I really did end up figuring it all out.

[4:09:39 AM] Kay: umineko is unreliable narrator in the literal sense. All of the episodes are the accounts, called forgeries, of what happened during the massacre from the people present, except they all have differing viewpoints, because they're ALL insane
[4:10:19 AM | Edited 4:29:09 AM] Kay: it's all a combined presentation of different surviving character's warped perspective on what happened.
[4:13:05 AM] Kay: a lot of the umineko characters are lies
[4:13:31 AM | Edited 4:29:20 AM] Kay: sometimes the forgery-writer for the current scene splits themselves into several people to divert blame
[4:13:57 AM | Edited 4:14:37 AM] Kay: like when you say my friend of a friend did this or wants to know that
[4:14:06 AM] Kay: a lot of the umineko characters are that
[4:14:13 AM] Kay: it's very difficult to tell which people are real and which people aren't
[4:14:15 AM | Edited 4:29:31 AM] Kay: i won't spoil it all but
[4:15:03 AM | Edited 4:29:48 AM] Kay: you can tell which people are and aren't real by looking at which people vanish or are replaced with other people
[4:15:20 AM] Kay: to REALLY figure out umineko you have to play the games at least 5 times, if not 10 or more
[4:15:23 AM] Kay: then you start REALLY getting it
[4:18:26 AM] Kay: the depth it goes to is crazy I'll lay some shit on you to think about
[4:18:49 AM | Edited 4:29:59 AM] Kay: this is ONE OF the 20+ conflicting red truths presented in umineko
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And since it happens in 1986, it would explain why Bern looks older than Rika and...
You aware that Lambdadelta isn't Satoko but Miyo, right? Well I mean, it's not her but it's supposed to ressemble Miyo and not Satoko

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Well, I want something explained since its never even touched at and thus i think not noticed.

We all saw Battler escaping the island with Beatrice in the magic ending of EP8, we also see battler being found by ikuko later on and becoming tohya and after some years meeting Ange which basically confirms he really did escape the island and somehow drowned and survived, thats fine.
But its HEAVLY SHOWN throughout the whole series that Battler is afraid of boats and planes, and gets very seasick. so how does that work with the scene of battler going out on the boat in the magic ending? I can only assume thats just one more unrelliable narration. Or perhaps you can assume since battler is shown to calm down in slow moving boats, the boat wich he rides with beato is also moving slowly, what do you think guys?
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File 149024484078.png - (59.33KB , 256x192 , TheDoctor's Portrait.png )
You'll notice in Episode 1 that Battler can handle boats when they're going at lower speed. This is a tiny motorboat. I don't imagine it goes that fast.
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It could also be that since EP1 and such were all written by Tohya after the real events took place, Battler's fear of boats was added in as references to his own drowning experience from when he escaped the island.
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It has been 1000 years, but I thought Ep1 and 2 were yasu.
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Yasu was on the boat too, wasn't she?

File 145599951518.jpg - (114.53KB , 200x470 , Kyrie.jpg )
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I was wondering what Kyrie stated about her pregnancy in the Japanese VN. In the translation it is miscarriage. The anime and the manga use stillborn.
I disregarded the anime for a long time, but it seems the manga changed this fact.
Does someone know about it?
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I imagine its simply the same term translated differently. Since which ever one it was doesn't change anything really.
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Do You think so? They are not the same things. The baby swap would be very weird if Asumu had a miscarriage.
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Last edited at 16/02/21(Sun)00:10:14
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I guess the correct term is stillborn. If I'm not mistaken, Asumu and Kyrie were going to give birth around the same time. Prior to 20 weeks of gestation, the death of the fetus is called miscarriage, otherwise it's called stillbirth.

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This board and chan are pure cancer.

You are a bunch of deluded faggots that keep disguising the bullshit you just came up with as "truths" and putting it above what the work says. You keep jerking eachother off. You cannot think outside the fandom and the "solution" boxes. You all look disabled to me.

You all disgusting namefags and tripfags keep avoiding discussing umineko with actual clues, you keep pushing chiru's nonsense crap on when someone else talks about something that has nothing to do with whatever the crap EP8 came up with, you keep deluding yourselves to think solving the mystery is not important, or even you are actually reaching some kind of truth. When someone else comes and proposes an alternative, you all shut them up with your mass-thinking. You cannot stand the idea someone else coming up with something that could be right and you didn't think of it before, and automatically think they are wrong.

None of you give a single damn about solving or descovering anything. All of you care is to look cool with your name and animu OC, and pass as "great thinkers and detectives". Bullshit. You are all pathetic no-ones in an imageboard discussing a fucking doujin novel for years and years while being totally unable to reach an actual conclusion. Thats what I call losing your time for good. It's really needed to find stronger words than the simple "incompetent" to describe you in red.

You don't even deserve to be called "goats". Keep haunting this logic error of debate forever, never find the way out of this shithole.
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File 146156638529.png - (148.93KB , 625x626 , 12156154545413.png )

File 144696826683.jpg - (1.65MB , 1920x1200 , Beatrice-Umineko-Umineko-No-Naku-Koro-Ni-Anime-Wal.jpg )
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Hello, it is me gugmt again :)

First i would like to thank for all those quick replies you goats give me, i am very happy to have found this website

I would like to use this thread as a gathering of all the small details and "between the lines" and not obvious interpretations during the story you`ve managed to learn, it can be anything like numbers and names interpretations or even magic scenes interpretations, i`ll give some i remember for now

1) One I am very fond of comes from EP2, the second twilight.

Kanon follows the shocked Jessica to her room and tries to help her to calm down when she starts to have an asthma attack. He helps her and she says she wants to be alone, then comes a romantic scene in which he basically answers he will never let her alone and will be waiting outside in case she needs him. He waits outside of the room and Beatrice appears and start saying crap so he enters the room in order to save jessica.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 144768643827.jpg - (48.27KB , 600x607 , seacat.jpg )
Hello my dear seagull!

I was very happy to read this post. Explained many holes in the story for me, like about the episode of Kanon and Jessica in the second twilight.

About the names,*it's a good explanation and makes a lot of sense. I want to see the opinion of anyone else giving a different view of what you said.

Thank you for posting here, you were the first post I read on this website, and enlightened me so much ...

Thanks ;)

Last edited at 15/11/16(Mon)07:10:07
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I agree with most of No. 4.
I would add the referenced developement of Sayo's self-discovery after Beato the elder showed up. I say Chick-Beato is a mix between Beatrice of Yasu and Cage Beatrice.

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