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File 135213040429.png - (227.49KB , 439x493 , BeatricePortrait2[1].png )
64052 No. 64052 edit

I only just recently discovered this board while on a google search, and I'm wondering if I could have some help. I'm trying to find a Japanese wiki with a list of red truths, similar to the list on the Umineko wikia. I have a vauge memory of seeing it a couple years ago, so I believe one exists.
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>> No. 64061 edit
File 130931667267.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Doesn't Umineko wiki has a section for japanese reds?
>> No. 64289 edit
File 131569241796.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )

From there, click on the link corresponding to the Episode you want to see red text about.
>> No. 64290 edit
File 129628702785.png - (173.36KB , 434x480 , thedoctorsweapon.png )
Actually it seems that wiki doesn't have ALL of the reds, at least not where I linked.
>> No. 64402 edit
Kinjo, I am your fan !!!!
>> No. 64403 edit
Kinjo has a fan?
>> No. 64404 edit
Kinjo-san has many fans, didn't you know~? I'm also one of his fans.
>> No. 64407 edit
but.. but... This is my first (well second) comment on this forum. I can finally show my gratitude to the one who made the chef d'oeuvre.
This must be weird, but where I live not many people watch animes or visual novels. Since nobody of my school knew about umineko, a year ago I decided to do the same as you guys did, and made a mystery game out of it. It's only recently, as I were out of ideas that I searched the internet and found the master piece of Kinjo which ma amené here.It was like a dream when I found (that's yesterday) that I wasn't the only one and I wanted to thank you guys for all of your work. Especially Kinjo, since he is the one that made the tutorial for making our own stories. I am french from Quebec, and i'm sorry if this is random or a private group, I know nothing about the guy so I won't disturb if he doesn't want me as a fan.
>> No. 64408 edit

While random we're anything but private ne.
>> No. 64409 edit
File 130876996739.png - (18.86KB , 158x118 , b2.png )
sry /teaparty/ is gold members only
>> No. 64410 edit
What is a gold member? Maybe I can't comment in here, i'm sorry.
>> No. 64411 edit
File 129669730271.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
>> No. 64412 edit
I lied you're fine.
>> No. 64413 edit
Oh, I was shaking... well im still shaking, but it's okay now. I didn't really ask to join, BUT I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO, im just not sure if I can be of any use for masters of umineko like you.
>> No. 64414 edit
File 130036854338.jpg - (114.44KB , 341x600 , hello there.jpg )
Fuhgeddaboudit. You're welcome as long as you behave yourself.
>> No. 64415 edit
There are no real rules to joining since most of the site is public anyway.
Oh and don't worry about 'being useful' to us. Some people here haven't even finished Umineko.
>> No. 64416 edit
Thank you guys! I will make sure to behave myself as much as I can. This is also a good opportunity to improve my english. What should I do next? I'm still curious to know if kinjo will accept me as a fan. My current goal is to read all /gameboard/ to see if there's something from my creations that u didn't think of yet.
>> No. 64417 edit
File 13269323686.jpg - (49.70KB , 347x593 , 264826.jpg )
Kinjo loves fans so don't worry about that, he will be online later.
Reading all of /gameboard/ won't hurt. If you ever plan to make a game there it would help. Of course it may intimidating as well.

Oh, and just so you know due to a mistake made back when this new site was young a good dozen of the first /gameboard/ threads were lost. So Rudolf's game at the very last page was not the first one played here on the new site (it was actually Kinjo's 3rd fangame). One of them was only partiality deleted so here are the archives for that one.

>> No. 64418 edit
hi anon
>> No. 64420 edit
File 130485374013.jpg - (548.71KB , 2480x3507 , goldenland.jpg )
>masters of umineko like you
Worry not, Umineko is barely discussed in this place anymore.
>> No. 64421 edit
File 133213067552.jpg - (72.30KB , 556x696 , homu044.jpg )
Then dawn on a name other than "fan."
A persona would be nice. Meaning a name + pictures. Could be anyone from umineko, or anime in general. Or manga. Or vn. Take your pick of people.

It's not necessarily a requirement, but it would be polite and help you stand out more.
>> No. 64422 edit
File 135283542858.png - (169.68KB , 640x480 , title_fan2.png )
I-I have a fan?!

I love fans!!!

You should totally check out goldbargames.weebly.com for more cool stuff from me!
>> No. 64423 edit
File 132980726446.jpg - (107.03KB , 892x768 , homu006.jpg )
Does that make you a fanboy?
>> No. 64424 edit
File 132589819792.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
I thought it was clear I already am.
>> No. 64425 edit
File 13483234252.png - (159.00KB , 318x470 , mah drillz.png )
Hello and welcome~
>> No. 64426 edit
Hi Kinjo, u don't know me, but as u can see i am in total love with your work " When the seacats cry". I could talk about every aspect that I like about it, but it would take forever so lets just say it's perfecto. Un prodigieux récit ! I will make a whole topic about it at another time, and I mean it I have lot of questions to ask you . Now for my name and "roleplay", to be honest, I want something/someone that's in umineko. I don't know which character is free, but the best would be a furniture, since I am here because of Kinjo. He kind of created me in your world, because without him I would not be here today. Any free furniture will do,and I think it's a good idea!
>> No. 64427 edit
Oh and thank you everyone that commented the post, I am very happy and looking up?? I dont know if I can say that, looking up to talk with you all.
>> No. 64428 edit
File 135063393147.jpg - (459.38KB , 1037x853 , 4fc15b26a40bfaefda3de0f1ec1545ff.jpg )
I think everyone was taken at one point or another, and then abandoned. So feel free to take anyone who you don't see in these past few threads.

It'd be easier to just take a character and use saying whether that character is taken or not.


It's actually "looking forward," but don't worry. We have excellent English teachers like anon-kun and Lion to help you with your English.
>> No. 64429 edit
File 133728228467.jpg - (410.77KB , 700x700 , 4b02849d63dc88430ad7dc7d0c84d078.jpg )

Heh, you may notice some differences in characterization between "When the Seacats Cry" and Seacats is it currently is, however~ I personally went through a lot of characters over the lifespan of the board, from Ange/Mammon to Mion/Shion to Rin/Kaleido-Ruby to Misha~
>> No. 64430 edit
File 13362261259.jpg - (321.92KB , 863x1000 , 4a83efe81ce533a7c7ed29d895ebf4cd.jpg )
>> No. 64431 edit
File 135284178542.jpg - (142.76KB , 994x879 , 1352260876071.jpg )
hi new tparty
>> No. 64432 edit
File 13523476871.gif - (1.43KB , 35x40 , HI.gif )
I like you~
I will kill you last
>> No. 64433 edit
omg u need to stream dat game
>> No. 64434 edit
File 134766135710.jpg - (188.36KB , 709x1000 , 6cee3f0f57f366ee11a8337e50846d76.jpg )
y u up so early huh????
>> No. 64435 edit
idk what game that is lol

i think prof layton miracle mask

idk cnat slep
>> No. 64444 edit
File 135130898055.jpg - (221.13KB , 800x772 , 50b548069699e9f009a97db2c3be4a33.jpg )
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