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This is a list of every gameboard on the site archived for easy location and information.

The games are listed from newest to oldest within their own categories, and whether or not they were completed.
Categories are as follows: RP, Classic, and Closed Room Blitz. Only the completed Classic and RP games have been formatted to include the start and end dates, the game master (GM), and the players.
Click here for a description of each category.

Fan-Games and other misc. discussions will be linked further down.

Ongoing Games

Continuum of the Golden Witch --- Start: June 18th 2018


Completed Games

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Welcome to /gameboard/, a place for mystery fans to create and solve each other's works.
Please read this page before making a game and or participating in one.

What was once a place just for Umineko fan mysteries is now place for any type of mystery "gameboard". Due to this we are still mostly a group interested in murder mysteries and or Japanese related media but any fan gameboard is welcome here (even original stories too).

Of course gameboards can be a bit different than writing a novel. For example the concept of Red and Blue text from Umineko is often still used here. If you are unfamiliar red text is the unconditional truth the author can use, and blue is used for the player to present a theory(you can click the red and blue tag buttons when posting to access these). Simply reading some of the already finished games is a good way to understand what I mean. I have provided examples below for this reason. Additionally a link to the gameboard directory can be found at the bottom of this post.

If you are not used to imageboards then you should try to do that first before posting here. Otherwise the only difference on /seacats/ in particular is that after 200 posts in a thread it stops being bumped. This is to encourage the creation of a new thread so people with poor internet and mobile devices can view each thread. Any questions should be asked in /teaparty/ in order to keep /gameboard/ tidy.


Gameboard Categories

There has been many different types of games played here, a fair few experimental. However I believe all of them can be divided into three categories. There are no set rules to making a gameboard so feel free to add your own twist on any game. Just remember it must be made solvable at the very least.
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1.- Be excellent to each other, "each other" being defined as nakama who do not break the following rules
2.- Keep the board safe enough for work so "that person" doesn't catch you
3.- Do not create a new thread in /teaparty/ unless the latest active thread has reached at least 200 posts, or unless you are Lion.
4.- Roleplay erryday
5.- Please choose a name and/or a set of pictures to post with, and make sure it's the same as what someone else uses so we save space

implying I wouldn't ban lion anyway

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