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File 133455401842.jpg - (490.20KB , 640x533 , 52066.jpg )
6952 No. 6952 edit
I open this game to challenge anyone willing to participate. The battle will consist of crossing red and blue blades. However, I will also allow for the players to use Natsuhi to ask questions of the other people (I am not giving any detective's authority though) using green text.

I'll be breaking this mystery up into several pieces and will move on when I feel sufficient evidence has been gained (whether or not a section is solved may or may not be the reason for moving on).

Without further ado, let us begin...

It was a hot day on Rokkenjima. The summer of 1985 seemed to be a hotter-than-usual summer. Rokkenjima, being an island, faced immense humidity issues, which only made the heat worse.

"Thank heavens for air conditioning," Jessica stated to her mother as they entered the mansion. They had just returned from a shopping trip to Niijima.

"Indeed, but all that stifling heat has exasperated my headaches," replied Natsuhi.
To them, the mansion appealed as a vanguard against the berating heat of the outside world. The return to their home would protect them from the calidity of all that was external.

But they did not have time to just stand around. The preparations had to be completed. Eva, Hideyoshi, and George were coming over for a visit, and Natsuhi knew Eva would criticize any mistake no matter how small.

"Why now, of all times, do we have to be understaffed!?" Natsuhi exclaimed as she continued down the hall.

"Well, you can't help that Kanon-kun and Shannon-chan have gotten sick." Jessica replied.

The only servants on the island today were Kumasawa and Genji. Gohda had been called earlier and asked to fill in for Kanon and Shannon, both of whom were sick. Gohda had agreed, but he would likely barely make it in time to cook that night's dinner. This being the case, Natsuhi had to take command. She went about going through the parlor to ensure everything was in order. She continued her examinations through the hallways and dining room before her headaches got bad enough to force her stop and seek out her medications.

After returning to her room and taking her pills, Natsuhi realized that she couldn't allow Kumasawa to be the chef for lunch (mackerels would be more than enough for criticism from Eva). Natsuhi would have to make it seem like they were not understaffed, and that could mean only one thing:

She would have to cook, and cook so well that she could pass it off as Gohda's work.

Natsuhi whisked over to the guest house, sifted through the library, and extracted a few cook books, as many as she could find, to see if she could find something to make.

Upon her return to the mansion, Natsuhi wasted no time in going through the cook books. She read through books of all sorts of different cultural foods until she came across a dish that appealed to her ideal. What appeared to be some sort of rice noodle salad (a Vietnamese dish). The dish called for ingredients that Natsuhi was easily able to locate in the kitchen (thankfully Gohda seemed to have almost every kind of ingredient. The only issue was a lack of knowledge of the vegetables (of which asking Kumasawa yielded a good enough description that she was able to find them).

Preparation was complete a mere half hour before Eva's family was scheduled to arrive, giving Natsuhi enough time to change (she wasn't good at keeping herself clean while cooking) and finished preparations.

Eva arrived in what appeared to be a less-than-happy mood. She arrived later than expected (causing Natsuhi to be rather bothered too since she was waiting at the dock for longer than she wanted to). Indeed, it seemed the stifling heat was making everyone uncomfortable. Aside from George and Jessica who were enjoying their discussions, everyone else seemed rather bothered.

Lunch was the first event, as everyone seemed to be rather hungry from the preparations and/or traveling. Kinzo, who was still alive at this point, refused to come to lunch. As a typical Asian father, he wanted nothing to do with his failures-of-children-who-get-A-minus-in-exams. Genji would be bringing lunch up to his study. Kumasawa, then, would be the one serving lunch.

"Oho, a Vietnamese dish? I didn't know Gohda had an affinity for eastern style. Wouldn't father be mad to be fed a non-western meal?" Eva inquired.

"Yes, well, even father gets tired of the same food over and over. Plus, Gohda wished to prepare something more eastern since this isn't an actual family conference." Natsuhi replied.

"Speaking o' which, where is da fella'? I wanna ask 'im about the dish." Hideyoshi asked.

"Well, he's rather busy at the moment, what with Shannon and Kanon being sick today." Natsuhi replied. There was no more need to hide it, as George had already earlier asked where Shannon was.

"I see, how terribly understaffed you are today." Eva opined. Something about the way she said it seemed insulting towards Natsuhi.

Natsuhi, who realized that the dried basil she used in the dish was rock solid, picked it out of her bowl. It would seem everyone else did this as well. It did cause a little concern for Natsuhi, but she realized it would be fine if she could pass the blame off on Gohda and then just apologize to him later.

Near the end of lunch the phone rang. Kumasawa answered and handed the phone over the Natsuhi. It was Gohda who had just gotten on the island and was wondering if he could speak with her. Natsuhi excused herself and went to the kitchen. Gohda had a few quick questions for her. Among them being what he should cook for dinner and what she had made for lunch (looking at his stock he was having trouble guessing what she made). Upon learning what Natsuhi prepared, Gohda seemed to have lost all ability to speak. He was sweating bullets, as if some huge error had been made and that he would be blamed for it. Just then Kumasawa burst into the kitchen with a look of terror on her face.

"Come quick, great misfortune has fallen on the master." Kumasawa exclaimed. Without waiting for a response, she turned and ran off expecting to be followed.

Natsuhi and Gohda followed after her, running the 2 flights of stairs up to Kinzo's study. Upon arrival, their fears were confirmed. Kinzo lay on the ground, presumably dead.

Well then, let us begin our battle. Again, this game is open to any and all who wish to challenge. Come at me with everything you've got, you'll need to if you wish to win.
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>> No. 6953 edit
>> No. 6954 edit
File 132908333949.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 )

Kinzo is allergic to the dish that Natsuhi prepared, and Natsuhi was not aware of this.
>> No. 6955 edit
File 133456522962.jpg - (1.08MB , 863x1222 , 0000.jpg )
Alright, let's get this started.

The object Natsuhi mistook for dried basil is in fact poisonous. Everyone but Kinzo removed it from their food, so he was the only one affected.
>> No. 6956 edit
File 131257289710.png - (73.89KB , 291x478 , kanonwithamonocle.png )
Yes, I will Ask Natsuhi about Kinzo. I want to know how do he look likes right now. There are traces of emesis around the room or the bathroom? Kinzo lips look dry? and How and where was the body found?

As for my first try: The food Kinzo ate combined the Air conditioning caused some ill reaction killing him. Maybe from a strong dehydration.
>> No. 6957 edit
File 130854234845.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
Allergies are not related to this death.

And what do you suppose this ingredient is? Why would it be in a kitchen and it such a way that Natsuhi could mistake it as food?

I'll come up with an exact corpse description later today...
Kinzo did not die from dehydration.
>> No. 6958 edit
File 133458777041.png - (161.67KB , 510x356 , ozaki shocked looking down.png )
Medicine was put into the dish thus causing harm to Kinzo.

Gohda knew something was wrong because he had noticed that medicine was gone, that or he didn't have the right ingredients to make the dish in the first place.

If it was indeed Natsuhi who caused Kinzo to 'die', then it is entirely possible that the medicine was in a certain type of package that she wouldn't have noticed it. Or better yet due to her head aches she swapped her medicine with the basil.

I've got to say, if that was the answer then this game is following Knox's 8th pretty well.
>> No. 6959 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , erika1.png )
I think Ozaki-san's solution is probably correct. That's quite a clever puzzle if so, mi-.
>> No. 6960 edit
File 133460806652.png - (114.68KB , 342x424 , Alch_Kinjo_Akuwaraip1.png )
Kinzo died before the start of the story! This is simply Natsuhi's delusional retelling of what happened, not the reality!
>> No. 6961 edit
Hmm, I'm afraid I can't guess as to what it was, but I can guess why it was there, if Ozaki's explanation fails. Kumasawa, knowing that Natsuhi has no idea what basil looks like due to her lack of experience in a kitchen, planted the 'basil' and directed her to use it
>> No. 6964 edit
File 132622521834.jpg - (255.72KB , 850x1150 , reisen_hmmmm.jpg )
Well now.

"Kumasawa, wasn't Genji the one taking care of Father's lunch? Where is he?"

Natsuhi takes note of the temperature in the study, wondering if Kinzo might have left a window open and succumbed to heatstroke.
>> No. 6965 edit
File 130854788314.jpg - (9.42KB , 180x240 , 79291.jpg )
No vomit, his lips aren't dry. Kinzo has an injury on his head (it would seem he hit his head on the corner of his desk). His face also has changed colors (as a sign of oxygen deprivation). He is currently lying on the floor.

There was no medicine involved.

Kinzo was alive before the start of the story.

Kumasawa simply gave instruction to Natsuhi, she did not make any changes to the stock in the kitchen.

Genji is in the room, standing off to the side wearing a rather shocked face still.

The room is not as hot as it is outside. Kinzo did keep it a little warmer than the rest of the house as he claimed the temperature reminded him of his dear Beatrice.
>> No. 6966 edit
>"Oho, a Vietnamese dish? I didn't know Gohda had an affinity for eastern style. Wouldn't father be mad to be fed a non-western meal?" Eva inquired.

I remember this from your first game board.

>Implying I'm still allowed to join. (green text fail)

>presumably dead
[color=blue]Kinzo is not dead. (intentional blue text fail)
>> No. 6967 edit
File 130854931832.jpg - (59.14KB , 320x230 , 3rudolf.jpg )
Did I really do that? I don't remember....

Kinzo is dead, that is his corpse.
>> No. 6968 edit
File 13346358047.jpg - (40.78KB , 466x466 , 348460.jpg )
Well here is something to get the random guessing out of the way

>Kinzo was alive before the start of the story
>before the start
repeat it "Kinzo died during this game's duration"

Also might as well put the heatstroke idea in blue.
Kinjo died from a heatstroke.
>> No. 6969 edit
File 130854630339.jpg - (10.53KB , 126x136 , rudolf 5.jpg )
Kinzo died during this game's duration

Kinzo did not die from heat stroke
>> No. 6970 edit
File 131795915177.jpg - (203.05KB , 1500x1550 , 378839.jpg )
I'm impressed with the amount of red herrings.

Lets try a random guess here.
Kinzo caught the same sickness Kanon and Shannon did.

Repeat it: 'Kanon and Shannon are in fact sick'
>> No. 6971 edit
File 130854897178.jpg - (6.06KB , 113x100 , rudolf 6.jpg )
Kanon and Shannon are in fact sick, and Kinzo is not sick with what they have.
>> No. 6972 edit
File 131804537699.jpg - (165.07KB , 475x587 , 1311048875412.jpg )
Natsuhi done goofed and under cooked a part of the meal.

Have Natsuhi look for the dish Kinzo was eating from."
>> No. 6973 edit
File 133463717637.jpg - (27.73KB , 250x307 , rudorufu-pict.jpg )
This is a dish that isn't cooked.

The bowl seems to have been knocked over and is spilled all over the floor
>> No. 6974 edit
File 131935467715.png - (175.52KB , 514x357 , ozaki looking up.png )
Have Natsuhi check the windows, if they are locked or unlocked, or hell they could even be wide open.
>> No. 6975 edit
File 130854589635.png - (100.52KB , 226x334 , sample_b7e3d9b4373bf320a3b2bf3d15e6a4a40b5da6a3.png )
The window is cracked open but the a/c is also on in the room. It seems Kinzo was trying to regulate the temperature in the room more directly...

Just giving this one away...

The window is unrelated.
>> No. 6976 edit
File 132634855776.jpg - (415.26KB , 708x1000 , reisen_seems_fishy_to_me.jpg )
Natsuhi tries to determine from the mess whether Kinzo ate any of the salad.

"Genji, how was Father when you brought his lunch up to him? Did he seem like he was feeling sick at all?"
>> No. 6977 edit
File 133463832318.jpg - (40.63KB , 321x377 , i6dno2.jpg )
Some of the food appears to have been eaten.

Genji replies that Kinzo seemed fine up until the choking started.
>> No. 6978 edit
File 131804537699.jpg - (165.07KB , 475x587 , 1311048875412.jpg )
Ask Genji what he saw.
>> No. 6979 edit
File 133463901718.png - (859.59KB , 700x900 , 5bcd2d791438db252b197381dbe540cb.png )
"Tell me exactly what happened."
>> No. 6980 edit
File 132722778551.jpg - (14.28KB , 187x185 , rudolf heh.jpg )
Genji explains that he delivered the meal to Kinzo, who seemed rather intrigued at the meal before him. Kinzo had never cared much for eastern food, but had decided to eat it without complaint anyway.

Genji stepped away for a second to get Kinzo a drink (his typical absinthe) when he heard some sounds of Kinzo coughing/gasping for air. Genji rushed back to Kinzo, but it was too late.

Kinzo had a choking fit and then hit his head on the corner of his desk. He had already died by the time Genji attempted to check the pulse.
>> No. 6981 edit
File 133464032285.jpg - (187.68KB , 450x800 , reisen_i\'m_all_ears.jpg )
Natsuhi asks Gohda if there was something wrong with the meal she chose that could cause this, since he looked so upset when she told him about it.
>> No. 6982 edit
File 131322272223.png - (83.61KB , 342x480 , goh_komarua3.png )
Gohda speaks hesitantly: "Well, you see... the thing is.... ummm... you seemed to have mixed up some of the ingredients you used...... when you were explaining to me what you made, I was a little bothered by the fact that there couldn't have possibly been any basil in the kitchen stock, I used it all last week....."
>> No. 6983 edit
File 133464113661.jpg - (26.49KB , 650x360 , dr_ozaki tried_smoke turn head.jpg )
Have Natsuhi take the remains of the salad and ask Gohda was she actually used instead of basil.
>> No. 6984 edit
Did Natsuhi get the basil from a clearly labeled container, or did she just grab something that she thought matched Kumasawa's description?
>> No. 6985 edit
File 133464145874.png - (79.40KB , 342x480 , goh_iiwakea1.png )
Gohda sifts through the remnants of the dish.

"Ahem, after searching the dish I have determined that the "basil" in the dish was actually bay leaf. It is within the realm of possibilities that the master choked on the bay leaf."

An uproar is heard and Gohda is blamed for the death Kinzo. Gohda, choosing not to betray the trust of his "savior" Natsuhi, chooses to say nothing.
>> No. 6986 edit
File 132444847596.jpg - (82.06KB , 800x600 , 79290.jpg )
So we've reached a point in our story where a decision must be made. The detectives can go ahead and discuss how they wish to make Natsuhi act.

Please have an answer ready for me tomorrow, I look forward to it~
>> No. 6987 edit
File 131805116132.jpg - (42.51KB , 140x180 , shiki_toshio.jpg )
Heh, the rule about only continuing if the Gm deems it eh? Forgot about it, maybe the next murder will go by smoother now...

Anyway, I don't now about you guys, but it may be best to keep the amount of restrictions on the only piece we can control down to the minimum. I'd say for Natsuhi to let Gohda take the blame.
>> No. 6988 edit
File 133464830145.png - (672.04KB , 800x600 , So Brave.png )
I'm calling you out, babe. Bay leaves are used enough recipes, including even Japanese curries (standard enough), that anyone in Japan would know what they are anyway and would be able to tell the difference between the two pretty easily.

And finally, [color=blue]bay leaves can't kill people after cooking or even raw consumption. I would have been dead by now if bay leaves could actually kill anyway. I hope you're not going to claim that I'm immune to mythological toxins.

Regardless whether or not (probably not) you're using bay leaves as a means for murder, I'm still calling you out on Natsuhi not knowing the difference between basil and bay leaves. [color=gold]As a human being on earth, Natsuhi knew it was bay leaf.

[color=blue]The cyanide-containing leaf photinia spp. or anything along these lines is the only potentially dangerous leaf that could be mistaken as basil or bay leaf, but even this is a stretch. [color=gold]Even then, she should have been able to tell that they're not basil anyway unless she's blind or can't even feel the texture even if she never helped out with cooking.

I'll just get this out of the probability that you will still not drop anything from Natsuhi apparently not knowing the difference of bay leaves and basil. [color=blue] Even though bay leaves aren't toxic, the pretty unfriendly texture especially when raw managed to choke Kinzo and leading to his death whether by the choking, shock, or the injury. Assuming that Kinzo has osteoporosis or any condition that results in a frail enough skeletal structure (common enough especially in this demographic and age) or is heavy enough, the impact may be enough even if new Red is added to deny choking or shock as a cause of death.

I won't be supervising this thread actively for a while, so tell me in some way once you refute or ignore this.
>> No. 6989 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , erika2.png )
I don't believe that Rudolf-sama ever said that the bay leaf was supposed to be toxic. Gohda said that the Master may have choked on the bay leaf, which is exactly what you have just said. This is in no way a logic error!

As to why Gohda was so panicked, he didn't actually have any idea what Natsuhi may have used instead of dried basil. So he was scared that something more dangerous could have been used by mistake.

The real question is why Natsuhi mistook the bay leaf for dried basil. However, that can be explained by the claim that Natsuhi is incompetent! You can't deny the possibility that some people would not know the difference between basil and bay leaf. As evidence, I present the fact that Natsuhi was raised as a Shinto maiden and is therefore probably less knowledgable about worldly matters than most.

As for Natsuhi's decision, I'm inclined to have her admit to her mistake. It may cause her some humiliation, but if she's found to have deceived everyone later, it could be troublesome. Also, I doubt it would place any particular restrictions on the piece, since the death was clearly an accident; if she had been intending to kill him, after all, she would have used something more likely to work than bay leaf.
>> No. 6990 edit
File 130854912222.jpg - (26.42KB , 146x159 , 967511cbed2c57ee661b3acd9a89c03ef32fce61.jpg )
Natsuhi lived a Nouveau life. She never had to learn how to cook, ergo she didn't learn much.

It's possible to choke on anything, even more so if it's something that is stiff material...

1 vote for silence and 1 vote for admitting
>> No. 6991 edit
File 133467695194.jpg - (51.74KB , 320x226 , 3natsuhi.jpg )
As heartless as it is, I don't think admitting the truth is going to win us any favors.
+1 for remaining silent.
>> No. 6992 edit
File 132600901354.jpg - (369.30KB , 1000x1220 , reisen_that\'s_how_it_is.jpg )
All of this. It's beneath the dignity of the Ushiromiya head house to blame one's mistakes on an innocent party!

Also, Gohda may be keeping quiet for now, but I wouldn't count on that holding up if any serious murder accusations start flying around. Better to get it out in the open now than to have it blow up in our faces later and alienate a potential ally.
>> No. 6993 edit
2 and 2 then. Next opinion is the tie breaker...
>> No. 6994 edit
It doesn't take cooking experience to even know the difference though. Even with the life she once lived, she would have eaten foods with either or either basil and bay leaf. I guess it really shouldn't matter though since that would be a sad reason to even harp on.

Regardless, I propose that:

>Have Natsuhi save face by committing seppuku with everyone watching. After all, this is the only way she's aware of to redeem herself. This whole situation is the anvil that broke the camel's back. Imagine believing that you killed the family head that you were supposed to be taken care of while under everyone's condescending scrutiny.

(Maybe this will make someone speak up as well. Since seppuku is still a little within Natsuhi's character, I propose it.)
>> No. 6995 edit
For clarity, this means admitting to the truth in a much more extreme manner.
>> No. 6996 edit
I guess that's a vote for speaking up...
>> No. 6997 edit
>committing seppuku
anyways i also vote on speaking up
>> No. 6998 edit
I know the first goat was Lurker... Who are you?
>> No. 6999 edit
File 133472175392.png - (820.08KB , 534x743 , Lady.png )
[color=red]The first goat and now Gout are officially Lurker. The post that will be ">>" in this post is not me.[./color] Just sayin'


^not me

[color=gold]Proof that the Ron Paul goat, the seppuku proposing goat, and Gout are me.[./color]

Do I need justification for why I propose Natsuhi to commit seppuku/tell that she's responsible?
>> No. 7000 edit
File 133386476298.png - (116.60KB , 281x424 , let_me_listen_to_your_HEART.png )
I vote for speaking up.
>> No. 7001 edit
Confirmed to be anon-kun
>> No. 7009 edit
File 130855191029.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 , rudolf.jpg )

Route 1 Click Here

Because of the creation of the other kakera thread, this one is reserved only for those who chose to have Natsuhi speak up. As a result, the other detectives (who chose silence) are forbidden from participating in this thread anymore. The game continues with the following detectives: RIKA-Beatrice, Eccaia, Gout (formerly goat, formerly Lurker), Kinjo, and anon-kun

Natsuhi suddenly yelled out at the top of her lungs, half crying and half angry. "Hold on, this is all a terrible misunderstanding! Gohda is innocent. I was the one who prepared today's lunch. I was the one who mistook bay leaf for basil. It was an accident, I didn't mean to kill father." By this time Natsuhi had already broken down into tears.

Everyone turned their attention back to Gohda. "Is dat true? Was Natsuhi da' one who made da' meal today?" Hideyoshi inquired with his typical accent. "Then dat means this was an accident?"

Natsuhi continued crying. This seemed to be more than enough to confirm Natsuhi's truthfulness. Everyone felt it best to leave it at that. The next decision to be made was whether or not to report this death immediately. However, this was superseded by the newly raised question: how should Kinzo's assets be divided? With Rudolf and Rosa not on the island, the two eldest could easily increase their own shares by lowering the shares of the younger siblings. If they did not first come to an agreement on how to divide the assets, reporting the death would only bring Rudolf and Rosa into the discussion and cause them both a loss of money.
Hours passed by as Krauss and Eva argued over the splitting of the assets. Without either willing to budge an inch, the discussion seemed to be going nowhere. They decided to take a break. The four of them (Krauss, Natushi, Eva and Hideyoshi) all got up and left the parlor.

Krauss and Natsuhi got up and went to Krauss's study to discuss their next course of action.

Eva and Hideyoshi stepped outside for a bit. The heat was still rather unbearable but Hideyoshi needed to smoke and Eva wouldn't be caught dead inside a room with him smoking.

Kumasawa was helping Gohda finish the preparations for dinner. As shocked as everyone was, there was still the issue of needing to eat. Because it was an accident no one was particularly scared of any more deaths occurring.

Genji was on duty in the servant's room. He had been called in earlier to deliver drinks to the arguing couples, and afterwards returned awaiting any other requests.

George and Jessica, being disgusted with the way their parents acted, had moved as far away from the argument as possible. They went to Jessica's room to discuss how each other's year had been.

Dinner was held before the arguments could resume. Genji had gone around and told everyone he could find that dinner was ready. When people began to assemble, it became apparent that a few people were missing. Namely, Jessica and George were absent.

The average reaction was to call down to Jessica's room. When there was no response, Genji was sent again to go get them. Genji returned after a few minutes, saying that the door was locked and that there was no answer to the knocking. Everyone got up and went to

After a little bit of using the master key and retrieving hedge trimming tools to break the chain lock, the group burst into the room to discover a horrifying scene. Jessica lay on her bed, covered in blood. George was nowhere to be seen.

Investigation mode: You can use blues and greens. Solve what happened.
>> No. 7011 edit
Are we controlling Natsuhi's actions or our "detective selves'" actions with the green text? Regardless, green text fail initiated.

>Examine Jessica's body and check for how exactly the potential killer and George might have left the room. Then, ask whomever is at the scene in private (take that person aside and ask) and then question a second or third person at the scene and asking them separately in a similar way to ensure privacy.

>Ask all of the servants and Krauss about who was in charge of bringing his meal and if they met anyone along the way.

>Walk around the rose garden and examine all shrubs, trees, etc. and potentially even clovers (some species of clovers contain cyanide) to see if any are harmful. Roll the most suspicious looking plants and leaves and start smoking them.
>> No. 7012 edit
File 132969770057.png - (187.27KB , 390x364 )

I'll get the more obvious blues out of the way before I do anything else. Nipa-*

Jessica killed George, carried the corpse somewhere, and then faked her death with fake blood.

Jessica committed suicide.

George killed Jessica and then hid somewhere inside the room; in a closet or under the bed, for example.

The chain is too long, so it can be set from the outside.

The chain is faulty in some way, and does not prevent people on the outside from entering.

The gap between the chain and the door was large enough for the killer to shoot Jessica from outside. The killer could have been George, or they may have committed the crime after George had left the room for some reason.

Also, not a green, but a request: since we are in control of Natsuhi, does Natsuhi find it odd that Jessica would have sealed her room with a chain? She was only having a chat with George, and was in no obvious danger. However, she may simply be paranoid and in the habit of securing her room in this way, so I would like to confirm whether this is in fact an unusual action or just Jessica's normal behaviour.
>> No. 7014 edit
File 130863245489.jpg - (5.40KB , 96x251 , tmw96_12923.jpg )
Ignoring this post, I'll just call you because I have no idea what you're getting at.....

Jessica is dead.
Jessica did not commit suicide.
George is not inside the room.
The chain is of typical length.
When the chain is properly set, it will prevent the entrance and exit of all people.
Jessica did not die from a projectile fired through the gap in the door made by the chain lock.

It would not be particularly odd for Jessica to apply the chain lock if she wanted to be alone.
>> No. 7015 edit
File 132908333949.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 )
Hm...there are still a couple of loopholes in these red statements. I'm sure that these aren't correct, but I'll throw these blues out anyway, just to be thorough.

Someone other than George killed Jessica, set the chain, and hid inside the room.

The chain was not properly set when the group arrived, so the culprit was able to enter.

Now, let's start to actually investigate this scene rather than blindly firing blue bullets at random. Since the previous greens have been denied, I will use a few of my own.

>Examine Jessica's body.
>Ask Eva and Hideyoshi if they have any idea where George might have gone.
>Search the mansion thoroughly for George.

>> No. 7018 edit
File 132591471718.png - (774.87KB , 673x918 , reisen_take_that.png )
Let's seal the room a little tighter.

The culprit came in through the window and attacked Jessica, or else shot her through it while it was open, and then closed the window from outside. Then, while everyone was distracted by the body, the culprit stealthily re-locked the window from the inside.

Repeat it: "None of the windows in Jessica's room were open or unlocked at the time the chain lock was cut."
>> No. 7020 edit
Of course I should include the possibility that George himself climbed out the window after killing Jessica, and the window was re-locked by an accomplice.

Rika-Beatrice already asked to inspect the body, so I'll just add that Natsuhi looks around for any other signs of blood or a struggle in the room besides what's on the bed.
>> No. 7021 edit
File 132909159514.png - (155.67KB , 340x366 , FurudoErikaEvil.png )
Even tighter! Repeat it: "There is no way to enter or exit the room other than the windows and the single door."
>> No. 7024 edit
Those blues can be solved with greens...
Jessica has a single injury, what appears to be a gunshot wound to the back of the head.
Eva and Hideyoshi respond saying they have no idea where George might be.
The search for George turns up nothing.

The single window is locked from the inside
The single window was locked when the chain lock was broken
There is a trail of blood from a chair in the room to the bed, it would seem her body was moved post mortem
The only methods of entrance and exit available to a human in this room is the single door and single window

Wow it's hard to write this much on a phone >_>
>> No. 7027 edit
File 133478618938.jpg - (550.01KB , 900x1141 , reisen_no_problem.jpg )
Are you suuure you want to keep quiet about that chain lock?

Who actually tested the chain lock before it was cut, and who cut it? Natsuhi inspects it for signs of tampering.

The culprit rigged the chain to appear locked at a glance, pretended to test it, and then cut it with the hedge clippers. Afterwards, he re-attached the severed half of the chain to the door frame as if it had been normally locked. This way, the chain was never "properly set" in the first place!

And some more possibly related questions:

> Excluding Jessica and George, did the group that went up to Jessica's room and found her door locked consist of everyone Natsuhi knows about on the island?
> Did the entire group go to get the hedge clippers together? If not, who stayed behind?
> Were either the chair or the bed visible through the partially-open door while the chain lock was set?
>> No. 7028 edit
File 133479083092.jpg - (3.73KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
That was the proper green to use.
The chain lock looks rather odd. It wasn't applied properly to the door, it appeared to have been duct taped to the inside of the door. Pulling on it, it appears to have been so well held down that it would indeed withstand a strong push.

> Excluding Jessica and George, did the group that went up to Jessica's room and found her door locked consist of everyone Natsuhi knows about on the island?

> Did the entire group go to get the hedge clippers together? If not, who stayed behind?
Genji was sent to go fetch them by himself

> Were either the chair or the bed visible through the partially-open door while the chain lock was set?
Neither were within view
>> No. 7029 edit
[color=blue]George did not kill Jessica.

The killer, whether a third person or George, shot Jessica and dragged her post mortem to the spot she was found. The killer then used the chain lock and hid out of sight from where the door would open in full chain lock capacity. When Genji left to fetch the tools needed to cut the chain lock, the killer undid the chain lock and did the duct tape contraption from the outside, then left.
>> No. 7030 edit
File 132055091681.jpg - (105.04KB , 320x462 , 1rudolf.jpg )
People were in front of the door at that time (Genji was sent by himself) so that method of escape is impossible.
>> No. 7031 edit
I will revise the blue.

After Genji left to tell the others that Jessica and George did not answer and to gather the Family to Jessica's door, the killer, whether or not it's George, escaped in the same manner as my previous blue. The door would have been left unattended and nobody where the others were located should have known that there really wasn't a problem until Genji reported it.
>> No. 7032 edit
Natsuhi searches the room and Jessica's pockets for her daughter's room key.
>> No. 7033 edit
File 130854234845.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
Mhm. The duct tape on the door (holding the chain lock) could have been applied from the outside.

You've added nothing new.... extend this theory.
>> No. 7034 edit
Her key is on the table.
>> No. 7035 edit
File 132712989265.png - (434.64KB , 816x816 , reisen_here\'s_an_idea.png )
Does Natsuhi remember seeing the key there when she first entered the room?
>> No. 7038 edit
File 132444847596.jpg - (82.06KB , 800x600 , 79290.jpg )
It was not a top priority so she did not see it.

However I will give you the red:
That key did not leave that spot after Jessica entered the room with George and placed it down.
>> No. 7039 edit
Assuming that George is the culprit:

George killed Jessica in that very room with a gun around the time where the couples were elsewhere (Eva and Hideyoshi outside, etc.). Whether or not George left the room before or after Genji came to report that nobody answered the door at Jessica's room would not have been a problem for escape since they were unattended for enough time for escape in both cases.

Assuming it's Genji:

Genji was essentially allowed to freely roam the mansion during the intermission (Eva and Hideyoshi outside, etc.) This would have provided Genji enough time to gather the necessary tools for murder the duct tape "locked door" trick. Genji opened entered while George and Jessica were in Jessica's room, shot them to death, moved Jessica's corpse to the appropriate area, and either took George's corpse or the living George out of the room to either hide him or kill him. Since we do not have confirmation of George's death at the moment and it isn't a problem if he's dead or alive yet under this assumption since it's all Genji here, either disposing of George, hiding a bound George, or an accomplice George hiding will pose no problem in terms of the differences in "what does it do for the environment?"


>Check if there are any pools of blood or blood stains/bullet holes that would lead one to believe that a murder took place in this room. Take note of whether or not all relevant blankets and pillows are accounted for in Jessica's room and check the window for any damages, whether there are bullet holes, cracks, or those fancy spy glass cutters and glass replacers in play. Also take note of which story Jessica's room is located on.
>> No. 7040 edit
File 130854944056.jpg - (25.54KB , 270x493 , rudolf 2.jpg )
Pass to both blues. You've found a potential answer.

There is no more blood besides the chair and the small trail to Jessica's corpse. There doesn't appear to be any missing blankets or pillows. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the windows.
>> No. 7041 edit
File 133479569893.jpg - (270.31KB , 600x800 , reisen_here_goes_nothing.jpg )
Guess I'll poke the bush with a stick then.

Natsuhi gathers Genji, Kumasawa, and Gohda together and asks:
- Whether they currently have their master keys.
- Whether they let the keys out of their possession at any time since Kinzo's death.
- The number and whereabouts of any master keys not in use today, including Shannon's and Kanon's keys.

>> No. 7042 edit
Genji says that there are no more than 5 sets of master keys in existence (there are never more than 5 servants on the island) and that he will keep all the unused sets on him.

This being said, Genji has 3 sets of keys, Gohda has one set, and Kumasawa has one set.

They all swear they have held onto their keys the entire time.
>> No. 7043 edit
I have no idea what sort of evidence would be sufficient, but here it comes.

Obviously Genji knew where the rifles were located and it looks pretty established that he had enough time to kill Jessica and George if he wished.


>The average reaction was to call down to Jessica's room. When there was no response, Genji was sent again to go get them. Genji returned after a few minutes, saying that the door was locked and that there was no answer to the knocking. Everyone got up and went to

Whether it was in these few minutes or during his shift in the Servants' Room still gave him enough time anyway. The Servant Room shift time would have even provided enough distance to shoot wildly if he indeed was the killer. In either case, whether or not George was also killed would be easily taken care of by Genji. Under the assumption that the blood stains had their sources "leak" blood from that single location, George might actually be alive, but there are still ways to propose he died in the room with Jessica:

-Genji might have gun point commanded George to stand directly in the same spot or even behind Jessica and allowed for a single bullet or even two to kill them both. The blood stains happening from the same general area would be able to tell most people (through surface area of the stains) that there was only one person killed.

-George was either hugging Jessica or even worse, allowing for their speedy death when Genji found them in a single spot

-George is an accomplice and is outside the mansion somehow (easily staged by letting him out through a window)

-George's body or the bound George was placed somewhere else outside the mansion. Genji was provided sufficient time to pull this off on multiple occasions.

Additionally, he may have been responsible for the death of Kinzo. Since he was the sole person carting the food (I'm assuming at least), he had enough unsupervised liberty to act as he wish. As the angry grandpa of the house, Kinzo naturally would have been the Master of Bay Leaves in comparison to Natsuhi so he shouldn't have really came anywhere close to getting killed by one. Perhaps a cyanide was used to cause his suffocation since, after all, that's how cyanide kills (very roughly). If not, it's not like we can't check his throat for blockages. There are very impromptu and effective ways to check if the wind pipe was blocked after all, and a bay leaf would not be able to escape such scrutiny. Heck, even Maria could have pulled off the death of Kinzo if the aunts, uncles, and servants allowed for it.

Additionally, it's possible that George is the culprit if we assume that George and Jessica are actually despairing at Shanon and Kanon's absence. They may be assuming that they're dead and actually not sick or perhaps they're actually sick. Regardless, George, in a fit of madness, uses cyanide (or anything similar) to kill Kinzo through the salad. Perhaps Kinzo may have given orders for Genji to kill both Jessica and George for being "worthless furniture loving brats." With George's initial assault through the death of his best friend and master, Genji decided to kill Geoge. Jessica died first from the shots (may have been a surprise, a hold up, or even an execution since it's the back of the head). George may have had time to either run away, knock Genji aside and run away, etc. George is well-versed enough in unarmed combat and strength to pull this off.


As Natsuhi, one of the people in charge of servant activities, I should know where Shannon and Kanon are. It should be in my mind right now. I should know what they're sick with as well since Nanjo would have told me or I would have known through being a mother.

Where was George before Kinzo's death? Did he ever have time to go anywhere near the salad meal?

Check Genji for wounds or a sign of a struggle.

Check the windows of the whole mansion or even doors for signs of use

Check Kinzo's air con if it's working properly. It might not be impossible for someone to poison Kinzo through carbon monoxide, which should have oxygen deprivation for its victims. Under the assumption it's a window or non-central unit, it may be possible to kill only Kinzo through such a method.
>> No. 7044 edit
File 133479913754.jpg - (472.05KB , 900x1334 , reisen_here\'s_an_idea_2.jpg )
Natsuhi tests all five keyrings in the lock to make sure none of them have had the key to Jessica's room swapped out. Especially Gohda's, since he arrived after Eva's family.

Just to be thorough, where exactly is the bloody chair relative to other furniture in the room? Is it in a different place from usual?
>> No. 7045 edit
File 132722778551.jpg - (14.28KB , 187x185 , rudolf heh.jpg )
It's not blue so it's not technically a theory, but I'll respond anyway...

The gun used was a Winchester from Kinzo's study.

You have indeed proven an opportunity for the murder.

You have indeed proven an opportunity for George to exit the room (willingly or not)

Determine the actual course of events by using blue......

Shannon and Kanon are off the island due to sickness.
Everyone save for the servants and Kinzo sat down to eat lunch immediately following the arrival of Eva's family on Rokkenjima.
Genji is uninjured.
The exists no tampered with windows.
The air conditioning in Kinzo's study is undisturbed.

>> No. 7046 edit
File 131916592289.png - (73.57KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia2.png )
The master key rings have not been tampered with.
The chair was sitting around a table in the room. The chair in question is faced away from the door.

>> No. 7049 edit
File 132622521834.jpg - (255.72KB , 850x1150 , reisen_hmmmm.jpg )
> How many other chairs are around this table, and how are they arranged?
> Are any of them pulled out from the table, as if someone had been sitting in them?
> Is the bloody chair facing toward the bed?

George is a nice young man, I'm sure he wouldn't rudely leave without pushing his chair in~
>> No. 7052 edit
File 130837474663.png - (72.87KB , 321x480 , rud_defa1.png )
It's a small table in Jessica's room just for enjoying tea or the like. To be exact, there are 4 chairs around the small table.

The bloody chair is the only one that isn't pushed in.

The bed is off to the side of the room, not faced by the bloody chair.
>> No. 7069 edit
File 133480891870.jpg - (278.38KB , 800x600 , reisen_die_the_death.jpg )
Alright, I think that's enough for me to conclude that George had already left the room by the time Jessica was murdered. Since he didn't leave Jessica's room in a hurry, but no one saw him and no sign of him was found in the mansion, he was most likely lured out by the culprit before Jessica's death and killed outside the mansion. Then the culprit came back and murdered Jessica, who was waiting patiently for George to return, and constructed the locked room.

The locked room could only be constructed by someone with a master key, but the murder itself could only be carried out by someone with access to Kinzo's rifles. However, I'm not yet ready to pin the blame on Genji. That's because any of the people who came to the study and saw Kinzo's corpse could have stolen his study key. After that, they could return and take one of his rifles at leisure. That group of people includes Gohda and Kumasawa.

Genji was on duty in the servants' room, and a request could come at any time. Carrying out two murders and staging the crime scene would take him away from the room for a long time, so he would have a very high risk of discovery. Gohda was busy cooking dinner, having arrived barely in time to manage it. However, Kumasawa was only helping Gohda at the end. That leaves her unaccounted for and without any obligations during the time when Jessica was killed. She was also in a position to deliberately misdirect Natsuhi's lunch preparations in order to kill Kinzo, which created the opening needed to steal the study key.
>> No. 7070 edit
File 132107719739.png - (72.69KB , 321x480 , rud_defa2.png )
Correct, George was outside of the room when Jessica was murdered.

Nobody would have had the opportunity to loot the study key off of Kinzo's corpse without everyone else noticing.

Kumasawa was helping Gohda cook the entire time.
He arrived late enough that he would not be able to finish it all by himself.
>> No. 7094 edit
File 132906767933.png - (155.15KB , 340x366 )
Even if nobody could have obtained the guns from the study at that time, if Krauss or Kumasawa is the culprit, since they regularly visit Kinzo, they could have secretly taken one of the guns at some times prior to the murder. Alternatively, Genji is only an accomplice, and someone asked him to get the gun for them - in that case, the culprit could be anyone without an alibi. It's also possible that the culprit had a gun prepared from elsewhere, and did not need one of Kinzo's Winchesters.

But, am I missing something, or is the crime basically solved now? Wasn't our purpose simply to prove that the crime is possible for humans, which has been done? Or do we have to show who the culprit is as well?

Well, at this point, it's either Krauss, Genji, Eva, or Hideyoshi.
>> No. 7097 edit
File 131916592289.png - (73.57KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia2.png )
I suppose you're right. We'll move on in a day or two then (give me some time to finalize the writings). You've proven capability by human hands, but you have yet to reach an agreeable truth.
>> No. 7108 edit
File 133464032285.jpg - (187.68KB , 450x800 , reisen_i\'m_all_ears.jpg )
While we're waiting for the next round, I'll add this to the Genji theory. There is one time when he could safely commit the crime in spite of being on duty: immediately after he served drinks to the arguing adults. At that time he could be relatively confident that no more calls would come in from them for a while, and since Gohda and Kumasawa were busy with dinner preparations, there was little chance of them coming to the servant's room and finding him missing.

I'll go ahead and ask these too, but if they'll disrupt your preparations then I can just sit on them until the next round.

> How far is Krauss's study from Jessica's room?
> Does Natsuhi remember hearing anything that could have been a gunshot while she was there?
> Natsuhi asks Eva and Hideyoshi exactly where they went outside during the break, whether they saw anyone else, and whether they heard anything that could have been a gunshot.
>> No. 7112 edit
File 133572443659.jpg - (528.14KB , 1920x1080 , 503353.jpg )
Dead week this week and finals the week after.

I will continue working on this gameboard after that...
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