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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 131991634616.png - (262.67KB , 640x480 , different_spiral_special.png )
3738 No. 3738 edit
Good afternoon, Mr. Hercule Poirot's Piece Owner.

By seeing others Kakera inside this wonderful land (Rosa-san vs. Anon-kun game) and hearing your wish, I honorably grant your wish. I challenge you to unmask The Culprit. I know I am not a perfect Game Master and Puzzle Maker. Still, I wish you to grant my will and solve this game. You can discover who is The Culprit by any method you want to use. I don't care what method is it.

If you join me, however, you are forbbiden to use Poirot's piece because Hercule Poirot cannot exist inside Rokkenjima's Gameboard. For this type of emergency, I allow you to incarnate inside one of these pieces I present to you:

Ushiromiya Family Piece:
Ushiromiya Lion
Ushiromiya Maria

Guest/Servant Piece:
Terumasa Nanjo
Toshiro Gohda

Personality Witch-like Piece:

And more: I'm gonna give to you 3 Devil Token. Their function: Summom a Devil, as your servent, and help you for some time. Once you use 1 Devil Token, you cannot use it anymore. You can chose summom: Belial, Ronove and Gaap. You cannot summom the same Devil for a second or third time.
However you can unite 2 Devil Token and create 1 Twin Devil Token. Function: Summom Zepar and Furfur, The Devil's Twin of Love. There is two ways for create a Twin Devil Token. If you fail, those 2 Devil Tokens you use are destroyed.
If you aren't satisfied, you can unite all Devil Token and create 1 Witch Token. Fuction: Summom a Witch. You can chose to summom: Virgilia, ROSA, MARIA (unless you choose Ushiromiya Maria as your piece) and Henrica Le Blanche. The Witch will only vanish if her vessel is dead (If Kumasawa is dead, Virgilia will vanish, for instance). There is two ways for create a Witch Token. If you fail, all Devil Tokens you use are destroyed.

You can see I'm giving to you a lot of advantages. Do accept to play my humble game?
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>> No. 3739 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
An interesting game you have here, Mister Eriko.

Outside from that another gameboards, you can call me Chesterton.

Before I choose any piece or any tokens, you could tell me what these witches and demons does in my benefit and what that different pieces could do to me.
>> No. 3740 edit
File 131992098248.png - (304.61KB , 640x480 , Info_Chara_BlankScreen.png )
Excuse me... I forgot to introduce myself properly. My name is Gilbert Keith Chesterton, ex-Inquisitor.
>> No. 3741 edit
File 131329477987.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
Hello and welcome Gilbert, I like your fancy sprites.
By the way, just a small clarification, Dlannor herself killed the Inquisitor Knox when the order was maked.
>> No. 3742 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
...I know that. I was there. Do you think she liked it?

It was a tough sentence to us all, especially to her.

Knox was ready to die. But she wasn't ready to kill her own father.

She even stopped aging, body and soul... and that's why I took care of her.
>> No. 3743 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
Forward the spiral, golden butterflies start to glide, forming Eriko's body.

"Hello, Chess. I am glad you accepted my invitation. ........ As always, you want everything illustrated and make your options better."

I giggled. "As you wish, Chess-kun."

"Let's begin with Demons. All of them are Great Demons of 72 Pillars."

5 static ilusions of demons showed up.

Belial: He worked on Heaven's armed military organization, similar to SSVD and Eiserne Jungfrau. For unknow reason, he was banned from Heaven. He knows a lot of war and gameboar tatics. He's one of most powerful demons and is only summom by High-level Witches. If you want to win gameboards and wars, Bel-kun is your kind of demon.

Ronove: Be careful with him. He has sort of feelings with Virgilia-san. He is a butler demon. Due to this, Witches always summom him to eat his cookies and drink his tea. He utilizes barriers for both offense and defense, generating strong ones to both deflect attacks and launch enemies backwards. He can also use a special barrier that returns damage back to the attacker. He share a sort of link with Ronoue Genji.

Gaap: She is a funny demon. She draws power from the Abyss to summon holes that can lead anywhere, although there are limits. Oh!... She likes to give nicknames to everyone.

Zepar&Furfur (You can only summom themif you creat a Twin Devil Token): Demons of Love. Both are on same level as Belial. Zepar grant unlimited defensive power and even brief immortality to those who contract them. Furfur grant an inexhaustible offensive power to those who contract them. Their speciality is love: More love you have, more power you gain.

"Now, about witches. Remember: You can only summom one of those witches if you creat a Witch Token."

Those 5 ilusions disapeared and 4 witches ilusion showed up.

Virgilia: You know her.

ROSA: The Black/Evil Witch. She is Ushiromiya Rosa's part that force her to mistreat Maria. She's feared by many witches and wizards for her destructive power. Her forte is to use the "Anti-magic toxin" for destroy everything. Ironically, she isn't affected by it. Since ROSA is part of Ushiromiya Rosa, she can manipulate her.

MARIA (if you don't chose Ushiromiya Maria as piece): Apprentice of Witch of Origns. She has the power of create everthing she wants from 0. She is still a child. If she gets mad, she release a great destructive power. She and Beatrice, The Golden Witch, are best friends.

Henrica Le Blanche: She one day was Bernkastel, The Cruel Witch of Miracles. When she was Bernkastel, was brutally killed by ROSA. With Bernkastel's remains, ROSA created Henrica. She does not have emotions and obey all orders that are given to her. She has all Bernkastel's power, except the Power of Miracles.

"About your pieces, I won't say too much because this post is getting very long."

Witches ilusion disapeared and Piece's ilusion showe up.

Ushiromiya Lion: The sucessor of Ushiromiya Family. He/She (if you choose Lion, you can decide his/her sex) is an incestuous kid between Ushiromiya Kinzo and her dead daughter, Beatrice II. He/She doesn't know about it and think he/she is Natsuhi and Krauss first son. He/She has a sister called Jessica.

Ushiromiya Maria: 9 year old child. Ushiromiya Rosa's daughter. She belives in magic and know everything about it. Her best friend is Beatrice, The Golden Witch.

Terumasa Nanjo: Ushiromiya Family's physician. He knows a lot of medicine. He has a son in Niijima.

Toshiro Gohda: Ushiromiya's Family Chef.

EVA: Ushiromiya Eva dark side. Eva created her in order to always remember her promisse: Be the next Ushiromiya Head. However, Eva grows up and "forgot" this promisse. EVA still lives inside Rokkenjima. Both have a link. Like ROSA, EVA can manipulate her, talk to her inside her dreams, mind, etc.

"If you want other data about them and everyone, here, take this book."

A large and heavy book materialized in front of Chess.

"Now, tell me: What piece do you chose? I am very curious. Also, I'm sorry for don't tell more about them: I'm afraid to ruin my gameboard."
>> No. 3748 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
I will choose Gohda!


Let me explain: Gohda is the person, the less involved with the Ushiromiya family on the board. This gives him less knowledge about them, but gives him more autonomy to stay alive.

Also, I do not believe that a detective should investigate their own relatives. Many preconceived notions, very unusual. Even if he does not have the Detective's Authority, he had low relationships with other family members, and it makes less targeted to be a victim...

...unless he knows too much, and that will give me an advantage anyway.

I like detectives who have nothing in relation with the suspects.
>> No. 3749 edit
File 131992689085.png - (81.66KB , 310x380 , 54596178.png )
"Oh my ROSA! I can't believe it! .......... Well... It can't be helped, right?

Before we start, let me reveal my little surprise: Initial Inventory! Almost all pieces I gave you the chance to choose have one. Let's see what Gohda-san have~"

Toshiro Gohda initial items:
x1 Master Key
+ x3 Devil Token (I gave those to you)

"That's it. I obviously won't tell about other Piece's initial inventory.

Shall we start?"

Low sounds of seagulls cry slowly start to getting loud. Sea's breeze and smell are relaxing.

Toshiro Gohda open his eyes little by little.

"Good morning, Gohda-san." A female voice welcome you. You feel yoursefl a little dizzy and your vision is blurred, due to your recente awake, but you can see two people in front of you with hand clasped.

Suddenly, those two people, noticing your recent awake, undo their clasped hands.

"Do you feel well now, Gohda-san?", a male voice ask to you.

Your vision is now getting normal. You can see yourself inside of a boat, sitting on a chair. Shannon, the female voice, and Kanon, the male voice, are in front of you. Shannon seems happy and Kanon seems........ Kanon.
>> No. 3753 edit
File 131993340711.png - (372.57KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 surprized 1.png )
"Shannon-san! Kanon-san," answered the Cook scared, "Good to see them together, I had a horrible nightmare that you both were the same person."

Gohda forcefully laugh, but he really sees Kanon and Shannon as their small stepchildren.

"So you're ready to help to cook the lunch today?"

Gohda keep an eye to the mood of the two servants. Especially when Shannon. He wants to know if she is really happy, listening her tone of voice and seeing her facial expression.

Even so, he keeps an eye on Kanon's expressions. He wants, above all, make sure that lunch will be served at the appropriate time, with the proper ingredients and the necessary perfection.

And yes, he doesn't even notice he is in the boat.

[Yeah, he had an INTENSE Shkanon nightmare...]
>> No. 3754 edit
File 131993455923.png - (459.43KB , 606x1126 , sha_c11 laughing 2.png )
Shannon laughs. She is really happy to see Gohda is ok. "We don't arrive on Rokkenjima yet, Gohda-san. We know you are very nervous about lunch and dinner..."

Shannon's face turned to a sad face. "You want to everyone forget about yesterday."

A lovely hand land on her shoulder. She turned her head arround: It was Jessica. "It's not easy to anyone that yesterday made 1 year of Grandfather's death."

Jessica smile. "And remember, Gohda: Since Lion inherited Family's Headship, Sayo-chan and Yoshiya-kun don't use these 'Servant Names' anymore."

"That's ok, Milady." Yoshiya seems Yoshiya, nothing out of normal. "Sometimes it's difficult to change some aspects."

"I say the same, Milady." Sayo forced a smile.
>> No. 3755 edit
File 131993595016.png - (367.27KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 laughing 1.png )
"Well, I thought that 'servant names' are really special! See, Shannon is an actress name, and Kanon is an bodhisattva! I'll have no problems if you all want to call me 'Gordon'!"

Gohda forces his laugh once more. He forgot all about the anniversary of Kinzo's death. This is why he tried one of his dumb jokes.

"So... I... 'Gordon' need to know about the guest list. Who will come? Battler-san? George-san?"

Purposely, he named Battler and George to see any reactions in the heart and the expression of Shannon. He couldn't to do the same thing with Kanon, but always appeared he loved Jessica.

"With our guest list, we can manage properly the food to satisfy everyone."


In Meta World, Chesterton was already thinking about their relationship. Young lads had a passionate heart.

But more intriguing than that, was to understand their expressions. They were really sad because they were furnitures? Or really Kinzo had a great emotional weight in their lives?

>> No. 3758 edit
File 131997633449.png - (464.21KB , 606x1126 , sha_c11 bothered 1.png )
Shannon giggles for some moments, 'til she heard about those two Ushiromiya cousins.

"Gordon... I mean... Gohda-san, your seasickness did affected you. George-san and Battler-san arrived yesterday."

"How is Gohda-san?". Shannon turn her head and saw George getting out of boat's inside.

"Gohda-san isn't fine yet, George-san. He thinks you and Battler-san didn't arrive to Rokkenjima."

"Seasickness sometimes causes memory loss." George smile. "I was talking to Captain Kawabata and we are almost arriving at Rokkenjima. When we get there, Nanjo-sensei can take care of you, Gohda-san."

"Also, don't worry about the guest list." Jessica blinks to you. "The only one that won't come is Ange-chan. She's still sad about Grandfather's death. And before you ask, Battler-san isn't here: He is in Rokkenjima with Lion. You know how much Battler hates boats and planes. *giggle*"

"Chess-kun, are you thinking about something? If it's about THE GAME the gameboard, I can help you."
>> No. 3759 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"You don't need to bother Nanjo-sensei because of me. It's just temporary memory loss. As George-sama said, it could be seasickness. Or a little nightmare trauma."

"But I want to know something... If someone is hiding from me that I became the head to the family Ushiromiya, I will not forgive!"

This time, Gohda-san laughs happy.

"But well, if Battler-sama and George-sama will be here, with Hideyoshi-sama..."

Then, he whispers sufficient loud to made this an another joke.

"Sayo-chan, I don't know with we have enough food."

This time he's trying to feel the situation. He would feel if they were laughing for education or they were even funny. Focused their attention discreetly in Kanon. If he did not smile even after becoming a "human being", the reason would be preoccupation - that would be bad to welcome the guests.
>> No. 3761 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
In Meta, Chesterton listen Eriko's voice and answers:

"My piece is a little lost. Let me see. You don't have to say anything in red, but in this scenario, Kinzo is dead, Lion became the Head. Shannon and Kanon became Sayo and Yoshiya. That's all my information, but I want to know..."

"It's October 1986 or 1987? Sayo and Yoshiya are servants or normal guests? Kinzo was hated or loved, to everyone had so sad memories?"

"Of course, I'm not asking for the real information, only things my piece supposedly should to know - even if it is all lies."
>> No. 3762 edit
File 131998378259.png - (459.05KB , 606x1126 , sha_c11 proud 1.png )
"That's why we went to Niijima, Gohda-san. You want everything perfect and you called me and Yoshiya for help you on shopping."

"Me and George ask to you if we could go too and you said yes." Jessica added.

Everyone was relaxed with Gohda's joke. That was a way to forget about Kinzo's death. Kanon was the only one who didn't pass this feeling.

"If you are a little confused, I'll give to you a list about some data."

- Current year: October 1987
- Current Headship: Ushiromiya Lion
- When Kinzo died and Lion inherited the Headship, Lion banned the "Servant Name". Lion never liked it. Then, Shannon can use her real name, Sayo, and Kanon can use his real name, Yoshiya. Yes, they still Servants.

"About Kinzo, you have to discover for yourself, Chess-kun~ Kihaheheaha."
>> No. 3764 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
"I understand. I only need to know two thing... Gohda was in Rokkenjima when 'Kinzo died', right?

Then they attributed a cause of Kinzo's death? Like murder? Normal death? Disease? 'Beatrice'?

Again, I'm not asking red truths, I'm just wanting to know what my piece knows."
>> No. 3765 edit
File 131999546842.png - (364.67KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 leave it to me-- 2.png )
"Ah... so we went only shopping today."

"But at least I know what we will cook. The secret specialty of the invencible chef, Gohda-sama, also known as Magical Gohda Chef ...

The Manchu Han Imperial Feast! The Highest Peak of Chinese Cuisine!"

He smiles, proud of himself.

"We have to greet our guests and Lion-sama properly. I'll need everyone's help. But not only mere help. I'll need everyone's heart. So, please, help this 'Gordon-san' of yours to cook a Real Masterpiece, a First-Rate Cuisine."

"Without love, you cannot cook."
>> No. 3766 edit
File 131999583763.png - (404.67KB , 613x1118 , jes_d11 laughing 1.png )
"I'm not a good cook, but if 'Gordon-san' insist, I'll help you. Yoshiya-kun will help too, nee?"

"As you wish, Milady."

"It'll be a pleasure help you, Gohda-san." George said. "You'll help us too, Sayo?"

"Sure, George-san". Sayo said very happy, almost getting blush.

"Prepare for land at Rokkenjima, everyone!", Captain Kawabata scream. "We are arriving!"

Some minutes were necessary for Kawabata's boat unship on Rokkenjima's dock. There, a old and lovely lady was waiting for them.

"Welcome back, everyone." Kumasawa said vividly and full of joy. "Did you have a great time at Niijima?"

Meanwhile, in Metaworld, Eriko answered some questions for Chess.

"Kinzo died by natural causes, since he had 3 months left. No Rokkenjima Massacre happaned on 1986. No Beatrice's letter. Gohda was in Rokkenjima when Kinzo died.

Also, The 7 Fukuin Servant aren't in Rokkenjima this year. They left for vacation."
>> No. 3769 edit
File 131993595016.png - (367.27KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 laughing 1.png )
"Gordon" down the boat, laughing with his new assistants.

"Kumasawa-san, I do not know about the young ones, but I had a little discomfort in the boat... I slept, I had very strange dreams and even a little amnesia. It seems that I have had many adventures today."

"But we gain a reward. They all volunteered to help us to prepare the meal in this year's meeting. We will have a delicious meal, better than any other we ever had."

"Of course, if some tragedy happens, Kumasawa-san can we prepare for us her famous mackerel's soup..."

In his personal thoughts, Gohda said to himself: "Too sad Berune can not join us. She is my favorite taster."


"Now I know what I needed to know. Thanks, Mister Eriko."
>> No. 3770 edit
File 131999784450.png - (372.45KB , 608x1015 , kum_a11 laughing 1.png )
"Ohohoho~, that's reaaly good: Crazy adventures and volunteers. Since Fukuin 7 left for vacation, we had a lot of work to do."

"Do not worry, Kumasawa-san, we are going to help you." George said, while was walking side by side with Sayo and carrying some shopping bags.

"I would like to help you with those bags, but I need to talk something with Captain Kawabata." Kumasawa pauses a little and continues to talk. "You can go ahead."

George, Jessica, Sayo and Yoshiya obey Kumasawa's words and start do walking with a lot of shopping bags.

"Come with us too, Gohda-san!" Jessica said. "It seems that Kumasawa-san needs a time alone with Kawabata."

"Ohohohoho~, you little child!" Kumasawa laugh.
>> No. 3771 edit
File 13199984149.png - (357.84KB , 822x1223 , goh_a13 leave it to me-- 2.png )
"Kawabata-san, remember yourself: You have to ask her hand for us."

Gohda goes with his new assistants after his joke.

"Jessica-ojou-sama, Sayo-chan. You should give me your bags. I can't let you ladies carry this weight."
>> No. 3772 edit
File 131999905879.png - (406.28KB , 613x1118 , jes_d11 default 1.png )
"Thanks, Gohda-san." Both said.

The walk to Main Building was pleasant, with everyone talking about what dishes they'll prepare for lunch. Arriving at Main Building, all of them directed to the kitchen and let all shopping bags there.

"Gohda-san, we need to change our clothes before we start. Excuse us." Yoshiya said and Sayo follow him to the Servant Room.

"We say the same, Gohda-san." Jessica said. "Why don't you walk a little bit inside the house? I bet it'll be exhausting everyone cooking for lunch."

After this, Jessica and George left and leave Gohda alone.
>> No. 3773 edit
File 132000020085.png - (365.39KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 making excuses 1.png )
"They will probably 'dating' long before we start to cook. I need to feel the spirit of our guests for the perfect presentation of the dishes."

Quickly, Gohda prepares cups of hot tea for the guests and begins to wander in the house, starting with the Courtroom.

He wants to know if the adults have already arrived and if they already began to discuss with Lion about the inheritance and divison of money.

If they are not in Rokkenjima yet, Gohda will try find Battler and try discover why he came before and what their particular issues with Lion - if any.

Gohda also seek Genji to know who will occupy each room.
>> No. 3774 edit
Not Courtroom, but parlor...
>> No. 3775 edit
File 132000112765.jpg - (210.66KB , 850x1201 , sample-50910a2a5be09c1b78a87efab6f3f3e3.jpg )
Gohda first stop was in Courtroom Parlor: Nobody arrived yet. Thinkig about where Genji could be, He remembered that Genji spend some time into Kinzo's room. Well... It's not Kinzo's room anymore. Since Lion inhereted the Headship, He/She started to sleep there.

However, somethings are hard to forget. Even more in Genji's case: Kinzo's best friend. For Genji, it was a great sadness.

Gohda tries to forget those bad feelings about Kinzo's death and walks to the Entrance. And there you see someone.... Someone looking to Beatrice's giant portrait. It seems that this person was very thoughtful, didn't noticing your presence.
>> No. 3776 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"I'm sorry, but would you like a cup of tea?"

Gohda does not pay attention in who is looking the painting. First, he will use his renomed Servant's Skills.
>> No. 3777 edit
File 13200018501.png - (136.66KB , 405x480 , rio_komarua1.png )
"....... Ah!" the person get scared and move away some steps. "....... Oh... Gohda-san, is it you?"

Lion get so scared with Gohda that he/she didn't even listen his question about tea.

"When you and others arrive?", Lion's face was mixed with scare and worry. Something was bother him. Maybe Beatrice's portrait or Kinzo's death?
>> No. 3778 edit
File 132000226350.png - (366.53KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 2.png )
"Actually, I don't know too. I'm a bit worried... so I made some cups of tea for us. If you don't mind, could you join me to drink it, Lion-sama?"

Gohda doesn't know about Lion's worries, but if it's an obstacle for his feast... (no, now it's "theirs feast"), he cannot allow it.

He ask for Lion's company, to bring him some comfort and security. That is his job as a Servant, as a Chef and as a Man.

Of course, Gohda exaggerated a little in relation to their duties.
>> No. 3779 edit
File 13200018501.png - (136.66KB , 405x480 , rio_komarua1.png )
"Thanks, Gohda-san, I'll accept. Shall we go to the dinning room?"

Lion tried to outline a smile, but didn't work.
>> No. 3781 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"Of course, Lion-sama. This way."

Gohda imagined that the concerns of Lion were really disturbing. This time, he didn't even tried pinch his butt.
>> No. 3782 edit
File 132000330571.png - (3.81MB , 2429x1366 , mdin_1ar.png )
Both of you arrived into dining room. Gohda goes to the kitchen and arrive with a food cart with hot tea. Gohda serves tea for him and Lion.

Lion drinks and gives a little smile. "Kumasawa's Mackerel Soup and Gohda's Tea: Two foods that can make me smile in those situations..."

Lion breathes heavily, thinking on his/her. It takes a long time, but he/she finaly find. ".............. Gohda...... Did you ever tried to solve Beatrice's Epitaph?.............. You can say, truly.............. I won't get mad at you, I promisse."

Gohda did not tried to solve Beatrice's Epitaph. Never. He was never interested about it.
>> No. 3783 edit
File 132000421251.png - (409.59KB , 894x1223 , goh_a12 serious 1.png )
"...do you know why I'm the Cook, Lion-sama? Because I like to cook. Before I came here, I was a Chef from a renomed Restaurant."

"My job was much coveted. Several chefs tried to take my place. And above all, I was unhappy."

"Imagine that my job as a Chef was to stay out of the kitchen! Unthinkable, no?"

Gohda looked into the Lion's eyes.

"I had to create new dishes and supervise the another gourmet, but I could never cook. So I looked for a new job. When I arrived in Rokkenjima, I got only half my previous salary. But I was happy to be back to cook again."

"I have no reason to gather tons of gold and become rich and famous, or even lead one family. My goal is, above all, able to cook to make people happy. This is one of the secrets of First-Rate Cuisine. Not tell anyone."

"So, no. I don't tried solve Beatrice's Epitaph. I'm was busy with the kitchen business, cook... Berune and..."

Gohda put his hand on his mouth. He said too much about his romantic feelings, don't him? He tried to change the subject.

"Are you unhappy because everyone wants to try take your place as the head of Ushiromiya Family? You did not really want this position, did you?"
>> No. 3784 edit
File 132000505115.png - (133.33KB , 405x480 , rio_majimea1.png )
"I see...." Lion drinks a little more. "This is what is 'worrying' me... Beatrice's Epitaph."

Lion looked throught one of windows, seeing a beatiful vion of courtyard. "Yesterday made 1 year of Grandfather's death and nobody made efforts for solve this epitaph.

The day before the day he died, he told me he dreamed about him and Beatrice... Dancing and kissing each other in Golden Land. This Epitaph is very important to my Grandfather and no one tried it!"

Lion breathes heavily again. "Well... Last night I tried to solve Beatrice's Epitaph, but I failed. I don't think Genji-san or Nanjo-sensei, Grandfather's best friend, tried to solve it. In grandfather's testament, he left something to Genji-san and Nanjo-sensei. I don't know what is it... When the reunion was ending, the notary called Genji-san in private and after this made the same thing with Nanjo-sensei. Maybe he wanted to deliver something very particular to them, but we didn't ask what grandfather's testament gave to them... It would be very desrespectful."
>> No. 3785 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"I don't think 'no one' tried to solve the epitaph, Lion-sama. Kinzo-sama promised all his gold and power for the one who solved it, don't he?"

"So, someone can come in the next reunion and try to clame the headship using it. Or maybe everyone failed to solve the epitaph and said nothing."

"Honestly, I do not know if everyone has the same good intentions to solve the epitaph as you, but I'm sure it must have people trying."

"And, about Genji and Nanjo... I don't think they solved the epitaph. They are Kinzo-sama's most trusted friends, so Kinzo-sama maybe desired give to them some token of their friendship."

But Gohda did not discarded, in his heart, the chances that they have the key to the solution of the epitaph.


And, Chesterton thought in his heart, a solver of epitaph maybe don't want to reveal his discoveries.

But he don't want annoy the piece Lion with these possibilities.

>> No. 3786 edit
File 132000703354.png - (138.07KB , 405x480 , rio_defa2.png )
Lion smile, finaly. "Thanks, Gohda-san. Your company made me feel good for a while, about Beatrice's Epitaph."

Lion get up from his/her chair. "Now I have to go: Battler-kun must be awake now and I need to prepare a speech when everyone arrive... Includin Eva-oba-san. You know how much she wants the Headship."

Lion get out of dining room, whistling, letting you alone.
Time stops and all gameboard world colors became black and white. Butterflies appears and becoming Eriko's body.

"As I can see, you and Gohda-san have some tracks. This year's reunion... Genji and Nanjo's special participation on Kinzo's testament... And your first colored text on this game! This very exciting, isn't it? I don't know if you, Chess-kun, know about the Purple Declaration. Let me explain how it works..."

1. Purple Declaration can be only used by Pieces.
2. Purple Declaration has same power of Red Truth.
3. Only the Culprit and Accomplices can lie using Purple Declaration.
4. Those who aren't Culprit or Accomplice will only tell the truth.

"Now... Even Gohda-san is your Piece, he can use Blue Truth inside my gameboard. However, those who are targets of Gohda's Blue Truth will only answer using Purple Declaration, since Purple Declaration has same power as Red Truth.

Do you want to ask me something more about it?"
>> No. 3787 edit
File 132000742248.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 , 63791837.png )
"I want to know...

Only Gohda can asks blue truths to others, not me to you, right?

And Gohda doesnt't have a Detective's Authority, correct?

That's the only things I need to know, for now."
>> No. 3789 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
"No, no, Chess-kun. Don't misunderstand Gameboard with Metaworld. You can use Blue Truths against me and I can use Red Truth, etc... Like a normal game. In Gameboard, Gohda-san can use Blue truth against others, like I explained to you right now.

Gohda doesn't have Detective Authority. However, he can use 'perception' to see something in crime scene. Also, he can analyze bodies, if everyone let him do this.

Now, shall we continue? *giggle*"
Eriko and Chess disappeared and gameboard world back to walk and be colorful.

"So, you are there, Gohda-san." Kumasawa, with a smile, called him. "We are waiting for you in the kitchen. We already peel vegetables and the kids are helping me with Mackerel soup. When I die, I need to pass my secret recipe to the next generation. Ohohoho~"
>> No. 3790 edit
File 132000896045.png - (366.68KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 leave it to me-- 1.png )
"That's good, Kumasawa-san. I'll going to kitchen right now. So, Kawabata-san already gone?"

Gohda prepared himself, drinking a cup of tea and offering one for Kumasawa. Once he gets her answer, he will go to the kitchen.
>> No. 3791 edit
File 13200098125.png - (371.49KB , 608x1015 , kum_a11 default 2.png )
Kumasawa politely refuses. There's a lot of work to do. "Yes, Captain Kawabata alredy gone a long time a go. When I arrived in Main Building, I didn't find neither you nor the kids in the kitchen."
>> No. 3792 edit
long time ago*
>> No. 3793 edit
File 131999546842.png - (364.67KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 leave it to me-- 2.png )
"Oh, I understand. Let's go."

Vigorously, Gohda goes to the kitchen. He looks for everyone who are inside and tries to capture the mood of each.

He also tries to notice if George and Shannon or Jessica and Kanon are divided into pairs.

"I'm glad you came. Before we begin, I want you to get into the spirit of the cuisine. Let's cook up a feast highly refined and therefore, you must have a loving and compassionate mind."

"What does that mean, Gohda-san? I want everyone to remember that we are not just cooking for our guests, but for people who we love too. We all have our dishes as well, but keep in mind that cooking for those we love."

"This is where is the culmination of a human being. A person who cooks for those who love can take care his loved ones with genuine love."

At that time, he looks slightly to the reactions of Kanon and Shannon.

"Right now, you should keep in mind that the love that you apply to the dish it's the same love that you give for your loved one."

"Just as we love the people with dedication, we must have dedication and attention in time to handle the water, rice or anything else."

"Are you ready?"
>> No. 3794 edit
File 132001223238.png - (3.81MB , 2429x1366 , mkit_1a.png )
Sayo&George and Yoshiya&Jessica: Those are the pairs in kitchen. They are happy to cook. Pots bubbling and many food aroma mixing with the air. A beatiful white cat, called Henrica, Jessica's cat, was under the table, enjoying these many aromas. It's a relaxing and happy place.

Everyone stoped what they are doing to hear Gohda's brilliant speech. At the end, everyone smile (incluind Yoshiya) and clapped. Clapped many many times.

"I had an idea for dessert, Gohda-san..." Jessica start to talk, when everyone finish to clap. "It's a recipe I learned in school. It's a pie based in a Brazilian dessert. You use white cheese and guava. It's called 'Romeo&Juliet Pie'. And we can add whipped cream on the top."

"We all think it's an excellent idea. What do you think, Gohda-san?"
>> No. 3795 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"Do it."

Gohda answered with a pleseant smile.

"Don't forget to use Cream and Whole Milk instead Cheese... it will give consistence."

"I will need to start a soup then. Kumasawa, could you help me?"

Gohda reunites his ingredients. Some of them looks so exotic and strange to someone asks "what is it".

He starts too to preserve a beef steak with cooking wine, Chinese pepper, cumin, salt and ground ginger.

Then, he starts a roast sea grouper. Sea grouper is a favored food for its fresh taste and rich nutrition.

The Cook use his skills in a totally natural way. Even hard and minuscious movements are executed with the maxed perfection.

In the midst of his movements, he helps everyone and supervises them in all their doubts. Like a boss.

Thinking that might need salt or pepper to temper the food at the proper time, he puts a small vial of each in his pockets.

He tries, too, don't ruin the interaction between his assistants. Somehow, he likes how they look "in love".
>> No. 3796 edit
File 132001505448.png - (421.63KB , 607x1118 , jes_a11 laughing 1.png )
"As you wish, Captain Gordon! *giggle*" Jessica and the others laugh.

"Sure, Gohda, I'll help you." Kumasawa smile, helping him with Mackerel Soup.

Everything was going perfect. All of them having fun and loving what they were doing.

It took about 1 hour to everything get ready. Jessica's Pies was in refrigerator, Mackerel Soup was hot and delicious and other many foods prepared were ready to eat. Salad, Beef, Soup, Fish, Shrimp with rice and vegetables, lasagna... All food was perfect.

"Wow... It's so beatiful..." Jessica said.

"You did a good job with your pies, Milady." Yoshiya said, outlining a smile.

"You help me with it, Yoshiya-kun". Jessica blushes. "If wasn't you and Gohda-san, I wouldn't make it."

"We did a good job too, nee, George-san?"

"Yes, Sayo..." George put a big smile on his face. "We did it."

Heavy steps announced a new person in the kitchen. It was Genji.

"Hello, everyone". Genji said with his normal voice tone, trying to disguise his sadness about 1 year of Kinzo's death. "I am here to announce that Captain Kawabata called. He said He is bringing Ushiromiya Family to Rokkenjima. I recommend George-san and Jessica-san to leave the kitchen... Natsuhi-sama is coming here for check the lunch."

"Thanks, Genji-san!" Jessica and George said.

"Thanks for this wonderful moment, Gohda-san." George said while was leaving the kitchen. Jessica did the same, carrying Henrica with her.
>> No. 3797 edit
File 131999546842.png - (364.67KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 leave it to me-- 2.png )

"Sayo-chan, Yoshiya-kun... do you having fun too, right?"

Gohda gives to them a calorous smile.

"I need to talk with Genji-san right now. You are free to your duties today. And... if anyone needs to see how food is, just call me ... you will have a particular time to deal with it."

Through mysterious words, Gohda offers to Kanon and Shannon the opportunity to use the kitchen to talk alone with their loved ones... long as they ask him for the key. Gohda takes the key to the kitchen.
>> No. 3798 edit
File 132001618229.png - (493.98KB , 745x1134 , sha_a12 shy 3.png )
"Thank you, Gohda-san". Sayo blushed, getting the meaning of those words. Yoshiya only smiled. Maybe he understood those words too.

"Normaly you escort everyone from dock to Main Building, Gohda-san. If you take long, me and the kids will escort them this time, right?". Kumasawa said.

Sayo, Yoshiya and Kumasawa left the kitchen, letting Genji and Gohda alone.

"Do you wish something from me, Gohda-san?"
>> No. 3799 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
"I'll be fast", Gohda replies to Kumasawa.

"Genji-san... I need to know what time should I serve lunch and dinner. And... ask you a favor."

"You look tired. I will serve Madam and Krauss-sama today. Try work only when you specifically called."

"I believe that the family would like to discuss a long time with Lion-sama on inheritance. You know that few of them really care about the day. Do not take this stress. I will serve them during the meeting."

"I believe too... Kinzo-sama is happy. Lion-sama is a valuable successor. Now, try rest the best you can. I need to prepare the mood of everyone to the meal. It's ok to you?"
>> No. 3800 edit
File 132001768662.png - (431.58KB , 633x1151 , nat_a21 laughing 1.png )
"You are totally right, Gohda-san."

A female voice interrupts the conversation. Genji and Gohda turned for see who is: It's Natsuhi. "Since the beginning of this week, Genji-san is being very upset about Father's death."

Her smile turned into a sad face. "In fact, all of us are... But Genji-san is the one who knows Father since they were children. I can understand a little of your pain, Genji-san... But I can't understand 100% of it."

Natsuhi made her sad face vanish away and put again a beatiful smile. "That's why I'm giving permission for you to rest and only work when is necessary, Genji-san. And about you, Gohda-san: Lunch will be served at 13:00 and dinner will be served at 21:00."

Natsuhi approaches the kitchen's table. "Genji, you can rest. Gohda, tell me about lunch's dishes."

"As you order, Natsuhi-sama." Genji makes a bow and goes away.
>> No. 3801 edit
File 132000226350.png - (366.53KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 2.png )

Even he likes Berune, Gohda has a small weakness for Natsuhi. But he can disguise it well, properly like a boss gentleman.

He is a little shy when realize that Natsuhi agree with his words.

"W-Well... we'll have Salad, Beef, Soup and 'Romeo&Juliet Pie' as a dessert. It is a light meal, to leave all anxious for dinner."

"The dinner will be extremely sophisticated, a Chinese imperial banquet I've been working all week for this day.

I had to change some dishes to avoid using too many exotic ingredients. But I guarantee the satisfaction of all, is my specialty."

"We have at least 108 unique dishes, but I assegure everyone will eat all, Madam."
>> No. 3802 edit
File 132001905523.png - (471.67KB , 851x1151 , nat_a35 surprized 2.png )
"Th...... That much!? Aren't you exaggerating a little bit? I don't know if 108 dishes can fit in dinning table."

Natsuhi stops and thinks. "... Only if we do a food rotation.... I think that's the better option....................."

Natsuhi put her hand on her forehead. "Oh, not again........ Gohda, please, go find Kumasawa-san and wait for Ushiromiya on the dock. I'll talk do Nanjo-sensei.... I need more aspirin..."

Natsuhi left the kitchen.
>> No. 3803 edit
File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
"Don't worry, Madam", Gohda says before Natsuhi leaves, "Some dishes are too small to be heavy in the stomach. And some dishes... are an evil necessary to Hideyoshi-sama, Battler-sama and George-sama..."

Gohda thinks with himself: "That Hideyoshi could eat 94 dishes alone. He is the most strong enemy for any chef, even a Magical Chef like me..."

Gohda locks the kitchen and goes to the docks, waiting for the guests.
>> No. 3804 edit
File 132002015896.png - (5.46MB , 2429x1366 , ship_s1a.png )
Gohda arrives at the dock and finds Kumasawa, Lion, Battler and George there.

"Good you come, Gohda-san. The boat just arrived right now!" Kumasawa said, happy for Ushiromiya finally arrive.

"George-aniki was telling me about your fun in the kitchen: It was a shame I slept during all morning."

When Battler finishes his words, Kyrie and Rudolf are the first to come out the boat. After this, Rosa and Maria, and Hideyoshi and Eva.
>> No. 3805 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"Really?", Gohda laughs and then, talks to Lion in an undertone, "But, Lion-sama, I thought you had tried to wake Battler-sama."

After he tried a blue, welcome everyone.

"Welcome to Rokkenjima! You must all be quite tired from your long trip. Please, allow me to help you all with your bags."
>> No. 3809 edit
File 132002157090.png - (133.31KB , 405x480 , rio_defa1.png )
"I woke up Battler-kun and then we didn't left the inside of Kinzo's... I mean... My room. He helped me with my speech." Lion answers Gohda.

"Thank you, Gohda-san." Eva said. "You are very helpful...."

Eva opens her fan and cover ler lips. ".... Different of certain people... Right, Lion?"

".... Right, Eva-oba-san." Lion smiles.

"I'm sorry, Lion, Eva didn't mean to--"

"That's alright, Hideyoshi-ojii-san. Eva-oba-san is always making jokes."

Rudolf laughs. "You are right, Lion."

"Shut up, Rudolf!" Eva shouted elegantly at Rudolf.

"My, my... Let those fights for our reunion." Kyrie jokes.

"Uu~ Maria is hungry! Uu~ Hungry!"

"Calm down, Maria..." Rosa said. "Lunch is already made, right, Gohda-san?"
>> No. 3813 edit
File 132002234456.png - (92.34KB , 310x380 , 21011234.png )
"Everything is ready. Please follow me."

Gohda-san asks for everyone's company, guiding them for the mansion.


Chesterton looks a little tense... but he still speaks about the Gameboard.

Let me try a theory.

Battler-san is Lion's lover. Lion asked to come to Battler Rokkenjima earlier. So Battler comforted Lion, helping him in several ways, including sexually.

What do you think about it, Eriko?

>> No. 3832 edit
File 132008257819.png - (96.43KB , 310x380 , 73845654.png )
"What the heeeeeeell!?" Eriko start to laughs "This is so ridiculous... So ridiculous... But... It's sooooooooooo ridiculous...... That you're right.

I think I'm giving too much clues for you see this too fast... Well... As I said: I'm not a perfect Puzzle Maker."

You and the Ushiromiya arrived in Guest House at 11:00. Sayo, Yoshiya and Jessica were there to show Maria their room and chat a little before lunch.

You escort the adults to Main Building and arrive there at 11:05. The adults thank to you and go to theis respective guest room for unpack their clothes and others needs. Dining table is ready and lunch is perfect.

You have some minutes to do whatever you want.
>> No. 3833 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
"It's not a matter of being bad or good Puzzle Maker. See, I suspected that since Shannon said to me Battler came to Rokkenjima. Since Battler do not helped us with the shopping, he only could be a lover - or an suspect."

"A good detective always try capture the mood and feelings, and not only clues and tips. Do you saw Father Brown's Gameboards?"

"Father Brown is an old piece of mine. I used him in many gameboards. He never used nothing like a Knox's Decalogue or any Van Dine Rules. He tried seeing inside people's hearts."

"As a priest, he heard many confessions and came to understand the human heart. Like Agatha Christie's piece, Miss Marple."

"Don't blame yourself, Mister Eriko. Your game have a heart. I acknowledged that. I will free this witch from her torture, I promise."

Gohda is worried with Genji. He will sneak a little in Servant's Room, to see if Genji is really rest.

After that, he will run to the Lion's room, trying to talk with Lion.
>> No. 3834 edit
File 132008960693.png - (4.02MB , 2429x1366 , m_door1r.png )
You go to the Servant's Room and you see that door is close. You knock, but no one answer.
>> No. 3835 edit
File 132000226350.png - (366.53KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 2.png )
"Perhaps Genji is asleep", Gohda thinks.

He goes to the Lion's Room.
>> No. 3836 edit
File 132009162187.png - (4.23MB , 2429x1366 , m_door1k.png )
You go to Lion's room and knock the door.

"Come in."

You open one of the doors. Who you see isn't Lion. You see Genji and Dr. Nanjo playing chess, accompanied by some tea.

"Hello, Gohda-san." Dr Nanjo says. "Are you looking for Lion-san?"

Genji doesn't say anything. He is too focuses on his next move.
>> No. 3837 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"What a TWIST!"

"Yes, Nanjo-san. Do you saw Lion-sama?"
>> No. 3838 edit
File 132009301975.png - (347.08KB , 770x1165 , gen_a11 bothered 1.png )
Genji made his move on chessboard and answered for Dr. Nanjo.

"Lion-sama is with Jessica-san, Battler-san, George-san, Maria-san, Sayo and Yoshiya in the Guest House."

"Yes, exactly! Do you want to use the phone, Gohda-san?"

There is two phones inside Lion's Room: One in Main Study and one in Book Archive.
>> No. 3839 edit
File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
"It's fine, it's not an urgency. But I have another issue that goes bothering Lion-sama and maybe you can help."

Gohda pauses.

"Do you know something about the solution of the Epitaph...? Lion-sama told me that was necessary to solve it. It was the will of the Kinzo-sama."
>> No. 3843 edit
File 132015250883.png - (348.31KB , 770x1165 , gen_a11 serious 1.png )
Genji and Dr. Nanjo stoped to play chess and start to look at you. Silence dominates the place.

For some moments, you, Genji and Dr. Nanjo look at each other in silence, until Genji decide to talk.

"Lunch time approaches quickly. It's not time enough to talk about this subject, Gohda-san." Genji pauses, thinking on next words. "It's better for you meet me and Nanjo-sensei at night, for talk about this."

"Hum.... Maybe we can talk about this after afternoon reunioun between Ushiromiya 'children'." Dr. Nanjo suggests. "Gohda-san, what's the best time for you?"
>> No. 3844 edit
"Hum.... Maybe we can talk about this while afternoon reunioun between Ushiromiya 'children' is happening." Dr. Nanjo suggests. "Gohda-san, what's the best time for you?"***
>> No. 3847 edit
File 132000020085.png - (365.39KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 making excuses 1.png )
Gohda finds that comportament of theirs very suspicious. He remembers when he talked before with Lion about the Epitaph's Secrets.

"To me, the best time is after Ushiromiya's Reunion. Madam Natsuhi already ask me to serve her during the family's meeting. After the reunion, I will ask to Sayo and Yoshiya prepare the decoration to the dinner and the food rotation, then I can find you in any place you like."
>> No. 3851 edit
File 132023852350.png - (379.98KB , 814x1096 , nan_a2 bothered 2.png )
"It can be dangerous talk about The Epitaph after afternoon reunion. Some--."

"Then, the best time would be at night." Genji interrupts Dr. Nanjo.

"Agreed." With this final words, the mood in Lion's room get better. "Now, with this matter over by now, want to join us in chess?"

Dr. Nanjo smiles.
>> No. 3855 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
In Meta-World, Chesterton frozes.

He remembered that sentence, spoken by another person on another occasion.

Few days before Knox committing his crime against the Decalogue, the inquisitors Connington and Bailey were murmuring in the midst of a corridor.

"It can be dangerous talk about Knox after the reunion. Some--."

Then, they noticed Chesterton is presence and ran away. Chesterton didn't paid the necessary attention, thinking it might be just a gossip.

So, the days passed. Chesterton heard the notice of Knox's prison. In the midst of a crumbling prison, no body dare to make noise, but the rushed Chesterton, the Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis. His precious friend had been charged with a crime and he soon came to see him in a dark cell, whose scent of the fungi pervaded on the clothes.

"Knox! What the hell are you doing?" Chesterton shouted angrily.

"Gilbert ... stop talking so loud!", Knox replied, lying asleep in a fetal position. His clothes were blackened with dirt from the cell. "I'm trying to sleep."

"This is not a joke! You are accused of violating their own Knox' laws and..."

"And that's not an accusation but a fact."

Chesterton shook scared.

"What happened?"

"It was a trap. A trap that I could not refuse to fall."

The inquisitor could barely understand his companion.

"You were right, Chesterton. My Ten Commandments ... Van Dine's laws ... are wrong. The witches should not be killed for crimes they did not commit, but for those who commit them. It's all wrong, so wrong ...

Smite evil, my good friend Chesterton, is what should be our goal. But we kill witches, instead of saving them. Yes, save from the burden that they impose to theirselves to cover up a culprit. I thought it was just his arrogance or a desire to feel superior or a necessity to exist, but now it's so clear..."

"It is too late for that, my friend. The Court of Heaven has made his decision. Your laws were accepted, not mine. But I know they will have mercy on you, since it is their first incision in a crime. We will ask the jury for mercy. Those who remember your Decalogue will remember you. Your credit will save you."

But Chesterton and Knox did not foresaw the Judge and Jury had already brought the executioner... The daughter of Knox, Dlanor, was the executioner that the Court of Heaven had left on duty.

"Nor do I want to believe," Chesterton thought, "does this judgement and the crime was induced by the Court itself? It's all a ruse to kill Knox?"

"M-My daughter ...? You have called my own daughter to be my destruction?"

The arrogant tone of one of the jurors decided the verdict said.

"Ronald A. Knox. Your sin terrifies our Holy Church and undermines the holiness of heaven. Abjure your sins and be cleansed before receive your final sentence", said Maxwell, Archbishop from the group Iscariot, hunters of supernatural creatures, especially vampires and werewolves.

"I will say whatever you want, but leave my daughter out of this!"

"Ronald A. Knox. Your presence pollutes our home with your heresies. If there is no repentance, then roll your head through the hands of the Inquisitor Dlanor in order to purge all evil", the judge responds, Cardinal Fedeli, "I sentence you to death".

The jury and the judge claimed:

"<Die The death!>
<Sentence to death!>
<Great equalizer is The Death!>

Dlanor hesitated. Her face was very different from today. She was scared from the beginning of the judgement. Her eyes watered and she trembled.

"Your Eminence, Cardinal Fedeli, I ask you to reconsider your solemn judgement! It is indeed precipitated sentence for who gave us the Ten Commandments!", Chesterton intervened.

"Inquisitor Chesterton, to ensure that laws will be obeyed by all, everyone should be judged equally", dismissed Maxwell, distilling venom in his words, "even the creator of the law".

"Your job is to kill the witches, as it is written: 'Do not let a witch to live'", concluded the Cardinal Fedeli, "Dlanor, if you can not do this trial, you may be happier if you join him in his heresy and die together".

"Dlanor has nothing to do with it! Leave her alone!" Knox cried, but beyond the impassive faces of the jurors and the judge, they kept sadistic smiles in their hearts.

She trembling steps forward.

"F... Father...", looked into the eyes of sentenced as if he expected to do what he said.

Knox looked around and saw no more hope. But he could save Dlanor.

"...Do it, my daughter."

"No! Wait!", screamed Chesterton.

But the blade of Dlanor divided in half his father. The cut was from the top to down, as the girl's knees, she began to scream and despair, in tears, soaked in her father's blood.

-You have been faithful, Dlanor. Fulfilled your duty - Cardinal Fedeli said.

As she went into hysterical convulsions, Chesterton held her tightly, trying to protect her from herself and from the pain - the jury and the judge simply went away.

Then Dlanor and Chesterton cried together.

The memories of that day frozen him somehow.

"Eriko-san", he spoke, "may have a cup of coffee?"
>> No. 3856 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
"Sure, why not?" golden butterflies appeared and became a cup of hot coffee. "Do you want a brief pause or want to continue the game?"
>> No. 3857 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
Chesterton drank from the cup at once like a boss.

"Let's continue."


"I have to prepare the lunch and dinner will be even more laborious. But thanks anyone. Please, don't tell anyone about this."

'Dangerous', Gohda noticed this word. Perhaps Nanjo and Genji and are being pressured by other family members to know about Epitaph's Solution.

But why, why they don't told anything to Lion? Lion is not sufficient worth to be the Head?

Other thing passed on Gohda's mind: Why Kinzo didn't revelead the solution of Epitaph to Lion? It means he is not worth to be the Ushiromiya Family's Head?

Maybe Kinzo didn't revelead his epitaph to anyone but Genji and Nanjo. That means no one should touch his gold after his death?

'Dangerous', the word pressed herself against Gohda's head. The question is how dangerous it really is.

"So, until the night."
>> No. 3858 edit
File 132025030452.png - (376.14KB , 888x1096 , nan_a1 smiling 1.png )
"You're welcome, Gohda-san. And don't worry: We won't tell to anyone about our conversation." Nanjo smiles and both [Genji and Nanjo] go back to play chess.

You look at Lion's clock in Main Study: It's 11:20.
>> No. 3859 edit
File 132025076590.png - (91.67KB , 310x380 , 19154851.png )
I'm sorry, I was so worried about time that I didn't pay attetion on it. Let me correct.
You and the Ushiromiya arrived in Guest House at 12:00.***
You escort the adults to Main Building and arrive there at 12:05.***

You look at Lion's clock in Main Study: It's 12:20.

And remember: Lunch is at 13:00.
Again, I'm sorry for my mistake about hours.
>> No. 3860 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
Gohda goes to the phone in Main Study on Lion's Room, and calls for Guest House.
>> No. 3861 edit
File 132025206137.png - (2.97MB , 2429x1366 , tel1a.png )
The telephone rings five times and finaly someone answer it.

"Hello?" you recognize Yoshiya's voice.
>> No. 3862 edit
File 131999546842.png - (364.67KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 leave it to me-- 2.png )
"Yoshiya-kun. I will need you and Sayo-chan to help me to prepare the lunch and the table."
>> No. 3863 edit
File 13202525293.png - (316.61KB , 575x1140 , kan_a11 default 2.png )
"Right, Gohda-san. Me and Sayo will go to the kitchen as soon we can." Yoshiya turn off the telephone.
>> No. 3864 edit
File 131999546842.png - (364.67KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 leave it to me-- 2.png )
Gohda goes to the kitchen. He will wait outside and will unlock the door only when Kanon/Yoshiya and Shannon/Sayo came.
>> No. 3865 edit
File 13202533054.png - (326.59KB , 653x1140 , kan_a12 serious 1.png )
Some minutes later, Yoshiya and Sayo arrive. Kumasawa is with them too.

"We are here, Gohda-san." Yoshiya says. "We found Kumasawa-san on the way and called her to help."
>> No. 3866 edit
File 132000020085.png - (365.39KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 making excuses 1.png )
"I understand... We'll really need help to deal with the most powerful chef's enemies", Gohda looks tired only to think in Battler, George and Hideyoshi hungry.

He unlocks the door.

"The lunch will be easy today, but take care in the dinner's service. We have many dishes to this night", comments.
>> No. 3867 edit
File 132025487414.png - (4.58MB , 2429x1366 , mdin_1er.png )
"Ohohohoho~ Hideyoshi-san do eats a lot." Kumasawa laughs.

You all prepare food perfectly and go to the dinning hall with some carts. In dinning room, you made the final preparations for lunch.

It's now 12:50. All Ushiromiya arrive, with them, Genji and Dr. Nanjo. Genji was invited to everyone to join lunch with them, since he's still sad about 1 year of Kinzo's death.

Seating arrangements:
Tip: Lion
Lion's right side (near to far): Genji, Krauss, Natsuhi, Jessica, Maria and Rosa,
Lion's left side (neart to far): Nanjo, Eva, Hideyoshi, George, Battler, Rudolf and Kyrie.

It's now 13:00. Lion gets up from his/her chair.

"Before we start to lunch, Genji has some words to say." Lion sits again.

Genji gets up from his chair. Everyone is paying atention. He start his speech about 1 year of Kinzo's death. How he would be happy on his dreammed Golden Land and drinking his favorite liquor. Genji talks about when Kinzo, Genji, Nanjo and Kumasawa were teenagers. A speech involved in nostalgia, joy and good memories.

Everyone claps and Genji sits again. Lunch can start now.
>> No. 3868 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"How it is the meal?", Gohda asks.

Gohda is anxious to show two things: dessert and dinner. Of course, he cannot say to anyone Jessica, George, Sayo and Yoshiya made the Romeo&Juliet pie together, but he's sure they will be happy.

He is near to the door because he is sure Hideyoshi, Battler AND George want to repeat their dishes.
>> No. 3869 edit
File 132025600864.png - (321.55KB , 760x1105 , hid_a21 laughing 2.png )
"It's everything delicious, Gohda-san! Like always!" Hideyoshi said, eating one more beef's pice. "Natsuhi, you are so lucky to have Gohda as your chef. There is more chefs like Gohda in the place you get him?"

Natsuhi laughs. "No, Hideyoshi-san, unfortunatly. Gohda-san is a rare diamond: It's very difficult to find another exactly like him."

"Dear, don't eat so quickly! You can have gastritis!" Eva said.

"If gastritis doesn't affect me while I am alive, then I don't care." Hideyoshi said after he finished his beef. "Can I get more Mackerel Soup? It was very delicious, Kumasawa-san!"

"Thanks, Hideyoshi-san." She laughs.

After many time, everyone finished their dishes and were prepared for dessert.
>> No. 3870 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"THAT WAS CLOSE!", thought Gohda while relieved that Hideyoshi, Battler and George don't tried repeat their dishes, like always.

"Well, to the dessert, we have a very special dessert from an exotic country. From Brazil, you will be delighted with one of the most popular desserts in the West. It is named 'Romeo&Juliet Pie'."
>> No. 3871 edit
When everyone tasted the pie, their eyes shone like 1000 asteroids on the sky. It was completly delicous!

Greetings and more greetings were directed to Gohda. It was a marvelous pie!

After everyone finished their desserts, You, Sayo, Yoshiya and Kumasawa started to clean the dining room and led dirty dishes to the kitchen.

Some minutes passed and you were almost finishing to clean the kitchen, when Lion arrived.

"Hello, everyone." He/She said. "I am just passing by to say that lunch was perfect. Thanks, everyone."

Lion smiled. "And one more thing: It's now 14:15. The afternoon reunion starts at 14:45. Mom said you, Gohda, will replace Genji while he is resting, due to yesterday.

So, You and Kumasawa will be there. Yoshiya-kun and Sayo-chan will be with Battler-kun, George-kun, Jessica-onee-chan and Maria-chan at the beach.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to go back to Kinzo's... I mean... My room. See you and Kumasawa-san there."

Lion got out the kitchen.

After finished the cleaning, Yoshiya and Sayo got out the kitchen to went to Guesthouse. Only you and Kumasawa were there.

And then...

"Don't lie to me, Jessica!" You and Kumasawa heard Natsuhi yelling at Jessica, in the dining room.

"That's not good, Gohda-san..." Kumasawa said, while she went slowly out of the kitchen to went to dining room door. She needed to listen that conversation.
>> No. 3872 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
"What happened, Kumasawa-san?", Gohda whispers to Kumasawa in stealth mode, like a ninja, "Why Madam is yelling to Ojou-sama?"
>> No. 3873 edit
File 132025947311.png - (380.99KB , 447x1104 , jes_b22 in tears 1.png )
"Shhh..." Kumasawa whispers. You and her are in front of dining room door.

"Yeah! I made that pie! So what!? You gonna hit me or something!?" Jessica yells back.

"Watch your mouth, Jessica! Ladies do--"

"'Ladies don't talk like this', bla bla bla! That's bullshit!" Jessica yells more and more. "And you're such an hypocrite! In all movies, girls learn how to cook! Why can't I do the same?"

"That is not the question, Jessica!" Natushi tries to control the situation. "You did a job that Gohda-san and the others are suposed to do! That is wrong!"

"No, that's not wrong! If you knew how to cook, you could taught me, right? Nooooooo! You didn't! You prefer to take care of Lion! Because Lion was going to inhert Grandfather's Headship!" Tears starts to cover Jessica's cheeks. "It's always Lion! Always him/her! If Lion made that pie, you wouldn't fight with him/her! You would pat his head and said how much you were pried of him/her! You are an hypocrite, that's what you are! And I ain't finish: George is other! You always greets him too! Because he is smart, take good grades on college like Lion... Come on! If you like so much George, why don't you talk with Eva-oba-san? Oh, wait! If Eva-oba-san going to have meas her daughter, that wouldn't be fair, because Eva-oba-san would have a useless daughter, right? That's what you think of me: A girl that's only gave headaches to you! If I were Lion, nothing this would happen!"


"No, stop it! I don't wanna hear anything! You are the worst mother ever! Ever worst than Rosa-oba-san, that hits Maria-chan and destroys her toys without Maria do nothing wrong!" Tears continues to fall down.

"Rosa-san wh--"

"Oh, give me a break, hypocrite! Everyone saw Rosa-oba-san hit Maria at garden, because Maria was sing that 'Uu-uu' song! And what the adults did? NOTHING!"

"Don't change the subject!"

"I AM NOT CHANGING THE MOTHERFUCKING SUBJECT!" Jessica is pissed off. Jessica really doesn't want to say what she'll say...... But Natsuhi forces her. "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, USHIROMIYA NATSUHI?"

Silence domain the dining room for some seconds.

"A WHORE! THAT'S WHAT YOU REALLY ARE! JUST LIKE EVA-OBA-SAN SAID ON LAST YEAR REUNION! YOU ARE A WHORE!" Jessica says out loud, for everyone outside the dining room hear.

Jessica, crying out loud, runs away and punches the door, for open it. Luckly, you and Kumasawa aren't listen in front of the door she punched (Dining room's door is a double door, remember).

Natsuhi is paralyzed. Chocked. She isn't crying. Just gazing the nothing in dining room. Natsuhi couldn't believe in what Jessica said.
>> No. 3874 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
"Madam!", Gohda speaks loudly and audible LIKE A MAN, "It was the will of Kinzo-sama that Jessica learned to cook. That's the same order he gives to raise Eva-sama and Rosa-sama when they're younger. Then, to Kinzo-sama, she was learned to being a Lady."

It's a lie. Kinzo never said something like that. But it was true that Kinzo forced Eva and Rosa to take cooking classes and other "feminine" things. Kinzo was a chauvinist.

"If not for the will of Kinzo-sama, she would never come into my kitchen.

But not worry, Madam. I will find Jessica and I convince her to apologize. Don't worry."

Gohda does not give time to Natsuhi answer; he will seek to Jessica.
>> No. 3875 edit
Natsuhi hear what Gohda said and turn her head to him and Kumasawa. "Father really......... Oh nooo! I desrespect Father's will!"

Natsuhi starts to cry, fallingon the floor. "I don't deserve Ushiromiya's name! I don't deserve to be a mother!"

"Na... Natsuhi-san!" Kumasawa shoutes. "I'll bring to you some water with sugar!"

You go out of there. You think the best place to find Jessica: Her room, obviously! You go there and knocks. You don't have any answer. You look for her in entire Main Building, but don't find Jessica.
>> No. 3876 edit
File 132026116969.png - (367.91KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 making excuses 2.png )
Gohda goes quickly to the Guest House.

If she is not there, he will ask Sayo, Maria, Yoshiya, George, Battler and Lion's help (assuming they're there).
>> No. 3877 edit
No one was there either. Maybe Sayo, Yoshiya, Battler, George and Maria were at the beach already. You look at Lobby's clock: It was 15:00 and you remembered about the afternoon reunion.
>> No. 3880 edit
File 132000020085.png - (365.39KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 making excuses 1.png )
Gohda goes to the afternoon reunion...

...but Chesterton feels himself terrible. He wanted to help that family, even if they will be killed soon.

"There's no way to made everyone happy in this board too", mutters to himself.

He remembers the poor Dlanor. Yes, a different situation, but sadness has too many faces, even being only one feeling...


...so, Gohda rans to Main Building and goes to afternoon reunion. He needs to know everything. Not only the mood will be blasted, but something terrible already started.
>> No. 3881 edit
File 132026341596.png - (4.40MB , 2429x1366 , m1f_s1c.png )
When you are passing by the Entrance, you encounter Krauss and Lion.

"You don't need to worry, Gohda-san." Krauss says. He isn't on his good mood, obviously. "The reunion will start now, since Natsuhi and Jessica fought. Dr. Nanjo is taking care of her and we couldn't find Jessica too. We even looked for her into the Chapel! But she wasn't here either... Ah!, this gonna be a long reunion..."

"And don't worry about food and tea, Gohda-san." Lion says, worried. "Kumasawa-san made some. Also, you and Kumasawa don't need to go out of Parlor when you finish to serve tea and food. Like night reunion, both of you are going to stay until the end."

You, Krauss and Lion go to the Parlor. Kumasawa was waiting for you there. All adults, except for Natsuhi, were there. When you, Krauss and Lion arrive, Krauss and Lion sit down on one of Parlor's armchairs. You and Kumasawa close and lock Parlor's door with Parlor Key. Parlor Key is in door lock.
>> No. 3882 edit
But she wasn't there either...***
>> No. 3883 edit
File 132000020085.png - (365.39KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 making excuses 1.png )
"Poor Jessica", Gohda thinks...

...And Chesterton share his thoughts.

Gohda could not do anything in the afternoon reunion. He just could watch. And so he does. But don't before ask one more thing.

"Madam-sama is okay, Krauss-sama?"
>> No. 3886 edit
"That is what I was going to ask, Aniki." Rudolf said.

"Dr. Nanjo said she wasn't good and needed to sleep. He gave some medicine for her." Krauss said.

"It's very bad this fight between Natsuhi and Jessica-chan..." Eva says, pretentiously. "But we need to focus on present."

"Don't be heartless, onee-san." Rosa says.

"Heartless?" Eva open her fan to cover her devilish face. "I'm not the one who hits my child."


"Calm down, Rosa-onee-chan." Hideyoshi says, trying to calm her.

"First of all, I want demand something very important." Eva says again, ignoring her sister anger. "Eva want George in this year's night reunion!"

"Why do you ask this, Eva-oba-san?" Lion asks, even if he/she probably knows the answer.

"Beucase, Lion-chan/-kun, you are not qualified to The Headship!"

"Wait a minute, Eva-onee-san." Rudolf says. "Why are you forcing Headship on your son? Isn't your dream to inherit the headship?"

"Yes, it is, brother. But it looks like Father ignored our generation and elected Lion for The Headship."

"It's true, Eva-onee-san." Rosa says, more calm. "However, this doesn't mean that we have to fulfil Father's words."

"Hahaha, Rosa-onee-chan, you are such a joker!" Krauss laughs.

"No, father..." Lion scolds Krauss words. "Rosa-oba-san is right. If I am not qualified enough, than someone else have to be Ushiromiya Leader, not me."

"Yes, yes, Lion-kun/-chan. You are right." Eva giggles. "And this person could be George. Or, in Rosa-onee-chan words, me!"

"Why should be you, Eva-onee-san?" Rosa says, a little displeased.

"Why should be YOU?" Eva counters. "You are the last father's child. You have to stay back and let adults talk, like in our childhood."

"Stay calm, sis--"

"Shut up, Kyrie!" Eva shouts. "You are just an outsider. Your opinion means nothing!"

"Wait, Eva-onee-san." Rudolf trys to defend his second wife because Asumu is much better than Kyrie. "Kyrie can be an outsider, but she is very smart. If she wants to talk, then let's hear her."

"I agree with Rudolf-aniki." Rosa says.

"Agreed." Lion says.

"Uh..... Ok..... But be quickly, outsider!"

"Thanks, Eva-onee-san." Kyrie smiles. "There is only one solution to this problem........ Beatrice's Epitaph."

Lion frozes, while the others are paying atention.

"Since the last year, none of us talked about Beatrice's Epitaph, right?"

"The gold does not exist, Kyrie." Krauss says. "I looked for all the island and I didn't found anything. Also, I contract people to do this job, but they didn't found too."

"The gold can be buried and Beatrice's Epitaph is the only way to find the 10 tons of gold."

"So... Are you suggesting to us to resolve the epitaph?" Rudolf says, impressed with his wife.

"Right, darling. But we can do this after this reunion."

"I agree, outsider." Eva smiles. "We have a lot of others subjects to talk about, right, Lion-kun/-chan?"

"Right....... Eva-oba-san."

16:25. While afternoon reunion is happening, Yoshiya and Maria are backing to Guest House, because Maria needs to go to the bathroom.

"Uu~ Bathroom!"

"We are almost there, Milady Ma--" when Yoshiya and Maria are passing by the Lobby, Yoshiya say Jessica sitting on one of the bar sits, drinking some alcoholic beverage. "... You know where is the bathroom, right, Milady Maria?"

"Uu~ Yes."

"Can you go there by yourself?"

"Uu~ Yes!" Maria goes to stairs and let Yoshiya alone.

"Jessica!" Yoshiya says, while entering in Lobby. "What are you--"

"This liquor is quite good..." Jessica says and drink another glass. "Now I know why Grandfather liked so much this liquor brand."

"Stop it, Jessica!" Yoshiya sits on her side. He checks if she is drunk, but she isn't.

"Don't worry, Yoshiya-kun. I started to drink now..."

"And you must stop now! What's going on with you?"

"It's my mother... I fight with her! Just beucase she discovered I made that stupid pie! And then I ran away from Maind Building and walk aimlessly through the forest. I arrived here some minutes ago."

"It's not stupid......" Yoshiya hugs her and kisses her on his cheek. "Now, tell me about everyting, Jessica..."

Meanwhile, in cousin's room bathroom, Maria finishes her needs.

"Uu~ Yoshiya, let's back to the beach."

Suddenly, Golden butterflies appeared in the room. Maria opens a big smile on her face.

"Ahahahaha! Hello, Mariaaa~!" The Golden Witch, Beatrice, shows up.

"Uuu~ Beatrice! Beatrice!" Maria hugs her. "You came! I knew you would came!"

"Did you thought I wouldn't came?" The witch laughs. "So, do you read my letter I sent to you?"

"Uu~! Yes, I read it!" Maria takes off a letter from her purse. "I accept! Uu~ Maria accpets to go to Beatrice's House now, with you! Uu~!"

"Then, shall we go? Kyiahahiahiahahah!" Both Maria and Beatrice turn golden butterflies and escape from Guest House. This will be a long trip to Kuwadorian.

18:45. Afternoon reunion finishes. Kumasawa unlocks the door and open it. Everyone got out the Parlor and you and Kumasawa are alone.
>> No. 3887 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
"Kumasawa-san, I still worried with Jessica-ojou-sama. I will seek for her again. Could you take care of Madam?"
>> No. 3888 edit
File 132027905977.png - (358.11KB , 600x1015 , kum_a12 bothered 1.png )
"Sure. I am worried with Natsuhi-san, too. I'll talk with Nanjo-sensei. Good luck trying to found Jessica-chan."
>> No. 3889 edit
File 132027918931.png - (358.29KB , 822x1223 , goh_a13 serious 1.png )
"Thanks, Kumasawa-san!"

Gohda, once more, runs like a MAN to the Guest House.
>> No. 3890 edit
You arrive at Guest House. You first get in the Lobby and see Yoshiya and Jessica kissing. But not those romantical movie kiss: There are kissing like real bosses adults.

They don't feel your presence. Now you find Jessica and know she is safe with Yoshiya.
>> No. 3891 edit
File 132028006826.png - (370.28KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 angry 2.png )
"In name of this love of theirs, you shall not forget to protect it. You'll protect this love with all your strength. So as I want to protect everyone here, in this island, with my food, my cook and all of my heart.

Please, listen my appeal, hear my voice!

Sasa oidenasai, Zepar, Furfur!"

Gohda tries using his own love and Kanon&Jessica's love to fuse the Demon Tokens and tries to Summon Zepar and Furfur.
>> No. 3892 edit
Two Devil token appears in the air. Both shine like sun and both spin, spin and spin. They are dancing. The dance of love, the dance to became one and new token!

The two token start to get closer and closer. However... Something happens: They became red, like when you heat something metalic and became red.
The two tokens are getting more and more red. Fire and sparks are getting out of them!

And then... Finaly... The explosion! Both tokens become golden buttlerflies that runs away from there!

I'm sorry, you failed. You know have only 1 Devil Token.

In Meta World, Eriko is laughing like it was the last day of his life. He falls on the floor.

>> No. 3893 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"How unpolite! This is why you called me for?! To laugh in my face?!"

Chesterton say it loud, withou scream, but his words echoes in all Meta-World.

"If you want to laugh, so badly, stay here and laugh for your heart's content. I will need a pause."

>> No. 3898 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Ahaha... I'm... I'm sorry.... *cackle**cackle**cackle*! O... Ok... If you want a pause..." Eriko snaps his fingers, stopping the time inside gameboard. "As you wish... *cackle*"

Eriko recovers himself and sits again on chair. "You can go, now. Good pause for you~"
>> No. 4094 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
Chesterton walked a little and rested.

Soon he could be seen sitting at a desk, drinking and smoking excessively.

On top of it, there were a key, a notebook, an ashtray and a diary that he was reading and transcribe important passages.

Beside the desk, a trash can containing cigars and bottles (which he drank) as well as some crumpled sheets.

None of these items were related to the mystery of Rokkenjima or gameboard.

>> No. 4231 edit
File 132249359822.png - (95.20KB , 204x477 , hen_2.png )
Suddenly you hear light footsteps comming inside your room. You deduces that isn't Eriko, because his footsteps is a little heavier than those.

You look behind your back and sees a little shadow. Some seconds later, you see who it is.

"Excuse me, Mr. Detective Chesterson-sama..." It is the white cat, Henrica Le Blanche, ex-Bernkastel. "Would you mind if I step into your chamber for some moments?"
>> No. 4232 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
Unsupportable and heavy clouds of smoke surrounded the desk. The only sounds in the room after witch's request was in the Chesterton's desk, pens and papers, which was somewhat disturbing. Chesterton took three minutes to realize Henrica's presence and two more to consider her words. So, he stopped to writing and turned to her.

He was not surprised by the new form of Bernkastel.

So, in a strange course of action, Chesterton summoned a furniture... or an ally.

"Napoleon", it was an obvious nickname, "Please take my seat and continue my job. Don't talk to anybody about these issues, as usual."

'Napoleon' did ​​only one reference and made as requested. Thus, Chesterton turned his attention to the white-witch-cat.

"Of course", only then, Chesterton really get out of his another job on the desk, "How could I help you?"
>> No. 4233 edit
"When you and Mr. Lord Eriko-sama began his game, I forgot to remove my yu-gi-oh! card's pack from this chamber, once Mr. Lord Eriko-sama appointed this cabinet as yours."

Henrica pointed to the first drawer's desk (top to bottom drawers). She can easyly use magic and made the drawer float until her, but this would be very unpolite.
>> No. 4234 edit
File 132000742248.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 , 63791837.png )
"That's strange. I brought my own desk to here. Napoleon, please find that Magic Black and White Mana deck of hers."

Napoleon looks for all desk, but he doesn't find anything.

"Those cards of yours are really here?", Chesterton asked.
>> No. 4235 edit
File 132250462275.png - (315.38KB , 640x480 , Napoleon.png )
Napoleon's provisory Info Chara.
>> No. 4236 edit
"Unless Gaap-sama used her powers to hide them. She does this in every chance she has to. Gaap-sama is famous for make those kind of tricks and pranks."

Henrica pauses for some moments. "Maybe I can create another card's pack..."

Henrica opens her right hand and silver buttlerflies shows up, becoming a new card's pack. She opens it and starts to count all cards.

"Do you have some suspects in Eriko-sama's Gameboard? I am a bit curious about this gameboard."
>> No. 4237 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
"Suspects? Anyone could be a suspect. Even Gohda, since he doesn't have a Detective's Authority - a witch named Virgilia tried this move three times."

Chesterton took two glasses.

"Before to find the culprit, I need to be more serious. Then, I'll try fit the story in the Chesterton's Principles of Mystery. If can't do it, so I cannot solve this mystery and I will go away."

Then, he filled one with cognac.

"Want to drink something?"
>> No. 4238 edit
"No, but thank you very much, Mr. Detective Chesterson-sama." She took two Jokers from her new card pack and put the other cards in pack. Everyone knows that you can't play Free Cell with Jokers. "I was wandering, while I was walking to here, if you discover at least 2 of 3 Culprits."
>> No. 4239 edit
File 132000742248.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 , 63791837.png )
"I confess... I even didn't tried to found the culprit. I tried to create a scenario first, to made it more easily and reduce the number of victims."

He raised his head from its musing position, but smiled faintly, and with an expression of anguish, guided his eyes for the nothingness.

"But I lost myself in the scenario. I didn't want see they dying or hating each other. I need to start play more seriously when back to the Gameboard."

"I know what to do, but first I need to know if Napoleon knows how to do the job."

Napoleon answers quickly, "I will need Flambeau or Father Brown's help".

"So call Flambeau. I need Brown where he is. Before I return to Mister Eriko's game, there some people I should talk to."
>> No. 4240 edit
"I understand, Mr. Detective Chesterson-sama. Sometimes Free Cell is easier than Gameboards."

Henrica hears the chat between Napoleon and the Detective, but she doesn't see nothing curious.

"If you need some help, Mr. Detective Chesterson-sama, I can honorably help you." Henrica gives to him her two Joker's Card: One White w/ Cyan Eyes Cat and One Black w/ Red Eyes Cat.

"Those are 'White&Black Cat Enigma Joker'. If you use one, you have to use the other some seconds later, or both will be destroyed.

When you use 'White Cat Joker', you summom me. However, I can only do things related with Jessica, since I am her furniture inside Gameboard's world. I cannot hurt her or force her do to something against her will. I can convince her to do something. However, Jessica can do this thing now or later: The situation will decide.

When you use 'Black Cat Joker', you can use the strong Black/White Truth. However, this truth only applies to inanimate objects. Also, you can only choose one object."

All chamber around Henrica, Chesterson and Napoleon went white and then....... They were at Dinning Room. Kanon was dead and Jessica was crying. She refused to let Kanon's body alone.

"This is not Mr. Lord Eriko-sama's Gameboard. This is only a Demo Kakera."

Henrica used the "White Cat Joker" and she appeared in front of Jessica. She talked with Jessica, trying to convince her that Dinning Room is a dangerous place and her room is the only safe place in Main House. Jessica agrees, but she'll not Kanon's body alone. Henrica says that will use her magic to carry him to her room.

Jessica agreed, then, to go to her room. Henrica appeared with Kanon's body inside her room. Jessica locks the door.

With this action, Henrica uses "Black Cat Joker" . "This door cannot be unlocked. With this Black Truth, I can surely say that no one can get in Jessica's room anymore, making this room a perfect safe room."

Both cards disappears.

And then, Chesterson's gabinet go back to normal.

"This is a little demonstration about how to use my Jokers. If you accept then, my cards will be add on Mr. Magical Chef Gohda-sama's inventory."
>> No. 4241 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
"Thanks! I'll really apreciate this cards, Miss Henrica!"

He thanked, demonstrating a friendly smile.

"Are you... concerned about Jessica too, right?"

Chesterton realizes that the question might be a little invasive and then leaves no space for the answer to protect his own witch.

"Well... I have to go now. I really enjoyed your company. May I see you next."

So, he leaves, looking for Virgilia or Belial.
>> No. 4242 edit
"......" When Henrica is about to answer, Chesterson leaves. ".... Jessica is my Master in real world: My function is to protect her. Even if I have to sacrifice my life."

Answer the question to nowhere, she disappears in a cloud of silver butterflies.

You (Chesterson) walks throught many corridors in Meta World, but you can't find Virgilia. You are almost giving up, but you hear an beatiful and calm hymn song playing. You follow this song, thinking in Virgilia, but for your surprise, you find Belial reading a pocket book with a cross on it cover, lying in a dark blue divan. You deduce to be a bible.
>> No. 4243 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
Chesterton waits Belial finish his song and applauses when he ends.

"A little unexpected. I did not think you could remember the sacred music of Gregorian chant", he said with pleasant smile.
>> No. 4244 edit
File 132251047628.png - (112.02KB , 433x480 , bel_nayamua1.png )
"Well, I was one of you [Heaven's Organization]. Some habits are difficult to give in." Belial says, while reading his pocket bible. "Do you need something?"
>> No. 4245 edit
File 132000742248.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 , 63791837.png )
"Yes... I need to ask you some questions. That's really important. Could you help me?"
>> No. 4246 edit
File 132251125215.png - (121.44KB , 433x480 , bel_komarua1.png )
"Sure. Why not?"
>> No. 4247 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
Chesterton made a serious face.

"Did you really leave heaven because of money... or because you saw something 'unforgivable'?"
>> No. 4248 edit
File 132251047628.png - (112.02KB , 433x480 , bel_nayamua1.png )
"Oh...... This question again? *sigh* I was banned from Heaven before Ronald was sentence to die. In fact: The first time I say him on Heaven's Organizations was when he was a little 'soldier'. Unskilled, skinny, whitey... But still was a dreamer. He wanted to do the best for God and kill many many Witches. His heart was devoted and burned in faith."

Belial took his attention from his bible to the ceiling. Those memories about why he was banned...................

Some minutes in silence. Some minutes for meditation.

"The funny fact about this is: I was banned before Eiserne Jungfrau creation. However... I saw everything from hell: Ronald's ascendancy in Heaven's Organization, E.J. creation, Dlanor's birth, Ronald's death... Everything.

You know, Demons love to see what's happening in Heaven. All demons in Inferno saw Ronald's death. This makes some irony about what God wants and what His organizations wants."

Belial outlines a devilish smile.

"Any more questions?"
>> No. 4250 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
Chesterton still with a impassive face.

"I don't said anything about Knox. I just want to know why they banished you from Heaven."

Actually, Chesterton doesn't cares about Belial's personal opinions about Knox's sentence. Or Belial wants to mocking him about his friend's death or just misunderstood the question.

None of these options troubles Chesterton.
>> No. 4251 edit
File 132251382611.png - (111.11KB , 433x480 , bel_defa1.png )
"I know. I said all of that to see if my words could trick you about this." Belial giggle. "But why I was banned from Heaven? This is a question I won't answer, Chesterson."
>> No. 4252 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"So you saw too much and they banished you. And you do not say about it because this could cause unwanted problems, worse than sample banishment. Fine."

He knews Belial did not need to deny it or affirm that sentence, because there is no need for it.

"There's something I want to know to. The Term Eco's Labyrinths means anything to you?"
>> No. 4253 edit
File 132251509920.png - (112.40KB , 433x480 , bel_niyaraia1.png )
"My first kiss and my first time were there. Why? They finally put that place down?"

Belial laughs.
>> No. 4254 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"...that explains a lot of things. No, they didn't demolished that place. Actually, I need to know how to get there and what is so guarded in that place."
>> No. 4255 edit
File 132251382611.png - (111.11KB , 433x480 , bel_defa1.png )
"Do the same as Judith: Pray and Act."

Belial chuckles. "Forget about that old abbacy, Chesterson. Sometimes humans don't believe in God that much.................

Including those who work for Him."
>> No. 4256 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
"I have to try find it. I need to know what kind of secrets lies in that terrible catacombs. I need to know why these stupid priests and cardinals could betray their own subordinates to protect it."

"But I already figured this is ask too much for you. You already helped me a lot. Thanks, Mister Belial. I will not take your time anymore."
>> No. 4257 edit
"That's all right, Chesterson. It's good to talk with old friends sometimes."

When Chesterson left, Belial whispered to himself. "Sometimes I ask for myselp why God keep that place still alive."

Belial said too much, but said nothing. What Chesterson will do know?
>> No. 4258 edit
File 132002234456.png - (92.34KB , 310x380 , 21011234.png )
Finally, Chesterton tries look for Virgilia before she gets angry and tsundere because he doesn't tried talk to her yet.
>> No. 4259 edit
File 132251910715.png - (92.52KB , 310x380 , 82359080_troll.png )
You didn't find Virgilia, again. You think a little bit and... Oh, it's too obvious, isn't it?!

You look for her in every place... Except inside the room where you and Eriko were playing! In fast footsteps, you walk there for finally talk her.

And when you arrive there...

"Oh, Chesterson, you finally came!" Eriko said, outlining a troll face beatiful smile malicious expression.

"Chesterson." Virgilia says and smiles to you. "Welcome back. Me and Eriko were finishing to talk and then you arrive! What a coincidence, right?"

"Now that you finaly came, you can back to our game!"

"Before you and Chesterson begin to play, can I have a moment with him, alone?"

"No." trollface malicious smile 100% effective!



"It won't take too long--"

"No. Please, Virgilia-sama, go. We have man business to continue."

".......... If you say so, my child." Virgilia, again, smiles to Chesterson. "We can talk later, Chesterson~ *giggle*"

Virgilia disappears in a cloud of golden butterflies.

>> No. 4260 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
Chesterton look angry into Eriko's eyes.

"Did I ever said I'm back to your gameboard?"
>> No. 4261 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
"Hum... Nope. You never said that. I am sorry, again. But I can't resist to mocking other people a little bit. But I don't do this for harm."

Eriko sighs. "Also, me and Virgilia are talking about some personal issues. If you want to talk with her later, I don't mind."
>> No. 4262 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"It's better you start resist to mocking me. Because this is Strike Two."

In some way, Chesterton said cryptic words, but everything was solved and Virgilia was sweet as he never remembered before, so he will follow the Belial's advice: Pray to Virgilia not being tsundere after the game and Act the best he can.

"Let's start then from the when the time frozes. I lost the Two Tokens, but now, I know exactly what I need to do."


Gohda stumbles from his hiding place and ends up 'accidentally' in front of kiss of Kanon and Jessica.

"...I didn't see nothing, I swear", he said, tapping his eyes.
>> No. 4272 edit
File 132258210011.png - (410.37KB , 487x1104 , jes_a23 shy 2.png )
Jessica and Kanon tear apart their kiss and look at Gohda with shy faces.

"Goh-Gohda-san!" Jessica grins. "How... How many time where--"

"He... He didn't saw nothing, Jessica... I-I... Mean... Milady..." Kanon tries to control his blush, but fails. "I-I'll go pick up Ma-Maria-sa-sama in the bathroom-room."

Kanon runs away from there, letting Gohda alone with Jessica.
>> No. 4273 edit
>> No. 4274 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
The game frozes and stop for one moment. Chesterton rose from his chair.

"Maria was locked in the bathroom until now. So Kanon will free her and the little girl will disappear."

"I can suppose Kanon is helping the Culprit, believing his actions could free him and Jessica from this island."

"So, the Maria disappearing is only a distraction for Ushiromiya's Family. The culprit wants to grab our attention to do his murder desires."

"That's my theory. Needs more details?"
>> No. 4275 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Maria wasn't locked in the bathroom. About the others blues: I won't answer." Eriko laughs. "I'm soooooo lucky to be forced to answer only when second day's 00:00 arrives!

But let me put my jokes aside. 'So Kanon/Yoshiya will free her and the little girl will disappear.' You're guessing something that didn't happened yet. How do you know that Yoshiya get inside the bathroom when you stopped time? Your third blue is the same.

About your second blue, I really will not answer it. Maybe more clues will show up for you and you can shot this blue once again. Also, as I said: I'm only forced to answer your blues in second day's 00:00, like EP4 Beatrice's Game. Get it, Chess-kun?"
>> No. 4276 edit
File 132000742248.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 , 63791837.png )
"...you really feel THAT lonely to think this was a joke?"
>> No. 5302 edit
File 132673964135.png - (92.80KB , 310x380 , 78739961.png )
"No, I just like jokes without funny. *giggle*

Do you want more explanations or shall we continue our game after a looooooong time stopped?"
>> No. 5303 edit
File 132000742248.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 )
"If I request an explanation, everything you'll say will be 'I will answer only when second day's 00:00 arrives!'", Chesterton sighs.

"But let me advise you. I follow some principles, different from my old friend Knox. That principles doesn't have any power against your board, but will please me to stay."

"That principles are to me the axis of every mystery story, so pay attention. My first principle of the ideal detective story is that the story’s main focus should be the moment when the reader will understand the mystery, not the many times when the reader will not understand the mystery. In other words, the author’s intent should be to reveal an important truth to the reader, and not merely trick or confuse the reader."

"In other words, you can keep me confused as much you heart content. But in the end, the explanation and the reason of the crime need to be pretty clear, even if I can't decipher. If you can't do this, I will not recognized this as a mystery and I'll leave. You can win by W.O., but I don't think that's what you want."

"So, my second principle. My second principle is that it should be more about simplicity than complexity. The answer to the mystery should be a simple yet profound truth. If the explanation is too complex, then the story has failed."

"Third Principle. When the explanation of the mystery is revealed, the fact or figure that is at the main focus of the explanation should be something or someone that has consistently been in the foreground throughout the story, but in a capacity other than that of the criminal. In other words, no X, like Battler suggests in EP4. It's not an easy deed to make a criminal like other but a criminal, but I think you can do it."

"In the end, the most Hard Principle. That will make your board a masterpiece, an epic mystery who can surpass Aurora, Bernkastel, Beatrice and Battler's Gameboard. Listen carefully."

"Lastly the principle that the detective story like every literary form starts with an idea, and does not merely start out to find one, applies also to its more material mechanical detail. Where the story turns upon detection, it is still necessary that the writer should begin from the inside, though the detective approaches from the outside. Every good problem of this type originates in a positive notion, which is in itself a simple notion; some fact of daily life that the writer can remember and the reader can forget. But anyhow, a tale has to be founded on a truth; and though opium may be added to it, it must not merely be an opium dream."

"Yes, I'm talking about verisimilitude. The probability of everything in chessboard could happen. Yasuda couldn't trick a family for six years. The possibility of a crime happens in anyplace, anywhere."

"If you could that, I could not recognized you merely as Witch, but as a Truly Gamemaster. Got it memorized?"
>> No. 5304 edit
File 131992689085.png - (81.66KB , 310x380 , 54596178.png )
Eriko is speechless. What he said was simple, however hard to do. He agrees with Chesterson about some of his principle.

".... Wo... Wow.... I'm impressed."

Golden butterflies appears and becomes a glass of water. Eriko drinks it very fast.

"I agree. Your principles are very fair and I think I can impress you with my truth. Wish me luck!"

Eriko giggles and snaps his own fingers. The time go back to walk after a long pause.

Kanon got back from Cousin's room with a worried face.

"Something happened, Kanon?", Jessica said, even if she was a little blushed.

"Maria-sama.... She isn't there!"

"What? How?"

"I don't know. I search for her in the entire second floor!"

"Gohda-san, did you saw her leaving when you get in here?"
>> No. 5305 edit
File 132028006826.png - (370.28KB , 835x1223 )
"Maria disappeared? We must find her! Let's try to find her here in the first floor! Please come with me, Jessica-ojou-sama! Yoshiya-san, please try to get Sayo-san and George-sama here!", Gohda says like a BOSS, literally.

He looks for everywhere in the first floor. If he doesn't find any clues, he tries to look at the bathroom, where she has before.
>> No. 5306 edit
File 132674338458.png - (315.81KB , 575x1140 , kan_a11 angry 2.png )
""Yes!, Gohda-san!""

Jessica and Kanon said that at same time and ran as fast as they could to the beach.

Meanwhile, Gohda tries to find Maria on first floor, but he couldn't find her. He tried to look for her in cousin's bathroom, but she wasn't here either.
Gohda inspected the bathroom, but everything was normal.
Gohda inspected all cousin's room too, but everything was normal: Beds, telephone, wardrobe, etc.

What Gohda will do now?
>> No. 5307 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , 13202785963.png )
Gohda became serious. Something was going too wrong here! He asked Jessica to stay with him, but she goes with Kanon.

She maybe didn't understood well because her worries and... Kanon.

They didn't came yet. What they're planning? He started to planning too. He tried to get the phone in the Guest House to call other servants.
>> No. 5309 edit
File 132680083491.png - (450.53KB , 640x1080 , ros_a25 bothered 3.png )
Gohda uses telephone to call to Main Building. You don't wait even a single second and someone answer it with a desperate voice.

"Maria! Maria, is that you!? Maria!!"

It is Rosa. By her voice, you can notice that she knows about her daughter mysterious demise.
>> No. 5310 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , 13202785963.png )
"No, it's me, Gohda. I didn't find Maria at Guest House. I thought someone in the Main House might have found her."

"Rosa-sama, could you say who's searching for Maria-ojou-sama, besides you and me?"
>> No. 5311 edit
I forgot to write my name in the previous post, but it's me.
>> No. 5312 edit
File 132690041824.png - (454.24KB , 640x1080 , ros_a25 surprized 1.png )
"Gohda-san!? How... How did you know about Maria? Nobody found her here. Come right now to the Main Building!"

She hungs up the telephone. Rosa seems very surprised, and at same time confused about your knowledge.
>> No. 5313 edit
File 132690147195.jpg - (252.60KB , 498x747 , 41247d6eac3f2854509737f.jpg )
"So... Chesterton-sama will be pleased. I already have more two suspects."

Gohda goes to the Main Building, LIKE A BOSS, without any strikeouts.


Gohda was right. Chesterton was pleased.
>> No. 5314 edit
File 131372809947.png - (196.30KB , 640x480 , letter1.png )
When Gohda finally arrives, Krauss, Lion, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, Genji and Kumasawa are in Main Hall, waiting for you.

Nanjo is taking care of Natsuhi.

Some minutes later, George, Battler, Jessica, Sayo and Yoshiya arrive.

"Oh, Jessica!", Krauss runs in her direction and hugs her very strong. "I thought you were kidnaped like Maria!"

"The only thing I don't understand is.... How Gohda-san did know about Maria?"

"Rosa-sama, Maria-sama wanted to go to the bathroom. I escorted her 'til Guest House. When we arrived there, we found Jessica into the Lobby. I let Maria go to the bathroom alone. Sometime later, we saw Gohda-san arriving and I went check Maria-sama."

"And she wasn't there anymore?"


"This means one thing...", Rosa looks with angry eyes to Gohda. "IT WAS YOU! YOU KIDNAPPED MARIA!"

If wasn't Rudolf and Hideyoshi's strengh, Rosa would attacked Gohda.

"Rosa-san, calm down!", Kumasawa tried to calm her. "I saw Gohda-san's hand writting a lot of times! It doesn't match to hand writting's letter!"


"What letter?", Jessica asks.

"This one, dear.", Krauss gives her the letter and Jessica starts to read it aloud.

"Good afternoon, dear Ushiromiya Family, and welcome to Rokkenjima.

I am Beatrice, personal Ushiromiya Family's alchemist. Let it be know that Kinzo-sama dismissed me from my job and now my clause in case of dismissal begin to be fullfil.

This clause gives to me all Kinzo's gold that once was mine, all the island and all his next generations live. In short: Ushiromiya's Family life belongs now to me and I'll catch one by one, according to my Epitaph.

The only way for this doesn't happen is solve my Epitaph. If you do it, I'll reward you all with my four treasures listed on Epitaph. My Epitaph can be solved by all that can read. In short: Even if you aren't from Ushiromiya Family, I allow you to solve it.

Also, Ushiromiya Maria is with me by her own will. Don't worry, she is safe. But if you want her back, solve my Epitaph.

This is my challenge to you all.
I expect this to be an elegant, yet intellectual weekend.

- Witch of Legend, Beatrice.

Any similarity with Kinjo's Fan-EP1 is just mere coincidence.
>> No. 5315 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
Chesterton closes his eyes and someone who doesn't know him properly could believe he is troubled.

But a shadow of a smile starts to sprout from his lips.

"It's Golden Showtime... Toshiro Gohda!"


Gohda sits in a comfortable chair. Some people might say he was anxious, restless, apprehensive.

But his mind was impassive, like a Zen monk. At that minute, there was no difference in mind between Gohda, a Tenzo (lit. Heavenly Monk, the cook of a Zen monastery) and Magical Gohda Chef.

First, he defended himself from the accusations.

"Your accusation, Rosa-sama, it is understandable due to your mother's concern. But it makes no sense. Maria could be have gone even before I arrived."

"But no worries. We will find her. Please, Yoshiya-san. You and Jessica-ojou-sama did certainly saw her entering at bathroom's door. Could you both confirm that?"

"And when I arrived, you both are too busy playing cards to notice any supsect movement. Someone could be at Guest House before you coming and kidnapped Maria under your watch. Or even, Maria could ran away to the forest from her own will."

"I don't know why Krauss-sama and Rosa-sama could consider kidnapping from Jessica-ojou-sama or even me. It makes no sense. It's more probably Maria ran out from her own and this 'Beatrice', realizing what happened, wrote this letter to confuse. I want make a test. Could you hand this letter to me for a while?"
>> No. 5316 edit
File 132690930170.png - (305.08KB , 400x1143 , kan_b21 worrying 1.png )
Gohda was right: He wasn't responsable for Maria's kidnapping. Only Rosa doesn't see it. She could be a bad mother, but she has that famous mother instinct.

"I'm sorry, Gohda-san, but I didn't saw Maria-sama get int the bathroom. I only saw her went up to second floor." Kanon says.

"I didn't saw Maria, I was too tired from run and run through the forest that when I arrived to the Guest House, I started to drink water." Jessica says, obviously don't saying in purple that she was drink alcohol.

"I'm sorry, Gohda-san, but we can't hand over this letter." Eva says, covering her mouth with a fan. "However, we can go to the kitchen and compare both hand writting's letter and recipe book. Do you agree, Gohda-san?"

Eva knew that Gohda wasn't the one that kidnapped Maria. If he was a little smart, he'll notice that her way of saying those words was a sign of "I'll hand over this letter only for a few minutes".
>> No. 5317 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
"So we can deduce Maria was never going to the bathroom at start. Well, come with me. I want to go at the kitchen as well."

Upon arriving in the kitchen, delivers a number of recipes that was left hanging in the corners, written by him. Then he grabs a handkerchief and wets with a drop of water.

"If the letter was written recently, the ink will smear, because it's not fresh ink. If the letter was written for hours or days ago, the paper will soak the ink without smearing. This goes to show when it was written and thus determine the intentions of its writer. Eva-sama, please make the experience. If you prefer, use a handkerchief of yours or use mine."
>> No. 5318 edit
File 132691083960.png - (460.31KB , 788x1155 , eva_b21 surprized 2.png )
Eva, Rudolf, Kyrie and Krauss (this 4 people went with Gohda to the kitchen) were surprized by his knowledge.

"I never saw this sied of yours, Gohda." Krauss said. "Where did you learn this?"

Meanwhile, Eva was comparing both letter and recipe book.

"Negative. Gohda didn't write it. Now, let's do the ink test."

Some minutes of attention were needed, but Eva finally reached the final result: The paper soaked the ink without smearing.

"This means that...." Eva paused a little bit. She couldn't believe. "..... The culprit was planning this days ago!"


A thunder announced the big storm.

"Beatrice trapped us in this island for all the weekend..." Kyrie looked at the window and rain started to fall down like big knifes. ".... She is very.... Very smart."
>> No. 5319 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , 13202785963.png )
"Ah, Krauss-sama, the history is simplistic. I learned this one time when I smudge my finger in a recipe. The ink was so fresh and my finger was so wet, which was difficult to clean later."

When Eva says the result and Kyrie proclaims Beatrice's smartness, he sighs.

"Or maybe she had just luck. I doubt she planned the storm. The nature cannot be controlled. Even if she knew that the storm was going to happen, the family reunion has been on the same day for years."

"Listen, does anyone know who was with Maria-ojou-sama before she separated from Rosa-sama? The culprit probably talked to her and arranged a meeting point, so she could outwit them all. Maria-ojou-sama probably does not know what kind of people she was dealing with..."
>> No. 5320 edit
File 132691206461.png - (419.26KB , 658x1101 , kir_a11 serious 1.png )
"Rosa said that Maria was going to the beach with George, Battler, Jessica, Sayo and Yoshiya. But Yoshiya was the last person that REALLY saw her, when he escorted her to the bathroom."
>> No. 5321 edit
File 132692170831.png - (364.51KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 default 1.png )
"Could you bring them to me? I want to ask them a few questions. Maybe I can reconstruct the scene joining these fragments of chaos."
>> No. 5327 edit
File 132697683816.png - (415.80KB , 510x1155 , eva_b22 laughing 1.png )
"I don't see why we need to interrogate George and Battler. We know that Jessica went with them to the beach because she fought with Natsuhi." Eva said in a convincing voice tone like takno saying something with that sexy voice.
"It's better we only interrogate Yoshiya and Sayo."
>> No. 5328 edit
>We know that Jessica didn't go with them to the beach***
>> No. 5329 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
He takes his handkerchief back to clean his nosebleed.

"I believe Battler-sama, Jessica-ojou-sama and George-sama may have seen something valuable in this case. We need to gather all information, even if seems useless."
>> No. 5330 edit
File 13269796292.png - (512.61KB , 963x1158 , cla_a14 serious 1.png )
"Gohda-san is right, Eva-nee." Krauss said. "Even if our sons doesn't know anything, we can figure out what happened to Maria-chan."

".... Right. If you think so..."

"I'll go get them here, Gohda-san." Kyrie said, leaving the kitchen.

In the Main Hall, Hideyoshi and Rudolf were trying to calm down Rosa, while the cousins were chatting about nothing important, trying to avoid that tense atmosphere.

"Kyrie-san!" Battler said, going in her direction.

"Is that Gohda-san the responsable for my daughter's kidnapping?"

"No, Rosa-san. Recipe Book and Letter hand writting are different. However, we discovered that this letter was wrote days ago. This means that 'Beatrice' was planning this during a long time."

"And what about Maria?"

"Don't worry, Rosa-san: I am here to speak with Battler-kun, George-kun, Jessica-chan, Yoshiya and Sayo."

"What do you need from us, Kyrie-sama?" Sayo said.

"Are you suspecting--"

"No, Battler-kun. I'm not. You just need to follow me to the kitchen and anwser some questions."

"If that's the case, I'll go too!" Rosa said. "It's my daughter we're talking about!"

".... If you want, I won't take the right of a mother. Kumasawa, Genji, please, go talk about this to Nanjo-sensei and ask about Natsuhi. Rudolf, Hideyoshi, stay here in case Maria-chan appears."

Kumasawa and Genji said "yes" and left. Hideyoshi and Rudolf said "yes" and stayed. Some moments later, Rosa, Kyrie, George, Battler, Jessica, Sayo and Yoshiya were inside the kitchen.
>> No. 5331 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
Gohda gives chairs to everyone except himself. So, he started to ask

"So, let's start... Listen to me, you are my all beloved assistants. I need you to cooperate and say everything you know."

"Who was responsible for Maria on the beach?"
>> No. 5332 edit
File 132698073523.png - (604.92KB , 1034x1174 , geo_a12 smiling 1.png )
Rosa didn't sit down. She was in Gohda's side, listening carefully everything. She wanted her daughter back, now.

"Since she was the only kid, we are all responsable for her." George got up, looking into Gohda's eyes.
>> No. 5333 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
"I see."

A dramatic pause started. It was short, but intense. Gohda's apparence was more respectful as ever. The little and gentle cook disappeared. He still look a good man, but he looks seriously, like when he cooks.

"I want to know the whole story. Let me see. Yoshiya-kun. You noticed Jessica's absence, So you look for her at forest. Correct?"
>> No. 5334 edit
File 132698328578.png - (633.02KB , 911x513 , mkit_1c.png )
"No, I didn't go search for her. I thought that Milady was going to arrive late at beach."

"As I said: I didn't go at beach."

"Wait, Jessica..." Battler was surprized. "Where were you, then?"

"I fought with mother and I was so sad and angry that I ran away with no direction throught the forest."

"Why did you fought with Natsuhi-sama, Milady?" Sayo asked. "Is she ok?"

"Sorry, Sayo, but I don't wanna talk about it."

"Nanjo-sensei said that Natsuhi needs do sleep, Sayo." Rosa answered. "Now, what were you doing at the beach?"

"We were playing, eating some snacks... Maria also talked about Beatrice and gave to us those scorpion's charms bracelet." Battler take off one of those from his pocket. "She gave one to Sayo-chan too."

"I remmeber those. Maria had 3 scorpion charms with her. Where is the 3o?" Rosa said.

"Maybe the 3o one is with her." Battler answered.

"And what about you, George?" Eva asked. "Did you notice anything different?"

"No, mother."

"Are you suuure? None of your cousins will get angry with you. Neither Sayo or Yoshiya, right?"

""Right, Eva-sama"". Sayo and Yoshiya said at same time.

"Well..... Maria wanted to go to the bathroom. I volunteered to escort her at Guest House, but Yoshiya did it for me."

"This is nothing like 'different', dear. This is his job, right, Yoshiya? *giggle*"

"Right, Eva-sama. George-sama didn't want that I lost all the fun time and insisted again, but escort Maria-sama to Guest House was part of my job."

"See, dear? Yoshiya-kun was just doing his job."
>> No. 5335 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , 13202785963.png )
"How much time you spend at forest, Jessica-ojou-sama? Did you saw someone? Did you find any strange places?"
>> No. 5336 edit
File 132699010145.png - (465.96KB , 607x342 , se_o1a.png )
"I don't remmeber how many minutes/hours I stayed in the forest, but I..." Jessica lowered her head. ".... I..."

"Yes, Jessica-chan?" Rosa said, hopefull. "You saw something?"

Jessica could not lie to Rosa. Maria is different from Jessica.

If Jessica got kidnapped, probably Natsuhi would not give any interest. Yes... Natsuhi only care about Lion... However, Rosa is different... Even if she mistreats Maria, she loves Maria... Yes... Rosa is a good mother. Jessica needed to tell the truth!

"I found a strange place."

"Tell us more, Jessica-chan." Rosa said more and more hopefull.

"After I fought with mom, I ran away from Main House and get into the forest.

I ran, ran, ran... Ran without aim... Without direction. I was getting tired and the forest got more and more dark...

"God... No... Jessica-chan....?" Rosa thought. It was the same scenario.

"And then I saw it...... A fence. A big fence with many plants. I remmembered that grandfather told tales about Beatrice's house: Kuwadorian.

I turned to left and walked, walked... Until I find a gap. I got in and I saw a beatiful garden with many health and shiny plants. It was definitly Beatrice's house!

"She found it too! She found Beatrice's House!"

"I didn't saw anything in garden, but I found a door and got in. The house was very clean, like someone did that in this morning. I saw a corridor, another two doors and I staircase. I opted to follow the corridor. That was when...

'Who are you?', a girl said, getting out from one of those two doors.

I looked at her. I got chocked. That girl in maid clothes was...

'Ru.... Runon!?'

'I am very sorry, but I am not Runon. I am Lucifer, Beatrice's servant'

'Wha... What? Where are the others 6 servants?'

'They will soon arrive, do not worry. You are still confused, are you not? How cute. Well... I presume you solve Beatrice's Epitaph, am I right?'

'Yes.' I lied. 'I solve it.'

'Great. Please, follow me.'

She lead me beyond those staircases. On second floor, I saw some doors... I don't remember exactly... 4 or 5 doors. Well, 'Runon' opened one of the doors and then I saw...

"No... It's impossible! It's impossible! I... I..." Rosa started to get nervous. Her hands was shaking.

"Beatrice. Sleeping peacefully in a big bed. She was dressed like she was dressed in the portrait.

'I will leave for a moment. There is a telephone. If you need some help, call me, please.' She closed the door.

So, there he was. Beatrice, The Golden Witch, Witch of Legend. Sleeping like a princess. I saw a wood desk in her room and started to 'investigate'... I found some drafts... Those were similar like this letter about Maria's kidnaping.

However... Something was very strange: She didn't wake. She didn't even move a single time in the bed!

Then I did the only thing that passed trought my head: I shaked her. Shaked Beatrice and tryied to wake her.

'No... Beatrice...'

'This means that you didn't solve Beatrice's Epitaph' Runon showed up with a western-movie like pistol.

'.... !!' I didn't have my brass knuckles with me. I was totally vunerable.

'Good-bye, girl.' Lucifer laugh and... '..... Wait... Oh, god! I forget to load it!'

'This means that...'

"Uh-oh... Please... Do not... Aaaahhh!!' She ran away. I did the same: If 'Runon' reaches the pistol's bullet, that could be my end.

"And then...?" Rosa asked.

"I ran away from Kuwadorian as fast as I could and arrived at Guest House."

"No... You found it?" Eva asked too. She understood what Rosa wanted to know.

"Found what?"

"Beatrice's gold." Eva said. "Runon asked if you found Witch's gold. This means that the gold is in Kuwadorian!"

"No, Eva-oba-san, I didn't find the gold there."

"Then maybe Kuwadorian has a secret passage that leads to the gold." Krauss said. "But I still don't understand how Runon arrived here. Well... Maybe she used the dock that Captain Kawabata uses to lands our supplies."

"There is ANOTHER dock!?" Battler said, again, chocked.
>> No. 5337 edit
File 132690147195.jpg - (252.60KB , 498x747 , 41247d6eac3f2854509737f.jpg )
"So, we found our 'Beatrice' and possibly her kiddnapper. If she's right, maybe we found Kinzo-sama's gold too."

Gohda gives everyone a pleasant smile. But if the Fukuin Servants are envolved, he need to do something to persuade Berune to not help them.

"It's not safe here, since we have more people in this island. Let's gather all Ushiromiyas and Servants. Let's bring Winchesters too."

"I think we need to start a Witch-Hunt."

Chesterton smiles too. His plans are a little different from his own piece, but now he gets a way to surpass the Darkness of this Mystery and found the Light.

"Now I know what to do. And I think I know what you will do too."

Then, he smiles upon him.

"I think this Gameboard is becoming a fascinanting story, Mister Eriko."


"Jessica-ojou-sama, we need you to guide us", Gohda says, placing a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry, I promise I will protect you with my life".

"Rosa-sama, I swear I will find Maria-ojou-sama. But I'll need everyone's strength. We need everyone to search, find and serve this 'witch' as our Heroes' Feast."
>> No. 5338 edit
File 132699442341.png - (423.45KB , 714x1077 , ros_a33 bothered 4.png )
"I'm happy that you are enjoying my Gameboard, Chess-kun. You do have some sort of hability to discover things very fast. Maybe this game will over with a happy end to all Ushiromiya Family." Eriko smiles.

"I would love to help, Gohda-san, but I don't remember where Kuwadorian is, exactly. Since I didn't have a aim when I ran into the forest, I can't tell the location." Jessica said.

"Futhermore, I can't let Nanjo-sensei and my wife all by themselve!" Krauss added.

"And hunt Beatrice with this bad wheather isn't the most perfect idea, Gohda-san." Kyrie said. "If we wait until tomorrow--"

"No, we can't wait." Rosa-san interupted Kyrie. She needed to tell her secret. "Jessica-chan, you can't exactly where is Witch's Tavern, but I can help you."

"How, Rosa-oba-san?"

"......" She started to talk. Talk about her secret. Talk with her heart, about what happened many many years ago.

She was talking about the happiest day e the most fateful day in her life. The day he met with The Witch In Gold, Beatrice.

The time seems to stop or walk very slowly that hour. Everyone was listening.

"... And that's all." Rosa finished to talk. Her face was soaked with tears. "See, Jessica-chan... We can work together to find Kuwadorian. Sure, we have to start in Chapel and then we try to find the same path we both walked to find that house."

"...." Silence, but then... A smile. "Yes, Rosa-oba-san. I'll help."

Rosa hugged Jessica.

"Thanks, Jessica-chan."

"I'll notify everyone about everything and we can meet in Parlor." Krauss said, leaving the kitchen.

"I'll go to Lion's room and get those Winchesters." Eva said, leaving the kitchen too.

It's now 20:45. Maybe dinner can wait. ..... Or not.
What the great Witch-hunt Toshiro Gohda will do now?
>> No. 5339 edit
File 132690147195.jpg - (252.60KB , 498x747 , 41247d6eac3f2854509737f.jpg )
"Krauss-sama", Gohda say to Krauss before he goes, "If someone stay here in Main House or Guest House, they'll be in danger. If our enemies coming here at Mansion by a secret passage or even by the forest, Nanjo-sensei and Madam-sama will DIE."

Gohda takes the dishes who he was prepared for dinner. That'll be only a snack, because they're had no time.

"People, we have a only a few minutes. I prepared 108 dishes, so we can eat some right now to gather strength. Enjoy the snack. Remember the love that these dishes were made. It is this love that will nourish us to face any obstacle that 'Beatrice' to impose. To Battle For Those We Love and To Cook, we need the same thing. Love."

After he said that, Gohda turns himself to Jessica.

"Jessica-ojou-sama. Take some snacks. I want to talk to you alone. Could you come in my room for a few instants?"
>> No. 5340 edit
File 132699626520.png - (421.55KB , 607x1118 , jes_a11 achya-- 1.png )
They all listen his words. Even Hideyoshi, Rudolf and Lion, that arrived with Krauss in that instant, heard them. They were simply beatiful.

"I'll help you all to bring those snacks to Parlor." Lion said and, with Battler, they started to get the dishes.

"... Alright, Gohda-san." Jessica said. "Let's go."

Meanwhile, at Natsuhi's room, Eva was notifying Nanjo, Genji and Kumasawa about everything.

"If that's the case...." Nanjo started to think. "I'll try to wake up Natsuhi. But it's dangerous to Natsuhi go out with this rain."

"We need to do the best, Nanjo-sensei." Eva said with a serious gaze.

"I don't know..." Kumasawa said, worried. "And if Beatrice try to chase us? I'm not anymore that 25 year old girl."

"If that's the case, you, Nanjo-sensei and Natsuhi have to hide in some place." Eva said.

"We can hide in Chapel's basement or one of those waiting rooms." Genji suggested.

".... Hum....." Natsuhi was awakening little by little. "What's happening? Why I'm feeling dizzy?"

"Natsuhi..." Nanjo said, trying to find the best words to explain the situation for her. "Well..."
>> No. 5341 edit
File 132699730919.png - (45.65KB , 400x800 , 37857e18d3719e131dd74643bf9acdc3.png )
Gohda's totally unaware about Nanjo, Natsuhi and people.

He opened to door Jessica enter. Before he enters, he used his Joker cards to summon Henrica.

"White Cat Joker", he asks ment for Henrica help him. The door was opened, so the real Henrica could appear. "I want Jessica to trust me with all her heart. I will protect her with all my strength, even if she was the culprit."

"And with my Black Cat Joker, I will give to her a blessing, for her iron knuckles. Her knuckles have the same blessing of a scorpion charm, so who is using it cannot be killed by a witch/culprit. That's the proof I give to you of my sincere intentions."

He waits Henrica to enter. If she does, he closes the door and starts to talk her.
>> No. 5342 edit
File 132699814566.png - (435.71KB , 560x1118 , jes_a12 bold 2.png )
Both cards started to shine. White cat shone in a white light and Black Cat shone in a dark light. Then both became white and black little butterflies, disappearing.

After this, Henrice, Jessica's white cat, appeared.


"Oh, Henrica! What do you want?" Jessica smiles, letting Henrica get in.

Gohda closes the door, letting both alone.

"Wait, Gohda-san. What you--"

A pure and white light lit all room.

"Hen... Rica... Why did you...?" Jessica knew that Henrica was once a great witch and now was his "furniture". But it was VERY rare to Henrica being in her Witch form.

"I am here to talk about <Chef> Gohda-sama, Jessica."

"Why? Is he... The culprit? Is he fooling all of us?!"

"No, Jessica. On the contrary: <Chef> Gohda-sama is completly innocent."

"Then why...? Why did you become a Witch?"

"To say to you: Trust him. Trust him with all your heart, Jessica. <Chef> Gohda-sama can defeat Beatrice and Runon, but he is going to need the help of everyone."

"I understand. Thank you, Henrica."

"And one more advice: Your brass knuckles are very powerful against Beatrice. Stay with it all time."

"And what about you, Henrica?"

"My mission is to protect you, Jessica."

"But if you..."

"If your life will be in a dangerous that those brass knuckles cannot protect you, I'll need to sacrifice my life."

"... Then... I'll use my brass knuckles all time!" Jessica hugs Henrica and her white cat becomes, again, a normal white cat.

Jessica opens the door.

"Let's do it, Gohda-san!"
>> No. 5343 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"I'm relieved, Jessica-ojou-sama. You said the truth."

Gohda smiles, really relieved.

"Just one thing. Try to forgive your mother... She doesn't know how to be a mother. Say 'Grandfather told me I could do it' and she will follow."

"I already tested, it works", he laughs, sincerely.

"Well, we need to meet everyone. Are you ready to cook some bad witches?"
>> No. 5373 edit
File 132707873018.png - (370.80KB , 608x1015 , kum_a11 serious 1.png )
"Yeah, I am!"

Minutes later, Jessica, Gohda and Henrica (as a white cat, obviously) were in Parlor.

Eva, Nanjo, Genji, Kumasawa and Natsuhi were there too, eating.

Everyone was eating. They ate slowly, the last meal. The final hour was close.

The grand duel against Beatrice was getting close.

"Now, now, everyone finish to eat?" Rudolf said. All of them wave their head. "Great. Before we left to Kuwadorian, let's do our needs."


"What? Am I telling a lie?"

"... Nope."

Everyone left the Parlor, only Gohda, Genji and Nanjo were there.

"Gohda, I think it's the appropriate hour to talk about what you wanted to know." Genji said. He went to Parlor's door, closed and locked it.

"Me too, Gohda-san." Nanjo said.

Meanwhile, at Kumasawa's room, Kumasawa was looking trought the window.

"The time arrived...... Right, my child?" She said it sadly.

"Ojou-sama..." In a wave of butterflies, Beatrice appeared. Her voice tone is sad too.

"Am I gonna be killed slowly or fast?"

"No! No! I'll never kill you, Ojou-sama! You are a mother to me!"

"Don't say that... Your mother--"

"My mother is dead. At time I was born, she died. It doesn't matter how many people say that she was a great, gentle and sweet person, she'll never be my mother. You are. That is the truth."

"I don't deserve to live, my child. I sinned." Kumasawa put both hands on her belly, gently. She close her eyes, remmebering about her sin. "I've done many things in my life, but this one is the onyl one I regret."

"Ojou-sama..." Beatrice hold her tears. "I'm sorry, Ojou-sama.... I can't... I can't kill you! I cannot do this! It's impossibel for me! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"I know you can't do this, my child. Thank you for at least be sincere with me." She smiles and Beatrice could see her smile in window.

Beatrice disappears. Kumasawa turns around and goes to her wardrobe and open it. She stares at the object inside of it and remmembers more and more...

"I need to tell our secret. I need it!"

In Sayo's room, Sayo and George were talking about something.

"Why do you still have this photo?" George points to the one that Sayo was holding. It was a photo from 6 years ago. She and Battler were having fun at beach. "You said to me! You said you forgot about Battler!"

"I did, George. I love you, George, and this is what only matters to me. But I can't simply destroy this photo or, with we break up, all our photos. It's part of my past. I can't erase it. It's impossible."

"Why is so impossible?"

"Because if Battler didn't broke his promise, I would never be with you, George... This photo remmebers me how happy I am with you, not with Battler, not with a heart-brekaer, a lier. This photo remmembers me about my aim: Be your wifeand have a lot of kids!"



Both kissed each other in a deep and pasionate kiss.

In Jessica's room, Jessica, Yoshiya and Henrica (in Witch's form) were talking about something.

"Yoshiya, I need to tell you something about Gohda-san."

"What? Is he--"

"No, Yoshiya." Henrica said. "Gohda isn't the culprit."

"On the contrary: He is innocent and Henrica convinced me to trust him."

"In other words: Gohda-san is a reliable person?"

"Yes. He didn't kidnapped Maria-chan."

"And what we are going to do, Jessica?"

"We're gonna fight! Fight for our aim!"

Jessica and Yoshiya hugged each other and then a kiss.

In Lion's room, Lion and Battler were trying, again, solve Beatrice's Epitaph.

"Damn..." Battler said. "This is hard..."

"I know, Battler. But we need to solve it! It's too much dangerous go into the forest at night and in this horrible rain."

"And what are we do now? Stay here? It's useless! Gohda-san will insist for us go with him and the others!"

"..... Yes..."


"Unless what?"

"Natsuhi-oba-san isn't fine yet, so, she needs to stay with Nanjo. Probably Nanjo will stay place..."

"Like Chapel?"

"Exactly! We can stay with them AAANND try to solve the epitaph at same time!"

"Very thought, Battler!" Lion smiles.

Back to the Parlor, Nanjo and Genji are waiting an answer from Gohda. What will Gohda do?
>> No. 5374 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
"How much trouble we get now..."

Gohda mumbles to himself.

"Before, my question about the Epitaph was for save Lion-sama from his anguish. But now, a child's life is in game. If you know Beatrice's True Identity, please tell me now! If you know where is that Secret House in the island, please tell me now! The poor Maria-ojou-sama may die when we talk..."

Gohda becomes pale, sweats a little, but in a breathe, he regains his composure.
>> No. 5375 edit
File 132708594652.png - (379.81KB , 888x1096 , nan_a1 surprized 1.png )
"I'm.... I'm sorry, Gohda-san, but we don't know Beatrice's identity and we don't know Kuwadoria's location... Even if we are Kinzo's oldest friends, he didn't tell us about this house." Nanjo said, surprized.
"I'll confirm this: Nanjo is telling the truth. This destroy your theory about Genji&Nanjo." Eriko laughslike a devil.

"Do you need to know anything else, Gohda-san?" Genji said. He was surprized too, but didn't demonstrate. "If we don't talk to you now, maybe we can never talk about this again. Our time is short."
>> No. 5376 edit
File 132692170831.png - (364.51KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 default 1.png )
"No need to laugh, I still have many options at my disposal", Chesterton replied with a devilish smile.

A weird smile for an ex-inquisitor, huh?


"That relieves me.", Gohda shares the Chesterton's smile, but that smile of him is kindly and gently.

"Tell me then what you know about the Epitaph."
>> No. 5377 edit
File 132009301975.png - (347.08KB , 770x1165 , gen_a11 bothered 1.png )
"We know nothing." Genji said. "We don't know it solution and we don't know where the golden is hidden."


"Kinzo gave to both of us 2 letter. One for me and one for Nanjo. We received it when the notary was reading Kinzo's will."

"Inside of my letter was a key with a pin number and a bank credit card. Some days later, I went to the bank and I was taken to a safe place, with many many safes. The bank manager took my key and opened a box and give a wallet that was inside of it. He let me alone with that wallet in another room.

And when I opened it.... There it was.... Beatrice's gold! And don't know how many bars... I closed that wallet as soon as I opened it and get out of that bank.

"When Nanjo-sensei told me about it, I said the same thing. The same happened to me. Probably Kumasawa-san received a letter too. She was the last person that saw Kinzo alive, some hours before he passed away."

"In fact, he asked to me and Genji to call Kumasawa. He did wanted to talk with her." Nanjo concluded. "This is what we know, Gohda-san."


"Gohda-san, Genji-san, Nanjo-sensei!" it was Rosa. "We're all ready to go!"

"Oh! We need to tell you something." Nanjo said very fast. "Natsuhi isn't ok yet. Also, me, Genji and Kumasawa are too old to walk into the forest for many hours.
So, we discussed it: We [Nanjo, Kumasawa, Genji and Natsuhi] are going to hide into Chapel."

"I got all Chapel's key, so it's impossible for the Culprit get inside." Genji said, while he unlocked and opened Parlor's door.
>> No. 5378 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , 13202785963.png )
"Fine, let's reunite."

Gohda was anxious. His next move after thar is count how many and who was with him.

And then, he would ask to them came with him to the kitchen. He needed to get two Iron Chef's Knives. He wasn't good with firearms, so we needed tools who could be used as weapons.
>> No. 5379 edit
File 132708976440.png - (264.26KB , 607x342 , cha_o2an.png )
You're in Main Hall, now. You look at all people, count them mentally.

Krauss, Natsuhi, Lion and Jessica.
Eva, Hideyoshi and George.
Rudolf, Kyrie and Battler.
Genji, Nanjo, Kumasawa, Sayo, Yoshiya and Yourself.
Total: 17 people.

Krauss, Eva, Rudolf and Rosa are carrying the winchesters.
Sayo, Yoshiya, Battler and George are carrying some lampions.

"Gohda-san~" Eva approaches you. "Here, take this."

She gives to you two Iron Chef Knives. "You probably don't have any hability with fireguns, so I thought you would prefer use your own instruments."

You thanks her and smiles. You all are now ready to fight against the Witch and her furnitures!

Some minutes later, you are in Chapel.

"Thank you all." Natsuhi says. "Please, dear, don't do anything dangerous!"

"I won't, Natsuhi..." Krauss pauses for a while. "... Because I'll star right here with you! I'll protect you and the others!"

"Me too!" Lion says. "Me and Battler will stay with you!"

"Jessica..." Natsuhi looks at her. "Will you stay too?"

"....... Let's go, Yoshiya-kun." Jessica show her back to her mother and goes behind the Chapel, waiting for everyone. Yoshiya goes with her too.

"... Here..." Rudolf gives his gun to Lion. "Only Krauss-onii-san's gun isn't enough. Go and protect your mother, Ushiromiya Head Lion."

"Thank, Rudolf-oji-san." Lion says with proud.

Krauss, Natsuhi and Lion.
Genji, Nanjo and Kumasawa.
Total: 7 people.

Those 7 people get in the Chapel and Genji lockes the door.

"Genji locked chapel's door." Eriko says, confirming Genji's action.

17 (total) - 67 (people in chapel) = 10 people that will try to find Kuwadorian.

11 people (including yourself) goes behind the Chapel, where Jessica and Yoshiya are waiting.

"Let's go, Jessica-chan." Rosa says.

Rosa and Jessica are leading the group trought the forest. Yoshiya is with both, illuminating the path.
Eva is in the back of the group with George.
Sayo is in the right side of the group.
Battler is in the left side of the group.
Hideyoshi, Rudolf and Kyrie are in the middle.

Where Gohda is?
>> No. 5380 edit
File 132709079467.jpg - (254.00KB , 648x800 , c6df283ba4695e56d62939d7cdd2702b.jpg )
Of course, Gohda is leading, with Jessica, Rosa e Yoshiya, LIKE A BOSS, without Strikeouts. He is alert for any suspicious movement.

Still, his thoughts leading up Berune. If Runon is involved, perhaps all Fukoin Servants are too. He doesn't want to fight her. His heart is aching.

He didn't want to open himself to others, but Berune was his sweetheart. His most beloved assistant, his most prized... love?

He tried to avoid the feelings. She was very young. But there was certainly touched his heart. It was not as common assistant or as Jessica, Yoshiya, Lion, Battler, Sayo, George, who were really special and beloved.

What he felt for her was that feeling that sometimes hurt so much as to cause insomnia.

Because of his amnesia, he didn't remembered what he felt when he knew about Fukuin's vacation. But he remembered what he felt after his amnesia. He wanted to see her, to say "Good Vacation. Don't forget about me."

Or even "I want to you be my bride". Taking a deep breathe, he remembered when he was, and he had a dish to do.

More than ever, he wanted to serve Beatrice as a Main Dish for his Feast to Ushiromiya's Family.
>> No. 5382 edit
File 132710455784.png - (303.11KB , 607x342 , forest_p1br.png )
When you left the chapel was 22:30.

The group walks, walks, walks... However, good news: Rosa and Jessica noticed that forest was getting darker. Maybe it's a good sign...

"Witch's darkness..." Sayo says.

"What?" George asks.

"Beatrice-sama commands Rokkenjima during night. During nighttime, her power grows and grows... Like darkness. Like a black holw that eats everything."

"That means that we are in her domains." Rosa says, withou fear. "The forest."

"Excatly, Rosa-sama. We need to be very care--"

*blim blom**blim blom**blim blom*

Bells... Bells from the Chapel. They are announcing midnight.

However... Other bells... Yes... They are hearing other bells... Maybe...

"Kuwadorian..." Rosa says. "Kuwadorian might have a bell or something! This means we're between Chapel and Kuwadorian!"

Suddenly, the 3 lampions goes off.

"What? That's impossible!" George says. "We filled those lampions with gas before we left!"

"Prepa--" Gohda would say something, but he fells something hit on his head and DIES THE DEATH faints on the wet ground.

"Goh--" Rosa would say something too, but she feells something hit on her head and faints too.

Suddenly, golden butterflies appears in the air, flying like angels.

"Since we can't kill the detective, we have to make him unaware from this slaughter!" a girl in maid clothes appears between those golden butterflies, surronded by big and muscular Goats.

"Ma... Manon!?" Rudolf says. "So... It's true!"

"Manon? Hnhihi. I am not Manon: I am Mammom! And I will preside The 1o Twillight Ceremony in honor of Beatrice-sama! Ahahahahahahaa!!"

"Let's separate ourselves to--" Rudolf tryied to say something, but a golden string pierced his face and exploded, destroying his face.

"Dear! Run, guys, r--" Kyrie had the same destiny and felt on the ground, near to Rudolf.

"Kids, run! Run to the Chapel! Fast!" after Eva said that, she and Hideyoshi ran to one side.

George and Sayo ran to another.
Jessica and Yoshiya ran to other.

In Eva&Hideyoshi's path, both are running with all strengh they have.

"Dear, here, take the winchester!" Eva throws the gun to Hideyoshi, but before he could get, a golden string passed trought the gun, breaking it into two pieces.

Like a snake, that golden string was choosing its victim. This victim needs do be easy to kill, and delicious... Very tasty and delicious.

Hideyoshi was that victim.

"Dear, watch out!" Eva puts hersefl in front of her husband and hugs him for the last time.

"EVAAAAAAAA!!!" Hideyoshi sees his beloved wife get murder by a golden string in the back of her head. But he doesn't have time to cry, because he is knocked out by something in the back of his head.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Yoshiya killing some Goats in their way.

"Mae... Seiya! Suigetsu!" each word Yoshiya says, more and more powerfull his red blade becomes, shooting red waves of power.

"Enchanto!" Jessica says one more time her magical word and her knuckles brass became hammer of hell. "EXPLOSION!"

A wave of fire hits the ground, putting fire in all goats in front of Jessica.

But it doesn't matter how many times they do this, more and more Goats arrives.

"Ahahaha! So fool!" a girl in maid clothes laughs. "Give up, brats!"

"Shut up, Renon!" Jessica says, showing her middle finger. "I'll kill you so hard that you wished never been killed!"

"For the last time: I am Leviathan! Leviathan! Grrrr! I had enough of you both!" Leviathan up her hands e shout to the black sky. "Grand Witch of Legend, Beatrice, grant me more Goats!"

And more and more goats arrives.

"Grr... That bitch."

"We need reinforcement, Jessica..."

"Yes. We need...." And then... "HENRICA!"

A pure white light shows up. "Did you call me, Jessica?"

"Yes! Help us!"

"I can do better than this, Jessica." the white witch summons her pure silver scythe. "It's the death hour of ours, Goat Army."

Henrica throws her scythe in the air, like a alive killing helix.

"No... No..." Leviathan sees her Goat Army being shattered like plushies. Blood and more blood paints the scenario. "You.... You... Grrrrraaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!


"Siesta 20, here!"

"Siesta 127, here!"

"Great, kill both! Now!"

"I'm sorry, Leviathan-sama, but we can't kill Ushiromiya Jessica." Siesta 20 says.

"Why? Why?"

"Because she is surrounded by a powerfull Black Truth."

"And what the hell this Black Truth is?"

""Her knuckles have the same blessing of a scorpion charm, so who is using it cannot be killed by a witch/culprit.""

"......... Ugh.... Ah..... AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Then... Then..."

"Then made her disappear. Now." Mammom arrives. "You didn't know about this Black Truth, did you?"

"Well... Hum..."

"Oh, god. That's what you get for don't show up in the reunion! ....... And look! They are running away! You are such a retardad!

Siesta 20, go and bring Jessica back!"

"What about Yoshiya, Mammom-sama?" Siesta 127 says.

"You can take care of him, if you want."

Siesta 20 start fire many golden strings. She has a famous fire rate of 6000 rounds per minute.

"Receiving new data........................." Siesta 127 says. "The other 3 people were chose for 1o Twillight."

"I don't care. Beatrice-sam order to us to catch 9 people."

"... As you wish, Mammom-sama."

Siesta 127 shots. She is specialized in distance shots. Her golden string can reach over 2km.


"Henrica, keep strong! We need you!"

"I don't how much time my barrier can take, Jessica. It seems that the current Game Master weakened my barrier."

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing important. Go, Jessica, Yoshiya. Siesta 127's shot is arriving and I might--"

Henrica couldn't complete her setence, because 127's shot destroyed Henrica's barrier.

"Receiving data............. Barrier destroyed. Preparing for shooting again."

"Go, Jessica, go!"

"Henrica, I can--" suddenly, a golden string surronded Jessica's waist. "Henrica... Yoshiya..."

"JESSICA, NO!" Yoshiya tryied to reach her, but the golden string pulls her back.

"YOSHIYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Jessica shout, while flying in the dark skies.

"Those bastards! I will--" Yoshiya couldn't say nothing more. He felt something hitting him on the head and fainted.
Eriko snaps his fingers, stopping the time. "Let's go back a little in the time, when everyone was running away from Mammom and those Goats. George&Sayo's battle was happening parallel to Jessica&Yoshiya's battle."

The time went back and Chesterson could see what happened to George and Sayo...

>> No. 5383 edit
File 132710455784.png - (303.11KB , 607x342 , forest_p1br.png )
George and Sayo was running in Witche's Darkness...

"Faster, George! Faster!"

"Here, Sayo, take my hand!" she did what he said. "Now, we will never be tore apart!"

"Ahahahaha! That is what you think, brat" a girl in maid clothes appeared.

"Sa.... Sanon?" Sayo said.

"It's Satan! Satan, your bird head!" Satan shout at her. "Private King Pendragon's Army! I summom you! Show up and help me in Beatrice-sama's Ceremony!"

"Siesta 45, here!"

"Siesta 410, here, nihi~!"

"Now, I want you to tear apart George and Sayo."

"How, nihi? Rout them?"

"No, you stupid bunny! I want you to take away one of them!"

"And... And... And what is our targe, Sa... Satan-sama!?"

".... I want..." Satan pointed to Sayo. "Her. We can't kill her, because she is holding a scorpion charm."

"We get, Satan-sama! We need to make her disappear, nihi! 45~"

"Ye... Yes!"

"I won't allow this happen! George, stay behind me!" he did what she said.

And so...

"Analysing field........."

A brilliant....

"Analysing distance....."

Red barrier......

"Analysing power shot....."

Surrounded Sayo and George.

"Nihi, receiving data!"


Many golden threads were shooted in Sayo and George, but her barrier absorbed it.

"Whaaaat? How is this possible!?" Satan said. "More power!"

""Yes!"" again, more and more golden threads.

"More power! It's useless! Siesta 45, analyze Sayo's barrier!"

"Yes! Measuring barrier power........."

"This is not good..."

"Let me help you this time, Sayo."

"Measuring shoot power in relation to barrier........"

George got out the barrier...

"Receiving new data, nihi~!

And prepared himself to fight.


A powerful and brilliant golden thread was shooted.

"Now you're dead, Sayo!"

"Not while I'm here, Sanon!" George kicked that golden thread.

"Whaaaaat? He... He..." Siesta 45 was scared. "HE DESTROYED THAT SHOOT WITH HIS FOOT!"


"Sayo, keep strong!" George says, while destroying Siesta 45&410 golden threads with his foot

"Go! More power! More power in your shots!"

"Give up, Sanon." Sayo said. "You will never gonna tear us apart!"

"....... *ahaha.wav* That's what you think!" Satan laughs.

"Siesta 00, ready to fire!" Siesta 00 said, behind Sayo's barrier.

"Oh fu--"


Sayo's barrier exploded. George and Sayo were thrown in oposites sides.

"Thank you for that surprize attack, Siesta 00." Satan, again, laughs.

"You're welcome, Satan-sama."

"45... 410... Bring to me Sayo."

"Sayo... Ugh... No!"

"George, don't worry... We are gonna met each other soon..." a golden thread surrounds Sayo's waist. "I... I promisse..."

"Sa.... Yo..." George faints on the ground.
"Now, let's go back to the current time" Eriko snaps his fingers again.

In the Chapel, in one of the waiting rooms, Krauss and Nanjo are taking care of Natsuhi.

"Will she be ok?"

"Yes, Krauss-san. In the morning, she is going to be alright."

"Thank god."


Golden butterflies appears.

"In order to revive Beatrice-sama, I, Lucifer, am going to be your executioner." Lucifer appears in a maid clothes.

"Runon......." Krauss says. "So... It's true!"

Krauss get his winchester, but.... It starts to floats...

"Sorry, Krauss-'sama'... But I'll take this." Lucifer gets the gun in the air and aim on them.

".... If you will take our lifes, please, spare Natsuhi."

"Hnhuhuu.... Spare? Ahahahahaha! This is bullshit! You are such a comedian, Krauss! I'll never spare Natsuhi's life! She was always talking about Manon! Ugh! That bitch!

'Oh! Manon do such a better job! Look, Runon, take her as example. Bla bla bla bla bla'



One shot in Krauss' face, destroying it.
One shot in Nanjo's face, destroying it.
One shot in Natsuhi's face, destroying it.

Meanwhile, in another waiting room...

"....! Did you hear that, Battler?" Lion got scared. "Mom... Dad!"

"I'll go with you, Lion!"

"No! Stay here and protect Kumasawa-san! Genji, do the same, please!"

"Yes, Lion-sama."

Lion runs to the waiting room that her/his parents were, and then...


She/He saw.... Something draw on the door.... Was that blood?

If Maria was there, she would say that that strange draw was the pentacle of moon.


Lion hears a sound of wind. A strange sound.

"Oh, god......" Battler hears too. "Lion!!"

Battler runs trought the chapel, but it was too late.

"Lion!" Battler sees Lion surrounded by a golden thread. "Lion, wait there!"

"No, Battler, no!" the golden thread pulls Lion back, trying to kidnap him/her.

"Lion!" Battler jumps on Lion, but the golden thread was faster and pulls him/her back again. However, Battler was capable of jump on one of his/her boots. "Hold on, Lion! Hold on!"

"..... I think you can't save me, Battler..." Liom smiles. "But, still, I love you."

"No... No..." Battler sees Lion being dragged by the golden thread, taking him away to the darkness. "LIIIOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!"

Battler cries, holding one of Lion's boots.

Back in the forest, Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, Mammom and the Siestas were talking about those that died and those that are alive.

"According to my reports..." Siesta 00 said. "Those who are dead are: Ushiromiya Rudolf, Ushiromiya Kyrie, Ushiromiya Eva, Ushiromiya Krauss, Terumasa Nanjo and Ushiromiya Natsuhi."

"Great. Those are the victims of 1o Twillight." Lucifer says. "Let Krauss, Nanjo and Natsuhi inside the Chapel. The others 3, vanish away with them."

"Right. And about those who remain? Ushiromiya Hideyoshi, Ushiromiya George, Ushiromiya Rosa, Servant Yoshiya and Toshira Gohda?"

"Those 5, lead them to Chapel's door. Also, let this letter with them." Lucifer hands another Beatrice's letter to Siesta 00.


"Siesta Shimai, dismissed by now."

"As you wish, Lucifer-sama!" All Siestas disappears.

October, 1987. Second day of Beatrice's Ceremony. 06:45.

You open slowly your eyes. Your head is hurting a little. What happen? Where are you?

"Oh, Gohda-san!" you hear a voice. Kumasawa's voice. "Thank god you are fine!"

You look around.... You are.... Back to zero.

You are in the guest room, inside Guest House.

"Oh... Is he awake!?" you hear another voice. Rosa's voice. "Gohda-san! Gohda-san! Are you alright!?"

"Don't yell, Rosa-san, please." Kumasawa whispers. "Maybe he isn't with all his energy."

Kumasawa stands up from her chair and takes a plate with some food from the cart.

"Try to eat. Them, tell us: What happened?"
>> No. 5384 edit
It isn't a red truth: It's a Purple Declaration.

"According to my reports..." Siesta 00 said. "Those who are dead are: Ushiromiya Rudolf, Ushiromiya Kyrie, Ushiromiya Eva, Ushiromiya Krauss, Terumasa Nanjo and Ushiromiya Natsuhi."*****
>> No. 5404 edit
File 132715419499.jpg - (88.43KB , 1024x768 , 182776-Sepik.jpg )
Chesterton in the Meta-World started to laugh. He was laughing as if everything is going better than anticipated.

"You will had to cheat hard in your next movement if you don't want to me find Beatrice's True Identity in two seconds, Mister Eriko."

"But don't worry, none of my principles did it. You just put my piece in the only place where everything can be solved instantly!"

"Yet, I know you will not give me the answer. You will do a few trick to avoid that. I recognized that as necessary. But I have to speak with Miss Virgilia now."

"After all, it's all in front of me, there is an easy way to solve her identity here and now, but I know there is a need for you to keep the game. I just need a break to accept your next move and not get unnecessarily frustrated."

"I have to check Napoleon and Flambeau's work, too. Take a time to think what you did."

Chesterton was with an enjoyable smile. He wasn't trolling. He really believed there was a way to find, right there, the identity of Beatrice, if he made the right way.

That game was truly delightful and he needed a time to think how he could solve the mystery after the Eriko's Next Necessary Movement.

Maybe Eriko doesn't have a clue about what he was talking about. So Chesterton will give him time to think, while he will greet Miss Virgilia.

He doesn't know why, but she was in a very good mood. A cup of the famous Virgilia's Mackerel Tea in that moment would be nice.
>> No. 5405 edit
The Asterix and Obelix Photo illustrate the way how Chesterton laughs.
>> No. 5407 edit
File 132715914836.png - (591.71KB , 752x1211 , wal_a11 laughing 1.png )
"I can't say I didn't try, right?" Eriko laughs too. He knew in the end Chesterson would win. "You can take a break. I'm anxious to see what's your anwser for Beatrice's identity."

You walk away from principal room and some minutes later find Virgilia in her own bedroom.

Se smiles to you and let you in. "How pleasent, Chesterson. You finally arrived."

She laughs.
>> No. 5408 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
"Miss Virgilia! Long time no see!"

Chesterton greets her.

"How are you? How many Gameboards you won against that Iscariot and Hellsing fools?", Chesterton asked, because he remembered Virgilia is so fucking BADASS smart that she can fool easily powerful members at Heaven Courts. Hellsing and Iscariot are Elite Members, like the S.S.V.D. or Eiserne Jungfrau.
>> No. 5409 edit
File 13271627149.png - (657.70KB , 891x1211 , wal_a12 laughing 1.png )
"Oh, <Mister> Chesterson. It is been a long time since a I played against those fools. Uhuhaha!"

A Goat appeared and served tea for you and Virgilia. She thanked and the Goat disappeared.

"And you? How is your game against that child? I heard your laugh some minutes ago. It is seems you are winning."
>> No. 5410 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
"Yes, but he will not allow me to win so easily. He will do something. This is why I have to use a Backup Plan. For these Backup Plan, I already have some theories, but everything I really need he already give me some way."

He smiles, joking.

"If everything goes wrong, I will have to try something terrible... But for now, I'm a inquisitor/detective. And you? Did you saw Dlanor these days? She became so smart, I'm so proud of her..."
>> No. 5411 edit
File 132716370631.png - (590.65KB , 752x1211 , wal_a11 serious 1.png )
"Dlanor is a special child. Like Yasuda, she suffered a lot in those years. But she suprassed everything and now is a great <Inquisitor>.

But, no, I did not saw her those days. She is doing a lot of work with Detective Erika."

She drinks a little of tea.

"Eriko is trying his best in his gameboard. Maybe he'll surprise you in the end. Crazy ideas can bloom into his mind.

His 1o Twillight can be very helpful, but I guess you know that."
>> No. 5412 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
"I recognized that. But this time, in my next move, he will noticed WHY he shouldn't move Gohda to the Mansion again or stop the Witch-Hunt. At least, not placing in front of me the most easy way to know how Beatrice's True Identity."

"Even if I wrong, he gives me a VERY strong option to counter-mesures. Everything I will say now to you: Nobody waits in a rainy forest for intruders. The Fukuin, IF really at Rokkenjima, should wait in Kuwadorian to fight intruders."

"With this information, we already know that: The group who was walking in the forest had at least one traitor."

"Miss Virgilia, are you busy? I wish you could see this solving. Even if I fail. Could you come with me?"
>> No. 5413 edit
File 132716969143.png - (757.52KB , 1220x1211 , wal_a13 laughing 2.png )
"Smart as always." She smiles. "I will watch. It will be a good entertainment for a old Witch."

The witch laughs and teleport both to the Main Metaworld Room.

"Welcome back, Chess-kun. Welcome, Waru." Eriko smiles. "Are you ready?"

"Child, would you mind if I watch your game for a while?"

"No, Waru-san. You are my guest.

So, let's begin."
>> No. 5414 edit
File 132000226350.png - (366.53KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 2.png )
"Kumasawa-san...", Gohda opened his eyes. He was so weak and feeling so pathetic because he couldn't do nothing to help Jessica an others. He could only try get an answer...

"...what do you know about this Beatrice? What are you talking about with Captain Kawabata? What kind of terrible secret lies in Kuwadorian?"

"Fine", Chesterton said, "let's open my all game theories."

"Siesta 00 cannot be the culprit, since she is Fantasy and she is not Beatrice. That purple of hers states truth."

"The only certain is they killed each other. Those who get 'captured', actually, may be accomplices/culprit or even maybe reached Kuwadorian for their own."

"That's the point. One of them may be Beatrice. Jessica is innocent. Rosa is alive, but I don't think she is the culprit. Even so, I will keep an eye open on her. Sayo-san probably reached Kuwadorian. Lion-san disappeared too. All my suspects are now separated from the group, even one or two accomplices may still with me."

"But the most important person, who KNOWS Beatrice, is in the front of my eyes."

"Yes, this is really incredible, huh? But I'm certain your Kumasawa-piece knows the human-Beatrice. Everything I need to do is ask. Yes. And she wants to tell someone this. She said in the Fantasy World: 'I need to tell our secret. I need it.'."

"More than a secret, I will unmask Beatrice. If Kumasawa doesn't know anymore, by part of Eriko-san's Trick to sustain the Game Board, I join the Final Pieces."


"I need to rescue Jessica-san, Sayo-san and others, please, tell me what you know!"
>> No. 5415 edit
File 132717240043.jpg - (76.60KB , 700x1113 , Virgilia\'s portrait.jpg )
"Kunkukukukuku... Kahahahahaha!! Let's see if your theories are right, Chess-kun!"

"........" Kumasawa breaths. "Then, it's time for our secret be revealed..."

"What are you talking about, Kumasawa-san?" Rosa asks.

"When you finish to eat, Gohda-san, please, met me in my room. You too, Rosa-san." Kumasawa goes away, waiting for both in her room.

Some time later, Gohda finishes his food, feeling with more energy. You and Rosa go to Kumasawa's room and knock.

"It's me and Gohda."

"Please, come in."

You get in her room. "So.... What do you wanna talk? What is this secret?"

Kumasawa turns around and looks at the window with sad eyes.

"This our secret... A secret between me and Kinzo.

It happened a long, long, long time ago. I don't remmeber how many time has been passed. For me, it passed just one second... Or even less than this. My memory still force me to remmember this with joy and sadness."

"Don't tell me tha--"

"Please, Rosa-san." Gohda says, very calm. "Let Kumasawa-san speak."

"Thank you, Gohda-san.

Now... Where I was? Ah, yes...

It happened when Kinzo and I were young. We fell in love. In a very deep love. I worked for him at that time, naturally. But this wasn't an obstacle. It never was.

However... Ushiromiya Family would never accept a relationship between furniture and a human. And so... Our love became a secret. The most dark and lovely secret.

And time passed very fast... Until... The elders found a wife for him. I still remmeber her name: Ajimu. Oh, Ajimu...

Polite, young, beatiful, rich, from a good family... She was perfect for Kinzo.

But Kinzo didn't love her. She was in love with me. And I was in love with him. She until told me that I was a witch... That I put a spell on him." Kumasawa laughs and goes to her wardrobe and open it.

There... Gohda and Rosa see... A portrait. Kumasawa in her young ages, dressed like a witch.

"I always loved to paint. It was my secre hobby. When Kinzo discover it, he insisted for me to paint one portrait of myself dressed like a Witch. He even bought for me that dress. Look. It's here in the wardrobe."

Kumasawa turned around, facing both of you. "Our only obstacle was Ajimu. Only her. The elders forced to Kinzo got married with her.

But before it, we had our last night of love. And then........... I got pregnant."

Kumasawa holds her tears and goes back to the window.

"Me and Kinzo reached same solution: Abort. Abort our child. This is the only thing I regret until now."

Kumasawa puts her hands on her belly. "Poor child... So innocent...

But I need to tell more: Hours before Kinzo days, I was the last person to talk with him. We talked about our days of love and he handed me a letter.

Then, he passed away. That letter contained his last letter of love for me. And contained a will."

"... Will?"

"Yes. That will gives me 6 tons of those 10 tons of Beatrice's gold. All that 6 tons are in a bank."

"So... If one of us solve the epitaph, we only gain 4 tons of gold!?"

"No. I'll give part of my gold. IF one of you solve Kinzo's epitaph. I can't counter his last wish.

That is my... No... That is my secret between me and Kinzo."
>> No. 5418 edit
File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
Gohda was moved. His tears didn't stop. Still, he calmed down.

"You really aborted, didn't you? Then, this 'Beatrice'... who is she? Why this name?"
>> No. 5420 edit
File 132707873018.png - (370.80KB , 608x1015 , kum_a11 serious 1.png )
"Unfortunatly, I did it. But I don't know who is Beatrice's identity. This is a mystery that all of us, together, need to solve. Three people died and other 6 are missing. And don't know what this Witch is capable of."

Rosa is still chocked. She never waited something like that form Kumasawa. If this is truth, about Kumasawa and Kinzo... Then...

"Kumasawa-san, do you want that we leave you alone?"

"Yes, thank you. I need to think alone by now."

"Ok." Rosa turns around. "Let's go to the Lobby (remmember: You are in Guest House, NOT in Main Building), Gohda-san. Everyone might be awake by now."
>> No. 5421 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"She doesn't tell what or where Kuwadorian is. Obviously, she knows the indentity of the Witch... because the Witch treat her like her mother and..."

Chesterton facepalmed himself.

"AH, OF COURSE! The child miraculously survived the abortion. So Kinzo built Kuwadorian to keep his child hiding from the rest of the Ushiromiya's Family! I am so dumb!"
>> No. 5422 edit
File 132717557894.png - (593.79KB , 752x1211 , wal_a11 bothered 1.png )

"Eriko, your laugh is inelegant." Virgilia says.

"OH REALLY? GYAHYAHYEAYHAUEHAUHUEUEHAYEA!! Kumasawa aborted Kinzo's child when she was, more or less, in her 1o month. It's impossible for a child survive! Not even a miracle can do this!

But that is a good theory, Chess-kun. *clap**clap**clap* Now, let's go back to our gameboard, right?"

((The second thread and the first part of Eriko's other game were deleted due to management of a spambot. If you wish to read them the archives are in the download below.))

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