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364 No. 364 edit
First Thread

The clock struck twelve.

The family conference was becoming tiresome. Argument after argument got everyone nowhere at all, and the adults just ended up going in circles. For the last few minutes, Krauss had stayed silent. Then, without warning, he stood up. "Just what is it that we are all so worried about?" He smiled at the other adults, who looked at him like they had no idea what he was talking about. "What do you think, Rosa? There's nothing to be scared of, right?"

Rosa looked neverous. "Krauss nii-san...this predicament is very bad for us. You understand that, right?"

Krauss only smiled more widely. "What predicament is it that you're talking about? I don't see anything worth being worried about." Rosa looked confused for another moment, then she snapped to a realization. "That's right. There's nothing to worry about. Because we never received any letter at all." Krauss walked over to the envelope that the family had received earlier.

"It's hard to believe that just a small piece of paper had us all shivering in our boots. How foolish." Krauss reached into his pocket for a moment, then drew something out. It appeared to be a lighter.

"Krauss-san!" Eva said. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not doing anything, Eva. Right now we are all in the middle of a civil discussion." Krauss flicked his lighter. A flame came forth. "Our discussion will end soon, and we'll all forget about this Beatrice person once and for all. Better yet, she was never hear at all." Krauss brought the envelope with all of the papers to the flame. It burnt quickly. The papers fell to the floor and Krauss stamped the flames out with his boot.

"Hold on," Rudolph said. "What if one of the servants knows about it?"

"If they knew about it, do you honestly think they would still be working like dogs? No, of course not. Unless a witch comes down and tells them for herself, they'll never be any wiser. And of course, that's impossible." Krauss smiled. "This family conference will resume in the morning. I hope you all support my decision."

"I support you, dear," Natsuhi said. Nobody else said anything, either. With the epitaph solved, they agreed that this was the most effective solution. The only thing that was left was to plan how the money would be divided among the siblings.

"Good. Goodnight, everyone. Sweet dreams."

(I'm not done yet. I'm writing in segments. I'll let you know when Amy wakes up.)
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File 129720990920.jpg - (246.48KB , 600x854 , zerochan_Umineko_No_Naku_Koro_Ni_176129.jpg )
The family conference may have been over for the night, but the day's most important event was just about to start for Rudolph. He sighed. He and Kyrie were just about to leave their guest room in the mansion. Kyrie had been trying to guess what he could possibly have to say, but she was surprisingly wrong in her guesses.

"At the very least, it should be able to wait until morning, right?"

"Nah. I've been putting this off for way too long. It's time I finally stopped running away from my past and faced it like a man. The sooner the better."

Kyrie thought his wording was very odd, but she said nothing. Rudolph opened the door to their room, and yelled.


Rudolph paused. "Oh, Kumasawa-san. You scared me."

Kumasawa chuckled. "Ohoho, I was just going to knock and see if their was anything you needed. I'm sorry for troubling you."

"Thanks, but we're fine. We were just about to head over to the guest house. Don't worry about umbrellas, we have our own." Rudolph smiled and motioned to the umbrellas that he was holding. "But thanks anyways."

Rudolph turned around towards Kyrie. "Hey, while she's here, is there anything that you think you—"

"Rudolph, watch out!" Kyrie ran forwards and tackled Rudolph to the ground. It was just in time. Just above them, a blue sword flew past. It had the words 'Smothered Mate' written on the side.

...Had Kumasawa just tried to attack him when his back was turned...?

He looked up from his position on the ground. Kumasawa was gone. In her place, there was some woman with straight gray hair and a calm demeanor. She spoke: "You skillfully avoided my attack this once. I am the witch Virgillia, I work under the Golden Witch, Beatrice."

Kyrie stood up. Of course, she knew better than to take this witch on directly. Rudolph was still on the ground, too stunned to do anything except for watch the scene play out in front of him. There was no way witches could exist, right?

Kyrie backed herself against a wall. There were multiple suitcases around her. "Our host doesn't even want to meet us herself? That's bad manners for a witch, isn't it?"

Virgillia smiled. "Beatrice-sama is quite occupied enough without having to work on something as trivial as the first twilight. All of the family is seperated, so no alibies can be confirmed. It's quite simple."

Kyrie fell on her knees and opened a suitcase. She had no idea what this woman was talking about, but she knew they could get out of this predicament if only she could stall her for a little bit longer...! "The first twilight? Does that have to do with father's epitaph?"
"You are wise, Kyrie-san. I have been instructed to sacrifice six victims in order to revive Beatrice-sama to her full power. I hope that you don't intend on pulling out a pocket knife or something else, by the way. Such simple toys mean nothing to a witch with as much power as Beatrice and I."

Suddenly, Rudolph snapped out of his trance and looked back towards Kyrie. It was as if he finally realized what she was trying to accomplish. Virgillia's smile dissappeared. She didn't like the implications of what was happening.

"No matter. I am to end this show quickly, due to Beatrice-sama's demands. I hope you understand." Several beams of light formed around Virgillia. It looked like she was preparing for another attack.

However, Kyrie didn't give her enough time to do so. She pulled out a large revolver from the suitcase, removed the safety, and pointed the barrel at Virgillia and pulled. Virgillia did not expect such a move. Then again, it made perfect sense. Rudolf was a western fanatic just like father. It was plausible that he brought the gun over to get on Father's good side and eventually settle the matters of the inheritance among them.

That wasn't what the gun was being used for now, though. The gun was used as a method of murder. Kyrie shot Virgillia straight through the head. The magic around her instantly dissappeared. Virgillia never even had a chance to speak. She fell to the floor, knowing that she had failed her master. Her body started glowing, and changed back to the form of Kumasawa.

Suddenly, Rudolph stood up. Tears were forming at his eyes. "K-kumasawa-san!" He ran up to her. "Oh god. We killed her. We killed Kumasawa. What have we done?" Rudolph started crying. It seemed that, throughout his years on Rokkenjima, he had kept a soft spot inside of him for the old maid.

Kyrie walked up to the corpse. "Don't worry, we didn't kill Kumasawa."

"The corpse is right there!"

"Still. I'm telling you, we didn't kill Kumasawa." Kyrie was as calm and composed as ever. Rudolf stopped crying and stood up.

He had enough faith in his wife. If she said they didn't kill Kumasawa, then she was right. Still, he wasn't happy about her death. "You were a good woman. You always told the best stories, too. It stinks that you never even got a last request. We'll make sure to give you a proper burial."

Kyrie looked at Rudolf. "This might be bad. I'm worried about Battler and the other children. If this strange woman appeared, then who knows who else may have shown themselves over there?"

Rudolf agreed, and the two rushed to the guest house without umbrellas. They didn't meet anyone on the way there. The rain soaked them head to toe.

When they arrived, Rudolf tried the door. However, it would not open no matter what he did. He turned to Kyrie. "It's locked!"

Kyrie closed her eyes. "Then that means there's only one way to get ourselves inside."

"What do you mean?"


A sudden gust of wind blew at them at that moment, and the two turned to golden butterflies and slipped through the cracks in the door.

When they formed inside, Rudolf saw that nobody was inside. He had no idea what was going on anymore, He just knew that he wanted Battler to be safe. He raced towards the steps...when he suddenly noticed the form of a small girl. He stooped dead in his tracks.

"...Greetings. This is the first time we have met, I believe. I am the witch of Miracles, Bernkast—" Before she could finish, Rudolf raised the pistol he took from Kyrie and pulled the trigger. But there was no effect. Somehow, the bullet missing, even though he shot from point blank! It truly was...a miracle.

"How rude," Bernkastel smiled, laughed, and consumed the whole room in a blue light, creating a loud BANG in the process. "Now, I wonder how I can have fun with you two...It's my turn to be the endless torturer, Beatrice!"
>> No. 366 edit
File 129721042136.jpg - (144.45KB , 200x470 , Battler (1).jpg )

Battler waited for the longest time at the guest house, waiting for his father and Kyrie-san to show up to talk to him about whatever it was that they wanted to say. However, they just weren't showing up. He had almost dozed off several times.

"I guess that old bastard forgot about me after all. It must not have been important, then." Battler grabbed his master key then went back up the stairs to the 'Detective's Room' as Erika called it. As she had said, the door was locked from the inside. Battler shrugged, and used his key to unlock the door...

When suddenly a huge bang erupted from downstairs.

A minute passed, and Battler decided that the crash had nothing to do with him. She shrugged once more, opened the door, then stepped inside. The room was pitch black. He closed the door, locked it from the inside, then placed his master key on a table.

He stumbled over to his bed. 'I wonder what dad and Kyrie-san are doing right now. Oh well. It's none of my concern.'
>> No. 367 edit
File 129721075525.jpg - (279.82KB , 966x1191 , zerochan_Claire_Bernardus_273689.jpg )
A golden Butterfly appears in the Detective's Room. The butterfly quickly turns into a human shape with white hair. The girl looks around the room sadly. "There is nothing I can do on this Rokkenjima. I have no part to play. But just like always, Battler will not believe in me. No matter what, he will not remember...I have given up on him. I am sorry."

Beatrice looked out of the window.

"Oh, I am one, yet I am many. I have no desire to play on this game board. I am but a piece with no moves available. I can only wish both sides the best of luck...and you too, Ushiromiya Battler."

The woman quickly dissappeared as if she was never there at all.


Amy-san stirs in her bed. Her head hurts like crazy. The area around her is pitch black.

Rooks advance. Your move, Rosa.

>> No. 368 edit
Who is in the room right now?
>> No. 369 edit
File 129721569392.jpg - (148.64KB , 200x470 , Bernkastel.jpg )
"Nuh-uh, no supernatural investigating. The area is dark. See for yourself~"
>> No. 370 edit

I get up and look around the room. Who do I find?
>> No. 371 edit
It's too dark to see anything. You know where the light switch is, though.
>> No. 372 edit

I turn the light in the room on, then look around the room. Who do I see?
>> No. 373 edit
File 12972170987.png - (366.79KB , 640x480 , 1283700728.png )
Would you hate me if I said the light switch didn't work? Nah, just kidding.

You get up from bed. Your head hurts, and you stumble to the light switch and flick it on. The light blinds you for a few moments, and when you look around the room you see a terrible sight...!

There are six corpses inside of the room! The people are Rudolf, Kyrie, Kumasawa, Maria, Jessica, and George! The first three died from bullet wonds to their skulls, while the last three appear to have died from being beaten to death by a blunt object. Their bodies were bruised and some of their skin was torn up. Blood is spilled all over the floor. It is truly...a murder scene, worthy of the Golden Witch, Beatrice.

The light wakes up Battler and Erika almost instantly. Battler rubs his eyes, but when he sees the sight in front of him he literally jumps out of bed. Battler lets out a loud roar in the air. Then, he begins screaming: "Aaaaagh, what the hell?! George, Jessica! Who did this to you? Maria-chan, why? You're only nine years old, you have so much to live for! Dad, you old bastard! Why'd you have to get killed? You even brought Kyrie-san with you! And...Kumasawa? You weren't a bad person at all! Why? Why did all of you have to diiiieeeeee?! Battler lets another roar out into the room, then breaks out in tears.

Erika doesn't let Battler see, but she is smirking. It seems that she is more than ready to solve this mystery. She looks at you in the eyes and grins. It seems that she plans on challenging you.

Battler checks the corpse's pulses. "Dead...they're all dead...who the fuck could have done this?" Battler looks up at you. "What the hell happened? I locked the door from the inside last night! Who could have gotten in? Why did they all die? Someone, get Dr. Nanjo!" Battler continues weping over the deaths of his loved ones. Some blood is smeared on his clothes. But even though it's a gruesome scene, he doesn't look away.

He's too sad to be scared.
>> No. 374 edit
Status on the windows and the door.

If you won't give me it, I'll just go and look at all of them myself.
>> No. 375 edit
File 129721832791.jpg - (48.29KB , 640x480 , rokkenjima-guest-house-close-up.jpg )
You look at the cousin's room window. It is still broken, and the seal remains.

The cousin's door is locked from the inside. Two master keys are on the inside of the room.

Every window you check is still broken and sealed.

You check the front door. It still appears broke. Oddly, it is now sealed from the inside using some kind of super glue along the cracks. You can't budge it.
>> No. 376 edit
Hmm.. Well this is a puzzler. The window couldn't have been used, and the door couldn't have been used.

I'll go get Nanjo from his room.
>> No. 377 edit
File 129722058869.jpg - (5.08KB , 160x160 , nanjo.jpg )
Of course. You gave me a challenge by trying to defend the guest house, and I took it with open arms. Ready to accept magic?

You get Nanjo from his room. He asks you what is happening. He hears Battler's cries.
>> No. 378 edit
Nope; no magic. I have a few ideas as to how it was done. And a few likely suspects.

"Nanjo-sensei why are you still here in this room?"
>> No. 379 edit
"I was asleep. The rooms in the guest house are sound proof unless you knock on the doors, or, of course, the doors are open."

What he's saying about the rooms is true.
>> No. 380 edit
"You have to come quick Nanjo-sensei something horrible has happened!"
>> No. 381 edit
File 12972217153.jpg - (5.40KB , 240x135 , nanjo-240x135.jpg )
Nanjo nervously nods, and follows you back to the cousin's room. When he sees the sight, his eyes widen. "Battler-san, step aside!" Nanjo rushes up to each victim and does a check.

He pauses. "I'm so sorry...they are dead. But, doesn't that mean they were murdered? Someone, call the main house. The family needs to know about this." When Nanjo examins Kumasawa's body, a tear drops from his eye as well. He quickly regains his composure.
>> No. 382 edit
Request: Nanjo's statement is true and these 6 are indeed dead.
>> No. 383 edit
File 129722195389.png - (75.02KB , 604x453 , 75378-TrollFace.png )
Now why would I confirm something like that? It would only damage your detective pride by having to go for supernatural means. I refuse.
>> No. 384 edit
Fine I check the corpses myself. Are the living or dead.
>> No. 385 edit
How do you plan on doing that? Well, you can't feel a pulse on any of the victims.
>> No. 386 edit
Alright I'll go to the nearest phone and pick it up, and call the main house.
>> No. 387 edit
File 129722302370.jpg - (30.43KB , 646x537 , 17.jpg )
You pick up the phone in the detective's room...and there is no dial tone.

On the table the phone is on, however, you see a letter.
>> No. 388 edit
Was that letter in the room when I woke up?
>> No. 389 edit
It was, but you asked about bodies, not letters and stuff.
>> No. 390 edit
I'll tell everyone about the letter before openning it and reading it out loud.
>> No. 391 edit
File 129730335192.png - (197.91KB , 320x480 , umineko-portrait1.png )
Greeting, Uninvited Guests,

Welcome again to Rokkenjima. I hope you find your stay here pleasant yet intellectual. By now you have probably noticed the first six corpses of my sacrifice. Don't bother getting Nanjo, those corpses are long dead. Also, there is something very important that I urge you to remember:

This crime was done by magic.

You seem to fancy yourselves as detectives. Rather than trying to solve something that is impossible, you should be praising my name and begging me not to make you sacrifices. When the
typhoon passes, a boat will probably come. The police will come as well.

Even the seagulls that enliven the docks will return.

That's right, when the police come, they will resolve everything.

Even if you do nothing, when the seagulls cry, everything.

That is, if even one of them is left alive when the seagulls cry...

What is expected from you is neither a search for the culprit nor detective work.

When will you believe in me?

That is all that matters.

If you want to do some detective work, go ahead.

If you believe that there is an answer, go and continue to search.

This is eternal torture that will not end until you can believe in witches. The culprit is a witch. All alibis and tricks are magic. This is not a mystery, but fantasy!

I want to see you surrender and say that while crying bitter tears.

Dr. Nanjo spoke: "We're all going...to die?"
>> No. 392 edit
File 129730602560.png - (166.57KB , 578x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
"No don't worry Nanjo-sensei. This isn't magic by any means. It is a trick, and the culprit is a human. Erika and myself will find the culprit. We won't let another incident happen, but first we must get out of the guesthouse and go over to the main house."

I request the following information. A discrition of the windows lock before and after we broke them.
>> No. 393 edit
The windows were all locked when you broke them. They were unable to be opened when you broke them.

Suddenly, you notice a small slip of paper fall out of the envelope.
>> No. 394 edit
File 12973078419.png - (156.45KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
Well that cuts off one of the things I thought of.

I'll pick up and read the slip of paper, though not out loud.
>> No. 395 edit
If you want to see real magic, go to the chapel.


>> No. 396 edit
I read the note aloud and convience everyone to head over to the chapel. We break a window on the first floor to leave the guesthouse, and head over to the chapel.
>> No. 397 edit
Erika suggests that she go over to the mansion and tell the family what happened while you investigate the chapel.
>> No. 398 edit
We head over to the main house then.
>> No. 399 edit
Battler stops. "Hold on, What if Beatrice is in the chapel? We're losing our chance to capture her! I say we split up."
>> No. 400 edit
Request: Can I be killed in this game?
>> No. 401 edit
There must be a detective, and they must detect. Amy cannot die due to another human's actions.
>> No. 402 edit
Alright then. I'll go with Battler to the chapel.
>> No. 403 edit
File 129737532889.jpg - (108.57KB , 640x479 , umineko-ep-5-battler-seeing-kinzo.jpg )
You and Battler arrive at the chapel. He looks at you.

"Amy-san, we need to be careful. This could be a trap set up by the culprit. Wait, isn't the door to the chapel always locked?"

You don't notice anything suspcious outside of the chapel. It is too dark to see inside.
>> No. 404 edit
"Battler-san don't worry, as long as well stay together and I go first you'll be fine."

I try the door is it locked?
>> No. 405 edit
The door is not locked. It opens without too much of a problem. Nothing appears out of place at the very entrance.
>> No. 406 edit
Alright I ask Battler to follow me inside. With him walking right behind me. However I ask him to face towards the door as we walk inside, so that no one can sneak up on us.
>> No. 407 edit
File 12973766932.jpg - (13.24KB , 500x281 , 1250699669073.jpg )
You two do so. As you enter, Battler closes the door behind him. The door slams shut, and battler sees words written in red paint on the door: HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOR MARIA.

A few seconds later, a small candy falls onto the ground. "W...where did that come from?" Another one falls. Then several at once, and soon it's raining candies in the chapel! They pelt your and Battler's heads like rocks. Each one stings like hell.

You and Battler look around, but it's too dark to tell if anyone's inside. What is happening here? Could it really be magic?!
>> No. 408 edit
File 129737714376.png - (136.30KB , 510x480 , amy_ikaria1a.png )
"Are you stupid or something! Why did you close the door! Now we can't see, open the door this instant!"
>> No. 409 edit
File 129737731781.jpg - (11.04KB , 480x360 , battler.jpg )
"What if the culprit has a rifle or something and was planning to snipe us?! I'm protecting us!" Candies continue to hit your head. Annoyed, Battler opens the door. The candies slowly stop falling. The last one lands at your feet.
>> No. 410 edit
File 129737762473.png - (147.02KB , 564x480 , amy_majimea4.png )
"That was why I had you face the other way so that wouldn't happen. No one could snipe us with a rifle from that distance. And if they got into range where they could actually hit us, you would see them. If you're that scared of getting shot stand in the corner, where it isn't possible for them to hit you unless they use magic."

I look up at the ceiling what do I see?
>> No. 411 edit
Nothing, the ceiling is bare.
>> No. 412 edit
File 129737867677.png - (107.67KB , 493x480 , amy_niramua1.png )

I look up at where the candies are falling from, what do I see?
>> No. 413 edit
You have no idea where the candy was coming from. You look all around, but find nothing out of the ordinary besides the candy of the floor~
>> No. 414 edit
File 129737762473.png - (147.02KB , 564x480 , amy_majimea4.png )
I examine the area around the door, then I ask for Battler to give me a boost so I can examime the top of the door, do I find anything?
>> No. 415 edit
There is nothing usuaual about the door. Everything looks and feels as it should.
>> No. 416 edit
I close the door.
>> No. 417 edit
As you close the door, you feel the walls vibrate a bit. Nothing else happens.
>> No. 418 edit
So there is nothing unsual anywhere in the chapel that I can see?
>> No. 419 edit
File 129738443214.jpg - (116.58KB , 1024x724 , Konachan_com-55453-frederica_bernkastel-lolita_fas.jpg )
Nothing at all...


A figure appears in the meta-world. It is the witch of miracles, Bernkastel.

"Amy-san, do you remember when I said you had to shoot the person if you couldn't create an alternate theory? I'll start now. The Golden Witch Beatrice is the culprit. She made the candy appear with her magic.
Since it's not a murder, I'll use the red freely here to help a bit~."

"Bernkastel!" Ange yells. "This wasn't the dea-" Ange suddenly dissappears.[/b]


Without warning, a blue chain wraps itself around your body and hand. A gun materializes in your hand. Time completely freezes. The faded form of Beatrice is in front of you. If you do not make another theory, you will have to shoot this invisible being.

Good luck.
>> No. 422 edit
File 129738531052.png - (168.29KB , 555x480 , Amy_akuwaraia6.png )
"Alright, Bernkastel. Let's rumble. There is a small hole in ceiling. I couldn't see it because it is small and the ceiling is high. Anyone could have done it."
>> No. 423 edit
File 129738532546.jpg - (31.88KB , 225x350 , 89678.jpg )
"No openings exist in the chapel besides the windows and door."

A red chain slowly wraps itself around your neck.
>> No. 424 edit
File 12973078419.png - (156.45KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"Battler or myself triggered a trap which caused the candy to fall from above. It dropped all the candy and therefore I didn't see anything when I looked up since all the candy already dropped.
>> No. 425 edit
File 129721569392.jpg - (148.64KB , 200x470 , Bernkastel.jpg )
You fight the red chain, but Bernkastel still tries to grip it tighter.

"There were no mechanical traps inside of the chapel.
>> No. 426 edit
File 129738531052.png - (168.29KB , 555x480 , Amy_akuwaraia6.png )
"Mechanical? When did I say that? I wasn't thinking machanical at all. I was thinking string, thread, wire, fishing line, rope, or anything like that."
>> No. 427 edit
File 129738671761.jpg - (6.76KB , 160x160 , 344336_1261312771630_160.jpg )
"Foolish human. You underestimate the powers of my miracles. There was no string, thread, wire, fishing line, rope, or anything like that inside of the chapel at any point!"
>> No. 428 edit
File 129738705089.png - (164.41KB , 574x480 , Amy_akuwaraia2.png )
"Battler simply threw the candy up into the air while I wasn't looking.
>> No. 429 edit
"...That is an effective blue truth. For now."


Time resumes on the game board.
>> No. 430 edit
File 129737762473.png - (147.02KB , 564x480 , amy_majimea4.png )
I request the following infomation. Was and candy on the floor before we entered?
>> No. 431 edit
The candy was not on the floor before you entered.
>> No. 432 edit
File 12973886711.png - (111.28KB , 519x480 , amy_akirea2.png )
<Good, Good> Next question, 'There is only 1 culprit and each trick must be played by that 1 culprit, the culprit is allowed to have an accomplice, but they can't preform a trick themself.' Repeat that.
>> No. 433 edit
File 129721569392.jpg - (148.64KB , 200x470 , Bernkastel.jpg )
"Hmm, do I respond? No, I'll refuse. However, a culprit is responsible for the falling candy. Not a potential accomplice." By the way, if there are multiple culprits, you win if you shoot any of them."
>> No. 434 edit
a culprit is responsible for the falling candy. Not a potential accomplice.
>> No. 435 edit
File 129738531052.png - (168.29KB , 555x480 , Amy_akuwaraia6.png )
So if I make some one become a culprit I can just shoot them and win right~
>> No. 436 edit
Not exactly. If you shoot incorrectly, I can repeat that that person wasn't the culprit in red, and you will be caught in an eternal logic error.

If you mean forcing one human to kill another, that won't work. The motive must be personal. Without a motive, somoene will not kill.
>> No. 437 edit
File 12973886711.png - (111.28KB , 519x480 , amy_akirea2.png )
I see, I wasn't thinking of it like that, but it isn't important. I'm not doing to do it anyway.

Alright I check over all the windows, are all of them locked, and can they only be locked from the inside?
>> No. 438 edit
Correct. The windows are locked, and they can only be locked from the inside.
>> No. 439 edit
Alright Battler and I will head back to the main house now.
>> No. 440 edit
File 129739235916.png - (220.79KB , 300x450 , 141512-battler_large.png )
You and Battler start walking back the the main house.

"I don't get it," Battler says. "I just don't get it at all! First we get that murder in the guest house, then that crazy show with candy? I...don't want to think that the culprit is one of the 18, but how else could they have sealed the guest house door? Could they have used a secret passage?" Battler shakes his dead in frustration.
>> No. 441 edit
(Note that when Battler says 18, he says that because he naturally doesn't consider you two as viable culprits.)
>> No. 442 edit
"Battler-san, I don't know. I really don't know. I'm just as confused as you are? In fact I don't even remember what happened after I suddenly fell asleep."
>> No. 443 edit
Battler is silent. You two reach the main house, then go inside the front doors.

"Ahh, hello Battler-san, Amy-san." Erika is there. "I told everyone about the unfortunate incident, and they were quite upset, so they all went to their rooms. Don't worry. using my sensetive hearing, I confirmed that each survivor went to their respective rooms, and that there is no more than two people in any rooms. Furthermore, I sealed all of the room's windows."
>> No. 445 edit
I'll whisper to Erika. "What are you trying to do, tempt the culprit by going setting up groups of two? Anyway what are the list, and where are the rooms."
>> No. 447 edit
"Of course. Using my method, we should be able to find the culprit easily once he makes his move. All of the rooms the survivors went in are on the second floor. With all of us parolling, nobody should be able to leave from their doors without us noticing."
>> No. 448 edit
"Erika, did you seal the windows before the people went inside. Or did you have them go inside and then went around sealing the windows?"
>> No. 450 edit
"Do you think I'm a fool? All of the survivors except for me, you, Battler, and possibly Kinzo were inside of their rooms when I taped the windows."
>> No. 451 edit
Who is together in rooms?
>> No. 461 edit
"...I'm not sure. I didn't check with my own eyes which room each person went in."
>> No. 462 edit
So you won't tell me GE..

I'll head up with Battler to Kinzo's study.
>> No. 463 edit
You reach Kinzo's study. However, the door is locked. It looks quite sturdy.
>> No. 467 edit
I knock on the door. And then call out that Beatrice is here.
>> No. 468 edit
There is no response...
>> No. 469 edit
Alright; Battler and I will head to one of the rooms. However I have Battler stay outside with Erika.
>> No. 470 edit

An empty room, or a room with people?
>> No. 471 edit
One of the rooms with people.
>> No. 721 edit
Sorry I've been absent. Consider the game resumed as of tomorrow afternoon.
>> No. 1145 edit
File 12973078419.png - (156.45KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
Wow, I didn't notice this until now.

I'm still interested in continuing GreatEqualizer, if you are. It was a lot of fun.
>> No. 1159 edit
File 130167170832.jpg - (22.97KB , 261x400 , Dlanor_cool.jpg )
I'm not against continuing. We're almost getting to the good part, after all.
>> No. 1160 edit
File 130232310881.png - (158.62KB , 575x471 , amy_waraia4.png )
Awesome. I can't wait.
>> No. 1161 edit
I'm still here, if you still bother to check this. We need better system.
>> No. 1162 edit
T-this site looks p-promising~
>> No. 1830 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
As said before I head to one of the rooms with 2 people in them. Hmm.. If they are all on 1 floor I check the first room I see. If they are on different floors. I go see the people on the second floor first.

I ask Battler and Erika to wait outside while I go inside.
>> No. 1831 edit
File 131138683637.jpg - (115.71KB , 1280x720 , eva.jpg )
To reiterate:


Everyone alive(with the exception of you, Battler, Erika, and Kinzo) are all on the second floor inside their rooms

You knock on one of the doors. Eva and Hideyoshi are inside the room. Eva only cracks the door. The chain is set.

"Ah, Furudo-san... It's terrible, Battler told us six people were murdered...Even, even..." Sobs came from Eva. It was apparent she had been crying for some time. "The phone lines are out. Everyone insisted on splitting up until we found our bearings." Eva figures that even if you are the culprit, you are no threat. "Would you like to come inside? It's not safe out there."
>> No. 1832 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
I step inside the room and looked all around the room checking every corner before asking Eva and Hideyoshi some questions.

"Eva-san, Hideyoshi-san. Did you notice anything strange last night? I want to find the culprit who did such an awful thing and put them to justice. I'm sure you do as well, for what they did."


Going back to your statement above. We could make sure that no matter how busy we get, we make an least 1 post a day. That way even if the game slows down, it won't stop like before.
>> No. 1833 edit
File 13113883556.png - (340.03KB , 640x480 , Game1.png )
You find nothing unusual in the room.

"I don't remember anything out of the ordinary," Hideyoshi says. "The conference ended earlier than expected and everyone went back to their rooms."

"The culprit could be any of them," Eva says. "But my George! Who would want to hurt my George?"
>> No. 1834 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"What did you talk about during the conference. Please be detailed even the slightest detail may turn out to be a clue."
>> No. 1835 edit
File 131139007394.png - (337.50KB , 640x480 , game2.png )
"I- I'm afraid I can't disclose that. It doesn't matter. What I can say is that we came up with a solution that works out best for everyone. Or...it would have."
>> No. 1836 edit
File 131139070575.png - (134.02KB , 576x480 , amy_akuwaraia1.png )
"Obviously someone didn't approve. Please tell me about the agreement. If you don't you could be letter your son's killer right through own fingers."
>> No. 1837 edit
>> No. 1838 edit
File 131139126254.png - (340.95KB , 640x480 , game3.png )
"Eva-san, let's just tell her. We were going to have this conversation with her anyway--"
"--with Natsuhi-san and Krauss-nii-san. This is a very delicate matter! The future of the Ushiromiya family depends on it. It's my duty to make sure it's carried on, since...George couldn't live to see it happen."
>> No. 1839 edit
File 131139218363.png - (139.88KB , 576x480 , amy_ikaria1.png )
"It is sad, that you both don't even care about your son. It seems you don't even care. DO YOU WANT THE MURDERER TO GET AWAY!"
>> No. 1840 edit
File 131139366431.png - (345.79KB , 640x480 , game4.png )
Eva took a moment to pause, then she started sobbing. "What difference does it make?! George...my George is dead!"

She continued to sob while Hideyoshi comforted her.

"We siblings all agreed that the order to distribute the gold among the servants should be ignored. Father wasn't mentally stable at the time of writing that letter, but we have no way of proving that to the courts. We thought it would be fine if no one were to know about it... George, I'm sorry if my greed somehow got you killed. I'm sorry! George!"
>> No. 1841 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
"I see. But you have to understand that while no we can't bring George back. He is dead. But do you the person who killed him to just get away with it? Don't you think George deserves that his killer be caught? Now when did you last see Rudolf, Kyrie and Kumasawa?"
>> No. 1842 edit
Hideyoshi spoke: "We last saw Rudolf and Kyrie when we were seperating from the meeting. As for Kumasawa, we sent the servants away when the meeting started. You'd do better asking the other servants about that."
>> No. 1843 edit
File 131139756834.png - (135.52KB , 574x480 , amy_niramua1.png )
"I just have one more question. Of anyone who do you think committing this crime? And why?"
>> No. 1844 edit
File 131138683637.jpg - (115.71KB , 1280x720 , eva.jpg )
"It has to be those servants! I wouldn't put it past them killing one of their own just to make themselves look suspicious. They have access to the master keys, after all."
>> No. 1845 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"I see.. I however. I haven't different thoughts on who the culprit is. Thank you for answering some of my questions. Goodbye."

I leave the room and then take Battler and Erika with me to the next room. I knock on the door.
>> No. 1846 edit
You try the next door. It is an empty room. You check several rooms, and they are all empty. Finally, about four doors down from Eva and Hideyoshi's room, on a different hall, you find a locked door.
>> No. 1847 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
I ask Erika what Battler has been doing while I've been doing all this.
>> No. 1848 edit
Erika tells you that Battler hasn't been doing anything out of the ordinary.
>> No. 1849 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
Alright then. I'll knock on the locked door and called out to the people inside.
>> No. 1850 edit
File 131156376417.jpg - (110.02KB , 200x470 , Nanjo (1).jpg )
Someone answers from the other side.


It is Dr. Nanjo.
>> No. 1851 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"Dr. Nanjo would you mind letting me in. I would like to ask you some questions."

I pause.

"Actually hold that thought. I'll be right back I have to ask Eva-san something really quick. Please make sure you keep your door locked until I come back. Don't open it for any one except me."

I rush back to Eva and Hideyoshi's room. I knock on the door and call out to them.
>> No. 1852 edit
File 131156497575.jpg - (6.52KB , 163x216 , eva2.jpg )
Erika follows you, with Battler satying in front of Nanjo's door as a precaution.

Eva cracks open the door. The chain isn't set. "Yes, Furudo-san? Did you forget something?"
>> No. 1853 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"Yes I wanted to ask you about tape seals."
>> No. 1854 edit
"Oh? Do you want me to show you how to make them?" Eva finds a small role of tape.
>> No. 1855 edit
File 131156665389.png - (136.79KB , 577x480 , amy_akuwaraia2.png )
"Yes thank you. I also heard that you made some. Could you tell me about those as well."
>> No. 1856 edit
"Hmm...I suppose it's alright, now. I placed a seal on the head's door last night. Also, I did something quite reckless. I went to the next room over and scaled the window just to place another one on his window. Don't make a role model out of me, Furudo-san. Anyways, the truth is that we've suspected Father has been dead for quite some time. I was going to investigate today to make sure."
>> No. 1857 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"I see. Thank you so much for that piece of information."

I leave and head back to Nanjo's door. I'll knock on it once again and call out for Nanjo.
>> No. 1858 edit
Nanjo opens the door. You can see someone behind him.

"Yes, Furudo-san?"
>> No. 1859 edit
"Nanjo-sensei. May I come inside?"
>> No. 1860 edit
File 131173383824.jpg - (9.79KB , 200x245 , nanjo2.jpg )
Battler is in front of the door.

"Ahh, yes. You may come in now, Furudo-san."

You hear the click of a lock.
>> No. 1861 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
I'll ask Battler to move, so I can step inside.
>> No. 1862 edit
Battler steps aside and waits by the door while you head inside. Erika walks in after you.

In the room, you see Dr. Nanjo. He appears to be treating Shannon, who is passed out on the bed.
>> No. 1863 edit
File 131173667796.png - (139.12KB , 576x480 , amy_odorokia2.png )
"Is she going to be alright Nanjo-sensei?"
>> No. 1864 edit
File 131156376417.jpg - (110.02KB , 200x470 , Nanjo (1).jpg )
"Yes, yes. I'm doing all that I can to help her. It seems she fell into an even deeper stage of sickness."
>> No. 1865 edit
File 131139756834.png - (135.52KB , 574x480 , amy_niramua1.png )
"I see. I know this probably isn't the best time to talk about this. But what do you know about the murders? Who do you think did them? Why do you think they did them? How do you think they did them?"
>> No. 1866 edit
File 131173811456.png - (4.90KB , 276x195 , Nanjo (1).png )
"I performed an autopsy on the bodies after I woke up. I could tell they died sometime last night, but autopsy is not my specialty. I can't be exact. I'm not sure who to suspect. It seems like everyone lost someone-- Battler's family lost two members. Krauss-san's family lost a member. Eva'san's family lost a member. Rosa-san lost her daughter. Even the servant's lost someone precious. Rudolf, Kyrie, and Kumasawa seemed to die from bullet holes or spear shaped objects in their foreheads. Maria, Jessica, and George died from being beaten to death by a blunt object. The rooms were sound proof, so I'm afraid I didn't hear anything..."
>> No. 1867 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
"So you would you say that no one would commit this crime?"
>> No. 1868 edit
File 131174162179.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
the witch did it
>> No. 1869 edit
File 131174205252.jpg - (43.75KB , 320x200 , 3terumasa.jpg )
"It's not right to jump to conclusions. I know that especially from my line of work...but, wasn't there a note left this morning by someone with the name 'Beatrice'? Even if she isn't a witch, there could be a person we aren't aware of on the island."
>> No. 1870 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"I see thank you for your time."

I'll leave and check more rooms for people.
>> No. 1871 edit
You come across a locked door.
>> No. 1872 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
I'll knock and call out to see if anyone is inside.
>> No. 1873 edit
This time, there is no answer at the door. Battler walks up to it and knocks harder. There is no answer. "Could it just be an extra room that the servants locked up?"

"No," Erika said. "I'm not sure who's supposed to be in this room, but I know I placed duct tape on the window. Someone was inside."
>> No. 1874 edit
File 131139070575.png - (134.02KB , 576x480 , amy_akuwaraia1.png )
Alright I try and use my master key to open the door.
>> No. 1875 edit
Your key opens the door, and you walk inside with Erika.

There doesn't appear to be anyone in the room.
>> No. 1876 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
Erika and I will examine the room thoroughly. All the while I'll keep a watchful eye on Battler.
>> No. 1877 edit
File 131174730930.jpg - (6.29KB , 305x165 , letter.jpg )
You search the room.

You find only two things that seem to be important. One is Kanon's hat. The other is a letter. It seems to be a note written by someone.
>> No. 1878 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
I'll examine Kanon's hat, and then read the letter out loud to Erika and myself.
>> No. 1879 edit
File 131174826551.png - (111.88KB , 499x480 , troll.png )
There is nothing out of the ordinary about the hat.

The letter reads:

"Dear members of the Ushiroymiya family,

I have decided to borrow Kanon for my ritual.
I apologize for any inconvenience it might bring you.
Please take his hat as a token to remember him by.
Beatrice, Witch in Gold."

>> No. 1880 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"Erika who was supposed to be with Kanon?"
>> No. 1881 edit
"I- I'm not sure. It's possible that he went to thsi room himself. We should gather everyone and start an interrogation."
>> No. 1882 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"Alright, you and Battler go and gather Eva, Hideyoshi, Shannon, and Nanjo into the parlor. I'll gather the others."
>> No. 1883 edit
File 13117850137.png - (287.98KB , 640x480 , gohda.png )
Battler and Erika do as you say. They gather Shannon and Nanjo in a hallway and tell them to wait. He also tries a door nearby that location, but it's locked and nobody inside is answering. He decides to worry about gathering the survivors for now.

Then, they go knock on Eva and Hideyoshi's door. One Eva opens the door, they explain the situtation to them, about Kanon's hat and the letter. Then they lead them back to where Shannon and Nanjo were, and wait for you.

You search a hallway you haven't checked before. In one room, you knock, and Gohda and Genji open the door.
>> No. 1884 edit
Correction: The former group moves the the first floor parlor, as you requested.
>> No. 1885 edit
File 13117872816.png - (11.71KB , 768x432 , Hallway.png )
Just thought I'd leave this here.
>> No. 1886 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
I'll ask them the same questions I asked Nanjo.

What do you know about the murders?
Who they think the culprit could be?
Why they did it?
How they did them?

And also.

Who would kidnap Kanon?
And for what reason?
>> No. 1887 edit
"K-kanon-kun was kidnapped?" Gohda asked.

Genji spoke: "We know very little about the murders. Erika-san briefly spoke to us and said that it was the children, Kyrie-sama, Rudolf-sama, and Kumasawa-san who were killed. You probably know more about their injuries than we do.

As for who did it, I'm afraid I don't have the faintest idea."

"It couldn't be the which in the portrait, could it?" Gohda asked.

"In any case, the phone lines are down, and our radio doesn't seem to be working, so we couldn't contact the police. I can't imagine why Kanon-san would be kidnapped, either. I suspect that he had some kind of information that the ulprit didn't want anyone to know about."
>> No. 1888 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
Alright I'll ask them to go to the parlor with the others.

Afterward I'll head to one of the locked doors. (The one not by anyone else's door)
>> No. 1889 edit
You walk over to the locked door. You can hear someone pacing inside.
>> No. 1890 edit
I'll knock on the door and call out to the people inside.
>> No. 1891 edit
File 131182088677.jpg - (97.33KB , 1270x716 , rosa.jpg )
The door opens. Rosa is standing there. It appears that she's been crying. "Oh...Furudo-san, can I help you?"
>> No. 1892 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"Rosa-san may I come in I would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind."
>> No. 1893 edit
Rosa allows you to come inside.
>> No. 1894 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
Is only Rosa inside?
>> No. 1895 edit
File 131187794496.png - (457.09KB , 640x480 , rosa1.png )
Rosa is in the room alone.
>> No. 1896 edit
File 131139756834.png - (135.52KB , 574x480 , amy_niramua1.png )
"Rosa-san. I know it must be hard. But I would like to ask you a few questions. I don't know about you, but I would like to make the killer pay for their crimes."
>> No. 1897 edit
File 131187863231.png - (455.64KB , 640x480 , rosa2.png )
"Furudo-san...I'm not a good person. Long ago, Maria's father left me, proving my failure as a lover. And my sins as a mother are too many to count. However, if there's a chance I can avenge Maria at all, I will take it. What are your questions?"
>> No. 1898 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
I'll ask Rosa.

What do you know about the murders?
Who they think the culprit could be?
Why they did it?
How they did them?

And also.

Who would kidnap Kanon?
And for what reason?
>> No. 1899 edit
File 131187794496.png - (457.09KB , 640x480 , rosa1.png )
"It was Jessica, George, and my Maria, wasn't it? Rudolf-san, Kyrie-san, and Kumasawa-san as well. I can't believe it. The children and Kumasawa were completely innocent. Rudolf-san and Kyrie-san may have acted greedy, but we all did. And none of them deserved this.

I feel like the servants are the most suspicious with their master keys, but I think the other siblings might be just as likely. For example...what if one of the six was actually faking their death? I know that's awful to think about, but still.

I think money would be the primary motive. Now that we know where the gold is hidden, someone may have want to be greedy enough to get all of it. Although I don't understand. There should have been enough for everyone.

I'm not sure how it could have been done. I didn't even get to hear the cause of death. I wonder...

I had no idea Kanon-kun was kidnapped. Although, that sounds pretty unlikely to me. What if he's the culprit, and he's watching us from the shadows, ready to strike?

Furudo-san...I have a question for you, as well. Do you think that Maria knew...in her last moments...that I lo-...Never mind, this isn't something I should be talking to a guest about."
>> No. 1900 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"She did Rosa-san. Maria knew you loved her, and she loved you too. Now if you don't mind could you head down to the parlor. I want to gather everyone for some questioning."
>> No. 1901 edit
She starts to leave, then stopped. "I'm sorry. I was supposed to be paired up with Kanon-kun, but I didn't trust him. If he's truly dead...then this is another sin that is mine to carry." She leaves the room.

What will you do next?
>> No. 1902 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
I'll head to the last locked door and knock and called out to the people inside.
>> No. 1903 edit
Nobody answers the door. You don't hear anything inside. Everything is quiet.
>> No. 1904 edit
I'll use my master key and open the door.
>> No. 1905 edit
File 13118934377.png - (296.84KB , 640x480 , second.png )
You walk inside the room, and you see a terrifying sight on the floor! Both Krauss and his wife, Natushi, have blood dripping from their face and necks! Next to them, you see a large, sturdy vase covered in blood. This was...probably the murder weapon. You see a shelf nearby where someone could have grabbed it from.

Both of their faces are only have crushed, so you can clearly tell who the faces belong to. There's no mistaking that this is really Krauss and Natsuhi. In addition, they both appear to have slices of on their necks, with thick, dark blood running from them. The witch was probably torturing them for quite some time. It is a truly gruesome murder scene.

The room is a complete reck. Even though apparently nobody heard anything, it appears that furniture was knocked over, drawers were opened and searched, with clothes discarded everywhere. A make-up kit and various clothes lay discarded on the bed.

On Kruass's chest, with small drops of blood, there is an envelope. You can practically feel a sneer coming from it.
>> No. 1906 edit
>> No. 1907 edit
I'll search the room before picking up the envelope and then heading to the parlor.
>> No. 1908 edit
File 131189542892.png - (386.06KB , 640x480 , battler.png )
You search the room, but you find nothing beyond what was mentioned. You pick up the envelope and you start to head out of the door when you meet Battler.

"Ahh, Amy-san. I was getting worried, so-- wait, Krauss-oji-san? Natush-ba-san? What the hell happened here?! You...you killed them?!"
>> No. 1909 edit
File 131139218363.png - (139.88KB , 576x480 , amy_ikaria1.png )
"Don't be stupid. Let's head to the parlor."
>> No. 1910 edit
File 131189601816.png - (356.40KB , 640x480 , battler2.png )
"R-right, we have to go get Dr. Nanjo to check them! Then we should all gather up and search for Kanon. There's a chance he could still be alive somewhere!"
>> No. 1911 edit
File 131156665389.png - (136.79KB , 577x480 , amy_akuwaraia2.png )
"Sorry, but that won't be happening."

I shut the door and lock it. I then destroy the knob with my hammer.

"We are gathering in the parlor. Come!"
>> No. 1912 edit
File 131189693164.png - (355.39KB , 640x480 , battler3.png )
Battler follows you, but tenses up. "Hey! What is it that you think you're doing? What right do you have to do that?"
>> No. 1913 edit
File 131189710927.png - (136.77KB , 576x480 , amy_futekia1.png )
"What right did you have to play that trick on me in the chapel?"
>> No. 1914 edit
File 131189542892.png - (386.06KB , 640x480 , battler.png )
"What the hell? I never played a trick! I was just as surprised as you were. Why would I play a trick on you after I just saw my family dead on the floor?!"
>> No. 1915 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
"Deny it all you want. But I've pretty much nailed you as the culprit for that. As to why you would do it, that I don't know at the moment. And going back to my 'right.' I'm trying to catch a murderer, I can't afford to play around. Now let us go to the parlor, or do you want to continue this conversation."
>> No. 1916 edit
Battler grits his teeth, but follows you until you reach the parlor door.
>> No. 1917 edit
Alright we both enter the parlor. What is going on?
>> No. 1918 edit
File 13118987811.png - (267.95KB , 640x480 , parlor.png )
The survivors all seem to be lounging in the parlor, except for one person: Shannon is missing. When you open the door, Eva stands up.

"You two. Where are Krauss-san and Natsuhi-san?"
>> No. 1919 edit
File 131139756834.png - (135.52KB , 574x480 , amy_niramua1.png )
"I regretfully say this, but they are both dead. The murderer killed both of them."
>> No. 1920 edit
File 131189951338.png - (277.12KB , 640x480 , parlor2.png )
"So," Gohda says. "The culprit wasn't content with just killing six people, but they had to kill two more?"

Eva notices the envelope in your hand. "Hey, what is that?"
>> No. 1921 edit
(Hideyoshi shouldn't have a gun in that picture. My bad.)
>> No. 1922 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"I found it at the scene on the crime. I decided to wait until everyone was together to read it."

I open the letter and read it aloud.
>> No. 1923 edit
File 131174826551.png - (111.88KB , 499x480 , troll.png )
Dear those that survive,

Have you been enjoying my ceremony? Soon, everything will come to an end. Spend your last hours as you please. Whether you are cooped up in a room or enjoying yourself around the mansion, my ceremony will complete.

Enclosed in this envelope are two keys. One is Kanon's. You should take it back, it belongs to you to begin with. The other is a key to Kinzo's study. In there are four winchester rifles. Do with them what you please.

It appears that the culprit is taunting you, daring you to make whatever moves you want.

"Wait," Battler says. "I have a master key, and so does Erika. And this letter gives us another one. Genji, how many master keys are there?"

"Five," He says. "I have one in my possesion." He pulls it out and shows it.

"I-I have one as well," Gohda says, and pulls out his own.

"...Wait, where is Shannon?"

"We told her to go get everyone some tea," Eva says. "We thought it might calm our nerves."
>> No. 1924 edit
*you have one, not Erika. name confusion
>> No. 1925 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
"Alright everyone please sit down and wait in this room. I shall check on Shannon-san. No one leave this room please. If you see anyone leave the room please write their name down and how long they were gone to the exact minute."
>> No. 1926 edit
File 131190181458.png - (271.57KB , 640x480 , parlor.png )
"Furudo-san, it's important that we all go together. If she's hurt, we need Dr. Nanjo. Besides, I know you're a guest, but you haven't been ruled out as a suspect, yet."
>> No. 1927 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"Alright, all of us going together is fine. Let's go the kitchen"

I'll head with everyone to the kitchen, all the while watching everyone to check for any suspicious activity.
>> No. 1928 edit
File 131190245731.png - (150.49KB , 637x479 , symbol.png )
You all walk to the kitchen. There is a strange symbol on the door. Battler tries the handle, but it is locked.
>> No. 1929 edit
I ask Battler to open the door for us.
>> No. 1930 edit
File 13118934377.png - (296.84KB , 640x480 , second.png )
Battler uses the key to open the door...

Shannon is laying on the floor of the kitchen. There appears to be a large wound at her chest area, as well as a cut running along her neck. Thick, dark blood is running down it!

There is an ice-pick like object laying next to her.

"Shannon-chan!" Battler runs up to her. "Nanjo, You have to do something!"

"I-I'll try." He shoos batter away and starts examining Shannon, starting with her neck wound.

Meanwhile, you spot a syringe on the floor.
>> No. 1931 edit
File 131138925656.png - (127.97KB , 576x480 , amy_defa1.png )
I'll examine the syringe. And then the rest of the kitchen.
>> No. 1932 edit
File 131190463921.png - (489.25KB , 640x480 , erikawin.png )
The syringe is labelled "propofol". You look up at the ceiling. There are red words, written in some kind of red paint:

Kanon is dead.

You don't find anything of interest. Dr. Nanjo spends a few more minutes with his inspection, but he finally stands up and sighs.

"I'm sorry. In a hospital, I might have saved her. But there was nothing I could do..."

Erika smiles. "There is a bright side to all of this."

"A bright side?" Eva asks. "What could possibly be the bright side?"

"With this murder, I know who the culprit is."
>> No. 1933 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
"Oh really. Let us hear your deduction then. I can't wait to see your expression when I destroy it."
>> No. 1934 edit
File 131190543896.png - (369.66KB , 640x480 , bernk.png )
"Hehe, certainly. The culprit..." She turned to the group. "Is YOU, Ushiromiya Battler!


In the trial room, Battler stood as the defendant. In the prosecutor's corner stood Erika, with Bernkastel at her side.

"Bernkastel!" Ange yelled from the sidelines. "What are you doing? This wasn't the deal!"

"The deal was that we find the killer of Rokkenjima. That's exactly what I intend to do."

"You lia-" Some goats put their hands over Ange's mouth and dragged her away.

"Well," Bernkastel looks at you. "You know the rules, and you know the evidence. Let me ask before Erika gives her theory. Which side will you stand on?"
>> No. 1935 edit
File 131139218363.png - (139.88KB , 576x480 , amy_ikaria1.png )
"Bernkastel! Let Ange go! She must be allowed to watch the trial. It wouldn't be any fun if I went along with Erika's theory. So of course I'll fight your Battler culprit theory. Don't worry Ange I won't let Battler be accused. I'm on your side!"
>> No. 1936 edit
File 131190783998.png - (405.32KB , 640x480 , erikatroll.png )
"Hmph. Very well, if the detective demands it."

The goats allow Ange to go back to the trial. She stands next to you. "I hope you know what you're doing."

"Ladies and Goats," Erika says. "I will now reveal the truth of this game board, and show that the culprit is none other than the one, the only, Ushiromiya Battler! I will even give evidence to back my theories."

Battler stood there like a corpse, unable to defend himself.

"First twilight! Last night, before going to the guest house, Rudolf told Battler he had something important to tell him. Battler went downstairs, saying he would wait for them. He even broke down the door so that they could enter. Then, whatever he told Battler, it caused him to get angry--angry enough to kill in the heat of the moment! He disarmed Rudolf and used his gun to kill them.Then he killed Kumasawa, who followed Kyrie and Rudolf to spy on them. After that, he discarded the gun and felt ashamed of what he did. But then, maybe the door was open or maybe one of the cousin's was going to the bathroom, but they heard what he was doing. They came downstairs, and Battler knew he had to kill them as well! So he beat them to death with a blunt object. After that, he glued the door, then brought the corpses to his room until morning. After all, he was the only one but us sleeping in that room! Only he could do it!

Chapel mystery! Battler threw the candy at you!

Second twilight! Battler had a master key. Futhermore, when you were talking to Eva about the tape seals, Battler was out of our sight! He took this oppurtunity to kill Natsuhi and Krauss

Kanon's kidnapping and the 4th twilight! Battler was also out of our sight when we were talking to Dr. Nanjo! He took this oppurtunity to kill Kanon and stick him somewhere.

5th twilight! Battler left the parlor saying he was worried about you. But in reality, he followed Shannon to the kitchen, where he killed her and locked the door! Then, he went to where you were and pretended you were his destination all along!

He did this all to cover up the fact that he killed his parents in a blind fit of rage!

This level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika. What do you think, everyone?"
>> No. 1937 edit
The blacked out text is supposed to be blue. My bad.
>> No. 1938 edit
File 131190816589.png - (98.58KB , 640x480 , blue.png )
Chains of red and blue wrap themselves around you, and begin squeezing.
>> No. 1939 edit
File 131139070575.png - (134.02KB , 576x480 , amy_akuwaraia1.png )
Anyone could have preformed the first twilight. Not just Battler. They could have cut a hole in the roof and dropped the bodies in our room. And used another hole to enter and exit the cousins room.

The culprit could have glued the candy to the ceiling. After X amount of the time the glue wore off and the candy fell on our heads.

While yes Battler was out of our sight when we were talking with Eva about tape seals. We were still in the hallway. Eva only cracked open the door and did not let us inside. So while Battler could have sneaked away during that time. He couldn't have committed the crime and left the room in such a mess during that tiny period of time.

Anyone could have kidnapped Kanon. Gohda or Genji for example.

Someone borrowed Genji's or Gohda's key and used it to lock the kitchen.
>> No. 1941 edit
File 13119101674.png - (276.67KB , 640x480 , erika56.png )
"Oh? Then why don't we go to the guest house right now and look for your 'holes' to confirm if they exist or not?"

"I'll save you the time. This doesn't count as cheating, since you could find out for yourself easily. The only entrance to the detective's are the single door and single window."

"Thank you my master. I'll give you the chapel mystery due to lack of evidence. However. I revise my theory so that Battler killed Krauss and Narsuhi while you were talking to Nanjo. if he did this quickly enough, he could have hid Kanon's body as well.

Who could have borrowed Gohda's key? After we went in the parlor and until you arrived, the only two that exited were Shannon and Battler.."
>> No. 1942 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
The culprit could have removed the whole window in the cousin's room and the detective's room. And then when they put the window back on the tape became resealed or never broke at all.

Anyone could have borrowed kidnapped Kanon and then used his master key to kill Natsuhi and Krauss when Battler and I were still at the chapel.

One of the people I talked to later could have instead of going straight to the parlor gone to the kitchen where they killed Shannon.
>> No. 1943 edit
File 131191157789.png - (277.97KB , 640x480 , erikalosing.png )
"Urg. I'll give you the first twilight.

You found the envelope in Krauss and Natsuhi's room. hat envelope had Kanon's key in it. The door was locked before you went inside. Your theory about them using Kanon's key fails.

When Shannon-- " Before Erika could continue, Bernkastel stopped her. "But, my master--"

"Do not defy me. I will not allow you to speak that red truth."

"...Yes, my master."
>> No. 1944 edit
File 131156665389.png - (136.79KB , 577x480 , amy_akuwaraia2.png )
The key I found wasn't actually Kanon's key. It was a fake.
>> No. 1945 edit
File 131191196963.png - (446.74KB , 640x480 , erikslost.png )
Because she wasn't game master, Erika couldn't deny that there were only five master keys, and she doubted that Bernkastel would do it for her. "I...I resign my theory."

"Congratulations, Furudo-san." Bernkastel said, but did not smile.

"Th-thank you," Ange said.
>> No. 1946 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"This is only the first battle. We have a lot more ahead of us Ange before we'll get to the truth and Bernkastel and Erika won't make it easy on us. They will surely try to make Battler the fall guy again, this isn't over yet."
>> No. 1947 edit
"Yeah, I know. I won't let them hurt Onii-chan."
>> No. 1948 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"Shall we resume the time on the board now Bernkastel."

Oh I have a question reguarding the 'Kanon is dead.' Am I supposed to take that as red truth?[i]
>> No. 1951 edit
File 13120471695.jpg - (21.75KB , 300x425 , Bern.jpg )
"Yes," Bernkastel says. "Kanon is dead. Finding his corpse might be difficult, so I'll give you that one. Any other questions?"
>> No. 1952 edit
File 131138569310.png - (134.63KB , 577x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
The status of the seals both I and Eva placed would be nice.
>> No. 1953 edit
File 131190543896.png - (369.66KB , 640x480 , bernk.png )
"Obviously, the seal you put on Shannon's door is broken. She left in the morning before you could investigate, after all. Eva's seals, however, are still in place.

Third Thread
>> No. 1954 edit
File 131138783718.png - (135.16KB , 577x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
What about the seals in the guesthouse?
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