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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 131313135777.png - (451.91KB , 425x600 , Mira.png )
2382 No. 2382 edit
Second topic of my game with Anon.

First topic here:

Anon has:
A master key
A map of the main house and the rose garden
3 help tokens

Current Location: Dining room.

Characters in the room: Anon, Krauss, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Maria, Shannon, Genji, Gohda, Ikuko.
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>> No. 2383 edit
Before Krauss can even answer the door to the dinning room opens.

Natsuhi, Battler, Kumasawa, Jessica, and Rosa enter the room. It seems the missing people are fine after all.

The cold tension melts away with a sigh a relief. But lingering questions remain.
>> No. 2384 edit
File 131232022187.png - (56.22KB , 330x443 , kan_nayamua74.png )
Still a bit worried, anon ask to Battler
"Geez, why so late Battler-kun? We were already worried here~"
>> No. 2385 edit
File 130834234884.png - (117.46KB , 352x480 , but_futekia1.png )
Battler lets out a slight chuckle and then smirks. "You'll see."
>> No. 2386 edit
File 130854779291.png - (59.57KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea4.png )
"You will see? What do you mean?"
anon is still a bit confused, so he ask Rosa

"Are you okay Rosa-san? Everyone here was worried of you"
>> No. 2387 edit
File 129647640935.png - (81.73KB , 320x468 , ros_waraia1.png )
Rosa had a smile on her face.

"Oh sorry about, we had some things to take care of. I'm perfectly fine."
>> No. 2388 edit
File 131313574850.png - (10.42KB , 200x200 )
>> No. 2389 edit
File 131245553954.png - (366.54KB , 640x480 , mdin_1f.png )
Everyone sat down and decided to eat, the current course was eaten with much complaining from some people due to it being cold.

Battler apologized sheepishly for that. Course after course everyone ate. Finally it was time for dessert. Kumasawa brought out multiple pies and started cutting them up.

Kumasawa cut pie after pie, finally she got to one with a knight riding on a white horse.

"Here Shannon-chan." Kumasawa said handing her a piece of pie.

Shannon started to eat the pie, and then suddenly stopped. "What is this?" she said pulling something out of the pie.

"Shannon." Battler whispered from behind her. He took something from her hand.

He kissed her on the cheek and then slowly lowered himself down on one knee.

"Shannon will you allow me to be your knight riding on a white horse. Will you marry me?"

Shannon's eyes lit up with shock as did a few other eyes in the room. Instead of responding with words Shannon dove foward and kissed Battler.

Clapping erupted through the room from all but one person. Rudolf had a frown on his face, it appears he didn't approve of the marrige.

He was about to raise his opinion when the ringing of the phone cut through the room and stopped him.

Gohda went over and picked up the phone. It was only a few seconds before he called for Rudolf.

Everyone knew who was on the phone at that point and the room grew silent waiting to hear the news.

Rudolf slowly hung up the phone. "Ange's dead." He said is a very low voice. "She died in Nanjo's clinic."

The room went silent again this time for a very different reason.

"But that isn't all." Rudolf told everyone. "A letter was found ontop of Ange's body went she died. Kyrie told me the letter had this message written on it. 'It begins.'"

All the happy atmosphere from just a minute ago vanished in an instant.
>> No. 2390 edit
File 131313683322.png - (144.94KB , 349x480 , lam_akuwaraia2.png )
"Ange is dead."
>> No. 2391 edit
File 13131411083.png - (147.76KB , 348x480 , lam_futekia.png )
The two witches look straight at you.

"Anon, why don't we have a little fun?" Mira says in the sly tone. "It is almost time for the first twilight. Wouldn't it be fun to let you in on it?"

Mira hands you a piece of paper.

"Write 5 different pieces there on who you think I should kill for the first twilight. I might just take your suggestions~"

Lambdadelta laughed. "Don't write the target's name though~"

"Think over who you want me to kill while we continue. I'll ask you for your answer when the clock strikes midnight."
>> No. 2392 edit
File 130838102581.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"You might take my suggestion? I'm sorry Mira but I'm not that stupid.
This looks like a easy way to break the first twilight barrier if I give you the target name in the list. However if I give you the name of the three culprits, How do you plan to commit the murders?"
>> No. 2393 edit
File 131318266836.png - (144.93KB , 349x480 , lam_majimea1.png )
"Naturally there needs to be 1 person who commits the murders, so 1 culprit has to live."
>> No. 2394 edit
File 130838102581.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"... Will I be informed if a culprit actually dies?"
>> No. 2395 edit
File 131318541869.png - (151.44KB , 348x480 , lam_akuwarab.png )
>> No. 2396 edit
File 131318948575.png - (120.03KB , 291x478 , kanon_iscrying copy.png )
"Heh, then this is probably not worth my time"


Just a second ago from hearing that horrible new, anon start crying.
"Who the hell did that horrible prank!? This was too much!! Pay some respect and talk now, you coward!!"
>> No. 2397 edit
File 131319102596.png - (123.81KB , 352x480 , but_sakebua1.png )
"Yeah that bastard better talk now!" Battler yelled. "And better be prepared for the consequences! Someone who would do something like that doesn't deserve to live!"

Shannon tried to calm Battler down. By holding his arm. "Battler I think that is a little harsh, there is a chance it was just an unfortunate accident."

"Accident!" Battler growled. "How can you call it an accident! They clearly intending for this to happen! Didn't you hear, that letter they clearly intended to kill Ange!"

Shannon started wince at the tight grip Battler held her in. "Battler... You're, you're hurting me."

Battler came to his senses and released Shannon. "I'm sorry." He muttered before stomping out of the room.
>> No. 2398 edit
File 130827987980.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
anon also tries to calm down a bit, but rage etc.
Then anon make a question in the air.

"... Anyone has any idea of how was that trick done? If we know the trick it will be easy to find the culprit."
>> No. 2399 edit
File 131320214395.png - (83.45KB , 469x477 , hid_komarua1.png )
Hideyoshi answers "Trick? What trick?"

A loud chime echoes. The girl and the wolf come out of the clock again. 1 Howl. 2 Howls. 3 Howls. 4 Howls. 5 Howls. 6 Howls. 7 Howls. 8 Howls. It is now 8PM.
>> No. 2401 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
"Forget about it ..."
anon doesn't seem to be able to set free from his frustration, so he ask Kumasawa for his room.
"Kumasawa-san, I'm not feeling very well. Could you please tell me where's my room?"
>> No. 2402 edit
File 131321711047.png - (85.43KB , 346x447 , kum_komarua1.png )
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like me to escort you there?"
>> No. 2403 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"Yeah, and if is possible some painkillers and water would help me a bit"
>> No. 2404 edit
File 131321711047.png - (85.43KB , 346x447 , kum_komarua1.png )
"Oh all this stuff must be confusing for you. I'll take you to your room and then go and get those painkillers for you."

Kumasawa escorts you to your room on the second floor. She opens the door for you and then leaves to find the painkillers.
>> No. 2405 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
anon thanks Kumasawa and lay for a bit in his bed. Then he checks his bag with his stuff.


"Request, I don't mind if the bag is half empty, but it would be nice if I had at least some change of clothes and maybe a pack of bubble gum. Is that a problem?"
>> No. 2406 edit
You enter you room it looks pretty nice. 2 windows on the far side of the room with lacy white curtains. A small but not too small bed lay against the wall next to one of the windows.

You notice that your door has a chain lock.

There is a small table with a lacy cloth with a glass flower vase on top. 5 yellow roses sit in the vase.

A wooden dresser is also in the room along with two doors, one appears to be a closet, and the other one leading into a bathroom.

A large area rug runs along half of the room. Some fresh plants are also in the room along with a mirror.

A nice cool breeze is coming from the vents in the floor.

You wonder if all the rooms in the main house look something like this.

While you lay on the bed you notice a fresh new pair of clothes laying on the dresser. It seems Shannon thought you might want to change clothes.
>> No. 2407 edit
anon remembers he need something else, so he decide to draw a small message to Kumasawa.
He stand up and check in the drawers for some paper an a pen

>> No. 2408 edit
You find a pen and some paper in the first drawer.
>> No. 2409 edit
anon writes a message in the paper "Thanks you very much Kumasawa-san, please leave the painkillers in this room" and then leaves to the kitchen.
>> No. 2410 edit
You enter the kitchen. You see Gohda sitting at a small kitchen table.
>> No. 2411 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"Hello Gohda-san. Are you also feeling down?"
>> No. 2412 edit
File 131322272223.png - (83.61KB , 342x480 , goh_komarua3.png )
"Poor Ange-chan, who would do something like that?!"

Gohda starts to freak out though. "But that letter!? What do you think it means. I didn't do anything!"

Gohda decides to get a drink of water from the sink before sitting back down.
>> No. 2413 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"I don't know Gohda-san, but since we are innocent there's nothing to worry, right?"
>> No. 2414 edit
File 131322370734.png - (80.24KB , 342x480 , goh_omakasea2.png )
"Yes that is right. We-we-we did nothing wrong."
>> No. 2415 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
"Gohda-san, you still seem a bit nervous. Are you so afraid of the letter?"
>> No. 2416 edit
File 131322496631.png - (78.67KB , 342x480 , goh_hohoemia1.png )
"Of course not. I didn't do anything wrong."
>> No. 2417 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"Gohda-san, this may seem a bit off. But there's some gum in this mansion? I like chewing it like crazy when I feel a bit nervous"
>> No. 2418 edit
File 131322657554.png - (80.14KB , 342x480 , goh_waraia1.png )
Gohda smiles and reaches into his coat pocket. He pulls out a pack of gum and hands it to you. "No problem here. I also developed a habit of chewing gum at times when at my old job."

You now have a pack of gum with 12 sticks in it. Have a ball.
>> No. 2419 edit
File 130841902997.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
"Thank you very much Gohda-san. Ehmm, if it's not too much hassle I have another request for you~
The short time I stayed in the guesthouse was a bit confusing. Do you think you could draw a small map of it? "
>> No. 2420 edit
File 131322818586.png - (43.62KB , 1068x1272 , guesthouse.png )
Gohda takes the paper and pen and makes a small not very detailed map, though it seems to be more detailed then Kumasawa's map. It has marks where doors and windows are.
>> No. 2421 edit
File 131232022187.png - (56.22KB , 330x443 , kan_nayamua74.png )
"Thank you Gohda-san, this will help me a lot later."
And now, anon tries his best to don't sound menacing in the next question
"By the way, something you said a while ago sound a bit weird. You did say than you did nothing wrong, but Do that means you did something related to what happened in the lunch?"
>> No. 2422 edit
File 131250614282.png - (80.67KB , 342x480 , goh_komarua2.png )
"What-what-what do you mean? I did-I haven't done anything. I would-I-would never do anything wrong. Not something that someone would be so angry about."

Your stare and tone pierces through Gohda and he looks down at the table.

"Well....... I suppose I can only deny it, but it won't change anything. If your interested in hearing my tale sit down, but it might take a while."
>> No. 2423 edit
File 130838102581.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
Without trying to push him too much, anon nods and take a seat.
>> No. 2424 edit
File 131328231231.png - (79.92KB , 342x480 , goh_komarua1.png )
Gohda first goes on and on about his childhood, rambling on and on about unimportant details, before he realizes what he is doing. He apologizes.

"I'm sorry about that I got caught up in my life story. I should move it forward, let's see where to start from. Should I start from my past job, or when I applied here, or the first couple months I worked here?"
>> No. 2425 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"I'm interested in your work with the Ushiromiya
>> No. 2426 edit
File 131322496631.png - (78.67KB , 342x480 , goh_hohoemia1.png )
"Well let's see. I was really down on my luck after making stupid mistakes at my last job. I was really out of it. I thought my life might be over. But a friend of a friend told me about this family and recommended me highly.

To be honest I was really afraid and nervous at first. I was afraid I was going to screw up like I did before. I told myself, I might be fine as long as I didn't get involved with the other servants.

I was called forth and Natsuhi-sama interviewed me and tasted many of my dishes. She didn't say much, and tried to keep a serious composure. I couldn't believe it at first.

She ate my cooking with a bland face the whole time. I was highly insulted, I knew my food was amazing, probably some of the best work in the world. So I was appalled that she wouldn't even smile when eating it.

It really hurts a chef's pride when their food isn't complimented on, even slight criticism is better than no reaction at all. It hurts.

Natsuhi-sama thanked for coming and then had some other servants escort me out without many more words. I thought for sure that I wasn't going to be hired. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out I was.

It was a joyous day for me, my horrible luck finally went away. I thought I had been cursed or something at my last job, with the way things were going. But I guess it was just silly to think like that."

Gohda finishes and takes a pause.

"You wanted to hear about my time working for this family right?"

He begins again.

"Well as I said I tried to avoid much contact with other servants too much. I had problems before, and I didn't want to get fired again. This job was like a dream come true. So I tried not to pay attention to the servants.

But I guess you can't always do what you want. I one time saw all the other servants bullying one of the other servants. I stepped up and defended the poor servant girl who was crying. Some of those other servants really were nasty.

Well her and I started talking everyone once and awhile. She was a dreamer. She had lots of big dreams that she wanted to come true. It was interesting, I was very focused on the here and now, but she was focused on the future. She said one the biggest things she wanted to do was get married soon and she said she even found the right guy. I wished her good luck.

I didn't see her again after that. She probably went off to get married to the guy, I hope she has the happiness she wanted. I am still searching for that kind of warmth and happiness she had. Maybe being so grounded on the here and now isn't such a good thing, maybe it is good to dream and imagine. Then you have hopes for the future."
>> No. 2427 edit
File 131245064334.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
"A female servant you say, How was she called?"
>> No. 2428 edit
File 131250614282.png - (80.67KB , 342x480 , goh_komarua2.png )
"I'm afraid I don't remember her name."


Bernkastel looks at you with a blank look.

It is almost 9PM now, some people may be getting ready for bed soon. It may be time to talk to someone else if we want to talk to more people.
>> No. 2430 edit
File 131312828768.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
"Alright, I will go to somewhere else"


"What a shame, well thank you for everything Gohda-san."
After saying that, anon take a small sugar container and put it in his pocket, along to the gum and the map Gohda give to him.
With a final bow, anon goes to the servant room.

>> No. 2431 edit
File 131245332348.png - (85.16KB , 346x447 , kum_defa1.png )
After placing said items in your pocket, you realize your pockets are getting quite full. Maybe you should look for something to carry stuff in if you want to acquire more items.

You go to the servant room, upon entering you see Kumasawa. She greets you and tells you she put the painkillers and water in your room.
>> No. 2432 edit
File 130851709797.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
"Oh, Hello Kumasawa-san, thanks for painkillers I will need them if I wanna get some rest later.
By the way, do you know where's Genji-san?
>> No. 2433 edit
File 131329350695.png - (86.84KB , 346x447 , kum_defa2.png )
"Genji. I think he is in Kinzo's study. He likes to go there at times. Even if he won't show it, I think it misses Kinzo-sama."
>> No. 2434 edit
File 131257399496.png - (37.53KB , 434x515 , kan_majimea10.png )
"I see, thanks. By the way do you know who if someone is going to make the servant night patrol in the guesthouse tonight?"
>> No. 2435 edit
File 131329350695.png - (86.84KB , 346x447 , kum_defa2.png )
"Yes, I am. Genji and Gohda are patrolling the main house. We decided we would let Shannon have the night off ohohoho~"
>> No. 2436 edit
File 131329477987.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
"... Do you mind if I go as well? If possible I would like to sleep in the guesthouse, with these letters I got a bit scared ..."
>> No. 2437 edit
File 131329509057.png - (92.14KB , 346x447 , kum_majimea1 copy.png )
Kumasawa's eyes suddenly turn completely white.

"You already have an assigned room. It would be a shame to let it go to waste."


It appears the GM wants us to say in the main house.
>> No. 2438 edit
File 130843531296.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
"Hoh, don't give me that face Mira. There are plenty pieces to kill, riiight?
I will say it right now, I plan to make a small excursion to the guesthouse so I won't give you any target for the first twilight. If you plan to kill anyone there go ahead, but I might get some evidence~

>> No. 2439 edit
Mira lets out a sigh. "Well.. I guess if you really want to head to the guesthouse I can't stop you. Go ahead then."
>> No. 2440 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
"Well excuse me, I'll pay a visit to Genji-san."
Leaving the servant house, anon walk to Kinzo study and make a small knock at the door.
>> No. 2441 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
As you leave the servants room you hear the clock chime it appears to be 9PM. As you climb the stairs you start to get a little sleepy, it seems the days activities has worn you out.

You knock on the door to Kinzo's study. A minute later you hear the sound of the door becoming unlocked and Genji opens the door.

"Yes, can I help you Anon?"
>> No. 2442 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"Good evening Genji-san, excuse me if it's a bit late but ... I was interested in knowing what kind of man Kinzo-sama was, and I thought you were the only man who could answer that question to me"
>> No. 2443 edit
File 131331980495.png - (77.41KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea2.png )
"Kinzo-sama was an interesting man. He held an intense love for a woman called Beatrice. He already had a family forced upon him through by the elders. Though he didn't love them. He just went through the motions of living. It was a sad sight.

Then when he went into the war he was stationed on Rokkenjima. This was the place where he met Beatrice. It was love at first sight I'm told. But Beatrice held a secret, on the sub she was on was 10 tons of gold.

This started a huge fight over the gold as greedy hearts started to take over. In the end only Beatrice and Kinzo-sama lived at the end. Beatrice was injured so Kinzo-sama took her to see Nanjo-sensei.

He bought Rokkenjima and made a hidden mansion in the forest where Beatrice would live. Beatrice however died giving birth. Kinzo-sama was heartbroken. And his mind cracked. He started to believe that is was Beatrice reborn. And that child was forced to grow up as "Beatrice."

I felt sorry for that child. She was forced, and trapped in a cage of feelings she didn't understand.

Her meeting with Rosa-sama probably was one of her best memories.

Kinzo-sama was someone I felt sorry for, and grateful towards. However, I also was mad at him for forcing that child to become Beatrice. It was pitiable to see him act that way.

But now that his passing as come, I'm sure he is happy with Beatrice now."
>> No. 2444 edit
File 131257399496.png - (37.53KB , 434x515 , kan_majimea10.png )
"Is Beatrice still alive? ... would that mean."
anon lowers his tone
"Did Kinzo-sama had a child with her own daughter?"
>> No. 2445 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
"......Yes.. I'm afraid that Kinzo-sama did have a child with his own daughter."
>> No. 2446 edit
File 130854934890.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
"... It was probably tough for him to see his only direct family die. What happened to him? He doesn't live in Rokkenjima anymore?"
>> No. 2447 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
"The child born was a girl. She however, does not know about Kinzo being her father. She raised in an orphanage not on Rokkenjima."
>> No. 2448 edit
File 131231738840.png - (59.29KB , 330x443 , kan_defa2.png )
"Oh, so she was send to an orphanage, wait a second, was she sent to the Fukkuin House?"
>> No. 2449 edit
File 131331980495.png - (77.41KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea2.png )
"Yes that is correct."
>> No. 2450 edit
File 130854934890.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
"I see, I wonder if I ever meet her there.
Anyways, I had another question Genji-san.
I did hear than George-sama had a fight with the rest of the cousins, and than he did not ever come again to Rokkenjima after that.
I know it's a serious matter, but could you please tell me about it? I have a bad spine about today incidents."
>> No. 2451 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
"I've heard about it. But I'm afraid I don't know anything about it. You should probably ask the cousins about that."
>> No. 2452 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
"I see, by the way do you have any idea of where will Battler-sama sleep tonight?"
>> No. 2453 edit
File 131348013250.png - (34.01KB , 1068x1272 , map2.png )
Genji tells you the room Battler was given, and marks it on your map.

While he does this you notice the grandfather clock in the room says the time is 10:45.

When did it get to late.
>> No. 2454 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
anon thank Genji and moves to the room Genji marked for Battler. Then he knocks a bit and wait
>> No. 2455 edit
You knock and wait but nothing happens.
>> No. 2456 edit
You feel yourself getting even sleepier. You are beginning to wonder how much longer you can stay awake.

From down the hallway you hear the chime of the clock it is 11PM. After the chime fades you hear the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.
>> No. 2457 edit
I walk towards the stairs
>> No. 2458 edit
You see Eva and Hideyoshi coming up the stairs they appear tired, they are probably heading towards there room.
>> No. 2459 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
"Excuse me, Eva-sama? I know it's quite late but, there was something I need to ask you. Do you got some free time before going to bed?"
>> No. 2460 edit
File 131353430443.png - (119.22KB , 343x480 , eva_defa1.png )
"Yes I suppose."

Eva tells Hideyoshi to go on ahead

"Yes, what is it?"
>> No. 2461 edit
File 131245064334.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
"Did you find anything suspicious with Rosa-sama or with Maria-sama at the lunch?"
>> No. 2462 edit
File 131353518296.png - (118.74KB , 343x480 , eva_odorokia1.png )
"Rosa? Suspicious what do you mean? You think that Rosa killed Ange?"
>> No. 2463 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"Maybe you are going too far Eva-sama. But Ange incident really bothers me.
I remember seeing something like a spark.
Anyways do you remember how was everyone sit down at lunch?"
>> No. 2464 edit
File 13135358269.png - (119.11KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua4.png )
"Yes.. It bothers me too. I also remember seeing something like a spark, and then there was a strange noise. And then suddenly that letter appeared on the table."

Eva thinks about it. "Well, Battler sat on my left with Rosa on my right if that's what you mean, then Maria was on Battler's left and Ange was across from Maria."
>> No. 2465 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"I wasn't careful enough, I didn't check the area near of Ange chair for any clue, but I think the weapon was some kind of firework. And I hate to admit it,But Maria-chan is on the perfect place to make it."
>> No. 2466 edit
File 131353518296.png - (118.74KB , 343x480 , eva_odorokia1.png )
"But how? When we entered the dining room I saw Maria go straight to her chair, and she didn't move from it until after Ange got hurt."
>> No. 2467 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"Well, Maria is just in front of Ange right? this is my theory. Rosa or someone else needed a distraction to put the letter, so they gave Maria a small firework. Maria used it but she hit Ange with it, and while everyone focus was at her, someone else put the letter in the table."
>> No. 2468 edit
File 131353518296.png - (118.74KB , 343x480 , eva_odorokia1.png )
"But when Ange got hurt Maria was eating her pie, that was placed in front of her."
>> No. 2469 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
"Well, it's just a theory but, she could have hide it after launching it to pretend to be eating her pie"
>> No. 2470 edit
File 13135358269.png - (119.11KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua4.png )
"Well.. I suppose that is possible. We can't deny that Maria could have quickly pretended to eat her pie? But why Maria? Couldn't anyone who sat near Maria have done it?"
>> No. 2471 edit
*Couldn't anyone who sat near Ange have done it?
>> No. 2472 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"If the plan was to distract then making Maria do it's perfect. Rosa can pretend to be angry with her if anyone noticed. And you can't mark Maria as a murderer as you would do with an Adult.
Furthermore Maria didn't seem very worried about Ange-chan, and that's a bit suspicious. Wouldn't a little girl get scared if her friend got so hurt?"
>> No. 2473 edit
File 131353518296.png - (118.74KB , 343x480 , eva_odorokia1.png )
"Yes that makes sense. But I don't think that Maria would do something like that."
>> No. 2474 edit
File 131364219325.png - (85.73KB , 291x477 , kan_ikaria2.png )
"... Maria as a child is still innocent and pure. She would believe whatever her mother or someone she loved say to her. What if Maria was tricked to do it. She had no idea Ange life was in danger.
Can you remember what she said? She asked if Ange was going to be okay. She seemed to be confused more than worried."
>> No. 2475 edit
File 131364338942.png - (118.74KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua2.png )
"Yes, that does make sense."

Eva appears to agree with your idea on the surface. But her face seems to express some doubts.

Bernkastel looks at you, a bored expression on her face.

Tricked. Accident. That's no fun. Ange was not killed by accident.
>> No. 2476 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"No accident? Right how about this. Maria though killing Ange would allow her to reach the golden land. ".

>> No. 2477 edit
File 131364399574.png - (142.61KB , 458x466 , mir_waraia1.png )
Bernkastel smiles. "Yes, just like that. Those are the kind of theories I like. Greed, and the selfishness to get want you want no matter the cost. It really shows the foul side of humans doesn't it."

"How did she do it?"

Mira interrupts Bernkastel to pose the question.

"When dessert came out Maria started eating it right away, Maria did not stop eating until after Ange screamed."
>> No. 2478 edit
"I'm sorry Anon it is getting late, and I would like to sleep now, though I don't know if I'll even be able to."

Eva mutters. She bids you goodnight before heading off to her room.

You feel really sleepy, you are having trouble keeping your eyes open. You look over at the clock it says 11:46. It is almost midnight.
>> No. 2479 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"Maybe I was wrong, after all?"
Feeling really tired, anon return to his own room. Then he lock the door from the inside and set the chain, then he lock the windows as well. He also take a bit of sugar and spray a bit of it around the floor adjacent to the door and the window/s. Just before sleeping anon take all of his stuff and save it in a drawer. Then, he gets to the bed and fall asleep.
>> No. 2480 edit
You lock the door upon entering the room. You then go over and lock the windows. You spread a bit of sugar by the door and by the windows.

You take all your stuff and put it into the top drawer of the dresser.

You then go into bed, at the second your head hits the fluffy white pillow you fall into a deep sleep. As you drift off you hear the clock in your room chime for midnight.
>> No. 2481 edit
File 131364969780.png - (143.07KB , 458x466 , mir_akuwaraia4.png )
~~~~~~~Meta World~~~~~~~~

Mira smiles at you. "Anon~" She says teasingly. "You know what time it is right? It is midnight. Time for you to give me your opinion on who I should kill~"
>> No. 2482 edit
File 131365197015.png - (86.01KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana1.png )
Killing innocent people ... for the price of getting a culprit or two.
It doesn't really matter right? After all they are pieces. They are going to die. But if I manage to get the culprits fast then some people can survive right?
It's not easy to say, I had some suspects before but now I'm a bit confused.
... There's no choice, it can't be helped, shikata ga nai, "no puede ayudarse".
Alright, I don't mind anymore, please horribly murder these people:


Problem, Mira?"
>> No. 2483 edit
File 131365254426.png - (182.13KB , 458x466 , mir_akuwaraia6.png )
Mira angrily ripped the letter to shreds. "How dare you!" She screamed in frustration. She pointed her black staff at Anon. "You will pay for that. You will regret messing with me! By the time this game is over I'll have you surrendering to me! You'll be begging me to stop and go easy on you, but I won't. I won't stop I keep striking you over and over again. Until nothing remains!"
>> No. 2484 edit
File 131365278287.png - (145.33KB , 348x480 , lam_futekia3.png )
"Calm down." Lambdadelta told her. "You are losing you cool, and your composure. Here I asked Bernkastel to make a list as well just in case."

Mira took the paper from Lambdadelta and read it. "Yes these will do perfectly."

"Hold it." Lambdadelta told her. "I say we pick some of those names, and then use some from my list." She told Mira taking out a piece of paper and handing it over.

Mira read it and nodded over and over again. "Yes, yes, this is perfect. This will be my first twilight. Get ready to surrender Anon!"
>> No. 2486 edit
Audio Answer_short.mp3 - (0.96MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 1:03

"Ohohohoh, don't get so mad missy, trolling it's just the natural way here.
Anyways, Didn't I tell you I don't wanted to do this? I'm nobody to say who live and who die, not even in a gameboard. Only if I catch a culprit and other people lives are in danger then I might consider killing, but not any other way! Now, I might not be the best suited here but I'm not alone this time. Go ahead Mira, go and show me your tricks!"
>> No. 2488 edit
Audio Red_Dread2.mp3 - (2.00MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Red Dread2.mp3 ) Length: 2:11
Ikuko stopped drinking and put down the last bottle of wine. She really should have stopped a while ago. But when one has troubles it is just too tempting to drown them away.

She let out a sigh and slowly staggered to the door. She should get some rest. Tomorrow would probably be exhausting, and it would probably not be a wise idea to sleep in the hall.

She opened the door and slowly left. Her vision was blurry but she thought she saw someone. Yes someone was standing in front of the door when she opened it.

Slowly her vision came into focus. "Oh it is you." She greeted in a dull tone.

What was wrong with her head. It hurt so badly, was it all the drinks? Or did someone do something to her?

She staggered out into the hallway and closed the door to the hall.

"Huh? What are you doing with that?" Ikuko slowly realized. "....I see... So you plan on killing me. I figured it would be you."

"Just fall over and die." Seiesta 410 laughed as she shoot Ikuko in the head.

Ikuko's head exploded and she fell against the door to the hall.

"Ehh!" Gohda cried out. "Ikuko-sama!"

Genji starred at 410. "So it is starting." He said. "We need to get out of here." He told Gohda. He threw the only object he had on him at 410, his master key.

It cut through the air like a knife and struck 410 in the leg causing her to slump over for a second.

During that time Gohda and Genji ran down the hallway. "What?! What is that?!" Gohda cried out running as fast as he could."

They quickly ran into a room and shutting and locking the door behind them. At the same time the other door to the room opened and closed.

"Who's there!" Gohda cried out hoping it wasn't any other strangers.

The light in the room flickered on and the two groups saw each other. The four people in the room were Natsuhi, Krauss, Gohda and Genji.

"Natsuhi-sama, Krauss-sama. What are you doing here?" Genji asked.

"Strange goat things attack our rooms. But we managed to get away from them by confusing them and making them run in circles." Natsuhi explained.

"Hello everyone~" A strangers voice echoed through the room. Suddenly white sparkles lit up a corner of the room. A blast of wind so powerful it caused the furniture to be overturned.

When everyone got a chance to look, a new 5th person was now in the room.

"Maria-chan?" Natsuhi said confused. This girl looked a lot like Maria, they looked so close they could be twins. The only difference is the outfit they were wearing this Maria was wearing a strange dress.

"Maria-chan is that you?" Krauss asked confused.

"Natsuhi-sama, Krauss-sama watch out that is not Maria-sama." Genji cried out to the two who were approaching the girl.

The girl started to cackle. "Hehehehehehehihihihihihihahahaha~ Yes that's right. I am not Maria. I am Mira."

Suddenly a golden ribbon flew down from the ceiling it circled the room over and over again and then it swung around Genji, Krauss and Gohda's necks and suddenly constricted like a viscous anaconda. It snapped there necks in an instant and they fell over dead.

"Hehehe~ Natsuhi Oba-san~ hehehehe~" Mira said in a sickeningly sweet voice. "You're the only one left now. Let's play Oba-san~ hehheh~"

"Dear!" Natsuhi cried hugging her husbands corpse. "How dare you!" She screamed at Mira. She picked up a knife off the table and rushed at Mira.

The witch however easily evaded Natsuhi's frail strikes.

"I didn't know you liked to play so much Oba-san. How come you never played with me before~"

"Shut up!" Natsuhi screamed throwing the knife at Mira.

The knife flew right past Mira's head cutting her face slightly.

The witch clenched on her staff tightly. "How dare you!" She screamed at Natsuhi. "You are just a lowly human don't think can even touch a witch such as myself!"

She smacked the new knife out of Natsuhi's hand. And then with one more strike of the staff, Natsuhi's head came clean off.

"Heheheheheheheh~" Mira laughed casually strolling over to Natsuhi's head. "How do you like that Natsuhi Oba-san. Is it time to play now. Still want to play now!"

Mira cackled insanely as she lifted up she staff and smacked it against Natsuhi's head causing it to shatter like glass.

Mira point her staff at the remains of Natsuhi's head. "Begone." She spoke, and the remains were erased from existence. "Hehehe~ That was fun~" And with those words the witch vanished from the dining room.



Anon slowly awakes as he hears the sound of someone knocking on his door.
>> No. 2489 edit
The 1 target, and X number of culprits remain.
>> No. 2490 edit
Slowly, anon get up from bed. But then he remember where he is. anon has a bad feeling.
Then before answering to the door, anon quickly checks the sugar he left on the door and the windows.

>> No. 2491 edit
Your sugar traps has no trace of anyone. No one has entered the room since you fell asleep.

"Anon-san are you awake?" Shannon calls out knocking again.
>> No. 2492 edit
"I am" anon answer, as he opens the door
>> No. 2493 edit
File 130872466250.png - (103.58KB , 356x480 , sha_waraia3.png )
"Hello Anon-kun." Shannon greets you warmly with a bright cheery smile on her face. She has in her arms a white sheet and a thick pale yellow blanket and a bundle of nice yellow roses.

"I thought I would go around changing everyone's beds from them. And then I thought I would change the flowers as well."

Shannon lets herself inside and changes the sheet and blanket, before changing the flowers.

She looks over and smiles at you after she is finished. "There doesn't that look nice?"

She looks over at what she just did with a smile of satisfaction. And then, she dropped the old flowers in her hand.

"What-What-What-what-what-is that?" Shannon asked pointing towards the edge of the bed.

Sitting on the edge on the bed is an envelope.
>> No. 2494 edit
File 131243422459.jpg - (79.78KB , 640x480 , kanongununu.jpg )
"What the ... I didn't see that a second ago!"
anon takes and open the envelope
>> No. 2495 edit
File 131372809947.png - (196.30KB , 640x480 , letter.png )
As you pick up the envelope you notice a small hole not even the size of a pencil mark.

You wonder what it means.

You open the letter it says.

Ur a fagget
Ok. Seriously it says.
"Stay out of things"

>> No. 2496 edit
File 131372834456.png - (182.29KB , 458x466 , mir_akuwaraia5.png )
"Oh anon~" Mira called out. "Isn't this interesting a letter has appeared in your room. And thanks to your traps, you know that. No one entered or exited your room after you set the trap until you woke up. And I'll even help you out here, and it won't cost you a token even. When you went to sleep that letter was not in your room."

Mira laughed. "Isn't this game just so much fun~"
>> No. 2497 edit
File 130841902997.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
"Hoh, and is this supposed to impress me?
This just tell me there's some evil people here, and that's a given for this kind of games, right?
And about the trick, if you wanna scare me you will need a pair of fifteens in the third and four digits of your words.
Shannon put the letter on the bed.
While anon was distracted, the letter was inserted into the room from the outside.
There's someone else hiding in this room aside from Shannon and me.
A mechanism placed from the roof of the room made the letter fall as soon as the door was opened, the letter was being hold with some sort of stick than left a mark on the envelope.

>> No. 2498 edit
Mira pouts childishly. "Fine take your win this time. But just for that remark I'm not telling you which of your blues is correct."
>> No. 2499 edit
File 130827987980.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
"Are you trying to get me with that kind of trick? you better worked harder in the murders. Anyways it's time to see it by myself."


"... Stay out? ... What does this mean?
Shannon-san I have a bad feeling about this. Have you seen the guest or the cousins today?"
>> No. 2500 edit
File 131373056881.png - (87.51KB , 346x449 , kum_odorokia1.png )
"Well I seen some people. I saw Battler, and Jessica, and Rosa and Maria so far today."

A scream came from the hallway and suddenly Kumasawa appeared in the doorway.

"Anon-kun. Sha-shannon-chan come quick!" She cried out fear lacing her voice.
>> No. 2501 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
At Kumasawa scream, anon quickly moves to the drawer and he takes his stuff, this includes:
The sugar, the pepper, the salt, guesthouse and mansion maps, the chewing gum and his master key.
Then, without trying to delay too much he go and answer to Kumasawa call.

"W-what's the matter Kumasawa-san?"
>> No. 2502 edit
File 131379778967.png - (140.57KB , 640x480 , magicsquare_sun7.png )
You pick up said items before addressing Kumasawa.

Kumasawa quickly escorts both you and Shannon down the hallway, then down the stairs until you reach the door to the dining room. Painted on the door to the dining room is a red eerie circle of some kind.

"Good you've brought them." Rudolf said at he noticed the 3 of you approach.

"We found this circle on both doors of the dining room, and both doors are locked." Hideyoshi explained.

"We can't seem to find Genji, or Gohda anywhere, and Kumasawa said she doesn't have her key." Eva continued.

"What is this anyway!" Jessica cried out in frustration trying the door again. "Where are Mom and Dad!"

"Kihihihihi~" Maria laughed. "This is the 7th magic circle of the sun. It grants the power of being freed from cages and chains, but 6 sacrifices need to be given for the seal to work."

"What sacrifices! What the hell!" Battler yelled trying to open the door with Jessica.

"Shannon-san, Anon-kun, could one of you open the door." Rosa requested.

Shannon turns and looks at you, as if asking if she should do it, or if you should.
>> No. 2503 edit
Still a bit unsure, anon go and open the door
>> No. 2504 edit
Audio rahu_goldenslaughterer.mp3 - (2.63MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 2:52
You unlock the door with your master key and then open it.

Upon opening the door you see a gruesome sight. Laying on the table you see the bodies of Krauss, Gohda and Genji. A large carving knife is stabbed in Krauss's neck. The scene makes it look like Krauss, Gohda and Genji were going to be served as a main dish for breakfast.

You spot the body of Ikuko over by the dining cabit where the dishes are stored. Only half of her head exists.

You see what appears to be Natsuhi sitting in a chair facing toward the wall, but you can't get a good look from your current location.

"M-M-mom?" Jessica questions worriedly as she slowly walks up to her mother.

She lets out a scream as she gets close. Her mother doesn't have a head.

"Mom!" Jessica cried out tears streaming down her face. "Mom!"

Battler clenched his fists in fury. "Who-Who would do something like this!?"

"Horrible." Rosa whispered covering her mouth with her hand and turning away.

Everyone else lets out their feelings of disgust and sadness.

"What is this?" Jessica says softly, but Rosa who was nearby caught it.

"What is it Jessica-chan?"

Jessica took a step foward and picked something off the floor in front of the wall. She held it out so everyone could see it.

It was Kumasawa's master key, Genji's master key, Gohda's master key, and the key to the dining room.

Eyes narrowed in suspicion at you and Shannon.

~~~~~~ Meta World ~~~~~~

Mira laughed at the sight. "Look at them crying like babies. Oh and Anon just so you know there is no tricks. All living people on Rokkenjima are inside the dining room."
>> No. 2505 edit
File 131318948575.png - (120.03KB , 291x478 , kanon_iscrying copy.png )
That magic circle alerted them than something bad was inside, but there was no way to prepare someone for that.
Almost as the door was opened anon let a scream escape

"Gohda-san!! Genji-san!! ... everyone! Why did this happen to they!?"
>> No. 2506 edit
File 131386698380.png - (119.09KB , 343x480 , eva_majimea1.png )
Rosa and Eva approach both you and Shannon. "Shannon-chan. Anon-kun, it isn't like we suspect either of you but you both look suspicious now that these master key showed up."

"Shannon-chan, Anon-kun, you didn't do this did you?" Rosa questions.

"Look there." Hideyoshi pointed to one of the chairs. Everyone had been too distracted and hadn't noticed it. But now that Hideyoshi pointed it out everyone saw it.

An envelope was sitting on one of the chairs.
>> No. 2507 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
Still a bit altered, anon-tan doesn't notice Eva malice. But that changes when he hears Rosa question.
"... Are you asking me if I horribly murdered these people?" anon tries to calm his own tone and continue.
"No, I did not. And even more if you think about it, well it would be stupid to do this, right?
If I had to murder people why would I create a closed room? Is anyone here used to closed room murder mysteries?
To put it simple, if I were to kill people it would be stupid to let me as one of the only possible culprits. And before you suggest this is some reverse-psychology, well nope. Even after this I'm sure you still suspect me, so this is a no-no situation for the culprit.
This gotta be a trick, like these from the novels."
>> No. 2508 edit
File 131320214395.png - (83.45KB , 469x477 , hid_komarua1.png )
Hideyoshi spoke up. "Isn't it a possiblity that the culprit simply wanted to make it look like a closed room. They used the other keys to make it seem like this was a closed room, there by making us suspect someone who wouldn't have a key. It is as you mentioned reverse psychology. And the fact that you bring it up is just want the culprit wants."

Maria laughs. "Kihihihihi~ That is silly. There is no human culprit. The culprit is Beatrice. A witch."

Eva ignores Maria. "Anon-kun, Shannon-chan give your keys to me. I'm sure it will make all of use feel safer. If you it a closed room like you say, how did the culprit do it?"
>> No. 2509 edit
Audio 21.mp3 - (3.58MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 3:54

"I'm sorry Hideyoshi-san, but that's not how it works, because no matter what I say, I will remain suspicious in your heart."
anon move and start thinking aloud
"The easiest way to to cover a crime would be to hide the corpses, and conveniently this island has a deep forest.
Furthermore, for a crime to exist it has to have a motive. What kind of motive have I to make something like this? I understand why someone here would like to kill the guest, but what about Ange-san, Natsuhi-sama and Krauss-sama?"
anon now stare at Eva
I am sorry Eva-sama, but this looks more like a crime a family member would do. However we have no evidence aside from this key fallacy, and that will shatter soon.
anon takes his master key from his pocket, but it doesn't seem as he's going to give it to Hideyoshi yet.
"But before we start with that, it would be convenient to make a small examination with the corpses, anyone has any objection with this?"
>> No. 2510 edit
Everyone is in shock by your change of attitude. No one objects to your suggestion.
>> No. 2511 edit
Audio 9.mp3 - (2.21MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 2:25
"I feel sorry for the culprit, and for the one who drugged me. Because I'll make them pay."
While paying their respective respect for each victim, anon examine without using his hands each corpse.
When reaching Genji corpse, he will thank him for yesterday chat and check if he has any other key with him, for example Kinzo studio key.
Furthermore, and still being careful to don't touch, he will carefully examine the windows (if they are properly closed and locked, if the glass wasn't removed, if it didn't have any kind of hole), and he will also examine the other door (if closed/locked, if the knob was removed, etc)

>> No. 2512 edit
Ikuko's head is nearly blown off. You assume a gun or some other type of powerful weapon is the weapon.

Natsuhi's head is completely missing, you assume a clever or axe was the weapon.

While examining the other corpses you spot a small line around their necks, it appears they were strangled to death. You assume the weapon to be a wire.

You don't find anything of value in Genji's pocket.

You walk up to each window one after the other and check them. They are all closed shut, locked and have nothing suspicious you can find about them.

You go over to the other door and examine it. It is closed tightly and locked.

While you are doing that the relatives snatch up the envelope and are reading it to themselves.
>> No. 2513 edit
File 131295167152.png - (85.87KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana1.png )
Still immersed in his own thoughts, anon asks
"The letter, I got one this morning as well. What do this one say?"


"We got to the nice part, how about using one of these tokens~?"
>> No. 2514 edit
File 131399190291.png - (724.16KB , 640x853 , Anonsbirthdaypresent.png )
Happy birthday, Anon.
>> No. 2515 edit
File 131372809947.png - (196.30KB , 640x480 , letter.png )
"Greetings those who remain. I am the Golden Witch Beatrice. These 6 have been taken from you isn't it just tragic. It is all your fault you know. If only you didn't exist then those 6 would still be alive. Your very existence is a sin. And it will cause everyone die to.

Or you can get on your knees and beg like the lowly dog you are. Beg for mercy, until you do one after another a sheep will be slaughtered.

If you want to free the sheep come to chapel by yourself. Why let the innocent sleep get slaughtered, come a see me wolf and then the sheep will be saved. Do you want to save the sheep, or just let them die? The choice is yours.

Signed Beatrice The Golden Witch"


Bernkastel looks over at you. "If you really want to use one now be my guest. They are your last line of defense in case of being completely clueless. And whether you kill the target, or destroy the game, that isn't my problem."
>> No. 2516 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"Alright, then I will use my first token!
Then, as soon as the player is ready he got the right to take the control of Battler. Impress me etc"


"So, this culprit has a little problem with someone here. Well, then it can't be helped, Hideyoshi-san, I have nothing to hide. I will accept to give you my master key if you accept to keep it visible all the time and to destroy the other four master keys. Why? to evade this kind of reasoning."
>> No. 2517 edit
File 131400195752.png - (64.04KB , 470x480 , sou_defa2.png )
The token in your hand begins to glow, and a swirling portal appears in the room. A purple ghost flies from the portal and flies into the board.

Everyone is listening to Hideyoshi read the letter. Out from ceiling flies a purple ghost it flies into Battler and vanishes.

Battler's eyes turn from normal to a strange completely dead looking gray. He has been possessed by the ghost.

Everyone aside from Battler and Maria gasps in shock at your suggestion.

"Destroy the keys?" Rosa yells out shocked. "Is-is that a good idea."

"We'll it will making it so a locked door will become impassable." Rudolf says with a frown.

"Kihihihi~ Beatrice doesn't need master keys. Beatrice can open doors with magic. She has no need for keys so go ahead and destroy them kihihi~"

"But-but-but," Kumasawa stutters. "Those keys could keep us safe from the culprit."

"I agree with Anon's plan." Jessica spoke up. "That should prevent any one from dying. The only key will always been visible on that one person. So if we all entered locked rooms no one could enter inside."

"They could just always break the door down." Rosa muttered.

"I think it is a wonderful idea." Eva says with a smile. "But, I think I'll hold onto the remaining key if you don't mind Anon-kun." Eva smiles. "I'll put it right around my neck like a necklace. Everyone can see it that way and no one can take it from me."
>> No. 2518 edit
File 131402085268.png - (514.25KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 glaring 1.png )
"Even if you destroy the keys....That is only a temporary solution. No, the real problem we are all facing right now isn't how to stop the culprit from getting in.....It's to stop the culprit from getting out."

Battler walks over to the bodies and stares at them, he then turns to Jessica.

"Isn't that right, Jessica?"
>> No. 2519 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
"I see, What do you suggest then, Battler?"
>> No. 2520 edit
File 131404309115.png - (124.35KB , 370x462 , jes_futekia1.png )
"Yes! That is an even better idea. Stop the culprit here and now. Make them pay Battler. Make them pay for killing Mom and Dad!"
>> No. 2521 edit
File 131405922111.png - (632.98KB , 816x1208 , but_b22 worrying 2.png )
"There are a few things I'd like to demonstrate."

Battler walks toward the window to the room.

"First off. Keys or no keys, none of them matter."

Battler will pick up a spare chair and.....Break the window with it!
>> No. 2522 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"Wait a second, does Battler seem a little less pixelated? Nah it gotta be my imagination"
"...? What's the deal here?"
>> No. 2523 edit
File 131414996165.png - (118.60KB , 343x480 , eva_akirea2.png )
Everyone around the room gasps as Battler breaks the window with the chair. Glass flies out of the room and into the courtyard.

"I see, what you're getting at Battler-kun." Eva says with a confident smile. "You're saying that even if the culprit doesn't have a key they can just break into the room."

"How-how do we protect ourselves then?" Rosa questioned.

"Kihihihi~ No matter what you do you can't escape Beatrice. She isn't a human, she surpasses anything a human could possibly do."
>> No. 2524 edit
File 131415333983.png - (631.39KB , 816x1208 , but_b22 worrying 4.png )

"Not only that."

Battler sets the chair down and points to the window.

"I'm also saying the culprit didn't use a key, they used that very same window I broke."
>> No. 2525 edit
File 131258138942.png - (83.89KB , 320x469 , ros_odorokia1.png )
Another round of gasps echo through room at Battler's statement.

"Through-Through the window?" Rosa stutters from surprise. "How did they do that?"
>> No. 2526 edit
File 131402085268.png - (514.25KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 glaring 1.png )

"How else? They opened it, dragged the bodies in, situated this setup, and then left the same way."

Battler shifts his position and aims at the window with his body, to show everyone what window.

"That's all there is too it. There was some sort of gimmick involving the window itself and the lock."
>> No. 2527 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"Anyways if that was the trick. Then who did it?"
>> No. 2528 edit
File 131364338942.png - (118.74KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua2.png )
"What sort of gimmick and trick Battler-kun?"
>> No. 2529 edit
File 131405922111.png - (632.98KB , 816x1208 , but_b22 worrying 2.png )

"The kind that involve making a hole in the glass."
>> No. 2530 edit
File 131415699846.png - (82.57KB , 320x469 , ros_aserua1.png )
"But Battler-kun. I saw Anon-kun check the windows. And I also checked them after Anon-kun did, and I didn't see any hole."
>> No. 2531 edit
File 131415716113.png - (638.89KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 worrying 1.png )

"You didn't look hard enough, Kanon, you saw the hole right?"

Battler turns toward Jessica.

"There is one thing bothering me though, Jessica, how long was Krauss having an affair with Ikuko?"
>> No. 2532 edit
File 131309568425.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
"Well, I could have missed it"
>> No. 2533 edit
File 131415765930.png - (128.32KB , 370x462 , jes_ikaria1.png )
Bernkastel smiles.

"Holes, holes, holes. Your theory is full of them. No hole exists in the glass of any of the windows in the dining room."


Jessica angrily pounds her fist against the table.

"What the hell Battler! My father would never do anything like that! Where are you pulling that bullshit from!"
>> No. 2534 edit
File 131415804884.png - (389.50KB , 919x1208 , but_b25 glaring 2.png )

"As they say, 'it's not what you know, it's what you can prove'. And because the red doesn't exist in the human world, they'll just accept to compromise for a devil's proof. Quanto incredibile!"

"You mean aside from the fact that they died together, presumably after killing aunt Natushi? The fact that Krauss never was angry at her and only just directly at your mother?"
>> No. 2535 edit
File 131415841762.png - (128.18KB , 370x462 , jes_nakua1.png )
"That isn't true. My dad isn't like that! He wouldn't cheat on mom. Stop insulting him!"

"Battler-kun, don't you think you are going a little too far?" Rosa muttered.
>> No. 2536 edit
File 130828242769.png - (119.91KB , 352x480 , but_nayamua4.png )

"Then tell me Jessica, do you honestly believe your father would never be tempted by any other woman?"

Battler turns toward Rosa.

"Going too far? People were murdered here today, no matter how hard it is to withstand the abuse known as speculation, truth is what should be sought after in a case like this."
>> No. 2537 edit
File 13141591858.png - (128.96KB , 371x463 , jes_ikaria3.png )
"Of course I don't believe he would. Why would I? I believe in my parents!"

Rosa looks down. "Yes. You're right."
>> No. 2538 edit
File 13141596154.png - (136.83KB , 599x480 , but_futekib2.png )

"Well that's all I needed. I suppose no one else but YOU could have done it-"

Battler spins around and aims at-

>> No. 2539 edit
File 131416017755.png - (121.16KB , 352x480 , but_nakua3.png )
"Oh god what have I done I've accused innocent people of crimes they didn't commit I don't deserve to live etc."

Attempt to kill self, etc.
>> No. 2540 edit
File 131386698380.png - (119.09KB , 343x480 , eva_majimea1.png )
A roar of gasps erupted through the room. Anon was the culprit?!

"Anon-kun?" Shannon said in disbelief. "You're the culprit? But-but why?"

Eva however held a suspicious glance. "Battler-kun." She said in a low tone. "What do you mean by Kanon? Who is that?"
>> No. 2541 edit
File 131416038725.png - (119.08KB , 352x480 , but_nayamua3.png )

"Mi scusi, I swallowed my tongue in the beginning. I meant Anon-kun. It's obvious it's him, no? He has a key after all, and Say- I mean Shannon can't be the culprit, I was....With her last night."
>> No. 2542 edit
File 130827987980.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
anon stay in silence for some seconds and then he noticed Battler is pointing at him.
"W-wait a second, didn't we discuss this a while ago? I'm not the culprit!
... You believe me, right Jessica-san?"
>> No. 2543 edit
Some people let out a gasp at Battler's statement. Shannon turns red in the face and looks down.

Rudolf has an unhappy look on his face. And Kumasawa laughs slightly. But then everyone gets over it and remembers what took place in this room.

Everyone wonders over what Battler just said. Was Anon-kun the culprit? He did have the master key.

But what about the window theory. Battler had proposed. Someone could have used that. There was no way to check if there was a hole or not now.

Any one could have committed the murders, right? Battler had just basically made that possible. So suspecting someone was impossible. Well suspecting as far as saying they were the culprit, right?

It seemed that everyone was in thought. They were thinking about things.

It seemed that some of them wanted to place the blame right on Anon. While others would rather not believe that Anon is the culprit.

"Anon can't be the culprit." Shannon said with a smile. "Beatrice is."

Maria smiled. "Yeah Beatrice is the culprit."

"Beatrice-sama. It seems likely." Kumasawa spoke up.

Battler's eyes began to rapidly flicker back and forth from gray to normal. It seems Battler's soul is fighting back, he will take control soon.
>> No. 2544 edit
File 131319102596.png - (123.81KB , 352x480 , but_sakebua1.png )

Battler grabs his spare chair and rushes over at Anon, he raises it up high and slams it into Anon's head as hard and with as much force as he could possibly apply! He'll attempt to keep doing so until it breaks or Anon's head smashes in.
>> No. 2545 edit
File 130841902997.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
"When the Night Crow Flies ... oh man, that was a good book, since my head hurts a bit I can't remember too much, but boy! I sure remember it was great!
>> No. 2546 edit
Anon repeatedly gets smashed in the head by the chair. He falls to the floor unconscious while hearing people yelling at Battler and Battler's confused tone.
>> No. 2547 edit
You slowly open your eyes. It appears you are in the lounge of the guesthouse. You look around the room.

You spot Maria over on a couch looking at a riddle book. With Rosa sitting next to her. You spy Rudolf over by the bar, he appears to be having a drink.

Eva and Hideyoshi both have guns in their hands and are sitting on the couch across from Rosa and Maria.

Jessica gazing out the window, she appears to be in thought and a frown in on her face.

Kumasawa, Shannon, and Battler don't seem to be in the room.
>> No. 2548 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
Aside from getting beated by his brother another chair, anon doesn't seem to be very injured.
"...What just happened here? ..."
>> No. 2549 edit
File 131416327766.png - (119.37KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua1.png )
"Oh Anon-kun. You're awake." Eva greets you. "We were worried you wouldn't wake up. It has been hours."
>> No. 2550 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"Don't worry about anon, I'm fine, I think.
A-anyways, where's Battler-san? last I remember was a discussion about a book"
>> No. 2551 edit
File 131288115383.png - (79.70KB , 320x468 , ros_komarua2.png )
"Well after that sudden outburst we all decided Battler couldn't be trusted so we locked him up. After that... after he attacked you. We weren't sure what to think. And then he started claiming he didn't do it, or couldn't remember it. We started to wonder about his sanity." Rosa explains. "We decided we had no choice we tied him to the bed in one of the rooms upstairs. Shannon-chan however refused to believe that Battler would do something like that and kept arguing with us. In the end she decided to stay with Battler and keep him company."
>> No. 2552 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"Battler attacked me? Well his arguments were indeed inferior, but I wouldn't call that an attack"
"Well, their are a couple after all. Anyways, its safe for them to be alone with a murdered outside? If you are so worried about him you should let him stay with us."
After a simple arithmetic equation, anon ask.
"Kumasawa-san, Where is she?"
>> No. 2553 edit
File 131258110877.png - (82.11KB , 320x469 , ros_komarua4.png )
"Well.. I'm worried about Battler's sanity. He didn't seem very sane while attacking you or right after."

After hearing Anon's next question. Hideyoshi responds this time.

"Kumasawa-san is making some tea in the servants room."
>> No. 2554 edit
File 130938646246.png - (90.71KB , 291x478 , kanon_derp.png )
>Kumasawa-san is making some tea in the servants room
>Crazy guy locked with her lover
>Nobody thinks they are in danger
"These people is crazy, what the heck I am doing here?"

"Hideyoshi-san, sorry for the discussion of a while ago, but could you use the telephone to contact Shannon and Kumasawa? It's not a good idea to divide right now ..."
>> No. 2555 edit
File 131416327766.png - (119.37KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua1.png )
"Alright Anon-kun if you really think so, I guess we can call Shannon-chan and Kumasawa-san back. But I think it would better to leave Battler-kun where he is."

"Anon-kun, Battler-kun should be fine. There is only 1 door to enter the guesthouse, and to get to the second floor they would have to pass through this room. So as long as we stand guard Battler-kun is perfectly safe."
>> No. 2556 edit
File 130838102581.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"... the guesthouse." anon just noticed this simple fact, but he's still not well oriented.
anon stand up

"The only way to get to the second floor is through this room? ... Where are we right now?
... Furthermore a well determined person could climb and get inside using a window. Why don't you talk to them just to check if fine?"
>> No. 2557 edit
File 131416743661.png - (119.42KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua3.png )
"If you're that worried about them." Eva said handing her gun to Rudolf. "Hideyoshi and I will check up on them."

Hideyoshi handed his gun to Rosa, before they both left and headed into the hallway.
>> No. 2558 edit
File 131416853924.png - (30.48KB , 200x200 , shakan_happy1.png )
"Are they crazy or something? Or there's another reason to do this?"
Before they got a chance to leave, anon check if he still got his master key and stuff, and tell to Rufolf

"Rudolf-san, there's a murderer somewhere here, or maybe there are more than one. So please use this gun to protect everyone in this room. And remember Witches doesn't exist, nor magic. That murder was done by a human in this island, so don't lower your guard."
anon leaves the room as well not before equipping himself with a hat stand +1
"You didn't think I would allow you to leave alone right? Don't worry my perception bonus is +10 so they won't trap us so easily. Anyways I'm worried about Battler and Shannon, why don't we check them first?"
>> No. 2559 edit
You still have all your items.

Rudolf nods at your statement.

Everyone looks at you with puzzled expressions as you take the hat stand +1 and leave the room following Eva and Hideyoshi up the stairs.
>> No. 2560 edit
Making a perception check in every corner, anon carefully follows Eva and Hideyoshi to Battler room.
>> No. 2561 edit
File 13142445286.png - (22.06KB , 1068x1272 , 131322818586 copy.png )
Perception:You hear the sound of the tea kettle from the servants room down the hallway as you transcend the stairs. You pass the first door on the left side. It appears Battler and Shannon are in the second room on that side.

You can't tell anymore, maybe you should have rolled higher~

>> No. 2562 edit
"Stupid low rolls"
anon continue walking etc

>> No. 2563 edit
You, and your group of two arrive at the door.
>> No. 2564 edit
anon knock the door and call their names
>> No. 2565 edit
You get no reply to your knocking and name calling.
>> No. 2566 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"Are they really supposed to be inside here?"
anon knocks again, if they don't reply he will open with his master key.
>> No. 2567 edit
"What is going on?" Eva says confused, after you getting no response.

"Let's hope nothing bad happened in there." Hideyoshi mutters.

You knock again, but once again you get no response. You try the door, it is locked.

You take out your master key and insert it into the lock. You hear the sound of the gears turning as you turn the key.

You hear the soft click of the lock becoming unlocked.

Slowly the door opens with a creak. An almost screeching sound that unnerves the three of you.

You take a step into the room followed by Hideyoshi. From your location you can see.

Battler and Shannon, kissing. They are alive and seem perfectly fine. It appears they didn't answer because they were in a world of their own right now.
>> No. 2568 edit
File 130827987980.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
Getting blushed from the scene, anon make a super quick perception check on the area and then he close the door. Then after waiting 5 seconds anon say in a loud voice.
"Battler-kun, I'm really sorry to interrupt you. But this is no time to stay outside of the group. There's a murderer outside and we can't afford to stay in different rooms."
>> No. 2569 edit
You look around the room there is a small table with a couch to the side. You see a walk in closet to the right of the door, and a bathroom to the left.

You spot some curtains hanging on a curtain rod just above the windows.

Battler's wrists are tied to one of the bedposts.

Shannon and Battler breakaway upon hearing your voice. Shannon looks down at the ground her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Battler however has a smirk on his face. It seems he was enjoying being tied up and alone with Shannon.

After some protesting Eva unties Battler and all of you leave the room and head back downstairs and into the lounge.

Eva notices Kumasawa has been gone a while. Shannon volunteers to check on Kumasawa and she leaves and heads to the servant's room.
>> No. 2570 edit
File 131245064334.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
" ... If I keep worrying about every possible second twilight situation you will divide them in a different way making it impossible to save everyone.
Shannon don't die yet ..."


Still a bit nervous, anon let Shannon go, after all everyone else is inside of this room, right? Anyway, anon decide to talk to Rosa
"Rosa-sama, look. I got a letter as well"
anon show Rosa the letter he found inside of his room.
>> No. 2571 edit
File 131258138942.png - (83.89KB , 320x469 , ros_odorokia1.png )
"Yes it is probably impossible to keep everyone together for a long period of time. Seeing as everyone is nervous around each other, even if they try to hide it. Thus causing people to want to isolate themselves to get away and try and relax."

Rosa is shocked by the letter you show her. "This letter." She whispers. "Anon-kun, why do you think you received it? And who do you think gave it to you?"
>> No. 2572 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
"Who? Well this was probably sent by culprit of these horrible murders. And why? well maybe I am not relevant to their plot."
anon lowers his tone and whisper to Rosa
"Did you check the letter you got?"
>> No. 2573 edit
File 131258110877.png - (82.11KB , 320x469 , ros_komarua4.png )
Rosa expression darkens.

"Yes. Yes, I did look at it." She tries to shake it off. "Don't worry about it Anon-kun."
>> No. 2574 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
Making an apologetic gesture anon replies.
"Well it's a bit hard to don't get worried about it ... Anyways do you have any idea of what could mean the letter than we found inside of the dinner room? Do you have any idea of who is the target of it?"
>> No. 2575 edit
File 129701673531.png - (80.45KB , 320x467 , ros_komarua1.png )
"The letter was just personal stuff. I would rather not have you meddle with."

Rosa thinks about it.

"Well, I think that is what is on a lot our minds right now. The letter seems to imply that the person the writer was addressing, would know that they are the one being referred to. It makes me wonder who the target could possible be. Everyone seems to not have a clue who the target it. Well if they do know, they are keeping it to themselves."

Rosa pauses.

"But whoever wrote that letter must really hate the person they are talking about. They even called that person's existence a sin."
>> No. 2576 edit
File 130827987980.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
Still waiting for Shannon and Kumasawa return, anon ask to Hideyoshi.
"... Hideyoshi-san, What do you think it will happen now? The culprit seem to have a grudge against someone here. Do you think the culprit is ... among us?"
>> No. 2577 edit
File 131431265593.png - (95.36KB , 374x477 , hid_komarua1g.png )
Hideyoshi frowns. "I would rather not like to think that someone here would do that. But I can't ignore the possibility. It is likely that someone in this group is behind all this. So Eva and I are watching everyone carefully."
>> No. 2578 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"... What about the letter? Do you have any idea to who could be targeted?"
>> No. 2579 edit
File 131434352772.png - (97.15KB , 374x478 , hid_komarua2g.png )
"From what the seems to imply the target of the letter seems to have committed some kind of great sin in writer's eyes. Though whether that 'sin' is actually a crime in the eyes of the law is a good question. I would rather like to think that no one here is hiding such a secret."

Hideyoshi frowns as he looks at the gun in his hands.

"I hate to say it, but it would be better if that person admitted what they did. It would release a lot of the tension. I wonder why they are not coming forward."
>> No. 2580 edit
File 131245064334.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
"... I don't think that's a good idea. Even if the murderer gets what he want that won't stop him from killing the rest of us. After all when the storm ends the police should be able to start an investigation here, and the culprit would get caught. About "coming forward" well just think in the sheep and wolfs puzzle, since there are more sheep than wolves they would lose in the end."
>> No. 2581 edit
File 131431265593.png - (95.36KB , 374x477 , hid_komarua1g.png )
"Yes, I guess we can't rule out the possibility that the culprit won't stop even after getting
what they want. But neither can we rule out that the idea that they will stop."
>> No. 2582 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"I don't see any reason to trust a person who enjoys murdering. Anyways it's possible than a trap is already waiting for anyone who steps on the Chapel, so it's not really a good idea to go there.
By the way, Do you think these two are fine? They are taking some time ..."
>> No. 2583 edit
File 131447213085.png - (96.09KB , 374x479 , hid_majimea2g.png )
"That is likely. They probably either set a trap or are waiting in the chapel."

I don't think we should worry about people at this time. This might be a good point to try and investigate or talk to suspects, or something. We seem to be at a point where the action has slowed, we should take this and use it for our advantage.
>> No. 2584 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"Talking with Hideyoshi won't make me reach any conclusion, maybe if I talk with Kumasawa?"
"Battler-kun, I still don't understand what happened a while ago, but I don't care really.
There's something I would like to discuss with you, do you mind going out with me?"
If Battler accepts I'm going to the servant room with him.
>> No. 2585 edit
File 131322818586.png - (43.62KB , 1068x1272 , guesthouse.png )
Battler gets up from his spot and follows you.

You both head to the servant's room. You enter the room and see a small couch, a neatly organized desk with some papers on it.

On one side of the room, coating the space under both of the windows on two of the walls is a small counter top. With a hot kettle, coffee maker, blender, microwave. There are some cabinets with some dishes and cups in them.

You see Shannon standing next to the kettle. She greets both of you warmly as you both enter. You don't see Kumasawa anywhere.
>> No. 2586 edit
File 130854934890.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
Suddenly, anon feels as he's doing a bad trio.
Still feeling kind of guilty for interrupting them a while ago, anon tries to rush this a bit.

"S-shannon-san, I had a question for you. It's about that closed room. Didn't you by any chance closed that door? I was thinking that silly room could have been created by anyone just as long someone asked you to close it.
D-don't think wrong of this question, I was being suspected as well, so I'm sure you are innocent".
>> No. 2587 edit
File 13123395766.png - (104.22KB , 356x480 , sha_komarua1.png )
"Well, Genji-san and Gohda-san were the people who were in charge of making sure all the rooms were locked. And I spent the night with Battler."

Shannon pauses to think. "Then when I got up in the morning I went to the storage closet downstairs, and also went to the rose garden, but I went out the side door. So I didn't even go by the dining room until we all gathered there."

"Shannon stayed with me at night." Battler reaffirms Shannon's statement.
>> No. 2588 edit
File 130838102581.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"I see, well then I might ask Kumasawa as well, since her key got actually stolen that night.
Do you know where she is right now?"
>> No. 2589 edit
File 131239784411.png - (105.53KB , 356x480 , sha_odorokia1.png )
"I think Genji-san held onto her key. But if you're looking for Kumasawa-san, I think she went to the bathroom."
>> No. 2590 edit
File 131245064334.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
"I see, then I might need to wait for her.
...Anyways what do you think of that creepy letter? Who could be the target of this person?"
>> No. 2591 edit
File 131448164642.png - (119.83KB , 352x480 , but_majimea5.png )
Shannon shakes her head. It seems she doesn't have an idea.

"I wonder if it is George. I might be the target he is referring to if it is."
>> No. 2592 edit
File 130827987980.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
"...George? Do you think George could be around?
Anyways, just what happened in his last visit to Rokkenjima?"
>> No. 2593 edit
File 131449069483.png - (119.60KB , 352x480 , but_odorokia3.png )
"Well, I wouldn't say it is impossible. He could be hiding somewhere. He could even be in the chapel waiting."

Battler pauses.

"Well, George and I got into a fight, a really bad one. It had to be broken up by our parents. Which kind of started an argument, but that cooled off quickly I think."

Shannon starts talking after Battler finishes.

"That wasn't the last time George-san was here. He came back some time later. He was saying Battler was wrong for me, and it was a mistake."

"He said that to me as well. 'You're making a mistake, you have it wrong.' Stuff like that."
>> No. 2594 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
"So your parents got involved as well? What happened between Eva and Rudolf?"
>> No. 2595 edit
File 130828069785.png - (118.43KB , 352x480 , but_niramua1.png )
"It was pretty much, 'Why can't you control you brat.' 'My child is not a brat, why can't you control your child.' 'You should have raised your child better.' And so on."

Shannon tells Battler she has a headache, and would like to lay down. The two of them tell you they are heading back upstairs. But they tell you not to worry about their safety, they will lock the door and set the chain and so on.

They leave you alone in the servants room. If you wait a little bit Kumasawa might come back, but the choice is up to you.
>> No. 2596 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
anon goes "shikata ga nai" at Battler statement, and let them go. Actually he stalk them.
If nobody can see him, he will leave the servant room and make a "salt trap" using a pinch of it.
Then he go to "Battler room" and do the same.

>> No. 2597 edit
You make your salt trap and then stealthily follow Shannon and Battler up the stairs. Diving this way and that way when they turn around. It is like a real spy mission.

You watch them enter their room and you hear the sound of the door locking followed by the chain being set. You then place your salt trap.

You are now in the hallway, what will you do next.
>> No. 2598 edit
While following behind you got pieces of their talking. It was mostly just Battler inquiring about Shannon's well being, and Shannon telling him she is just tired, nothing to worry about.
>> No. 2599 edit
"I can't do a lot aside from wait for Kumasawa..."
anon return to the room with the others.

>> No. 2600 edit
You return to the lounge. Upon entering you notice that Eva and Hideyoshi are no longer in the room. Rudolf is sitting at the bar, gun in hand. Jessica is still looking on the window deep in thought. Rosa seems to be thinking about something, and Maria appears to be reading a book.
>> No. 2601 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
anon sit near to Rosa
"I couldn't find Kumasawa-san, Shannon-san said she went to the bathroom. By the way, do you know where's Eva-sama?"
>> No. 2602 edit
"Eva Nee-san, and Hideyoshi Nii-san, said they were feeling tired so they were going to rest upstairs."

Rosa frowns. "But that was a while ago now. I hope they are ok."

"Maybe we should call them." Jessica suggests.

"That's a good idea." Rudolf agrees telling Jessica to call.

Jessica goes over to phone and tries to call Eva's room. However she frowns after a little while.

"No one is picking up." She says in a worried tone. "I'm getting worried." After trying to reach them once again. "I'm going to check on them and make sure they are alright."

Jessica leaves the room and heads upstairs.
>> No. 2603 edit
It was a soft sound. Eva had barely heard it in fact. She was lost in her thoughts so when the soft knocking happened she had barely noticed it.

She looked over at her husband, he was sleeping. Eva let out a sigh, picked up the gun off the table and headed over to the door.

Eva unlocked the door and opened it. She kept the chain latched so just in case it was someone she didn't know they couldn't get in.

Eva opened the door prepared to just slam it in someone tried to grab the door and force it open. But that didn't happen.

Eva let out the breath she didn't even know she was holding and looked through the crack in the door. Maria was standing in the hallway.

Decided that there was no danger Eva opened the door allowing Maria to come inside.

"Maria-chan, what brings you up here? Shouldn't you be with Rosa?"

A creepy smile appeared on Maria's face. She shut the door and snapped her fingers and the door locked and the chain got set.

Eva cocked her gun and pointed it at Maria. She knew something was terribly wrong here.

"Who are you?" Eva demanded. "You're not Maria, are you!"

The Maria disguise fades away, and her outfit changes to the pure white one. "I'm not Maria. I am Mira, your executioner~"

Before Mira even finished speaking Eva pulled the trigger on the gun.

Blood splashed against the floor as the bullet pierced Mira's arm.

"Why you!" Mira roared pointing her staff at Eva. "Die!"

A white arrow shot forth from Mira's staff, but Eva was quick and she dodged it, causing the arrow to pierce the wall and create a hole.

Eva rushed at Mira and slammed into her knocking her backwards into a mirror. The mirror shattered cutting Mira up as glass shards fell to the ground.

They stabbed into her like needles causing blood to poor out of the new wounds.

"I've had enough of you!" Mira screamed in rage. More arrows then you could count shot out from Mira's staff.

They sliced into Eva and stabbed her cutting her up like paper.

They wrapped around her neck and crushed her windpipe killing her. Before doing the same to Hideyoshi.

Mira smirked and laughed. But then gasped. It wasn't possible. How did she not notice it.

That there was a third person in the room. Jessica stood there froze in fright.

Mira smiled. "Sorry, Jessica but now that you saw this. You've got to vanish." Mira pointed her staff at Jessica and in a bright flash Jessica exploded.

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