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13988 No. 13988 edit
The game has ended, however the mystery has been left unsolved.
This thread is for anyone and everyone who wishes to post their own theories, and discuss parts of the game to eventually reach a solution. Keep in mind this is meant to be a casual discussion so feel free to post as many theories/ideas/notes as you want.

No more red will be made until it is time to reveal the answer, and all red shall be compiled in this thread for quick viewing.
Naturally, major spoilers are within this thread so read the game first.

First Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/13457.html
Second Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/13725.html

Upon a sufficient theory being made, in order to leave room for more discussion I won't respond right away. Some time after that I will post the solution.







Red Truths:

Regarding Keys
None of the master keys were used to construct the closed rooms in this gameboard.
The same can be said for Genji's study key.
Krauss didn't lie about Kinzo's closed room. The keys really were found where he said they were.
Genji's study key, master key, and the key to the kitchen were found on Genji's corpse by Krauss.

Nanjo's Closed Room
Nanjo was killed in Jessica's room.
In fact Nanjo was already dead the moment you reached the door of Jessica's room.

Kanon's Closed Room
Kanon was killed after Nanjo. The boiler room remained locked all day until Rosa unlocked it using the key.
Kanon died instantaneously. He was not killed inside of the incinerator.
Kanon was killed by a physical blow from another human standing right beside him.
The back door can only be locked from the inside and the key does not work on it.
The large bar lock on the back door was set when you entered until Rosa unlocked it.
The only time the back door opened was the single time at end of the game by Rosa.
Kanon has no twins. Shannon and Kanon are not the same person.
The body you found in the boiler room was the same Kanon you were with when you first entered the kitchen.
The door was locked when you and Gohda arrived. Rosa unlocked the door right in front of you.
Rosa only unlocked the front door a single time. Which was the same time you were there to witness it.
The only entrance/exits into the room are the two doors.
They have not been tampered with in anyway and function just as expected. They were not removed either.
Kanon did not enter the boiler room before Genji's death was found.

Vanishing People
Battler did not lock the window from the outside.
Rudolf did not set the lock on the window.
The lock functions properly and was set.
Battler was indeed hiding behind the door.
The group did not hide in the kitchenette.
No rooms were ever "swapped" during this game. This includes the study.

Knox's 8th It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not presented.
None of the windows in this game were locked from the outside.
Gohda is not an accomplice, and he did not kill Nanjo.
Finally, neither Krauss or Natsuhi are culprits or accomplices.
Ozaki isn't the culprit or accomplice.

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>> No. 14022 edit
File 131252237659.jpg - (8.32KB , 198x255 , dlanorim.jpg )
Since no one else has posted yet, I will post GE's Grand Theory That is Completely and Ultimately Correct: First Version

Theon's game has appeared strange from the beginning. With complex syntax and minimalist characterization and plot development, the game appears nearly unsolvable. But fear not, for wherever a game-board rears its ugly and trollish head, GE is there to win. With that in the mind, who is the culprit of this tale? Did someone fake their death? Did they do it out of fear, malice, or love? Is there even enough evidence to realistically solve the game?

The answers are clear. All one has to do is ignore the story's obvious red herrings and look at the obvious answers right in front of their noses. Answers so simple, so devious, that the GM thought that we would ignore them completely! With that said, the culprit of these devious murders, the mastermind behind everything, is mackerel.

But how did they accomplish this feat, you ask. To which I respond, 'Let me finish, you uncultured lump.' First, we must start with the culprit's motive, which shows itself early on in the game, even though it's treated as a joke. Let's observe the evidence for this obvious culprit:

""I don't know what you find so silly, Gohda! My mackerel dishes are both healthy and scrumptious!" Gohda's only response is a sigh"

"...you also find a variety of mackerel flavoured dishes. Including some frankly weird and blatantly unappetizing (well, in my opinion anyway) dishes, such as mackerel and spaghetti, peanut butter and mackerel sandwich, sauteed mackerel with ham in meatbally chunks littered all over it, pickles with mackerel inside a bowl of ice cream, a dish that appears to be just a bed of bacon strips with a heaping pile of diced mackerel on top, and one greek salad cut half the salad add a solid mackerel paste."

"I can see why Gohda dissaproved lol"
-- spoken by the true master of the board

With this evidence in mind, the culprit seems obvious, don't they? The culprit was fed up with being treated like a joke by the Ushiromiya family. They decided to send in their own corpses as a form of trojen horse needed to kill the family and ensure their deaths. I'll explain the methods in more detail below:

1. Kinzo's Death

There's a clue in the story that we can use to see the exact time that Kinzo died. When Ozaki entered heard the sound of glass breaking, that was Kinzo's death! We can see this by the broken glass next to Kinzo's corpse. But how did the culprit accomplish this? By inserting themselves into the drainage system! When Kinzo tried to drink a refreshing glass of water, mackerel filled his glass instead! Since the fridge downstairs is stocked with mackerel, it follows that someone in the house eats it, and Kinzo's behavior makes him eccentric enough to qualify as a candidate. He gluttonously shoves the mackerel down his throat at such an alarming pace that he loses balance, trips, and hits his head against a table or something. His glass also breaks. This murder is possible with my skills!

2.) Kumasawa's death

Now, I know what you're thinking: Why would the culprit want to kill their only human ally? Simple. Because she wasn't an ally! Her mackerel endorsements were jokes, not serious endorsements to treat mackerel seriously! She had to be eliminated. How did they kill her? By using psychological manipulation to make her put more and more mackerel in her pockets until her back broke! Evidence: she had been complaining of a hurt back, and she has a fascination (although a cruel one) with the mackerel. It only makes sense. Another murder taken care of!

3.) Genji's death

The solution to this murder: shit, I'm stumped.
>> No. 14451 edit
File 139646945621.jpg - (135.19KB , 1280x720 , dlanorwin.jpg )
Okay, since my theory is (as of now) unconfirmed, let's get a discussion started.

Kinzo's death


1.) When the detectives found the room, they saw Natsuhi standing at an open door. We find out that Krauss is inside as well. (However, according to red, neither Krauss or Natsuhi are culprits or accomplices.)

2.) Nanjo enters the room next.

3.) There is a small wound on Kinzo's temple. Some blood is on the ground, but not enough for a puddle.

4.) There is shattered glass besides Kinzo's corpse.

5.) There is a rug underneath Kinzo, wet with water.

6.) The windows are locked.

7.) "Genji unlocked the door with the only other key to the study, which he keeps, and we found no sign of father. However, I did find this key on the desk which unlocks this room."

8.) Six hours deceased. The body was recently flipped on his back.

9.) "On close examination of the towels it would become apparent that one of the two towels has a region on its surface which has an admittedly light but still present spattering of tiny glass shards embedded into that towel."

Relevant Reds:

None of the master keys were used to construct the closed rooms in this gameboard. The same can be said for Genji's study key.

None of the windows in this game were locked from the outside.

No rooms were ever "swapped" during this game. This includes the study.

Krauss didn't lie about Kinzo's closed room. The keys really were found where he said they were.

Genji's study key, master key, and the key to the kitchen were found on Genji's corpse by Krauss.
(Possibly relevant because of the study key)

Last edited at 14/04/02(Wed)13:14:00
>> No. 14461 edit
File 139654672156.png - (78.93KB , 480x280 , 1_png.png )
Looking over Kinzo's death, it seems pretty obvious that the corpse was moved, based on the flipping of the body and the lack of blood. Speaking of the lack of blood, is it possible that the wound on his head isn't even the cause of death?

Regarding Krauss and Natsuhi not being accomplices, it might be the case that they interfered with the crime scene without the intention of aiding the culprit; perhaps to prevent a panic.

Anyway, that aside, we've got so little red to go on here that it's going to be a nightmare. How did the glass get embedded in the towel, anyway? The only thing I can think of is perhaps Kinzo was covered with it, then the culprit struck him? Either that, or Krauss/Natsuhi/the culprit used it to clear up the glass on Kinzo before Ozaki and co. arrived.

The theory Ozaki presented about the study door being held open still stands. I'm aware Eva's testimony contradicts it, but we never got a red that says it's impossible. You could also argue that Kinzo allowed it to happen, and was working with the culprit to create the closed room. Stranger things have happened on gameboards.

If I've overlooked anything, please, point it out.

Edit: I guess another way of working it would be if the culprit killed Kinzo in the study, then moved him to the VIP room. Maybe the culprit entered when his food was taken up after dinner?

Last edited at 14/04/03(Thu)13:58:56
>> No. 14471 edit
File 131252237659.jpg - (8.32KB , 198x255 , dlanorim.jpg )
Yeah, I'd say that's a pretty safe bet for Kinzo's death. What death should we focus on next? I would think it should be one that seems to happen chronologically, although I'm not sure where that would fall.

We could also just pick one.

Last edited at 14/04/03(Thu)23:33:41
>> No. 14473 edit
I'd say it is safe to assume any theory Ozaki gave in the end game is wrong. Why would Theon give away the answer, that just doesn't make much sense.

Last edited at 14/04/04(Fri)01:28:28
>> No. 14475 edit
File 137079913365.png - (78.96KB , 480x280 , 12.png )
Yeah, I was hoping someone could show off a different angle on the setup of the closed room. The only way I can set it up is if the person who delivered the food killed Kinzo in the study, then proceeded as described. That gets around Eva's testimony, but it still feels a bit weak. Ozaki's analysis of the door after Kumasawa's death kills any chance of moving keys through closed doors, so...

Speaking of keys and Kumasawa, let's move onto that. Although, I think we need to decide whether or not Kumasawa's master key falls under the 'master keys' that cannot be used according to the red. If so, logic error win, gg ozaki.
>> No. 14732 edit
File 131529396328.png - (89.29KB , 343x440 , ber_nayamua1.png )
A slight addendum:

If Rika had torn off all of Kumasawa's clothing and searched her entire old naked wrinkly body she could have found a syringe wound on the midback around the spinal cord.

A small miscommunication on my part, I apologize for that.
>> No. 14733 edit
File 139829167671.jpg - (10.50KB , 217x232 , images.jpg )
Alright, so Rika and I spent a good three hours brainstorming over this, and uh...

Well, we might have Kumasawa's murder down? The new evidence suggests that the syringe was used to kill her, but Nanjo says that it shouldn't have taken effect so quickly, given that he didn't notice the syringe missing until that morning.

We propose that the killer used a master key to sneak into Nanjo's room, (provided by an accomplice) and stole the syringe during the night after he checked his bag, before using it to kill Kumasawa, having entered her room with the same master key. The scene was then set up as an accident, and the culprit left.

As for the mystery of how the locked room was set up, well, there isn't one. For now, we're going with Shannon being an accomplice, and lying about the state of the door's lock. We're also assuming her key was used.

Unfortunately, the best we could come up with regarding Genji's murder was that the culprit planted the key to the kitchen after Ozaki entered. Of course, Krauss is too incompetent to even be involved in the murders, which means that this theory needs Gohda to be the culprit.

... Yeah, we're not sold on this, needless to say. It renders Shannon being an accomplice moot, and he could have easily used his own master key to lock the kitchen door. Either Gohda moved to avoid the red, or we're miles off and there's a trick we're missing.

I'm surprised no-one's linked the scratch marks on the floor in Kinzo's room to a potential hidden passage. This would solve the mystery of everyone vanishing behind Ozaki's back, and maybe even give the killer a route into Jessica's room. We still need to go over the thread and see if there are any hints as to where such a passage might end up.

The less said about Kanon the better.
>> No. 14797 edit
File 13986344571.png - (169.28KB , 398x750 , erikaN.png )
So I stumbled around aimlessly for so long that Ozaki ended up taking pity on me and basically leading me straight to this answer:

Ozaki hit his head during the shipwreck and still hasn't fully recovered during the course of the game, so he doesn't have detective's authority. This is hinted in the text by the fact that he didn't hear a gunshot while on the way to the boiler room, even though Rudolf had fired a shot in the parlor which he should have heard. He also heard a very loud noise in the boiler room, but if that had really happened, the people in the parlor should have heard it too. Therefore not everything Ozaki witnesses is totally reliable.

The parts of his investigation which cannot be trusted are denoted either by "Ozaki." instead of "Ozaki" in the subject header of a post, or by ".." instead of "." ending a sentence.

Ozaki has confirmed this, so we can use it as a basis for theories from here. For easy reference, the relevant posts are:

Last edited at 14/04/30(Wed)11:50:26
>> No. 14798 edit
File 131540862953.png - (90.05KB , 343x440 , ber_waraia4.png )
To clarify

"Ozaki." is like a large headache, and the '..' is like a slight twinge.

You can take that however you wish.
>> No. 14800 edit
File 139867711584.jpg - (3.07KB , 154x90 , images.jpg )
Alright, assuming that the position of the ".." in the post has some bearing on what's wrong in Ozaki's viewpoint, we can assume that there's something wrong with the lock on Jessica's door. Initially, I was going to try a theory where "Jessica's room" is in fact the VIP room, and Kinzo's body had been replaced, but it might just be that the door wasn't locked.

Taking Theon's information on board, we can assume that the discrepancies are larger in posts where "Ozaki." is in the subject line. This gives us a handy way around some of the red by presenting the possibility that "the Kanon we met in the kitchen" and the Kanon specified by most of the red are different people, which makes this room simple. "The Kanon we met in the kitchen" and the culprit enter the boiler room, the culprit kills "Kanon" and stuffs his body in the incinerator, then leaves by the front entrance. Because the red only prevents "Kanon" and not "the Kanon we met in the kitchen" from entering the boiler room before Genji's death, all this can occur before we even find the first corpse. Kanon himself can be killed by anyone who doesn't have an alibi after Genji's death. We might be in a position to move onto the whodunnit soon, success!

... Just kidding. Guess what Ozaki's unstable POV doesn't cover? Genji's death. Which means until we can figure out how those keys got there, we're boned.
>> No. 14801 edit
File 139880049483.jpg - (150.22KB , 500x388 , erikaO.jpg )
Just posting a few thoughts here for today; I should be able to get on Skype for proper discussion tomorrow.

The part about Kanon is almost certainly right. The question is, who was the "fake Kanon" whose body was found in the boiler room and who Ozaki apparently met in the kitchen? You'd think that there would be something in the game to hint at this if it really follows Knox's 8th, so I'm not sure we can consider it fully solved yet. It's also interesting that, outside of that unreliable scene in the kitchen, I don't believe we ever saw Kanon once throughout this entire game...So where was the real Kanon, what was he doing, and how did he get killed?

Nanjo's room seems to be fairly straightforwardly solved if the statements about the lock being set are unreliable, and we already know about the discrepancies in >>13824 so, disregarding the posts relating to the final riddle, that only leaves two more of these posts to look at - >>13804 and >>13806 - which I'm not really sure what to make of. I'm assuming that these are related to the weird part where everyone disappears; I'll have to take a closer look at it when I have more time.
>> No. 15025 edit
Rambling post about whos and whys incoming. This probably isn't going to help with the whodunnits, but there's three parts to this, and we've only sorted one, so time to take a crack at the rest.

Regarding Kanon, we know that the 'fake' Kanon is younger than Gohda, based on the post where he and Gohda escort Ozaki to his room shortly after the start of the game. The 'real' Kanon is present on the island, although we only see him twice; once at dinner, and once when Natsuhi sends him and Genji to search for further survivors. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the last time we see Kanon, and Genji ends up dead shortly afterwards.

Regarding the motive, the only pattern I can see here is that the victims are Kinzo and his servants (mystery fake Kanon aside). Kinzo's rant seems directed mainly at Krauss and Eva, but it's a flimsy motive...

Regarding who has opportunities for what, let's start with Nanjo, seeing as his death is the easiest to pin down, time-wise. The culprit here has to be a member of Ozaki's group, as everyone else was with Rika in the parlor, and as she noticed Krauss' visit to the bathroom, I'd imagine she'd notice any other movements there too. Gohda remains with Ozaki for the duration after Rosa and co.'s disappearance, which narrows it down to Maria, Rosa, George or Shannon... For this murder, at least.

Frankly, I'm leaning towards Rosa being the culprit, or at least involved in a large capacity. We saw her visit the guesthouse, she was at the table where the letter was found... I'd do more puzzling out, but I've run out of time. I'll come back to this later.
>> No. 15066 edit
File 140036402357.png - (48.90KB , 240x200 , thumb.png )
It's had us stumped for months, but we're finally nearing a theory. The truth behind this nightmarish gameboard is about to be revealed! We've got seven days to fill in the blanks, but given we've got this far, I'm sure it's possible.

So, how was this whole nightmare possible? Simple. The culprits of this gameboard are Rosa and Gohda, with Shannon as an accomplice!

An unlikely partnership, I know. But to understand its origins, we have to move back before the start of this gameboard. Kinzo's speech on the first evening underlines one single idea: his children are useless. But why has it taken him so long to make this appearance, and say this? Why at this family conference?

The truth is, Kinzo lied during that speech. By the time Ozaki and Rika arrived on the island, the epitaph had long since been solved by Kanon. However, as a mere servant, and not of Ushiromiya blood, he could never become Kinzo's heir. However, in a rare moment of kindness, Kinzo agreed to share the inheritance amongst the servants.

That night, he laid the grounds for this idea amongst the family, so that when his death came about, it would not be as a total surprise that the siblings inherited nothing. However, what should have been taken as a warning was taken as a challenge by Rosa, the child who had never achieved anything of worth. That night, spurred on by her father's scorn, she solved the epitaph, and using Kinzo's request for his dinner to be brought up as cover, she confronted him, possibly with Gohda in tow to act as a witness.

What happened then would set off the chain of events that lead to the end of the gameboard. Kinzo revealed the truth, that her claim was invalid, and that the epitaph had already been solved. Refusing to accept this, after all her work, Rosa killed him in a fit of anger, and proclaimed herself the true successor. She laid out the scene as an accident, moving Kinzo's body to the VIP room. Perhaps Gohda helped, the idea of the old man slipping on a wet carpet is certainly something only a buffoon could come up with.

Aware that her claim would be contested by the other siblings, and anyone who knew that the epitaph had been solved long ago, Rosa armed herself, visiting Nanjo's room on her way back from tucking in Maria, and procuring a syringe from his case. With Gohda by her side, she confronted Shannon, who yielded to her, and Kumasawa, who denied her claim. Like Kinzo, she was silenced, and portrayed as an accidental death.

By this time, Genji and Kanon became aware that something was not right. Kanon fled, no doubt hiding outside the mansion, and Genji prepared to face-off against his master's killer. However, when he was confronted by not just Rosa, but Gohda and Shannon too, he was overpowered, and stabbed by the kitchen's true master.

Genji's struggle threw a spanner in Rosa's plan, and she was forced to adapt. With Gohda's aid, the keys miraculously appeared within the kitchen after it was opened (the dumb oaf dropped them whilst the room was still filled with smoke after opening it), and Shannon lied about the state of Kumasawa's room, claiming it to be locked upon her arrival. The group corralled themselves in the parlor, and Rosa took this opportunity to separate herself from the others, along with her accomplices.

She waited until a distraction presented itself, before planting the letter on her table, allowing her to move everyone who remained important to her plan into the study. All that remained was to kill Nanjo, and the only person on the island who could solve Kumasawa's murder would be gone.

Unfortunately, Ozaki was included in her group, and she was forced to improvise. She and the others waited until Ozaki was out of sight of the study door, before bolting and leaving Gohda to shout out and cover the noise of the auto-lock. Maria was left behind, no doubt in one of the bedrooms, so that she would not have to witness the fate that would befall Nanjo.

When the good doctor was killed, and George realised the truth, he was given the same choice as the other servants. In order to remain with Shannon, he agreed to keep quiet. When Ozaki and Gohda eventually reached the room containing Nanjo's corpse, the cook made a big show of struggling with the lock, further confusing the only remaining witness.

This theory leaves only a few small mysteries, and as far as I can tell, is one of the only ways to solve Genji's closed room. All we need to do is answer these last few questions.

Where did Kanon vanish to after the first night, and who killed him?

Who was the fake Kanon found in the boiler room, and why did they have to die?

Why did Battler hide in the bathroom, rather than follow the others to the study?

Who was the person knocking on the door in the boiler room?

Last edited at 14/05/17(Sat)15:07:40
>> No. 15368 edit
File 140399586073.jpg - (346.34KB , 600x800 , Frederica_Bernkastel_full_256160.jpg )
I shall now reveal the solution to this game.


First I will start with the howdunits. While not much was posted in this thread quite lot of discussion was done in skype. The solutions to most of the closed rooms were suggested at one point or another, but most were disregarded for another solution.

Kinzo's death is quite simple. The culprit invited Kinzo to the VIP room using a letter they had gotten earlier. This was the letter Ozaki found in the study that was all burnt up. This caused Kinzo to leave his room in quite a hurry, thus forgetting to pay attention to locking his door. The accomplice wedged open the door for later use. Once Kinzo arrived at the VIP room the culprit was waiting. They talked for a bit and then Kinzo was killed. The room was then set up to look like an accident. This was hinted by the shards of glass found in the towels, as the culprit wanted to break the cup without making noise in fear of alerting anyone. They then set up the closed room with ease now that Kinzo’s door was left open.

Kumasawa’s room plays a bigger role in this game then it may appear. As you know the syringe was found under her bed. After killing Kinzo the culprit placed the syringe inside of her bed, sticking it into the mattress so that when she went to sleep it would kill her. She had locked her own door and a trap was used to kill her. It would then fall out to the spot where Rika found it. The culprit knew they would have the chance to do this since as Gohda explained, Kumasawa stays up later despite her age.

Of course this means that stealing the syringe would have had to been taken before Kinzo’s death. The clues for this are directly inferred from Nanjo. When Rika went to go back to the guesthouse on the first night, Nanjo was still sitting in the lobby. As explained he made some weird noises and rubbed his eyes upon Rika entering. Furthermore much later in the game while in the study he was nodding off as well. Being the old man that he is he was prone to falling asleep easily. When Ozaki asked where the key was he patted his pockets as if he had lost it. Nanjo, as explained had fallen asleep, however did not believe he had done so. Merely “resting my eyes” as he may have put it. During this time the culprit had taken his key and used it to steal the syringe from Nanjo's room, he then put the key back into the wrong pocket by accident. This is why Nanjo believed that it was impossible for it to have been taken on the first night.

Genji’s death was deceptively easy as well. When Ozaki opened the door mud mixed in with the water and blood already on the floor; why was their water already on the floor? The sink wasn't on. And it couldn't have come through window after Krauss opened it because as Ozaki found there is a lip around the building that would prevent the rain from coming in. Genji was beside the sink next to a sponge that was found to be rather fifthly. The culprit had entered through the backdoor and killed Genji. For reasons involving the whydunit, Genji then locked the kitchen from the inside and washed up the blood he left when doing so with the sponge.

Nanjo’s death is fairly simple to explain. Due to Ozaki’s false POV the door wasn't really locked in the first place. While we are talking about that, as explained, near the start Ozaki had a bad headache, this was the reason for the false perspective; although he was never really a 'detective' in the first place so this is simply for hinting purposes. Rika is the only one with a flawless POV, Ozaki had blips where he would get things completely wrong[indicated by posts with 'Ozaki.' in the subject post(long lasting distortion) or '..' after a sentence(short distortion). The other way to determine that Ozaki's POV is off is if you take note Erika's group fired a gun, and Ozaki's group felt the whole staircase shake a few posts after. Ozaki's group should have heard the gun but did not, and Rika's group should have felt the ground shake if something was strong enough to shake a staircase. Which would suggest one person's is off, which would logically be Ozaki's based on all the crazy things happening on his end.

As you can expect this POV trick is how the others disappeared from the study, as Ozaki wasn't feeling good. Ozaki heard Rosa say something, however that was the door closing, Gohda explained that we should have hear the door, but what really had happened was he explained they had left through the door.

Before moving on to the final closed room, it is more appropriate to explain the who and why now.

Starting with Genji’s and Kumasawa’s deaths, we have a small alibi deception. As described, the single hallway of the servant quarters are very thin. The door basically hits against the wall opposite the room when opened. This means half of the hallway is obstructed from vision. So the culprit used this chance, knowing now that Genji was in the kitchen, to sneak out the single window at the end of the hallway and kill Genji. Upon returning they waited until Eva and Hideyoshi happened to force everyone to leave the room so it would seem as if they had been there the whole time.

At this point we know that the culprit must be in Ozaki’s group at the end, must have had been able to steal the syringe, and finally been with the group that discovered Kumasawa. You can probably deduce who the culprit is easily now, but let us start the whydunit.

Let us go back to Kinzo’s death. What exactly is the VIP room? Very Important Person. As we know Kinzo was very happy to get invited to the VIP room. The room itself is fairly empty, no clothing in any of the drawers, however the bed was well used, and seemed to be made quite often. In fact there are a large amount of soap in the bathroom too. You may see where I am going with this. There was one thing that stood out about the bed – multiple markings going around the headboards. I wonder what could have made those.
Kinzo had a key on him when he was found dead. This is what Ozaki found in the drawer that went to that key.

>"You open it to reveal that the deep drawer contains a variety of dark stuff; pentacles, little jars filled with dark red liquids, miniature skulls with wax melted onto them, black picture frames with broken glass fronts and no pictures inside, a pair of handcuffs and a sharpened letter opener...with an excess of rust along the blade edge, et cetera."

What did Kinzo say during dinner again? Something about the witch?

>"It was all a race, you see! Against you and the witch! Ah, ha-ha," he chortles one final time”
>"Too late, now. Much too late. You all lose, and I'm the winner. It will remain here trapped with me."

There is no beating around the bush now. Kinzo was having sex with someone on the bed and not the normal kind too. Kinzo enjoyed S/M fetish play. This is the whydunit; Revenge for the person who suffered from Kinzo’s torture.

Now then, it may be easy to jump to the right conclusion but let’s continue logically. It must have been someone on the island; not someone who just comes occasionally. If we look at the rest of the howdunits at this point, who committed these deeds. It was even mentioned twice that the victim had sore wrists.

Shannon was raped over and over by Kinzo. George took revenge. George is the culprit.

So to recap.
This game seemed fairly normal for the same reason. Shannon was effectively Beatrice and treated despicably by Kinzo. Shannon was eventually able to reach out to George despite this. On the day of the conference she decided to tell him. Naturally he snapped. The two of them then resolved to kill Kinzo and everyone who knew about this. This was more or less her plan from the start. So, she steals an envelope to lure Kinzo out of his study. Writes a letter pretending to be Beatrice and makes Kinzo jump for joy believing that he no longer has to play with an emotionless toy. Instead George is waiting for him. George interrogates him about the matter and Kinzo confesses quite happily. George then kills him and the room is set up as explained.

Nanjo was sleeping with Ozaki, and Genji was out searching the island so George had to wait to kill them. In the meantime George had stolen a syringe early and planted it in Kumasawa's bed. Kumasawa was tasked to clean up after Kinzo had his way with Shannon and stayed up later because of this. After Kumasawa’s body was discovered George snuck around and killed Genji, who also confessed his sins of keeping it a secret and ignoring everything that happened. As a way to repent he attempted to mislead the others by locking the door himself, which worked.

Eva, noticing her sons change in demeanor knew that he must be responsible. He had convinced her after hearing his story that this was for the best. So she made a fuss when everyone was around Kumasawa’s room so that George could sneak back in. This again happened when the letter was discovered in the parlor, thus allowing George to leave. Battler had also started to suspect George, and when asking a few questions George knocked over the ash tray and intimidated Battler, who went down to pick it up. George essentially threatened Battler while helping him pick up the pieces which shut Battler up for a while. He didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to assume George was a murderer. He then later tried to make everyone leave by hiding in the bathroom so he could go confront George alone, but that didn’t work out very well.

Now in the study Rosa agreed to letting Nanjo be killed. They forced him to move by essentially holding him a knife point. Shannon, being the one who planned most of this, had her own plans that George didn't know about. She had told Maria that she must run away at this point and call this room over and over again and hold the phone to one of the vents. The vents carried the sounds of the boiler room as expected and lured the others to the boiler room.

Now then, the final closed room. There is quite an amount of red used on this one. In fact the only time Kanon could have entered the room was if he passed by Ozaki's group on the stairs via POV trick, right? It was said Ozaki's head was hurting in the boiler room, so something happened on the stairs but we don't know because of Ozaki’s POV. But that is also wrong.

As explained already, this game seemed rather normal for a reason. If you noticed, there was only one time Kanon’s sprite was ever used. This one time is one of the posts with an unreliable perspective. The only time that Shannon and Kanon are seen together. I denied DID, because Shannon got rid of that quite a while ago. Shannon had continued to pretend that Kanon was a person even after getting rid of her mental problems. However, as the red states, there really was a human Kanon in the kitchen, and Ozaki most certainly discovered him dead in the boiler room. All the red involving "Kanon" involves this human Kanon.

If we take a peak back during the first night, there is an odd post in the kitchen that will explain this if we combine it with everything we know about the game so far.

"Including some frankly weird and blatantly unappetizing (well, in my opinion anyway) dishes, such as mackerel and spaghetti, peanut butter and mackerel sandwich, sauteed mackerel with ham in meatbally chunks littered all over it, pickles with mackerel inside a bowl of ice cream, a dish that appears to be just a bed of bacon strips with a heaping pile of diced mackerel on top, and one greek salad cut half the salad add a solid mackerel paste."

Those dishes might have been enough to infer the solution, however as we know Kumasawa loves to add mackerel to dishes, so what if we took that away and checked again? There is one that sticks out; pickles and icecream; common craving for pregnant women.

As Shannon climbed down the stairs into the boiler room she giggled as she rubbed her small belly, calling the name of her baby; Kanon. George, already mentally broken from this whole day snapped at the thought of fathering Kinzo's inbred child and pushed Shannon down the stairs, flying past everyone until she slammed down to the bottom. Quickly coming to his senses he was aghast at what he had done. When Ozaki reached the bottom he could clearly see Kanon’s dead body, from within Shannon who’s belly had been cut open by the sharp tools laying around. Nobody but Rosa could care Maria had been knocking at the door as they couldn’t keep their eyes off the sight before them. She would die soon, but before that the game then ended. Her reason for making Maria bring everyone to the boiler room is because she had put Kanon's key into the furnace as a way to say for once and for all that her old personality was gone.

That is the solution to the game. Desecration of the Golden Witch. Quite a fitting title now that you know the truth. I know some people didn’t like the answer but at the very least I hope you enjoyed the game. Thanks for playing.


As a footnote for archive sake; there were a few lines of text in this game that I have fixed at the time of posting this solution. Anyone who reads the game now should have a much easier time solving it and anyone who had already read the threads should feel it is much fairer.
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