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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 129520581921.png - (428.57KB , 500x500 , evenfall.png )
104 No. 104 edit
Greetings, /Seacats. I have opened this game in order to challenge one person--anyone who decides to join this game, first come first serve--to a battle of wits. This game board will have a story, culprit, and enough chances for you to use your wits. I realize that with Kinjo's game it might take a while for this to get started up, but I'll put it up anyways in the mean time.

I will play this game against a single opponent.

This opponent will be put into a kakera where they will be allowed to exist. This person will receive the right to be the detective.

During the course of the game, the detective will get only one chance to proclaim the identity of the culprit. They may do this at any time they wish. If they choose incorrectly, they fail.

There are a few more rules, but I'll wait until I have a challenger to let everything out.

As for the difficulty:

Have you enjoyed watching the witch’s game?
You’re being called on for a different purpose this time.
The witch desires no more battles of red and blue,
But a search for the killer of Rokkenjima.
There is no longer a difficulty. How you play alters the game’s progression.

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>> No. 105 edit
Ummm... I'll play against you if that is alright Equalizer.
>> No. 106 edit
File 129522418427.jpg - (13.47KB , 207x244 , images (1).jpg )
Great.For convienience's sake, though, can you give your character a nickname so we don't have two pieces named "Rosa"?
>> No. 107 edit
File 129522458168.png - (158.94KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia3.png )
I'll be my OC Amy is that is alright.
>> No. 108 edit
Ange found herself once again waking up in an unfamiliar environment. The area around her was pitch black, and she couldn’t even see her own hand in front of her. It seemed that she was in the same chair that she had been in when she was watching Bernkastel’s game with Ushiromiya Lion…
Bernkastel’s game…
“Mom, Dad!” Ange yelled into the arena of wherever she was. Her voice hit the walls and started to echo back at her…No, those weren’t echoes; the voice she heard wasn’t even that of her own. It was her mother, Ushiromiya Kyrie.
“I never loved that girl at all.” “Children are nothing but ways to trap a man’s heart.” “I don’t care about Ange.”
Ange started fighting against the chains that continued to bind her to her seat. With the way she was trapped, she wasn’t even allowed to cover her ears. More voices came through the darkness, more gentle voices. She recognized Okonogi and Eva oba-san.
“Eva-san, forgive my insolence, but wouldn’t it be better to put that child in a foster home?”
“Are you questioning my capability as a parent?”
“No, it isn’t that at all, it’s just… relations might be strained between you two. After all, you have both been stressed since that terrible accident. I’m sure you can make a convincing story about why you shouldn’t take care of a ch—“
“I lost everyone that I cared about in that accident. My son, my husband, my entire family. Surely you aren’t suggesting that I just give away the one vital chain I still have to the family that I love. Ange-Chan is a sweet girl. Things will be difficult, but I know that I can get through to her with enough time. I’m prepared to treat that child as my own. She may hate me for it, but I will push her to be the best, for her own sake. I will love—“
“Enough!” Ange said. At once, the voices disappeared, seeming to have taken pity on Ange. But she knew this wasn’t true. That witch wanted her to reflect on this, to think about how horribly she had treated the one person who really cared about her. “Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel! Show yourself!”
A spotlight suddenly flashed on the stage, showing just the witch she was looking for. Ange realized that she was right; she was in the same theatre as before.
“Ange,” Bernkastel said, wearing a smile that made Ange feel uncomfortable. “Sorry to keep calling you on such short notice. I’m glad you could drop in.”
“First you tear me to bits, then make me read, then tear me to bits again! You witches are getting less creative, Bernkastel.”
“So sorry about that. Shall I have the goats eat you alive this time? That would be a finale worthy of the Beatrice of 1998, would it not?”
Ange gritted her teeth. “What purpose do you have? I don’t have anything else to say to you!”
Bernkastel snickered. “Oh? What a rude person you are. First I bring you a gift showing what happened on Rokkenjima, and you call me a liar. But it’s okay, Ange, I’ll forgive you. I’ve even brought you another gift.”
“Another one of your games? I don’t want it. I have no interest in being a witch’s piece anymore!”
“That’s shame. Good thing that it really doesn’t matter what you want. Besides, I doubt you’ll have any objections to this game. Who killed your entire family in 1986? Hasn’t this question plagued you for so long? I’m here to answer that for you.”
“Just like you did last time? Enough. I have no interest in your fakes.”
“Like I said, I wasn’t the game master that time. But now that I am, I’d like to make it up to you. I’ve ordered an investigation to be done in this new world. Because of my miracle, the culprit will surely be found out.”
“Oh really? Who will be there? Your piece, Erika?” I’d hardly call that a proper investigation after what happened to Natsuhi oba-san in the fifth game!” Ange yelled, but Bernkastel didn’t even flinch.
“Yes, of course it would be unfair for that foolish girl to be the detective, although her inclusion is unavoidable, it would seem. But don’t worry. She won’t be fit to call herself the detective. She has been demoted to “the Watson.””
“The idiot friend of the detective,” Ange said. She still didn’t trust Bernkastel, though. “Does that mean Oni-Chan will be the detective of this game, then?”
“That useless piece? Of course not. Just like Erika wouldn’t be for you, Battler wouldn’t be fair to me. He’d refuse to even accuse anybody. Rather, I’ve searched the endless amount of kakera, and found a world that interested me.”
“A world…?”
“Yes, a world that holds a neutral piece. Her name is Amy. By coincidence, she fell off of the cruise ship with Erika after diving into the ocean to save her. Luckily she had enough sense to throw a life-raft into the water.”
Ange growled. “Great, we’re adding even more characters into this tale. How is this about what happens on Rokkenjima at all? What are the chances that she was actually even there on that day?”
“It’s one in…well…The number is long. Even one-hundred pages of text couldn’t contain it. But still, as long as the chance isn’t zero…”
“So she wasn’t there on that day! This tale is useless, all useless!”
“Hardly. Amy will prove to be more useful that he appears, I bet. Besides, she has absolutely no relation to the Ushiromiya family at all. She has never met anyone on that island. She is a perfect neutral piece.”
Bernkastel’s game seemed too good to be true. A competent detective would really find out the truth about what happened on that day? As if, Bernkastel was trying to trick her, she knew it! “If this is all true, then you should be able to summon him here, correct? Then do it.”
“…Certainly.” There was a bright flash of light, as if a bolt of lightning struck within the theatres. Suddenly, a young woman appeared on the stage next to Bernkastel. She looked confused about her location, but did not voice her complaints.
“Amy-san,” Bernkastel said, lightly smiling. “You heard all of that, correct?”
Amy nodded.
>> No. 109 edit
“Are you satisfied yet, Ange? Can we finally begin this game?”
Ange hesitated. She wanted to find the culprit of those two days more than anything, but she didn’t know if she could trust Bernkastel. Plus…she was rather scared of what she would find. If Amy did prove that her parents were the killers, what would she do? Of course she’d have to accept it…Was that Bernkastel’s plan? A final shot to prove her theory?
Mom…Dad…Oni-chan. I promised that I’d find the culprit who took your lives, but can I really do that?
Then, Ange remembered words that would help her. They were words that have been repeated countless times throughout the games. Without love, it cannot be seen. That’s right. Ange would trust her parents. There’s no way those hands that once patted her head could be involved with something like murder!
“Bernkestel-san,” Ange no longer looked scared or nervous. She had an earnest air about her. “I won’t trust anything that you show me, but I have no reason to be scared of your game. Show me your worst. I’ll do everything I can.”
Bernkastel just laughed. “Too bad, there’s nothing you can do. The only thing that matters in this game is the identity of the culprits. Closed rooms and the like have no place here, unless they can somehow prove or disprove someone’s alibi. The tale of fantasy protecting the culprit is over. This is a story without any love.”
She looked towards Amy, who watched this scene like her mind wasn’t even completely present. Of course, that’s because Bernkastel didn’t allow it to be. She didn’t need Ange and Amy conspiring against her, after all.
“The rules of this game are simple. I am going to give you a gun, one that you can summon onto you at any time. The gun only has one bullet, and will only kill the culprit. You can choose to shoot anyone you want at any time. However, you will not be allowed to reload. If you shoot the wrong person, you lose. Furthermore, is someone proves that a person must be the culprit and you cannot create an alternate theory, you will be forced to shoot that person, even if they are not the culprit. For example, if someone proves that Gohda is the only person that could kill Kanon and you cannot propose a theory where someone else could have killed Kanon, you will be required to shoot Gohda. Even if you don't think he's the culprit."
Ange jolted in her seat. “What kind of ridiculous rules—“
“Of course,” Bernkastel interrupted. “The culprit who killed so many innocent lives deserves to be found out, correct? This gun has magical properties attached to it. Once Amy shoots the culprit, all of the tales of Rokkenjima will reflect that this person is certainly the culprit." She smiled. "Any questions, Amy?"
>> No. 110 edit
File 12973078419.png - (156.45KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
So as long as someone doesn't trap another person 100% I can still fight against there theory correct?
>> No. 111 edit
File 13120471695.jpg - (21.75KB , 300x425 , Bern.jpg )
" Of course. When multiple truths exist at once, the validity of both is questioned. Also, I seem to have forgotten something. Both you and your partner may use the red to make comments you know for sure, such as "Genji walked into the room" if you saw him walk into a room." You can only do this for things you have seen or heard for yourselves.

That should be all. Are there any more questions, or are you both ready to begin?"
>> No. 112 edit
File 129730602560.png - (166.57KB , 578x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
Partner? Please explain.
>> No. 113 edit
File 129522712247.jpg - (10.43KB , 400x225 , umineko05-00090.jpg )

"My apologies. When I said 'partner', I was of course referring to that stupid girl, Erika. I am sorry that I could not give you a more useful Watson, but it will have to do."
>> No. 114 edit
File 129738531052.png - (168.29KB , 555x480 , Amy_akuwaraia6.png )
It is quite alright, we're twins after all. And yes we're ready to begin.
>> No. 115 edit
File 12952277563.jpg - (41.66KB , 240x200 , claireumi.jpg )
"Marvelous. Then allow me to begin...

Evenfall of the Golden Witch"


October 4th, 1886

In a certain man's study, a meeting was taking place. It was much different than the meeting that would take place later in the day, with adults clawing each other's throats for money. This meeting was of real men who could dictate not their greed, but their true thoughts and emotions. The old head, Ushiroymiya Kinzo, sat with his back faced towards them, although the other two men knew him well enough to know that was not a sign of disrespect. If anything, it meant he was contemplating what they had to say more seriously.
"Yes, I understand. Oh, why couldn't I have had children as smart as you two? While they just bicker, you speak out of the kindness of your hearts. Yes, I understand quite well. Your needs will be taken care of, I give you my express permission."
"K-kinzo-san," The head physician, Doctor Nanjo, stepped forward. "Do you really mean it? This…it means so much to me."
"Of course, my friend. Through the years, you have helped me so much. If anything, you deserve more than what I have to offer you. I would give you everything, and my best of wishes as well. And Genji, don't think I am not grateful for all you have done for me."
"Your words are too kind for me, Master."
"Nonsense. You too have done more than I ever could have asked." He turned to Shannon, who was standing by a wall. "Shannon, please walk over here. Grab a quill and some paper. I am going to, at long last, write my will."
"Y-you mean it, Kinzo-san? You will?" Nanjo said.
"Yes. My time is nearly up. I wish to leave nothing for myself. I will give it to the people who truly matter."
Shannon did as she was told, and began writing.


Despite the ferocious storm, the raft that pushed Furudo Erika and Amy drifted along perfectly to the shore of Rokkenjima. Erika was already grinning, eager to defeat 'Beatrice' once and for all. "Closed rooms? Magic? Impossible logic? It's all over! I'm coming for you, Beatrice!"
The raft landed gently on the beach, and Erika stepped out. She was already contemplating where to go and when. She looked at Amy. "Well? Aren't you coming? We wouldn't want to keep Beatrice waiting, right?"

>> No. 116 edit
File 129522814893.png - (236.76KB , 578x480 , amy_waraia3(2).png )
"Yes I am. And no we shouldn't keep anyone waiting. It isn't nice."
>> No. 117 edit
File 129522848532.png - (365.24KB , 640x480 , erika1.png )
"Well? You're the detective here. Where do we go? The mansion? Guest house? I don't like it, but I'm supposed to follow your lead. It should be fine as long as you stand out of my way, though."
>> No. 118 edit
File 129522902666.png - (360.66KB , 640x480 , beach1.png )
"The correct spelling is. 'It should be fine as long as you stay out of my way, though.' You should learn to talk better Furudo-san. *giggle* *Change to serious* We should split up, we can cover more ground that way and learn more. That way we can learn the most, we will compile our findings together later today. You shall go to the guesthouse Watson. I shall go to the main house. *giggle* The watson might not be able to handle that much info from that many suspects."
>> No. 119 edit
File 129522949348.png - (526.76KB , 640x480 , maria1.png )
Erika made an indignant sound. "Fine, then. I work better alone anyway. I don't need to follow around some third-rate detective. I'll prove to my master what my worth is." Erika walked up the stone steps until a thick group of trees blocked her from Amy's sight.
When she was gone, Amy went her own way to the mansion. When she arrived at the saw a wonderful rose garden. It was truly beautiful. But something was out of place. A nine year old girl was crying about something in front of one of the fences, without even an umbrella to protect her from the rain. She didn't seem to notice Amy.
>> No. 120 edit
File 129523061693.png - (506.89KB , 640x480 , garden_1.png )
*Approach Maria*

"Excuse me, is something wrong?"
>> No. 121 edit
File 129523119999.png - (524.25KB , 640x480 , maria2.png )
Maria spun around and looked at Amy, whom she did not know at all. "Uu! Maria's rose! George-onii chan marked it, but Maria can't find it! Even Mama won't help. Uu! Uuu!" Maria kept crying and looking for her rose. She didn't seem too interested to know who this person was for the time being.
>> No. 122 edit
File 129523168098.png - (481.15KB , 640x480 , garden_2.png )
"That is so sad. Do you want me to help you look for it?"
>> No. 123 edit
File 129523202717.png - (16.21KB , 291x140 , kanontroll.png )
Your turn to get trolled.
I shall be waiting.
>> No. 124 edit
File 129523224983.png - (523.74KB , 640x480 , maria 3.png )
"Uu...You would help Maria? Even though nobody else would?" Suddenly, Maria smiled as this newcomer as if she were an old friend. "Uuu, thank you!"

Maria and Amy searched for a long duration of time, but it didn't seem to be of any use. After a good twenty minutes of searching, Maria crumpled on the ground and started to cry. She looked up at Amy. "Gone..."

Amy saw something peculiar while searching: Almost all of the roses in the garden were either withered or dying. Was this a result of Beatrice's game being repeated over and over without remorse?

Maria continued to cry.
>> No. 125 edit
File 129523279396.png - (466.46KB , 640x480 , rose_1.png )
"Don't cry Maria. It will be ok. I bet the rose is fine and smiling at you right now. The rose is probably so happy that some one cared about it so much. Don't you think all these are other roses look lonely? I think we should mark another one, so it will feel loved as well. We can take a strand of thread from my veil and a bit of your hair, and then the rose will know that it has two people who cared out it. And if we believe hard enough I'm sure magic will happen and even your rose will show up, just to meet its new friend. All we have to do is believe with both of us believing magic and a miracle can happen."
>> No. 126 edit
File 131251578434.jpg - (627.39KB , 834x1000 , claireO.jpg )
Maria looked up at the newcomer--this person who had no reason to help her or even care--and suddenly gave her a hug. Her tears wiped into Amy's clothes. "Uu! You're right! A miracle will definitely happen. I'll believe with you!" So Amy and Maria completed the process that Amy described. They took a strand of thread from Amy's veil and a bit of Maria's hair and marked a brand new rose that seemed to stand taller than all of the rest.
"Uuu...it's beautiful. Thank you! Thank you!"


In the game room, Bernkastel yawned. "How uninteresting. What do you think Ange-chan? Should I just skip ahead to the murders? Isn't it more fun to watch your family drown themselves in tears?"
"The hell it is!" Ange yelled. "Continue the game."
Bernkastel sighed. "As you wish."


Maria had latched herself onto Amy again. From over her shoulder, Maria could see something gliding through the air. This was...a golden butterfly. Amy was focused on Maria, so she didn't get a chance to look at it, but she did hear Maria. "Look, it's Beatrice!"

From behind Amy, a figure walked forward from the darkness. This person walked gracefully and lightly, and stopped when it reached the two. Slowly, Amy spun her head around to meet this mysterious figure that Maria seemed to be excited about. She met the eyes of a beautiful person, dressed completely and white and wearing a large amount of make-up. While she was beautiful, she did not math the image she had of Beatrice from Erika. Not only was her appearance all wrong, but she gave off the appearance of being...just tired.
"Hello, Maria."
>> No. 127 edit
File 129523430087.png - (479.41KB , 640x480 , rose_2.png )
"Greetings Beatrice-san, I'm Amy Furudo. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
>> No. 128 edit
File 129523469883.jpg - (9.04KB , 251x201 , claire3.jpg )
Beatrice simply gave Amy a nod. "Hello. You are uninvited, but you do not seem to be a bad person. Let me be the first person to formally welcome you to Rokkenjima." She didn't look in Amy's eyes, but instead looked at the ground for the entire time.
She faced Maria. "I'm glad you could make a new friend today, Lady MARIA. Do you think borh of you could do a favor for me?" She moved her arm in a bizzare motion and a letter appeared in her hand. Amy could tell it was a slight of hand, but it seemed to please Maria. "Read this letter out loud after dinner tonight. Can you do this for me?"
>> No. 129 edit
File 129523492833.png - (492.10KB , 640x480 , rose_3.png )
"We would be glad to; right Maria."
>> No. 130 edit
File 129523536793.png - (219.96KB , 400x445 , claire_by_kamo_mille-d35d1v8.png )
Maria grinned and looked at Beatrice eagerly. "Definitely! Maria will read the note for Beato!" Beatrice nodded and handed Maria the letter. Maria felt some hard objects in the letter as well as a piece of paper.
"I will be taking my leave, then. I apologize, but I must ask one more favor from you both. Please close your eyes. My magical power may be enough to create a slip of paper, but if I tried to evaporate I would probably turn into dust permanantly. If you close your eyes, the toxin should be able to lessen."
Maria closed her eyes without a second thought.
>> No. 131 edit
File 129523629788.png - (464.98KB , 640x480 , rose_4.png )
"I understand Beatrice-san. Our magic toxin is just a little bit too strong."

*Closes eyes*
>> No. 132 edit
File 129523718731.png - (345.60KB , 640x480 , group.png )
Amy hears a voice whisper, "Thank you" and soon there is no noise around except for the howling of the wind and constant rain pattering on the ground.
"Bernkastel! Who was that just now? That girl from the theatre, Claire?"
"Can't you hear, Ange-chan? That was Beatrice."
"No way! Beatrice is nothing like that!"
Bernkastel smirked. "Ange-chan, just who is Beatrice?"
"W-what? isn't that obvious? She's a..."
Bernkastel cackled. "A witch? Isn't that what you're trying to disprove? Yes, that person that is Beatrice. But it's not a witch, it's her corpse. You'll understand soon."


After about a minute, the two hear several steps of footsteps approaching Amy and Maria.
A male voice speaks: "Eh? There are more of you?" You recognise it as the voice of Ushiromiya Battler from the previous fragments.
"Don't mind her," Erica said. "She's just a wannabe detective."
The group reaches Maria and Amy. "Why are you closing your eyes?" A female voice asks. Amy can tell it's the voice of Jessica.
"Closing our eyes so Beatrice can be more powerful! Uu!" You can practically hear the group looking around in confusion, scratching their heads.
"Well there is no Beatrice here now," George said.
"Yeah," Battler said. "Why are you two standing in the middle of the rain anyways?"
>> No. 133 edit
File 12952376749.png - (497.05KB , 640x480 , rose_5.png )
"I was helping my new friend Maria search for her rose. And it will show up as long as we all believe in it. Magic will happen. *Bows politely* I am Amy Furudo it is pleasure to meet you three. I hope my twin sister Erika didn't cause you any trouble. She isn't the nicest person at times. And I do apologize, at my younger sister's behavior if she has caused you any grief."
>> No. 134 edit
File 129523862729.png - (378.30KB , 640x480 , group 2.png )
Jessica smiles. "Well, we did get pretty concerned when she climbed to the second story of the guest house and started taping the windows."
Erika makes a 'hmph' sound. "There was nothing I could do without the detective's authority. It's not my fault."
Battler scoots closer to you and whispers: "Is that girl okay?"
>> No. 135 edit
File 129523915793.png - (486.13KB , 640x480 , rose_7.png )

"Try not to mind it too much. Erika is a huge mystery fan. And she saw that trick on tv once, and she wanted to try it out. However she fell and hit her head very bad. She was out for months, we were really worried. We were so happy when she finally woke up, but she had received mental damage from the fall. She thinks that everywhere she goes a mystery will happen. And she talks to a friend of her's called Dlanor, but Dlanor doesn't actually exist. She is just an illusion created from mental damage. It is really sad, so please be nice to my sister, she has been through a lot, and she can't help it. So please just be nice and play along."
>> No. 136 edit
File 129523974457.png - (557.96KB , 640x480 , erika2.png )
"Ihihi, got it. I'll make sure to let everyone know." Battler steps back.
"We should let the family know that you're here, Furudo-san, Erika-san." George says. "They'll be surprised to know that we have two new guests."
"Uu! Amy is awesome!" Says Maria, and the Cousins start to walk to the mansion with Amy and Erika following close behind.
"What..about me? I'm supposed to be the detective! Me!" Erika turns towards Amy. "Just what were you telling Battler?!"
>> No. 137 edit
File 129524021525.png - (512.23KB , 640x480 , m_o1ar1.png )
"Erika, listen while we aren't actually related, for now we are. We are twins, me being the older one, and you the younger one, don't mess up that back story. We don't want the family to be suspicious of us. And about what I told Battler-san, is something that will help us greatly. And it provided a perfect explanation for your strange actions, and any question we will do."
>> No. 138 edit
File 12952414666.png - (467.86KB , 640x480 , erika3.png )
"Tch. Fine, then. Make up whatever you want, it doesn't matter. It'll be I who finds the culprit and exposes him for the filthy, lying pig that he is. As long as you stay out of the way, this game will be over before you know it." Erika scowled at her 'sister' and walked ahead a bit. Soon the group reached the front doors of the mansion and walked in.
"It should all be the same. Maria's letter, the rose garden, so why does something feel out of place?"
Bernkastel smiled. "You still have not noticed it, Ange? Rokkenjima is dying."
Ange furrowed her eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"
"The roses are dying, the wind and rain are even harsher than usual. Even the sky seems a little darker. Do you know why this is?"
"I- I have no idea. If you know something then come out and say it!"
"Endless forgeries have started consuming Rokkenjima. The landscape and terrain, even Beatrice is being warped beyond recognision. The people searching for truth by recreating Rokkenjima in their works are killing it."
"I don't understand! How is that possible?"
"Ange-chan. If you have an apple and now that it is a color close to a warm color, then you'll search for a color like that. But if enough people tell you that the apple has a cool color, even though you know it isn't true, you'll start thinking that you're looking for an apple that;s blue."
"So...what you're saying is that people's theories are overshadowing the truth of Rokkenjima?"

"Something like that, yes. Let's see how this tale plays out."


The entire Ushiromiya family gave warm welcomes to the two newcomers on the island. The servants were working according to their various duties, but Gohda and Kumasawa both stopped for a moment to extend their welcomes. Once pleasantries were over with, the family sat down for their annual dinner.
"For this meal," Gohda said. "I have selected a wonderful five course meal of--"
"NO!" Erika interrupted him, and everyone in the room stopped to stare at her. "I'm not eating the same thing over and over again! I'm sick of it!"
By now everyone had heard of Erika's 'condition' and sat awkwardly silent in the room, waiting for Amy to say something.
>> No. 139 edit
File 129524280148.png - (467.16KB , 640x480 , mdin_1cr1.png )
"Erika each course is a different item, its ok. Be polite."
>> No. 140 edit
File 129524326991.png - (343.06KB , 640x480 , kitchen2.png )
"Amy-san, I've eaten this same food in so many fragments. I won't eat it again."
Gohda, who couldn't quite hear the conversation, could tell something was amiss. "Er...Erika-san, would you like me to fix you something else?"
"Yes. Canned soup should be fine."
"Y-yes." Gohda walked back towards the kitchen, not understanding at all someone would pass up his cooking for simple canned soup. He shrugged it off as Erika's condition.
"Tch. Sorry about that, I seem to have lost my grace for a moment. More importantly, shouldn't we start questioning people now? The servants aren't here, but it's rare that both the adults and cousins are all together."
>> No. 141 edit
File 129524453630.png - (443.82KB , 640x480 , mdin_1cr2.png )
"Excuse me, I was wondering something. I'm very fascinated with history, genealogy, and geography. Could you tell me a little about this island, and your selves. I would like to hear more about everyone, so I could get to know the whole Ushiromiya family more. I'm sorry for being so curious, I would just like to make friends with you all like I made friends with Maria-chan."
>> No. 142 edit
File 129524560467.jpg - (41.06KB , 640x480 , rokkenjima-main-hall.jpg )
This seems to lighten up the mood a bit, and everyone soon forgets about Erika's outburst. Everyone begins by giving you their names and relationship with each other. "This island," Krauss said, "Is owned by our father, Ushiroymiya Kinzo."
"Sorry he didn't come down and introduce himself, Amy-san." Eve said. "Terribly bad manners of the family head, wouldn't you say so, Krauss?"
Natsuhi stood half-way up. "Don't you dare speak about Father that way!"
"Natsuhi. Sit down." Krauss said. "Remember where we are." Natsuhi looked around and realized that he was right. The cousins were observing this scene with a look of half-horror on their faces.
"Forgive me."
"Anyways, most of the island is beach and forest. This is the only man-made part..."
"Oh?" Said Rudolph. "Aren't you forgetting something pretty interesting, Aneki?"
Krauss gulped. "I hardly think this is the time or place..."
"Father is supposed to have 10 whole tons of gold hidden on this island somewhere! If you get a chance, you should look at the epitaph later. It could use a pair of fresh eyes." He joked. "It's supposed to have the location of the gold."
"Of course," Eva said. "That's most likely just Grandfather's delusion."
Rudloph ignored her. "Anyways, there's not a lot else to tell. There are five servants on the island, though one of them is really sick. Then there's father and Dr. Nanjo, his head phsician."
Natsuhi smiled. "IS that everything you wanted to know, Furudo-san?"
>> No. 143 edit
File 129524658561.png - (432.73KB , 640x480 , mdin_1cr3.png )
"Could you tell me a little about the servants if you don't mind."
>> No. 144 edit
File 129524746014.png - (430.76KB , 640x480 , natsuhu 1.png )
Natsuhi speaks: Well, there is Gohda, who Krauss and I personally employed. He's been working here after an unfortunate circumstance occurred at his last job.

Then there's Kumasawa, who introduced herself to you. She's a very sweet lady and a hard working servant.

Genji has been a servant of our family for many, many years now. Usually he serves the head himself and converses with him and Dr. Nanjo.

Shannon has been working here for quite some years too, hasn't she? Yes, she's a fine girl. Unfortunately she is very sick today, so you may not get to see much of her. I have asked Dr. Nanjo to do all that he could. He assured me that the illness wasn't serious enough for a hospital visit.

Kanon likes to keep to himself most of the time, so I don't get to see him a lot. He is very heard working, though. The other servants have never had any complaints about him."

When Natsuhi was done, she once again asked if that was all.

"I think it's time we see the servants themselves, Amy-san." Erika said.
>> No. 145 edit
File 129524859466.png - (449.47KB , 640x480 , mdin_1cr4.png )
"Thank you Natsuhi-san. I think with your permission that is; Erika, and myself should excuse ourselves and go meet the other servants now. A guest should introduce themselves to everyone it is only proper."
>> No. 146 edit
File 129524902651.png - (404.61KB , 640x480 , dine2.png )
"Certainly, I do hope the food was to your liking, and I will summon a servant shortly to guide you and the cousins to the guest hou--"
"Uu! Forgetting! Forgetting! Amy is forgetting the promise with Beato! Beato doesn't forgive people who breaks their promises!"
"Maria, be quiet!" Said Rosa.
Erika stood up. "What's this brat talking about, Amy?"
>> No. 147 edit
File 129524979941.png - (461.35KB , 640x480 , mdin_1cr7.png )
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry Maria. With all this new info I completely lost track of time, and didn't realize. I hope you and Beatrice can forgive me. Earlier in the rose garden, Maria and myself we given a letter by Beatrice. Go ahead Maria read it."
>> No. 148 edit
File 129525052164.jpg - (25.51KB , 704x396 , maria5.jpg )
Maria instantly perked up. Chatter formed all around the table. A letter from Beatrice? Does someone like that actually exist? Did you know about this, Aneki? No, of course not? Why did she give this letter to Maria? Who is Beatrice? Rosa had tried to take the letter from Maria, but she threw a fit and Rosa relunctantly allowed her to have it. Maria smiled and opened the envelope.
"Uu." She turned the envelope over, and 5 keys poured out on to the dining room table.
"T-those are the servant's master keys!" Natsuhi said. "What were they doing inside that envelope?"
Eva 'shushed' Natsuhi and Maria pulled the actual letter from the envelope and began reading. After the first few words, her voice grew a demented quality to it:

Welcome to Rokkenjima, everyone of the Ushiromiya family. I am serving Kinzo-sama as the alchemist-adviser of this house and my name is Beatrice. I was serving him obeying a contract that extended for many years but, today, Kinzo-sama sentenced the end of that contract.
Consequently, during today, I’ll have my duty as alchemist-adviser of the family to come to a closure, so please be understanding of that. Then, I must explain one part of the contract to everyone here. I, Beatrice, did loan a vast amount of gold to Kinzo-sama but with a certain condition.
As for that condition, he will return me all the gold by the end of the contract. And as an interest, I can accept everything of the Ushiromiya family. Upon hearing this, everyone will probably lament as Kinzo-sama is being too merciless.
Know that this is not the case at all, for Kinzo and I have struck a bargain. The gold cannot remain with Kinzo, and it can not belong to the Ushiromiya family. By now everyone should be able to see where this is leading to. The instructions on how to solve the epitaph are shown below. However, it no longer matters. According to Kinzo-sama's will, the gold will go to none of the family members, and instead be divided among the five servants who are working on Rokkenjima on the days of October 4th and October 5th. This decision is final, and you will find the next two days much easier if you choose to accept it. Also included in the envelope are Kinzo's will and the Ushiromiya ring. In addition, all servants are discharged from this point on. They are no longer servants of the Ushiromiya family. That is all. I’m praying from the bottom of my heart that tonight turns out to be an intellectual and yet elegant night.

For a moment, everyone was too stunned to speak. Then, Erika broke the ice: "Looks like we have a mystery on our hands."
>> No. 149 edit
File 129525123975.png - (461.30KB , 640x480 , mdin_1cr.png )
This isn't good.

"Everyone. Please remain quite for a few minutes. We could go around talking about who could have given the letter to Maria, but this is pointless. The person who gave Maria the letter was a woman dressed in white, and she had long white hair. Now I propose that instead of throwing around accusations. We should all work together to save what you have and solve the epitath. Erika and myself are very good at solving riddles. And then instead of fighting over things we can work together so that everyone will be happy, even Kinzo-sama."
>> No. 150 edit
File 129525234962.jpg - (11.25KB , 398x223 , umineko-animu-krauss-wtf-is-this-shit.jpg )
"Didn't you read the letter?" Eva yelled. "The epitaph doesn't even matter anymore!" She stood up and snatched the letter from Maria. "It said the instructions on how to solve it were inside!" She searched the contents of the envelope until she found a small slip of paper. She quickly unfolded it. "Taiwan...A railroad track...? Ahh, I see! I see! It was so obvious! Why couldn't I figure it out!" Eva quickly recited the solution to the epitaph to the adults, who started whispering to each other.
Kyrie spoke: In any case, we can't say for sure that that woman wasn't one of the 18 on the island. Anyone can change their clothes and wear a wig.
"Idiot, that doesn't matter!" Eva said. "With this the servants are going to get every cent of the gold, and we'll end up broke! Krauss oji-san! You have to let us speak to father immidiately! This is important!"
Krauss shifted uncomftroably around in his seat. "I'm sorry...I cannot. But I swear, I had no idea about this."
"First thing's first. We need to make sure that everything is real. Natsuhi-san, call Kanon-kun to lead the children back to the guest house. I doubt the servants know about the will yet, so it should be fine."


[b] "Beeeeeeeeeeeeernkasteeeeeeeeel! What is the meaning of this farce?"
"What farce?"
"Nobody even has to solve the epitaph? No threats? The servants get all of the gold! Well isn't that just great! Gee, nobody has any motive for murder now, do they?"
Bernkastel smirked as always. "Sorry, but the servants were just too invonvienient to my mystery. After all, a servant cannot be the culprit. This way, there's no problem with any of those five being the killer. I'm opening more possibilities for Amy, right?"
"Damnit! damnit Damnit Damnit!"


"Any ideas, Amy?" Erika said.
>> No. 151 edit
File 129525348551.jpg - (106.00KB , 640x480 , mdin_1cr.jpg )
*whisper to Erika*
"Well for starters if we assume that the person who gave Maria the letter will become the culprit later. Then we have already lost quite a few suspects. The servants have no motive to commit murder anymore if they get all the gold. And the cousins couldn't possibly have given Maria the letter since they were with you. Let's us stay with the adults, I feel that will be more valuable. *louder voice* Um.. is it alright If borrow one of these master keys so we can get into the guest house? We won't need a servant to guide us back then."
>> No. 152 edit
File 129525410286.png - (311.16KB , 640x480 , dine3.png )
"That's true. However, we can't deny a motive X that hasn't shown itself yet either, or one that showed itself earlier that we didn't notice."

Krauss gives you a master key without much thought. Before you and the cousins leave, Rudolph runs up to Battler. "Battler, I'll meet you in the guest house later with Kyrie. We have something we need to talk about...as a family."

Battler says okay, and the cousins start walking with Erika and Amy.
>> No. 154 edit
File 129525480773.png - (352.96KB , 640x480 , ment_1an1.png )
"Maria, I was wondering do you always meet Beatrice when you come here? And did she always have white hair. The white hair is so pretty."
>> No. 155 edit
File 129525541176.jpg - (5.01KB , 160x160 , nanjo.jpg )
"Uu! Beatrice always plays with Maria and teaches me all kind of magic!" Maria then says that Beatrice's appearance has been gradually changing for years, but that she used to look more like she did in the entrance hall portrait. She says that Beato never told her the reason for the change, but that it must have been very painful.
Footsteps come from down the hall, and Dr. Nanjo enters the room. "Ahh, hello children. How was the annual dinner? Ahh, I suppose you wouldn't know anything. I got a call from Eva-san telling me not to talk to any of the servants for a while. That's a problem, since I was supposed to meet Kinzo and Genji for Chess soon."
>> No. 156 edit
Very well I shall await your return. But we before we continue, I have to ask where we are at this present time. Still in the main house? Or did we go outside already?
>> No. 157 edit

Still in the main hall. Oh, and you were right about the twenty people thing.
>> No. 158 edit
File 129528311389.png - (60.10KB , 200x200 , Umineko Clock Original.png )
It occurred to me that with murders and whatnot, I should give you some times that you can refer back to later if you so wish.
In my game, you arrived on the island at 6:30 P.M. Dinner was held from 7:10 to 7:50 because of the mysterious circumstances with the letter. In the current time frame, it is 8:00 P.M.
>> No. 159 edit
File 129529610655.png - (339.01KB , 640x480 , ment_1an2.png )
"Greetings Nanjo-sensei. I'm Amy Furudo, and this is my twin sister Erika. We washed ashore, I hope it isn't a bother to you."
>> No. 160 edit
File 129529709441.jpg - (75.86KB , 1008x630 , room1.jpg )
"Ahh, hello. I was not aware that we had more guests. I'm not sure if the cousin's room has enough beds..."
"There's another room down the hall before your room, Dr. Nanjo," Jessica said. "We should be able to fit everyone if we put three people in both rooms, since there are three beds in each. Here's a map."
"So," George said. "Which of us will be staying in the detective's room with Erika and Amy?"
>> No. 162 edit
File 129529798176.png - (341.35KB , 640x480 , ment_1an4 copy.png )
"I think it would be best if Jessica-san stays with us. After all we don't know if the two males will keep their hands to themselves while we sleep. So I propose that Maria also come with us. It will be like a fun slumber party. And it would make us really happy, wouldn't it Erika."
>> No. 163 edit
File 129529831988.png - (544.79KB , 640x480 , maria.png )
"Uu! Only three beds. Maria doesn't want to sleep on the floor."
>> No. 164 edit
File 129529857464.png - (342.78KB , 640x480 , ment_1an6.png )
"I guess we have no choice. Erika can sleep with Battler and George. I want to be with Jessica-san and Maria."
>> No. 165 edit
File 129529993797.png - (437.69KB , 640x480 , erika4.png )
The cousins agree to this idea, and continue walking until they reach the front door. Each of them grab an umbrella and exit, while Dr. Nanjo stays behind and acends the stairs. Amy can vaguely hear Jessica warning Battler not to try and do anything dirty to Erika-chan.
"Hey," Erika whispers. "Is this a good idea? What if the cousins turn out to be the culprits? It's a wolves and sheep puzzle, we'd be putting ourselves at risk for the first twilight."
>> No. 166 edit
File 129530202741.png - (439.74KB , 640x480 , garden_1bn1.png )

"Erika, this is the best possible method. You see if one of the cousins is the culprit we can catch them right in the act and that will be that, the number of victims will only be 1 or 2 at the most. And if they aren't the culprit we know for a fact they are innocent. And if the culprit tries to kill one of them, we catch the culprit again. So if we actually do go into separate rooms we will have a huge advantage, we will either catch the culprit or eliminate 4 suspects. But I've got another plan, that I'm going to try to use, and that if one works as well we will be able to eliminate more suspects. Erika, I'm going for a win before the second twilight, and the third twilight at the furthest. I want there to be as few victims as possible. But for this to work, you must remember to stay awake all night long. We'll arm you with a weapon to defend yourself later, I have my gun so a weapon isn't needed."
>> No. 167 edit
File 129530286477.png - (458.22KB , 640x480 , guest1.png )
"Hmph, I see. Fine. If you think that plan of yours will really work, then go for it. I have a few plans of my own to unmask the culprit. I wonder which one of us will catch him first." She giggled. "Of course, that would be me. I garantee it." Erika stops talking when the group reaches the Guest House, a cozy looking building. George unlocks the door and the group steps inside. There, they see a small looking servant boy.
"Ahh...Hello. Kumasawa-san told me we had more guests...Welcome to Rokkenjima. My name is Kanon."
Battler stepped forward. "Ihihi, Kanon-kun, eh? This is the first time we've met too, isn't it?" Battler stuck out his hand to shake, but kanon simply stared at him.
"Haha," Jessica laughed and whispered to Amy. "Kanon-kun is just shy."
Kanon addresed the group. "If there are no questions, I will be on my way." Amy and Erika notice that he looks paler than usual.
>> No. 168 edit
File 129530541638.png - (424.77KB , 640x480 , glob_1cn1.png )
"Oh no. Erika and I forgot something back at the main house. We'll just go back and get it."
>> No. 169 edit
File 129530749786.png - (394.63KB , 640x480 , guest2.png )
Erika was confused. What was this girl talking about. Still, she decide to play along."Um..Y-yes, that's right," Erika
Kanon didn't miss a beat. "I'm on my way there as well. Please allow me to accompany you."
>> No. 170 edit
"Alright, let's go."

*I silently lock the door while Kanon is not looking after we go outside.* If Kanon noticed I say it is for safety of the cousins inside.

After we get halfway to the main house. I tell Erika to double back and place a tape seal on the door to the guesthouse, and then rejoin us before we get to the main house.
>> No. 171 edit
File 129530873424.png - (467.86KB , 640x480 , rokkenjima.png )

Erika does as you say. She meets back up with you just as you reach the front door. Kanon opens the door for you, politely waiting while you two go inside. Erika continues to wonder where you're going with this.
>> No. 172 edit
"Thank you Kanon we can take it from here."
>> No. 173 edit
File 129531617181.png - (460.99KB , 640x480 , ereee.png )
Kanon leaves.

"What are you trying to do, Amy-san?" Erika asked.
>> No. 174 edit
"Don't you understand. Now we are in the inside the main house we can investigate. And if any of the servants find us or the adults we could say we are playing a game with the cousins."
>> No. 175 edit
File 129532025791.png - (194.56KB , 322x547 , Furudo_Erika_by_Koinu_Yukina.png )
"I see. Then where to, detective?"
>> No. 176 edit
"I say we snoop around the rooms, Natsuhi's, Krauss, and also look for Shannon."
>> No. 177 edit
File 129547322874.jpg - (93.22KB , 696x650 , Maxcowell Leather Briefcase.jpg )
Aster much searching, you and Erika find your way to Krauss's room. Fortunately you see that all of the family members are still in the conference, so nobody spots you. You don't see the servants walking around, either.

Erika carefully checks every nook and cranny Of Krauss's study, and eventually shows you a locked briefcase that she found under his bed. "What should we do with it?"
>> No. 198 edit
Since my opponent seems to have dropped out, I will proclaim this game as my victory. That is all.
>> No. 199 edit
I have not dropped out. Just been through a lot.... this past week.

I ask Erika to open the briefcase.
>> No. 200 edit
I'm sorry with all that has been happening to me this past week, I lost all motivation to do anything for a while, but I'm ready to solve your game, that is if you're still allow me to be your opponent.
>> No. 201 edit
File 129592968696.jpg - (320.66KB , 800x1058 , zerochan_Furudo_Erika_76466.jpg )
Oh, that's fine. I apologize, I had assumed you lost interest. Also, good luck with whatever it is that you're dealing with.

The briefcase is locked. After a few moments, Erika manages to pick the lock with a wire hanger. There seems to be a large stack of papers inside. "Well," Erika says. "What do we have here?" She holds out the papers to Amy.

They are a stack of Krauss's failed buisness deals.
>> No. 202 edit
Thank you. It has been hectic. My mom got really sick thought we were going to have to take her to the hospital. My girlfriend broke up with me. Trying to figure out a way to get my grandma, dispite the 6-7 day drive. Falling behind on classes. Best friend got really sick and very depressed, didn't know for a while what he might do. But it seems all those problems have been fixed now, or at least look like it.

Erika and I head to Natsuhi's room.
>> No. 203 edit
File 129593199436.png - (243.81KB , 300x450 , 195934-erika2_large.png )
Erika and Amy enter Natsuhi's room. They find nothing of interest.
>> No. 204 edit
Erika and I will head to the servants room.
>> No. 205 edit
File 129599881130.jpg - (131.27KB , 200x470 , genji.jpg )
They make their way to the servants room, and see someone they have not greeted yet: By the looks of it, this is Genji. He doesn't seem to notice you.
>> No. 216 edit
"Hello Genji-san. I'm Amy Furudo, and this is my twin sister Erika. What are you doing?"
>> No. 219 edit
File 129609690983.png - (251.86KB , 640x480 , genji 2.png )
"Greeting, Amy-san. Furudo-san. Welcome to Rokkenjima." Genji holds up a key. "I was just going to put this key back in its proper place. It belongs to one of the servants, but now it seems that she won't be able to work at all tonight."
>> No. 226 edit
"What do you mean Genji-san?"
>> No. 231 edit
File 129616483914.jpg - (6.96KB , 240x156 , genji-explains-240x156.jpg )
"...She is very sick. We had hoped she'd be well enough to work today, but it seems that isn't the case. She's staying in the servant's quarters."
>> No. 237 edit
"Would it be alright if we visited her? Maybe Erika and I can cheer her up."
>> No. 244 edit
File 129625670128.png - (3.88KB , 251x212 , Umineko___Genji_by_ElderKain.png )
Genji hesitates. "No, it would be best if you didn't. She needs absolute rest. Thank you very much for the offer."
>> No. 246 edit
"Genji-san, if you don't mind me asking what do you think of Kino-san's declaration?"
>> No. 247 edit
File 129625779656.jpg - (51.57KB , 320x240 , 3genji.jpg )
Genji opens his mouth, as if he were about to speak, but the closes it. "...What declaration sre you talking about?"

That's right, he shouldn't know about the letter, right?
>> No. 249 edit
"I was actually quite shocked. I would never expected such a big statment. What will happen to everything I wonder."
>> No. 250 edit
File 129632139588.jpg - (75.88KB , 646x481 , umineko-dawn-37-no-detective-at-this-time.jpg )
"I apologize Amy-sama, Erika-sama, but I have no idea what you are talking about."

Erika smirked. "Are you sure, Genji-san? 'Detective's authority!'"

Nothing happened. " 'Detective's authority! Tell us! Now!"'

Nothing happened. There were a few moments of silence where nobody spoke. Then, Genji tuned towards the two girls. "If you will allow, I must return to my duties." He walks out of the door.

Erika turns to you. "Even though I am the Watson...I still should have been able to use my authority to question witnesses. What's going on?"

It seems that Detective's authority doesn't work on this game board.

Erika panted...but suddenly smiled. She pointed at a table. "Looks like Genji forgot to put that key away. I guess it's ours now. We can return the one we have to Krauss."
>> No. 251 edit

"Return it? Why would we do that Erika-san? The more keys we have, the harder we make it for the culprit to get ahold of one. Anyway let us head to the kitchen."
>> No. 252 edit
File 129634634988.png - (567.39KB , 640x480 , 1296346329.png )
You walk into the kitchen. Gohda is there, cleaning. In addition there is a door leading to the back.
>> No. 261 edit
"Gohda-san that was such a wonderful dinner. It was so good, I've never eaten anything even close to that good in my life before."
>> No. 267 edit
File 129659727486.jpg - (120.27KB , 200x470 , Gohda.jpg )
Gohda smiles at you. "I'm glad you enjoyed it! I know it isn't good practice you try out a new recipe before the family dinner, but I couldn't help it."

Erika speaks" "New recipe?"

"Yes, I tried a selection of new spices and herbs. I think it made all the difference!" Gohda smiles and continues merrily cleaning. He seems genuinely happier after getting the compliment.

"Well, do we have more questions here, or should we look for that sick maid?"
>> No. 269 edit
"Gohda-san have your heard about Kinzo-san's proclamantion?"
>> No. 270 edit
File 129666897039.png - (11.42KB , 150x104 , Umineko___Gohda_by_ElderKain.png )
Gohda cocked his head. "Huh? Proclamation? When did he make something like that?"
>> No. 272 edit
"Didn't you hear about it? It was huge sent all the adults into a panic."
>> No. 273 edit
File 129667028926.jpg - (8.06KB , 100x100 , Gohda.jpg )
"Oh, was that was the commotion was about? I came into the dining room a few minutes after you left, afraid that something might have been amiss with my cooking, but Krauss-sama and Natsuhi-sama told me to stay away from the dining hall until further notice. I wasn't even allowed to clear the plates. Amy-san, what is happening?"
>> No. 274 edit
(I forgot to mention that Gohda also got four of the master keys from Krauss at this time. He gave two to Genji, one to Kumasawa, and one to Kanon. You have the fifth one, as well as the one you stole from Genji.)

The time is 9:40. You wasted some time because you didn't know the exact layout of the mansion.
>> No. 275 edit
"I'm sorry Gohda-san I don't fully know myself. If you'll excuse us."

*Whisper to Erika*
"We need to find Shannon-chan and get some tape, and I sure you know what we are going to do with that. And then we should head back to the guesthouse."
>> No. 276 edit
File 129667199824.jpg - (63.19KB , 500x391 , In-Defense-of-Furudo-Erika-3.jpg )
"Don't worry, Amy. I took some from Krauss's room while you were inspecting those papers." As You and Erika left the kitchen, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a roll of duck tape. " I, Furudo Erika, have duck tape! Thank you, my master, for supplying me!" She looked up into the sky from one of the windows, and a blast of thunder erupted in response.

She quickly regained her composure. "Genji said that maid girl was in the servant's quarters, right? I wonder where that is. This would have been more convienient if we had asked someone to sketch a map."
>> No. 277 edit
"You're supposed to have the pefect memory remember, why didn't you remember where the rooms were... Anyway lets just keep looking."
>> No. 278 edit
File 129667343169.jpg - (39.51KB , 640x480 , rokkenjima-rooms.jpg )
"Even I can't remember a place that I have never visited. I never went to the servant's quarters in any of the games. Besides, it might be at a different location in this one."


After much searching, you finally find the servant's quarters. It appears to be in the north hall of the 1st floor. It's just as Erika said, the location was changed. There are exactly seven doors in this hall. Three on one side, two on the other. Erika tries all of the doors. One on each side is locked. There are no markings on the door that distingushes them.
>> No. 279 edit
"Locked like that matters. We have two master keys, you take one side I'll take the other, call out to me if you find anything."
>> No. 280 edit
File 129667436082.png - (496.26KB , 640x480 , ep7-umineko-keys.png )
Erika grins. To her, it felt like the witch hunt was already beginning. It was much too early for the first twilight, of course, but she had a special feeling about what would be behind these doors. She walked over to the left side of the hall, savoring the moment. Slowly, she pushed the key in and turned. The door was not locked anymore. Certainly any magic that was once inside the room was gone. She twisted the handle to the door...

The room was empty. Erika glanced at the window. It was shut as well. Of course, that was to be expected. Genji, Kanon, and Gohda still have master keys. Erika did a quick search of the room. There was nobody hiding in the room when she searched.

Meanwhile, you waste no time. You quickly enter the key, twist it, and feel the release of the lock. You twist open the door handle, push the door...and the resistance of a sturdy brass chain stops you from entering. You don't see anything through the crack in the door. It seems that the illusion of magic isn't gone from that room quite yet.
>> No. 281 edit
Magic.. nonsense.

I'll break the chain lock and enter inside.
>> No. 282 edit
File 129667479318.jpg - (4.18KB , 222x227 , images.jpg )

"Don't waste your time, Amy-san. There's no way to cut any chains on this island with your bare hands.
>> No. 283 edit
I was thinking of breaking it, not cuting it. Since you can slam into a door with a chain hard enough to break it. But I'll take it you just mean to say I can't enter chain rooms without something special.

Alright then I'll try the next door.
>> No. 284 edit
File 129667557197.jpg - (28.78KB , 640x480 , rokkenjima-corridors.jpg )
You start searching the next room. You don't find anything. After a couple minutes of searching, you and Erika hear a noise from the room that was guarded by the chain locked door. You listen, and you hear the chain being unset. Erika dashes out of the room that you and her are in.
>> No. 285 edit
I'll follow Erika and run to the door.
>> No. 286 edit
File 129667617680.jpg - (8.84KB , 240x171 , shannon-240x171.jpg )
You both run back to the door that had the chain set. The chain was removed, and a young woman in a bath robe stood at the door. She matched the description of the servant Shannon. She seemed to be much paler than she should be, and looked dizzy as well. She used one hand to keep her standing up. She looked at the two visitors with a confused expression. "Um...I'm sorry...who are you? Can I help you in any way...?"
>> No. 287 edit
"Greetings Shannon Onee-san. I'm am Amy Furudo, and this is my twin sister Erika. And the reason we're here is to actually help you."
>> No. 288 edit
File 129667697143.png - (346.11KB , 640x480 , shannon.png )
"Help me? I don't understand..."
>> No. 289 edit
"Your name is actually Yasu correct?"
>> No. 290 edit
File 129667805756.jpg - (3.74KB , 299x168 , images.jpg )

"Hold on," Bernkastel said. "I won't have you making a mockery of my game. I already said that you has absolutely no relation to the Ushiromiya family at all. She has never met anyone on that island. Unless you somehow learned that in the time you were on the island, there's no way you can be able to say that.
>> No. 291 edit
Tch... the whole no super agencies thing. We'll that makes I can't bring up her being Beatrice either..

"We heard you were really ill Shannon nee-san. Are you ok?"
>> No. 292 edit
File 129667889465.png - (378.14KB , 640x480 , shannon2.png )
"I think I should be. Dr. Nanjo and Genji-san say that I should be just fine after tomorrow." She pauses. "I wonder...if this is Beatrice's punishment."
>> No. 293 edit
"What do you mean Shannon nee-san? Beatrice the witch of rokkenjima?"
>> No. 294 edit
File 129668068379.jpg - (154.97KB , 600x720 , zerochan_Claire_Bernardus_262133.jpg )
"Yes, that's right." Shannon said. "It happened a few months ago..."


Shannon was clearing her rounds. She was assigned to clean the inside of the chapel on that day. However…there were more pressing issues on her mind. George announced that he would propose to her on the next family conference. She still didn't know how to react. Of course she loved George, but even more than that, she was excited to finally escape from Rokkenjima, the place that held so many very painful memories.
Before she knew it, Shannon began humming. It wasn't like her to have such good spirits in the middle of the day, especially while she was alone in the chapel. She was so distracted by her own happy thoughts that she didn't notice a small golden butterfly land on a nearby seat. It quickly transformed, revealing the golden witch Beatrice.
"Hello, Shannon-chan!" A familiar voice cackled. Shannon spun around.
"Beatrice-sama!" Shannon looked at the woman who granted her the miracle of love. She had no ill feelings towards her, unlike some of the other servants.
"I'm afraid I have some bad news." She said this with a smile, as if she weren't afraid to say it at all, and rather eager.
"Bad news?"
"Yes. I once granted you the miracle of love. However, I'm afraid to announce that this miracle must end."
"I- What are you saying? Didn't we have a deal?"
"Sorry, that deal is off. I'm a fickle witch, so this was to be expected. But I am not completely heartless. I will give you until the next family conference to put an end to that foolish illusion of love. If you do not comply, be aware that there will be consequences."
Beatrice cackled, and disappeared.


Erika whispered. "Any thoughts, Amy?"
>> No. 295 edit
"So Beatrice-sama appeared in front of you? She must be so pretty."
>> No. 296 edit
"I think that she would be honored of you saying so."
>> No. 297 edit
"Don't you think so? She preformed really cool magic in front of me. It was amazing."
>> No. 298 edit
"I'm not surprised. Her magic is very powerful."
>> No. 310 edit
"Shannon Onee-san have you heard about Kinzo-san's proclamation?"
>> No. 312 edit
File 129701791285.png - (377.03KB , 640x480 , erikashannon.png )
"...Proclomation?" Shannon gasped. "Could you be talking about...that?"

Erika smiled. "So you do know about it."

"I- I think I have said too much."
>> No. 314 edit
File 129702208990.png - (158.94KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia3.png )
"Shannon Onee-san, please tell me more about this proclaimation."
>> No. 316 edit
File 129702268525.jpg - (8.84KB , 240x171 , shannon-240x171.jpg )
Shannon sighed. "Kinzo-sama told me to write down his will. He said that the gold would be divided among the servants. Even Dr. Nanjo is supposed to get some. Please, don't tell anyone that I told you this."
>> No. 317 edit
File 129702332379.png - (275.14KB , 578x480 , amy_akirea1b.png )
"Oh don't worry everyone already knows this. But I was wondering how does this make you feel? I mean while I'm glad you servants are being rewarded. This pretty much dooms Kinzo-san's children and grandchildren. Since they are having money problems doesn't it?"
>> No. 318 edit
File 129702413640.png - (377.89KB , 640x480 , shannon_1.png )
"Beatrice-sama is not a completely cruel witch. If they deserve it, then I'm sure that she will try to take pity on some of the families. However...I am not sure about Battler-san's family. When I asked him about the witch, he seemed to teat Beatrice-sama as some kind of joke...However, I'm sure that even he can be saved by the witch." Shannon looks unsure of her own words. "In any case, I should be getting back to bed. Goodnight Amy-san, Furudo-san."
>> No. 319 edit
File 12973078419.png - (156.45KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia1.png )
"Hmm... I see. Goodnight Shannon Onee-san."

After Shannon closes I door I ask Erika to seal it with tape then we both head back over to the guesthouse.
>> No. 320 edit
File 129703391513.png - (121.66KB , 176x369 , Erika1.png )
" <Good>. I sealed the door and window. At both of these times, Shannon was in the room."

You and Erika walk back to the guest house.
>> No. 321 edit
Is the tape seal broken when we get back to the guesthouse?
>> No. 322 edit
File 129703504077.jpg - (25.39KB , 229x470 , Gertrude.jpg )

" The seal is intact. All of the guest house windows are currently locked from the inside."
>> No. 323 edit
File 129703533734.png - (158.94KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia3.png )

Before entering the guesthouse I look around for a small sharp stone. After finding such a stone we enter inside the guesthouse.
>> No. 324 edit
You enter the guest house. Nobody is in the main room.
>> No. 325 edit
File 129738531052.png - (168.29KB , 555x480 , Amy_akuwaraia6.png )

I lock the door and then have Erika seal it. But that isn't all, I jam the sharp stone into the keyhole and use a small amount of tape to seal it in place, thereby prevening the door from being unlocked again.
>> No. 326 edit
Erika looks at you. "What are we going to do if someone wants to leave the guest house tonight?"
>> No. 327 edit
File 129738705089.png - (164.41KB , 574x480 , Amy_akuwaraia2.png )
"Simple no one is going to leave or enter the guesthouse, until we wake up in the morning. Or they will have to go out a window."
>> No. 328 edit
"<Good!> There's now way they'll be able to fix the lock, and they'll never even know who did it. The only way Culprit-san gets in is if he smashes a window! If culprit-san did that, we'd definitely hear! If not, then we'll create alibies. This tale will be over soon. Come, let's visit the cousins. After they go to sleep, we'll seal all of the rooms. This is checkmate, Beatrice!"
>> No. 329 edit
File 129738531052.png - (168.29KB , 555x480 , Amy_akuwaraia6.png )
"It isn't quite checkmate yet, but the pieces are being set up. To reach checkmate you first have to set up your pieces. Most would assume going for a check is the quickest way to checkmate, however this isn't the case. You want to set up your pieces so that when you move for the check it instantly becomes checkmate within one or two moves."

Erika and I go to the servants room, there I look around for a hammer or something heavy or sharp.
>> No. 330 edit
File 129704155540.jpg - (49.14KB , 225x350 , erika2.jpg )
You find a couple of hammers. Both you and Erika take one.
>> No. 336 edit
File 129738705089.png - (164.41KB , 574x480 , Amy_akuwaraia2.png )
Erika and I go room to room, with Erika sealing the windows with tape and I smash the locks their by preventing the windows from ever being unlocked. If anyone is in the room, I have Erika do both, and I tell the person it is her condition flaring up.
>> No. 337 edit
File 129705037927.jpg - (100.74KB , 300x396 , jessica.jpg )
You do all of that. However, the cousins and Dr. Nanjo are very weirded out by Erika's actions.

Jessica approaches you. "Hey, Amy-san! How are we supposed to get out of here? Are we just going to vandalize the guest house and break a window?"
>> No. 338 edit
File 129705062577.png - (158.94KB , 572x480 , amy_waraia3.png )
"What are you talking about Jessica-san? Why would we do such a thing. We will just go out through the door in the morning. I have a key don't worry."
>> No. 339 edit

There is some arguing among the cousins, but they decide that they'll have Gohda fix them in the morning. Maria decided that she's done playing cards. George suggests that everyone go to bed.

Erika says that she'd like to speak to you in private in the detective's room.
>> No. 340 edit
File 129730602560.png - (166.57KB , 578x480 , amy_akirea1.png )
I leave and go with Erika.

"Yes what is it Erika?"
>> No. 341 edit
File 129705247833.jpg - (44.08KB , 425x600 , TrollErika.jpg )
Erika politely smiles. "Sorry, Amy-san. I guess I can't handle not being the detective after all." Before you get a chance to respond, Erika raises her hammer and hits you as hard as she can in your temple. You fall to the ground and pass out almost instantly. The cousins don't hear anything. "It's nothing against you really, I just plan on this victory being my own. You were getting in the way of that. But sealing off the guest house was a neat trick. You did my job for me. Don't worry, you'll wake up in the morning. Until then, you will sleep." Erika picks you up and places you on your bed.

She leaves, and goes to the cousin's room. "Hello, everyone. It seems there has been a change of plan. Battler-san, you will be sleeping with My sister and I in our room. I hope it's not too much trouble. Amy-chan requested it that way. I think she might like you."

Jessica warns Battler not to do anything perverted, but otherwise nobody notices anything suspicious.

"That's fine. I need to go downstairs and wait for dad and Kyrie-san, though. They wanted to talk to me about something."

"Yes, I understand."

Battler and Erika left the room, then parted ways. Erika sealed the cousin's door.

"Ahh, Battler-san?"


"Take this key with you. I plan on locking the door, so you'll have to use it." Erika gives him one of the two master keys.

"Ihihi, got it. <See you soon.>"

'Yes, Battler.' Erika thought. 'You will. Very soon.'


"Well," Bernkastel said. "This seems like a good place to cut off for now. I still need to write the fantasy scenes, after all."

"I thought you said the illusions would be over," Ange said.

"They will, but first I need to supply vital clues. It won't be long, don't worry. Until then, are there any questions, Amy-san? I might choose to be lenient with my red truth for now."

>> No. 342 edit
File 130232310881.png - (158.62KB , 575x471 , amy_waraia4.png )
"Alright Bernkastel I request the following information. A list of the people in the guesthouse at this time. A list of the people inside the main house at this time. A list all of the seals and said if they are broken or not. And a confermation that all the windows's locks are locked and broken, and the only door that allows one to leave the guesthouse is locked, sealed, and the lock is jammed preventing it from being unlocked. And the following repeated in red. 'Erika is not the culprit.' That is all."
>> No. 343 edit
File 13120471695.jpg - (21.75KB , 300x425 , 1230372-moe_88638_frederica_bernkastel_umineko_no_.jpg )
Bernkastel laughs. "Erika, the culprit? What kind of game master do I look like? Erika is not, and will never be the culprit in this game. If she was, that blow to the head would have killed you.

Erika, Battler, Jessica, George, Maria, Dr. Nanjo, and you are in the guest house. Everyone else is in the main house.

All the seals that you have placed are still in effect. In addition, Eva is creating her own seals as well. You can ask her about them in the morning. If she isn't a victim, that is.

At this time, all the windows's locks are locked and broken, and the only door that allows one to leave the guesthouse is locked, sealed, and the lock is jammed preventing it from being unlocked.

How is that? Are your doubts at rest?
>> No. 344 edit
"Yes that is everything."
>> No. 345 edit
"Good! Now go back to being knocked out."

Sudden;y, everything is dark.

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