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File 137727901994.png - (420.44KB , 600x492 , 00.png )
1862 No. 1862 edit
Welcome Welcome to the island, In this school trip you shall make bonds with everyone, collect shards and have a nice time with your classmates....

but since that is SO Boring,I will change that to murders.....the one that manages to murder without being found at all will be allowed to leave

The rules of the island are:

1.The one that successfully murder will be allowed to leave

2.You are not allowed to attack and damage the Teacher

3.The kitchen is out of limits as soon as the clock reach 10:00 pm

4.Due to the bad properties of the sea, You can only swim in the pool

5.Food isn't really free, so for that mean you have to earn it by working on the farm.

6.You can't lend your ElectroID

7.a Female and a male shall not be allowed to stay in a dormitory

8.The only way to go to other islands is to solve a murder trial

9.More rules will be added as soon as they are necessary

My name is Monomi Your teacher, I was sent here by the head master to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Shall we start by introducing ourselves?

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>> No. 1863 edit
File 13772814475.png - (53.52KB , 208x415 , BUP_0393.png )
I fall from the helicopter, hitting my face on the ground. Man, even if they wanted to banish me from town, they didn't have to drop me from helicopter on an island in god-knows-where. I get up and brush myself off. So I'm supposed to win some sort of contest here before I can... oh how the hell did they put it..... 'return home triumphantly'? Tch. Looks like I have to get out of here as soon as possible. I'd rather not leave Satoko alone. Anyway, looks like it's some sort of multi-man challenge. I just need to beat everyone else.

"I'm Satoshi Houjou, a 16 year old boy from Hinamizawa."
>> No. 1864 edit
File 137728200517.png - (39.06KB , 310x380 , tina_uncertain.png )
I hesitantly step off the boat and glance at Monomi uncertainly.

"...Umm...Murders? Is this some kind of roleplay or something...? I-I'm not sure that I'm really cut out for this sort of thing, but..."

I look around at the rest of the group, trying to commit everyone's faces to memory.

"My name is Tina Rose. It's a pleasure to meet you all..."
>> No. 1865 edit
File 137728230997.png - (160.48KB , 800x600 , CGRK24.png )
As soon as the sun touched my face, my eyes opened and when I realized it, I was in an island after hearing the suspicious rules of that stuffed toy, I couldn't believe what was happening.
-M,murders? It must be some kind of joke, right?
W,well I better introduce myself, my name is Naoe Riki, I am 16 year old, nice to meet you, everyone
>> No. 1866 edit
File 13772826652.png - (126.39KB , 480x280 , 5(63).png )
"Yo! That's right! This must be some kind of initiation right?! Nothing to worry about. By the way, my name is Yasuhiro. Just call me Yasu."

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>> No. 1867 edit
File 137728298945.png - (518.23KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_デフォ1.png )
Without an ounce of hesitation, I step out of the boat, and courteously introduce myself to the others.

"Pleased to meet everyone here, my name is Lion Ushiromiya, 19 year old. I hope we'll all have a wonderful time and get to know each oth...
...wait, murders ?!"
>> No. 1869 edit
File 137728399533.png - (71.29KB , 480x280 , 2(520).png )
"I'm Arino, nice to meet all of you."

I nod my head toward everyone else to acknowledge them and then turn to face the "bear".

"Anyway, what you said about the murders were a joke, correct? That's an awful joke, if it is."
>> No. 1870 edit
File 137728752366.gif - (92.25KB , 724x1023 , thomas.gif )
It's hard to gauge how long he'd been there, but Thomas attempts to introduce himself, in an effort to be cordial and friendly-like. It'd be a lot easier if he could talk. As is, only someone who could understand sign language would know that he had just 'said' "I am Thomas Johnson." Hopefully it wouldn't boil down to playing charades for his stay here.

What manner of sick game was this bear thing playing?
>> No. 1871 edit
File 137728819456.png - (55.54KB , 480x320 , monomi (7).png )

Well, nice to meet you everyone I hope you enjoy this death colosseum~
>> No. 1872 edit
File 137729209036.png - (60.69KB , 480x280 , 5(148).png )
"M-murders? H-hahah... This is a joke, right? Just some sick joke you're playing on me..."
With some hesitation, I step off the boat, before glaring at everyone suspiciously.
"Introductions... Touko Fukawa. Y-you're bound to forget it, everyone does..."
>> No. 1873 edit
File 137729943892.png - (191.21KB , 376x480 , cha_3294.png )
Oblivious to the mentioning of murders, I bolt off the boat, dashing to a boulder that’s sticking from out of the sand. There, I prop myself atop of the bolder that grows hotter by the second in this heat

I'm Phoenix C. Johnston II, Ruler of Planet Earth!"

By now, I'm already doing a heroic pose, pointing towards the deep blue sky.
>> No. 1874 edit
File 137730246830.png - (53.99KB , 480x320 , monomi (21).png )
Just to make things more clear I am a bunny not a bear!
>> No. 1875 edit
File 137730262616.png - (191.53KB , 376x480 , cha_3304.png )

"But your ears, though. There like bunnish."
>> No. 1876 edit
File 137730428387.png - (4.70KB , 98x96 , kamo1.png )
Pencil-rolling across the beach sand, I greet the late arrivals.

"I don't see why anyone would want to leave such a pretty island, though."

I stand up, patting away the dusting of sand.

"My name is Ahiru Ewin, by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you all."
>> No. 1877 edit
File 137730482583.png - (353.89KB , 640x480 , cute moment.png )

"My point is....Auauauauaaaaaaaa~ I absolutely adore cute plush toys-especially bunnies!"

I literally leap off the boulder as if it was a diving board and crash onto the bunny, knocking both of us into the dry, coarse sand.

This soooo cool! We got a bunny as a teacher! Hehe! I’m going to call you Bunny Sensei!

Snuggles into its back while daydreaming of the wild adventures we’ll have.
>> No. 1878 edit
File 137730731547.png - (52.10KB , 480x320 , monomi (6).png )
lewd people cannot touch me get away from me.
>> No. 1879 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )
I crouch down by the lunatic.

"I believe that the white portion is actually a hare."
>> No. 1880 edit
File 137730780058.png - (192.46KB , 376x480 , cha_3309.png )

"Lewd? Oi! I ain't no bunny molester!"
>> No. 1881 edit
File 137730794161.png - (190.72KB , 376x480 , cha_3305.png )

"There's a difference? I just thought the word "hare" was a fancier word for bunny."
>> No. 1882 edit
File 137730939246.png - (104.74KB , 500x600 , voltz-a.png )
Julius was already sitting against the rock the eccentric tool jumped off of, he didn't attempt to say anything to not only avoid conversation and wasted breath, but to also keep attention away from himself as he tried to recall where exactly he was.

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>> No. 1883 edit
File 137730888010.png - (229.51KB , 300x450 , 13342640081.png )
I step off the boat, seemingly oblivious to the atmosphere.
"We'll be fine! This nut's gotta be kidding."
I grin at the others. Why would we be brought to an island to watch others die?

"I'm Heather Hart. I hope we have a good time!"

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)18:48:00
>> No. 1884 edit
File 137731065689.png - (8.50KB , 480x272 , 000.png )
Lets first start by providing you your electro ID

Second, now that the 13 are on the island, I think this boat will be unnecesary.

As everyone started to notice, the boat where they just woke up exploded.

Not leaving a trace. Now it was impossible to leave the archipielago.

-as I told you. the only way to leave is to murder someone.

So I will start by providing you a map of the first island.

There are 6 areas.
The INN, which consist in the kitchen and dormitories
The beach
The entertainment area, which consist in the Theater/drama theater
The farm, where you will earn your food
and the secret area where fun will happen.

Everyone recieve their own electroID and a map of the island
>> No. 1885 edit
File 137731156983.png - (104.37KB , 500x600 , voltz-e.png )
"You just said that there are thirteen of us on the island. And since you are not a person, that only makes twelve of us. So where is this thirteenth person?"

Voltz stands up, brushing the sand off of himself as he pivots his body toward the direction his head is in, which is staring directly at Monomi.
>> No. 1886 edit
File 137731237676.png - (4.83KB , 98x94 , kamo2.png )

"It is. They're the same animal."
>> No. 1887 edit
File 137731426641.jpg - (206.72KB , 764x1022 , thomas.jpg )
Thomas looks at his Electro ID thing. Trying to figure out if it has games. The world can fall apart around him and he doesn't mind the scenario being run by Michael Bay. But he has priorities.

This sort of stuff tended to work itself out anyway.
>> No. 1888 edit
File 13773156505.png - (201.31KB , 386x480 , cha_3246.png )


"Alright then, I thinks it time that I go check out my dorm. Standing under the sun all day is not for me. After that.... I'll....hmmm"

Shoves my electro ID into my pocket as my stomach begins rumbles

"To the kitchen I go! Hopefully, there's an all-you-can-eat buffet. I'm famished."
>> No. 1889 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )
"You all seem rather subdued about this situation. I can't imagine thinking about food at a time like this."

With a smile, I turn and walk towards the farm, quietly musing about the possibility of ducks.
>> No. 1890 edit
File 137732130142.png - (61.56KB , 480x280 , 2(524).png )
Ignoring how the bear-bunny hybrid didn't answer my question, I fold the map up and put it and my electroID into my pocket.

"Agreed. How most of you are calm about this situation confuses me."

I suppose I'll be going along with this situation for now.
>> No. 1891 edit
File 137732203024.png - (9.55KB , 480x272 , 001.png )
"Wait a moment~
about that....

"Please everyone come here.

*Monomi brings a bottle with 13 keys each attached with an etiquette with a number*

Pick a number the number you pick will be the number of your dormitory

I will leave this map for you. we will talk more in the INN."

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)22:32:32
>> No. 1892 edit
File 137732241889.png - (402.46KB , 751x746 , thomas.png )
Thomas can't seem to work the games on the device. Damn. He'd explain his lack of surprise to the others, but none of them seem to understand. For now, he grabs a number.

Lucky 7. Now to head to the inn, see what this thing has to say.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)23:47:42
>> No. 1893 edit
File 137730939246.png - (104.74KB , 500x600 , voltz-a.png )
Even after being completely ignored, he decides to play along in this game of death. He reaches forward and takes the number eight key.

"I'll be taking this."
>> No. 1894 edit
File 137728819456.png - (55.54KB , 480x320 , monomi (7).png )
"About what you asked earlier Probably he may have went up ahead and took a key kyu kyu kyu kyu~"

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)23:03:28
>> No. 1895 edit
File 137731237676.png - (4.83KB , 98x94 , kamo2.png )
"Oh? In that case, I will graciously accept this number 1 key."

Turning back from the path, I apprehend the number 6 key.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)22:47:10
>> No. 1896 edit
File 137732353692.png - (81.66KB , 480x280 , 2(527).png )
"I'll be taking number ten."
>> No. 1897 edit
File 137732382271.png - (202.50KB , 386x480 , cha_3263.png )

"Heheee! I'm going for the NUMBER ONE key! I am a god after all!"

Snatches a key and it turns out to be the number 13 key.

>> No. 1898 edit
File 137732387067.png - (104.49KB , 500x600 , voltz-n.png )
Not fully believing the talking stuffed automaton he decided it's within his best interest to look around the island perhaps.
>> No. 1899 edit
File 137732446899.png - (65.02KB , 480x280 , 2(511).png )
"...How did you mess that up?"

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)23:09:20
>> No. 1900 edit
File 137732446829.png - (201.60KB , 386x480 , cha_3260.png )
I let out a few complaints about the key that I choose while I march towards the dormitories.
>> No. 1901 edit
File 137732468274.png - (127.46KB , 480x280 , 5(62).png )
"...Like I said, this is only an initiation, dude. No one is crazy enough to do stuff like that!"

I search in the bottle and grab the number 2 key.
"Well, see you later."

With that said, I walk away in the direction of the Inn

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)23:11:40
>> No. 1902 edit
File 137732525355.png - (68.17KB , 480x280 , 2(526).png )
"I suppose no one is."

I wave goodbye at Yasu and head towards the inn, trying not to make it seem like I was following him. ...I just don't need to check out my dorm at this moment.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)23:23:00
>> No. 1903 edit
File 137730428387.png - (4.70KB , 98x96 , kamo1.png )
"I suppose I've yet to see anyone who looks sufficiently deranged, either."

Shaking my head, I obediently follow along to the inn.
>> No. 1904 edit
File 137732559362.png - (165.71KB , 800x600 , CGRK12a.png )
"Well, I suppose a good rest will be good for us"
I take the number 12 key
>> No. 1905 edit
File 137732700662.png - (103.99KB , 500x600 , voltz-c.png )
After some time Julius comes out from out of sight and passes up the original area everyone was in, he is headed toward the dorm.
>> No. 1906 edit
File 137732808780.png - (52.86KB , 208x415 , BUP_0394.png )
Fourth demoning so fourth room.

I'll take the #4 room key.
>> No. 1907 edit
File 137732949012.png - (38.96KB , 310x380 , tina_curious.png )
Feeling a little overwhelmed by everything that's going on, I pick out key #5.

After a moment's consideration, I decide to follow the bunny's instructions and head to the inn.
>> No. 1908 edit
File 137733104363.png - (64.11KB , 480x280 , 2(510).png )
After finally arriving at the inn, I stand near the door. ...Wonder where everyone else is.
>> No. 1909 edit
File 137733147590.png - (191.29KB , 376x480 , cha_3326.png )
Upon entering his dorm, Phoenix immediately locked the door behind him and flicked the light switch on. This action followed with a quick scan of his room. On all fours, he checked under what was temporary now his bed. No one was there. Then he moved onto checking an empty closet, making sure there weren't any secret passages. Neither a secret passage nor any individual was there. In the end, came a sigh, a sigh full with frustration. Clearly, the predicament he was in was definitely bothering him. He just didn't show it in front of the others because he was already too accustomed of showing the world a simple simper while he sulked alone in the darkness. He began to pace back and forward, still scrutinizing the room but also soliloquizing.

(.....The one that successfully murder will be allowed to leave ....How the heck is that supposed to fun when someone’s going to be killed in the process...It’s hard to believe that...all the faces that I just saw........one of those faces will make a decision to kill.... I can’t even trust anyone.... I mean, I want to but....they can be smiling in my face while planning my demise at the same time.....)

Phoenix ceased his pacing in the middle of the room. He then slowly gazed at his palms.

(Then again, why should I be afraid of death....? Why should I be worried that I might befriend the wolf in sheep’s clothing.... I've been basically staring death in the face every day, right? If anything, I should be practically volunteering to be the first one to be murdered. At least, it’ll raise everyone’s chance of surviving......)
>> No. 1910 edit
File 137733165372.png - (54.69KB , 480x320 , monomi (4).png )
"Now that everyone is here, We can start with the Tour, Let's start with the Kitchen, As you can see there is no food, since you have to make it yourself,But don't worry there are plenty ingredients on the island...
"the next stop will be the farm where cows, chickens,roosters and delicious vegetables can help you create delicious food, there are plenty of utensils to make stuff like milk,eggs and even bread.
"After this, there is the beach, where you can relax but you can't swim.
"Following that its the entertainment room, the snack room and the Infirmary in case something happens......
"And to finish the tour, this is the Gym, where you can exercise and relax in the two saunas for boys and girls."
>> No. 1911 edit
File 137730939246.png - (104.74KB , 500x600 , voltz-a.png )
Julius follows the stuffed toy around as 'it' gave a tour, except one thing really stuck out to himself during it all. He waited till the tour was over and then decided to inquire...

"You said there was no food in the kitchen right? Earlier when I came to the dorm after touring the island by myself, I had got a little hungry and got myself a quick snack from the fridge..."

He paused for breath, then continued.

"However it was fully stocked when I got my snack. What happened to the rest of the food?"

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)01:17:29
>> No. 1912 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )

"I saw a culprit making off with a load of puddings, just a short while ago."

I cover my mouth with a hand, expressing shock.
>> No. 1913 edit
File 137733766544.png - (60.68KB , 480x280 , 5(145).png )
Having grabbed the #9 key, I follow along with the group, only talking once the tour is over.

"Y-you missed something.... the big area on the middle of the map. Is that off limits or something? And what about this 13th person? Are they just going to hide like some l-lurker for the whole game?"
>> No. 1914 edit
File 137733984977.png - (520.15KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_驚き1.png )
After having grabbed the 6th key, Lion follows along the group, staying quiet most of the time, until the end of the tour.

"Wow! This island is pretty impressive! I'm surprised something like that even exists... But about that farm... Are we supposed to go there everyday? I-I've never been skilled at manual labor..."
>> No. 1915 edit
File 137731237676.png - (4.83KB , 98x94 , kamo2.png )

"You've taken a quite a few glances towards my room during this tour, Lion. I've begun to suspect that you're targeting me."

I twirl the actual room 6 key around a finger, restraining a mocking smile.
>> No. 1916 edit
File 137736109078.png - (503.78KB , 568x1112 , rio_a12_不満1.png )
"Ah! My deepest apologies! I thought it wasn't taken so I...
Deeply sorry...
Hm, well I'll just take whatever key's left. I think the 3rd isn't taken, is it?"
>> No. 1917 edit
File 137736439923.png - (39.40KB , 310x380 , tina_embarassed.png )
Having been silent for the entire tour, I suddenly speak up.

"...That's right. #1, #3 and #11 are free."

I then study Lion's face questioningly for a few seconds.

"......Um, if you don't mind me asking...are you a boy or a girl? I'm sorry, I really can't tell..."
>> No. 1918 edit
File 137736521127.png - (56.28KB , 480x320 , monomi (10).png )
"As I said, He is on the island so don't worry also the middle area is when special stuff happen you will find soon enough
"Etto.........I think with this you can enjoy your stay on the island, So I will go to the second island, unless something happen, you can return to the INN if you like"

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)10:26:51
>> No. 1919 edit
File 137736560552.gif - (102.13KB , 724x1023 , c6f3c5bbc667e1bdef0ece2463e504a3.gif )
With a plan for the day figured out, Thomas heads back to the INN to look around.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)10:41:06
>> No. 1920 edit
File 137732387067.png - (104.49KB , 500x600 , voltz-n.png )
Julius shrugs and sighs to himself, but then immediately proclaims

"I suppose we can't ask for anything served on a silver platter for us."

He decides to go with the group for once and head toward the inn.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)10:42:40
>> No. 1921 edit
File 137736625589.png - (130.64KB , 800x600 , CGRK30.png )
..........I think something interesting will happen soon....
>> No. 1924 edit
File 137737058873.png - (192.98KB , 800x600 , CGRK11b.png )
Riki suddenly makes everyone come closer....

"Guys, there is something suspicious about that monomi, she acts really weird, I think I got her by the tail, So I will expose everything once we meet her again"
>> No. 1925 edit
File 137732700662.png - (103.99KB , 500x600 , voltz-c.png )
Julius slows down to listen to what this person has to say, then sighs and shakes his head disappointingly.

"Suspicious? Have you not seen what that thing is? A walking talking automaton? If you have just realized this may whatever god you believe in have mercy on your feeble minded soul."
>> No. 1926 edit
File 137737138187.png - (377.23KB , 593x390 , 43263576.png )
I don't... get this device...
I let the others pick keys first, then follow the tour.

Wow, this place seems great!

"I do wonder why we're here, though." I mutter.

Taking a last glance around the gym, I go back to the inn, now with the key numbered 11, and finally enter my room.

Fukawa seems nice. I'll see if I can talk with her later.

>> No. 1927 edit
File 137728200517.png - (39.06KB , 310x380 , tina_uncertain.png )
"You've got her by the tail? What do you mean...?"
>> No. 1928 edit
File 137732446899.png - (65.02KB , 480x280 , 2(511).png )
"I'm sure it was suspicious at the start, to everyone."
>> No. 1929 edit
File 137737384460.png - (159.12KB , 800x600 , CGRK11.png )
"For now let's return to the INN, I will explain everything to everyone there"
>> No. 1930 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )

"Reaching into those pants is most likely sexual harassment."

I recoil in feigned shock.
>> No. 1931 edit
File 137731156983.png - (104.37KB , 500x600 , voltz-e.png )
"Whatever, let's just hurry up."

Julius pulls his muffler a little tighter and places his hands into his jacket pockets. He was starting to get a little cold.
>> No. 1932 edit
File 137728230997.png - (160.48KB , 800x600 , CGRK24.png )
"W-what are you talking about, I am not a pervert...
"Anyway, lets go to the INN..."
>> No. 1933 edit
File 137732130142.png - (61.56KB , 480x280 , 2(524).png )
"Agreed, let's just go to the inn already."

I walk slightly faster than earlier, hoping to quicken the trip.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)13:03:27
>> No. 1934 edit
File 137737472940.jpg - (26.94KB , 450x256 , 53789.jpg )
Hearing approaching chatter, I exit my room and wait for those coming to the inn.
>> No. 1935 edit
File 13773757401.png - (63.14KB , 480x320 , monomi (2).png )
When everyone started to arrive, everyone noticed there was a weird smell, it smelled to gunpowder and water..... and waiting for them in the living room there was an angry monomi.

"Why did you ruined the lock of the room number 7? If you wanted to murder someone could you have at least waited for a day to pass?"

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)13:57:33
>> No. 1936 edit
File 137737597887.png - (68.54KB , 480x280 , 2(522).png )
"S-so, you really do want us to murder each other?"
>> No. 1937 edit
File 137730939246.png - (104.74KB , 500x600 , voltz-a.png )
Even though his muffler was hiding his face you could still tell his nose was wrinkling due to the smell.

"Slow down, what do you mean? Does the lock being broken have anything to do with this atrocious smell permeating around?"
>> No. 1938 edit
File 137737632621.png - (525.10KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_叫ぶ2.png )
"Alright, thank you."

He takes the key labeled 3.

"M-my gender? What a rude question to ask!..."

Having followed the group, Lion can't help but look with an air of dull surprise at all the events unfolding before him.

"Room 7? Isn't that hm... That person who doesn't seem to be able to talk?"
>> No. 1939 edit
File 137736560552.gif - (102.13KB , 724x1023 , c6f3c5bbc667e1bdef0ece2463e504a3.gif )
The smell makes Thomas throw up in his mouth a little. That was his room, wasn't it? He signs, " What happened to my room?"

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)13:33:35
>> No. 1940 edit
File 137737654394.png - (68.88KB , 480x280 , 2(516).png )
"Does anyone have a scrap of paper and pen for this guy to write on? No one here understands sign language, correct?"
>> No. 1941 edit
File 137732700662.png - (103.99KB , 500x600 , voltz-c.png )
"He's a mute?"

There was a four second pause before he starts rubbing his own head with one hand.

"I thought he was a ninja wannabe with those hand signs."
>> No. 1942 edit
File 137730428387.png - (4.70KB , 98x96 , kamo1.png )
"If I remember correctly, this room belonged to the noisy lunatic."

I glance up and down the hallway, wondering who wasn't with the rest of the group.
>> No. 1943 edit
File 137737734570.png - (131.14KB , 800x600 , CGRK31.png )

"Wait a moment, You are not who you want us to think you are right you are right?!!"
>> No. 1944 edit
File 137733165372.png - (54.69KB , 480x320 , monomi (4).png )
"It seems your room in untouched,the lock however is screwed up
"Since you may blow out the island, from now it is forbidden to destroy the facilities and rooms of this island!!"
"My, we have a cleaver one, if you want answers I will wait for you in the theater"

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)13:58:49
>> No. 1945 edit
File 137732130142.png - (61.56KB , 480x280 , 2(524).png )
I look around the hallway as well.

"Hey, where's that Phoenix guy? I haven't seen him in a while."
>> No. 1946 edit
File 137728752366.gif - (92.25KB , 724x1023 , thomas.gif )
"What am I supposed to do now? My room's not secure. And it needs to be cleaned up."

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)13:54:28
>> No. 1947 edit
File 137733104363.png - (64.11KB , 480x280 , 2(510).png )
I feel bad for Thomas, so I search around the inn, looking for some paper and pens.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)14:00:31
>> No. 1948 edit
there are cleaning supplies in each room. so that should help cleaning up.
>> No. 1949 edit
File 137732387067.png - (104.49KB , 500x600 , voltz-n.png )
Julius shrugs.

"Well this doesn't concern me. Knock on my door when something interesting happens."

And with that, he tightens his muffler to try and shield his nose from the smell and walks to his dorm room.
>> No. 1950 edit
File 137737866195.png - (165.21KB , 800x600 , CGRK10a.png )
It seems I have no choice
"I will go to the Gym, the ones that want to come go with me"
>> No. 1951 edit
File 137732353692.png - (81.66KB , 480x280 , 2(527).png )
After finding some on a nearby table, I handed a notepad and a pen to Thomas.

"Here, write on this so we know what you're saying."
>> No. 1952 edit
File 137737944644.jpg - (81.57KB , 600x500 , d1915941d8b7a79445dfc65cb6aa64a9.jpg )
With no other recourse for communication, Thomas accepts the pen and paper. "Thank you very much" he writes in response. And smiles a bit before flipping to the next page, writing "What now?"
>> No. 1953 edit
File 137732130142.png - (61.56KB , 480x280 , 2(524).png )
"I suppose, just sticking together? It doesn't seem safe out there, especially after your door got blown off."

I look over at Riki, feeling slightly suspicious at the situation.

"...There's also going to the gym with Riki."

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)14:35:37
>> No. 1954 edit
File 137738134499.jpg - (117.07KB , 390x574 , 75676.jpg )
"After going over the whole inn, it looks like only Thomas' door was damaged..." I say to the others.

I'll stick around here for now, but I'll follow the next person going to the gym... Monomi gives me the creeps.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)14:55:44
>> No. 1955 edit
File 137732700662.png - (103.99KB , 500x600 , voltz-c.png )
Deciding he had enough of laying on his bed and among other things he opened his dorm door and exited it, setting foot into the hallway. Only an audible sigh escaped his mouth as he briskly walked toward the exit, stopping just before leaving to turn around to see if anyone is even there in the hall.
>> No. 1956 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )
"It appears to me that going to the gym is the current best course of action. I'm unsure if it is wise to avoid answers in this situation."

Ducking away from the group with a smile, I leisurely make my way towards the theater.
>> No. 1957 edit
File 13773821524.png - (53.52KB , 480x320 , monomi.png )
As everyone started to leave the INN, everyone went to the Gym building...

and after opening the doors...Monomi was there.

"Welcome everyone, well as I promised Riki I will listen to all of your complains."

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)15:09:12
>> No. 1958 edit
File 137736560552.gif - (102.13KB , 724x1023 , c6f3c5bbc667e1bdef0ece2463e504a3.gif )
Thomas doesn't feel like cleaning things up right now. So he goes to the gym.
>> No. 1959 edit
File 137732387067.png - (104.49KB , 500x600 , voltz-n.png )
Julius gets passed up by some weird girl he'd rather not associate with even with a ten foot pole, her getting close as it is was an awful experience as she smelled putrid.

Seeing her walk in a direction he opted to walk and take the long way around the island to get to the theater. He figured following her would bring trouble.
>> No. 1960 edit
File 137738247716.png - (58.96KB , 480x320 , monomi (9).png )
(I apologize, the location where Monomi is waiting is the theater)

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)15:19:38
>> No. 1961 edit
File 137738275212.png - (518.89KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_不満1.png )
"I... I don't really get what's happening, but it seems like Riki had something to say, so I think we should let him talk first... R-Right?"
>> No. 1962 edit
(serves you right for misunderstanding)
>> No. 1963 edit
File 137737058873.png - (192.98KB , 800x600 , CGRK11b.png )
"First, You are not Monomi, I found in my room, the manual for Monomi, and Monomi is programmed for being a good girl, and was supposed to take us to this island to have fun! But you destroyed her and took her identity!"
>> No. 1964 edit
File 137733165372.png - (54.69KB , 480x320 , monomi (4).png )
I suppose I can't no longer hide this...
>> No. 1965 edit
File 137105988755.png - (49.30KB , 480x280 , 5(237).png )

I am monokuma, and I am the head master of the Seacat school!

I am happy someone managed to blown out my cover!
>> No. 1966 edit
File 137738332784.png - (195.27KB , 800x600 , CGRK22b.png )
"I-I wasn't expecting this....."
"Why did you locked us here?!"
>> No. 1967 edit
File 137738336485.png - (72.35KB , 480x280 , 5(152).png )
Murmuring frantically to myself, I slip away from the rest of the group, and lock myself into room number 9.
>> No. 1969 edit
File 137738344771.png - (142.50KB , 480x272 , event_17.png )
Isn't that Obvious?!

For the sake of Despaiiiiiir~

I will enjoy fully watching you kill each other!!

Oooh isn't it amazing the screaming of the dead people?!!!~~
>> No. 1970 edit
File 137738355334.png - (190.95KB , 800x600 , CGRK11w.png )
I grab the stupid bear by the collar and about to be punched
>> No. 1971 edit
File 137738363385.png - (66.28KB , 480x280 , 2(521).png )
>> No. 1972 edit
File 137738363770.png - (182.17KB , 640x480 , 006.png )

And then...Riki started to feel funny, He just managed to say the following sentence...
>> No. 1973 edit
File 137105988755.png - (49.30KB , 480x280 , 5(237).png )
>> No. 1974 edit
File 137731426641.jpg - (206.72KB , 764x1022 , thomas.jpg )
For the second time in so many minutes, Thomas feels sick.

People are actually going to die here? Like, murdered? That's fucked up.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)15:36:34
>> No. 1975 edit
File 13773842765.png - (97.51KB , 500x600 , voltz-ca.png )
Julius stands still and watches the execution, he doesn't move an inch nor does he bat an eye at this extreme violence.

"Are you done yet?"

Julius walks past the new stuffed animal, Monokuma, and walks over to Riki's bleeding corpse. Ignoring his surroundings, he begins checking his pockets for anything and everything he carried.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)15:44:36
>> No. 1976 edit
File 137738426135.png - (76.20KB , 480x280 , 2(518).png )
"Wh... What the hell is going on?!"

I could feel myself getting sicker from looking at the fresh corpse, but I try hard to hold it in.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)15:45:12
>> No. 1977 edit
File 137730939246.png - (104.74KB , 500x600 , voltz-a.png )
Julius stands up after pocketing a few things and shows he has an ElectroID, he then boots it up.

"Let's see who you were."
>> No. 1979 edit
File 137730428387.png - (4.70KB , 98x96 , kamo1.png )
"He... he's still alive!"

I step back, bringing a hand up to touch at the speck of blood that reached my face.
>> No. 1980 edit
Name: Riki Naoe
SDH: Baseball player

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)15:53:21
>> No. 1981 edit
File 137738489632.png - (520.26KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_叫ぶ1.png )
Lion can only stand in utter shock and disgust as he sees the situation unfolding.

"This is... Ugh... Such a disgusting thing...Why?..."
>> No. 1982 edit
File 137738499922.png - (98.07KB , 500x600 , voltz-ce.png )
"As such, it seems this game is legitimate. However, there is one thing I must point out."

Pocketing his new possession, Riki's ElectroID, he tilts his head and leans his body in Monokuma's direction.

"Shouldn't you be leaving now? Rule 1, The one that successfully murders will be allowed to leave."
>> No. 1983 edit
File 137732446899.png - (65.02KB , 480x280 , 2(511).png )
"What do you mean by that? He certainly looks dead."
>> No. 1984 edit
File 137105798139.png - (51.01KB , 480x280 , 5(233).png )
that's right I gotta leave BEAR BYE~
>> No. 1985 edit
File 137738530237.png - (231.73KB , 480x272 , event_11.png )
Suddenly the monitor that was on the theater started to react

"Emmm can someone hear me?......well Its 10:00 pm Night time shall start now. The Beach, and the Kitchen in the INN are off-limits now, good night."
>> No. 1986 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )

"I do not understand what you mean. This situation should be quite clear."

My expression of panic fades.

"There seems to be nothing more to do here. As I doubt any of us would think of killing one another, we should come up with a plan and exchange information."
>> No. 1987 edit
File 137732700662.png - (103.99KB , 500x600 , voltz-c.png )
Julius heaves a heart-felt sigh, he turns to face the group and stares at each one of them. "Well, I suppose we should start taking this game a little bit more seriously huh?"

He faces the chick he refused to follow earlier and nodded in agreement. "I also believe we should exchange information. Perhaps a more formal introduction among the rest of us?"

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)16:15:03
>> No. 1988 edit
File 137737654394.png - (68.88KB , 480x280 , 2(516).png )
"What kind of information? I can't think of anything I know that would help us all out."
>> No. 1989 edit
File 13773842765.png - (97.51KB , 500x600 , voltz-ca.png )
"Well for starters how about your...SDH? It's in our ElectroID's. Riki was a baseball player apparently."

He pauses for a second and then begins again.

"I guess I'll have to serve as an example. My name is Julius Voltz, and my apparent SDH is....Pilot."
>> No. 1990 edit
File 137731237676.png - (4.83KB , 98x94 , kamo2.png )
"An acceptable proposition. My name is Kamo Uso, and I possess a SDH level of ability in Optics."

I bow slightly as I introduce myself for the second time.
>> No. 1991 edit
File 137732353692.png - (81.66KB , 480x280 , 2(527).png )
"All right."

Still not entirely sure what 'SDH' was, I pull out my electroID.

"The name's Arino, and ...my SDH is in cooking."

"Wasn't your name something like Ahi-something?"
>> No. 1992 edit
File 137728752366.gif - (92.25KB , 724x1023 , thomas.gif )
Write, write, write, wipe bits of sick from the edge of the mouth.

"Thomas. Observation."
>> No. 1993 edit
File 137730428387.png - (4.70KB , 98x96 , kamo1.png )

I tilt my head pensively.

"I do not follow. Did you perhaps encounter a doppelganger?"
>> No. 1994 edit
File 137739493413.png - (190.76KB , 376x480 , cha_3334.png )
Phoenix was now leaving his room and locking his door. He yawned and stretch in the hall before an unknown smell reached his nose. As result, he wrinkled his nose and gotten a quick visceral feeling that it wasn't safe to be alone at the moment. So he pinched his nose, physically plugging his nostrils in the process and briskly walked towards the exit, leaving the INN. Outside he could see that it was late. How long was he asleep? He began to look around, wondering where the others could be. After 15 seconds, he noticed the lights were on in the gymnasium and presumably thought that everyone must have gone there. He then decided to run towards the gymnasium, interrupting the insects cries with every moment he made.
>> No. 1995 edit
Upon entering the gym, he noticed everyone had their attention fixed on something. Confused Phoenix asked,

“Wh-What happened?”
>> No. 1996 edit
File 137739575067.png - (63.14KB , 480x280 , 2(525).png )
"Did we? If there's someone out there who looks exactly like you, you could get framed for a murder..."

"Look for yourself."

I move away from the corpse, allowing him to see it.
>> No. 1997 edit
File 137731237676.png - (4.83KB , 98x94 , kamo2.png )

"That does seem troubling. I will have to be careful".
>> No. 1998 edit
File 137739611495.png - (190.76KB , 376x480 , cha_3311.png )

...!....Phoenix stepped back a bit, after he realized the identity of the corpse on the floor.

>> No. 1999 edit
File 137732525355.png - (68.17KB , 480x280 , 2(526).png )
"Please do. I would rather there not be any more murders."

"I have no idea. Apparently, that pink bear turned into some black bear, and spears appeared, and... Well, some crazy shit happened. But I can say that no one here killed him."
>> No. 2000 edit
File 137739660454.png - (201.71KB , 386x480 , cha_3291.png )

"A-Are you saying that he got killed for no apparent reason!? What was his last actions?"
>> No. 2001 edit
File 137738499922.png - (98.07KB , 500x600 , voltz-ce.png )
Julius had been thinking to himself when he finally came back to reality when Phoenix started asking questions.

"When did you step in? Well, no matter. His last actions were quite simple, he attempted to slap the stuffed automaton around and instead got shafted...In more ways than one."
>> No. 2002 edit
File 137739830528.png - (201.44KB , 386x480 , cha_3290.png )

"..The..stuffed automaton? Our "Teacher"? I thought we weren't allowed to attack or damage the Teacher..."

Phoenix walked up to Riki's corpse and crouch down before it.

"So this must be the consequence for not obeying that rule, I guess............"

Phoenix moved his left hand over Riki's eyes and closed them out of respect.

"..........Rest peacefully now."

Phoenix slowly checked Riki's pockets and noticed their were empty. Without moving, he remained crouch and asked,

"I assuming everyone has a ElectroID and room key. So where is his?"
>> No. 2003 edit
File 137732387067.png - (104.49KB , 500x600 , voltz-n.png )
"I took his ElectroID...but couldn't find his key. Speaking of, you were a little late to the party so you missed it. We're sharing information to get a better fix on our situation. Your name and DSH if you don't mind, your ElectroID should state what it is."

Julius shrugs.
>> No. 2004 edit
File 137739930325.png - (200.81KB , 386x480 , cha_3288.png )

Phoenix stood and turned on his heels towards Julius

"Name's Phoenix C. Johnston II. And what's a DSH? I'm not too familiar with that abbreviation."
>> No. 2005 edit
File 137739939580.png - (98.11KB , 500x600 , voltz-caa.png )
"If I knew, I would've said it to begin with. I'm assuming it's what we're best at? I only know because I looked at my ElectroID and Riki's ID and cross compared them. Seems to be custom."
>> No. 2006 edit
File 137739930325.png - (200.81KB , 386x480 , cha_3288.png )

"Ah, I see. Well mines said that I work well with animals"
>> No. 2007 edit
File 137732700662.png - (103.99KB , 500x600 , voltz-c.png )
"Apparently not well enough if you're still on this island, then again it's not even a real bear..."

Julius says not necessarily directed at Phoenix but more at the idea of making Monokuma happy enough to let them all go.

"Right. You weren't here earlier so I figure I'll reintroduce myself. I am Julius Voltz and my DSH is 'Pilot'. That girl over there, the funny looking one, is Optics and that mellow fellow who isn't quite yellow is a Chef."
>> No. 2008 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )

I tilt my head the other way in amusement.

"I am not surprised that you are not aware. Perhaps you can think of it as the Degree of Surpassing Highschoolers."
>> No. 2009 edit
File 13774004253.png - (201.66KB , 386x480 , cha_3251.png )

Phoenix laughed nervously but not in an attempt to lighten the mood. It was because he didn't know what to do.

"Pleasure to meet you all, uh, again. But does anyone have a suggestion of what to do now?"
>> No. 2010 edit
File 137740116043.png - (31.31KB , 252x122 , voltz-e2.png )
"We kill each other until only one is standing."

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)20:26:12
>> No. 2011 edit
File 137740149931.png - (202.34KB , 386x480 , cha_3269.png )


Taken aback, Phoenix snapped back to that answer.

"Stop playing around! There has to be another way around th-things! It has to be.....!"
>> No. 2012 edit
File 13773842765.png - (97.51KB , 500x600 , voltz-ca.png )
"Afraid not. While I personally won't be killing anyone, I cannot extend the same certainty to everyone else here."

He pauses in thought, as if trying to remember something, then continues.

"I had a very thorough investigation aside from everyone's dorm rooms way before we had a tour. I can guarantee there is no way off this island unless someone is willing to spill blood. Luckily, there seem to be prime targets. Such as the mute over there who cannot lock his door."

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)20:35:55
>> No. 2013 edit
File 137739660454.png - (201.71KB , 386x480 , cha_3291.png )

"....The same thing goes for me. I don't think I can ever kill an innocent individual just for the heck of it."

Phoenix nervously looked at the other individuals who was inside the gymnasium.

"Well, let's all make a vote. It's possible that we can join forces and overthrow the bear/bunny thingy, if everyone votes not to kill one another, right?"
>> No. 2014 edit
File 137740303546.png - (108.98KB , 500x600 , voltz-nfg.png )
Realizing the body was still there, he decided to take this amazing chance.

"I don't share your faith in humanity."

Julius bends over, grabbing one of the spears, and begins pulling them out one by one, pulling them in such a way as to not break as they make a disgusting mushing sound as they slide out. Blood splatters over Julius, but he doesn't seem to mind all that much.

"I've pulled some for those of you who wish to defend themselves when the time comes."
>> No. 2015 edit
File 137740368176.png - (201.29KB , 386x480 , cha_3289.png )


Phoenix silently stared at the blood that dripped off the spears
>> No. 2016 edit
File 137740387195.png - (80.86KB , 480x280 , 2(533).png )
"If the bear was able to make spears appear out of nowhere, I'm sure he would be able to do that again. So, I would rather not take my chances with overthrowing him."

"...Well, there's no use."

It was disgusting, but I arm myself with one.
>> No. 2017 edit
File 137740393493.png - (114.47KB , 500x600 , voltz-cab.png )
Julius begins trying to wipe the blood splats off of himself, however it doesn't seem to be working all that well.

"What? You never seen blood before? Or are you upset I desecrated his corpse? He has died, at the very least I can attempt to give meaning to his death."
>> No. 2018 edit
File 137740434617.png - (190.47KB , 376x480 , cha_3331.png )

>> No. 2019 edit
File 137740462371.png - (130.30KB , 500x600 , voltz-nb.png )
Julius wipes off a little bit more blood, but decides to give up when he realizes it is futile.

"Well, suit yourself."

Julius picks up a spear for himself and rests it over one of his shoulders.

"It's been sort of a pleasure, however I see no point in standing around here while some people may be plotting to kill one of us as we exit. So I'll be leaving first."

With that Julius walks off and out the door...
>> No. 2020 edit
File 137740697196.png - (191.41KB , 376x480 , cha_3336.png )
Phoenix stood there alternating his gaze between the door and the spears. All he did was ponder on what Julius spoke of.

"I don't share your faith in humanity."

With a sigh, he gazed at the spears. Then... hesitantly, grabbed one of them with his left hand and made his way toward the door. He felt as though that he was giving what that insane Bear wanted. Before he took his leave of the group, he clenched the spear with fear and left in silence.

>> No. 2021 edit
File 137740770514.gif - (487.22KB , 320x180 , 4894970467181dd33f39989142dc04ff.gif )
Kaiji awakens! Propping himself up from the ground with one hand while rubbing his forehead with the other, dazedly recalls his dream of collapsing exhausted after clambering from a boat on a distant island. But!

"...hah? This is...?"

He realizes - it wasn't a dream! Zawa... Zawa....

"Shit. Don't tell me, those black suit bastards!?"

Lost without a hope, Kaiji is falling into despair! However, spurred by the faint voices from his dream, he begins to search the island for signs of life. He find two things:

- A bottle!
"There's something inside..."
Kaiji retrieves two keys from the bottle!
"Huh? What's with these numbers?"

- A row of locked doors, resembling a dormitory.
Kaiji decides to investigate the doors. But! a faint smell tickles his nostrils, nagging at the back of his mind.
"This smell... Gunpowder? This isn't looking good."

The shock awakens Kaiji's senses. He finally realizes the danger of his situation! Right now, it's as if invisible creatures are setting up on him, trying to drown him in the sea surrounding the island. That's right, Kaiji is in the balance between life and death!

However! Taking the one of the keys from earlier, he matches it to a door - number 1.
"I'll start with this... Please, work!"
He begs! The resistance of a lock! But, amazingly, the door is unlocked!
"Alright! Things are finally going my way."

Kaiji enters the room, carefully locking it behind him. Kaiji begins to search the room, feeling secure. But currently, he has no idea what awaits in store for him on this island of despair!
>> No. 2022 edit
File 137740393493.png - (114.47KB , 500x600 , voltz-cab.png )
Julius who was already at the dorm for some time now is watching this entire scene play out in the most comedic turn of events that he himself cannot believe what he is seeing.

Last edited at 13/08/24(Sat)22:20:24
>> No. 2023 edit
File 137732353692.png - (81.66KB , 480x280 , 2(527).png )
"Looks like people are starting to leave."

I look around the room, facing only a few people.

"Does anyone wish to leave with me? I would rather not be alone and have that bear kill me, pinning it on someone else."
>> No. 2024 edit
File 13774089387.png - (191.68KB , 376x480 , cha_3337.png )

After this bizarre scene, Phoenix had just entered the dormitory, trying to ignored the smell of gun powder. He decided that it wouldn't be wise to go investigate the source of the smell alone. So he went to his room door unlocked it, entered, locking it behind him. He finished that off making sure that his room was cleared of any individuals. Turned out that it was.
>> No. 2025 edit
Suddenly Monokuma urged everyone to go to sleep since it was too late.
>> No. 2026 edit
File 137728200517.png - (39.06KB , 310x380 , tina_uncertain.png )
Still in shock over what just happened, I quietly sneak out of the gym, hoping that nobody will notice. I then run to my room as fast as possible.
>> No. 2027 edit
File 137730428387.png - (4.70KB , 98x96 , kamo1.png )
"I suppose we can always talk tomorrow."

I walk to my room in a carefree manner.
>> No. 2028 edit
File 137738530237.png - (231.73KB , 480x272 , event_11.png )
Good Morning you bastards......
I hope we can make this the day best ever
Daytime is in effect now.

and I am dissapointed due to the lack of murders.
>> No. 2029 edit
File 137745337437.png - (518.54KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_困る1a.png )
Exhausted due to the recent events. Lion retreats to his room. He talks to the remaining people before leaving.

"I'll go sleep for now. I think it'd be a good idea to all meet up tomorrow to... talk, we have lots of that to do. I think the Inn should be good enough for that. Good night."

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)10:56:37
>> No. 2030 edit
File 137745360565.png - (122.11KB , 500x600 , voltz-cebz.png )
Julius was already up when the announcement chimed in. He had retired later last night and woke up extremely early, however he himself didn't feel tired in the least. He opens up his door, walks out into the hall to see if anyone is there, and then closes his door.

"Looks like we're gonna have a lot of free time on our hands."
>> No. 2031 edit
File 137737632621.png - (525.10KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_叫ぶ2.png )
Hoping that someone will be there, or get there, Lion walks carefully up to the Inn and starts waiting for other people to come.
>> No. 2032 edit
File 137745428057.png - (122.18KB , 500x600 , voltz-caabvs.png )
Julius spots someone he hadn't met before. He himself had dried blood on his jacket, he didn't seem to care if the newcomer saw it or not.

"You. What's your name and expertise?"
>> No. 2033 edit
File 137728298945.png - (518.23KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_デフォ1.png )
"Oh, hello!
Well, we've already introduced each other back then, didn't we, hm... Julius, was that it? I'm Lion Ushiromiya.
By expertise, you mean what's written in the talent field right? Concentration for me. For you it was hm... Pilot, right?"
>> No. 2034 edit
File 137732949012.png - (38.96KB , 310x380 , tina_curious.png )
Having left my room and headed for the inn myself, I notice Julius and Lion's conversation. After hanging back and listening for a while, I decide to follow Lion's lead and give my own details.

"Ah, and mine is Perceiving...Um, my name is Tina Rose, if you didn't remember from the beginning. ......Oh, Lion-san, I'm really sorry if I offended you with my question earlier. I hope that we can still be friends, it wasn't my intention to make you uncomfortable..."
>> No. 2035 edit
File 137745691148.png - (116.23KB , 500x600 , voltz-edb.png )
Julius sees the other girl come around the corner and start introducing herself as well.

"Yes I excel at...being a Pilot. Not to interrupt you two but there's something that has been bothering me since we got here."

Julius takes a deep breath in, and then exhales it.

"Do any of you remember anything of the past few months? I seem to be...missing the last six months of my life."
>> No. 2036 edit
File 13774004253.png - (201.66KB , 386x480 , cha_3251.png )
Awaken by his stomach growls, Phoenix exited his room and locked his door. He was going to sneak off to kitchen, praying that he would find something to eat but suddenly he heard voices. It seemed that they were coming from the INN. He cautiously left the hall and entered the INN, only to find Julius, Lion and Tina having a conversation.
>> No. 2037 edit
File 137728200517.png - (39.06KB , 310x380 , tina_uncertain.png )
"Oh, you too? I don't recall how I ended up here either. ...I don't really know how much of my life before that is missing, though...It's hard to tell without any context.

......How would you know that exactly six months are missing? Is there a calendar here or something...?"

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)12:04:40
>> No. 2038 edit
File 137745428057.png - (122.18KB , 500x600 , voltz-caabvs.png )
"It's a bit of a guess but I was originally supposed to be stationed at a military base to...be trained. It was conveniently supposed to last six months, and I only remember getting there and not leaving."
>> No. 2039 edit
File 13774577196.jpg - (76.92KB , 225x350 , 29010.jpg )
Kaiji's fitful night ends with familiarity - the morning alarm! Like clockwork, his body moves towards his door from memory of this routine!

"No, wait."
He stops.
"That announcement was a little strange, but basically, this means that this island is Teiai's labor facility. But, my debt should already be paid, so... this is..."
He cannot comprehend! His mind races with possibilities!
"Don't tell me that bastard Furuhata had more debts? No... there's no way they wouldn't have brought this up sooner. After all that, they'd want to take me down by any means necessary. If that's the case, then... wait, no way!"
A spark of realization!
"Shit. What am I, an idiot? They don't need a reason to take me. Of course they never had to play by their rules! They're planning to trap me here!"

Kaiji despairs! His hard-earned freedom was just a fleeting illusion. Now, the hard reality has set upon him, and is devouring him whole!

"Idiot, what good will pondering over it do!? To start with, they know I'm here, so there's no point in hiding myself."

Kaiji opens the door, exiting his room.
"Still, why would they allow me to find this key?"
After locking it behind him, he leaves, and soon comes across company. However!

"Huh? What's with these guys?"
Their looks, young! Their clothes, strange! Kaiji cannot see how these inhabitants of the island could be Teiai's debted slaves.

"Hey, you guys. You work here, right...?"
>> No. 2040 edit
File 137745800850.png - (201.18KB , 386x480 , cha_3264.png )

"Eh? Who are you? I don't remember you here when we were all on the beach."
>> No. 2041 edit
File 137745360565.png - (122.11KB , 500x600 , voltz-cebz.png )
Julius notices some...thing. Something that seems out of place, yet is still there. Only after a little bit of mental deliberation does he realize it's actually a person.

"Even more strange ones rear their ugly head. Does it look like I work here?"

He shifts his view past the two he was just talking to and eyes his new prey like a hawk.

"Oh, you're the thirteenth missing person we were all concerned about. State your name and specialty, or we'll tie you up and torture the information out of you."

Julius states, the dried blood still on his jacket from his weapon collecting last night. He also just notices Phoenix, however he already got enough information out of him last night.

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)12:16:07
>> No. 2042 edit
File 137745818685.png - (39.06KB , 310x380 , tina_weaksmile.png )
I involuntarily jump in surprise in response to the sudden appearance of the man with the unbelievably pointy nose.

"Work here...? What do you mean by that...? ......Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but you weren't here at the start, were you? Did you arrive after us...?"
>> No. 2043 edit
File 137745858446.png - (201.06KB , 386x480 , cha_3257.png )

"Tying up and torturing him? That's a lil' extreme, don't you think?"
>> No. 2044 edit
File 13774587896.jpg - (77.18KB , 1280x720 , 0633.jpg )
A barrage of strange questions!

"The beach...? Hey, what do you expect, if they just drop me off in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty late when I came to."

"Besides, one - I can't exactly do any work if you tie me up, now can I, balaclava guy? And two - you've got the wrong guy. I don't have any debt like the rest of you. You're the boss, right? Call the black suits. Show me the way out."
>> No. 2045 edit
File 137728200517.png - (39.06KB , 310x380 , tina_uncertain.png )
"A debt? Is that why I was brought here...? I'm sorry, none of us can recall how we got to this place. Do you know something about the purpose of this island...? Please, tell us...!"

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)12:31:12
>> No. 2046 edit
File 137745914343.png - (116.65KB , 500x600 , voltz-adb.png )
"Think for a second. Someone has been missing from the start, and I'm quite sure I saw him come out of his room. What do you think about that? You think he somehow found a key to an empty room or...do you think he was given the key by this Monokuma?"

Julius glares at this new person, not knowing any of what he talks about. However he thinks it would be best to play along.

"Any debt? You seriously don't know? You've owed $$$$$$$$$$$$ amount to the big man. Let me guess, you don't remember the past few months huh? What a shame."

Julius shakes his head a bit, playing along with his own little joke.
>> No. 2047 edit
File 13774593683.png - (518.95KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_困る1.png )
Lion shifts uncomfortably at the mention of yesterday's discussion.

"I-It's alright, it's not the first time someone asked me that question...Ahah...
Friendship... I would very much like to say I'd agree, but in current conditions. I just don't know what to think."

"Yes, it is the same for me as well. All of this is strange... Surreal even."

The arrival of the long-nosed creature. catches lion by surprise, but he sighs in relief when he notice it's just another human.

"I don't think there's any need to tie him up, really. He's probably just in the same case as us. Mister, could you tell us your name?"

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)12:36:08
>> No. 2048 edit
File 13774577196.jpg - (76.92KB , 225x350 , 29010.jpg )
"Huh? That's... they take you here to work it off when you can't pay your debt, right? You could be here for ten, fifteen, twenty years. Still, someone so young ending up here...

"Don't remember? How could I forget? Don't joke around - my win was broadcast all over the place. It's clear. I don't owe a single yen. So what the hell are you playing at? You know, nobody's going to play along with your little games if you won't even follow your own rules, right? That just makes you simple thugs."

"My name? It's Kaiji."

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)12:39:01
>> No. 2049 edit
File 137745818685.png - (39.06KB , 310x380 , tina_weaksmile.png )
"But, Kaiji-san...If you don't owe anything, then what makes you think that this place is anything to do with paying off a debt?"
>> No. 2050 edit
File 137745989099.jpg - (12.01KB , 400x225 , 357047.jpg )
"Hell if I know. They hate my guts for having gotten the better of them, I bet. They're going to say I'm still in the red and keep--wait, are you saying you don't owe anything either?"
>> No. 2051 edit
File 137733984977.png - (520.15KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_驚き1.png )
"Well Mr.Kaji... You talk of a debt. To be entirely honest, none of use know why we were brought here, but a debt is the least of of problem right now I'm afraid."

Lion starts to look around the room for any monitors or similar devices, and talks out loud, seeming to adress the room itself.

"Monokuma! You can hear and see us can't you? It seems one of your students isn't aware of the situation. A-as the teacher it's your responsibility to fill him in, i-isn't it?"
>> No. 2052 edit
File 137745994927.png - (191.73KB , 376x480 , cha_3301.png )

"Hmmmm....I don't know. This guy just gives me this deranged escaped convict sorta vibe."
>> No. 2053 edit
File 137746038878.jpg - (90.77KB , 600x338 , Kaiji_S2.jpg )
"Monokuma? Is that guy the leader around here? And what do you mean you don't know!?"

"Wait. There's something weird about what this guy just said. I'm a student now? Well, I did send in a few applications, but..."

His encounter raises only more questions! Doubt starts to assail Kaiji's mind. What is the meaning of this island!?
>> No. 2054 edit
File 137105798139.png - (51.01KB , 480x280 , 5(233).png )
"The 12 that remain now will spend the rest of your life here,unless your murder someone and no one realize its you."
>> No. 2055 edit
File 137746202730.png - (60.38KB , 480x280 , 5(144).png )
Having composed myself (a little) after last night, I finally leave my room, only to bump into Phoenix and co. shortly after.

"S-so.... the mysterious lurker finally shows himself. Anyway, have you guys got a plan? D-don't tell me you actually mean to get your hands dirty and w-work on the farm..."
>> No. 2056 edit
File 137746234133.jpg - (92.73KB , 1280x1336 , kaijiS2-mod.jpg )
"...Haah? What's with this toy?"

A sudden appearance! Kaiji's worries are blown away by the ridiculousness!

"This guy must be... I get it, Monokuma."

"To put it simply, you want us to play another game. You think you can just coop up all up here and get us to solve all your problems for you? Don't joke around. There's nothing in it for us. If you want to get rid of me, stop hiding behind that shitty animal and come do it yourself."
>> No. 2057 edit
File 137127077999.png - (52.93KB , 480x280 , 5(243).png )
In this island at least there will be no food, so you have to work hard, but its okay you can work on the farm to get some.
>> No. 2058 edit
File 137105777790.png - (63.85KB , 480x280 , 5(238).png )

More respect for your headmaster!!
>> No. 2059 edit
File 137737597887.png - (68.54KB , 480x280 , 2(522).png )
I stumble out of the room I was confined in, confused at my new surroundings.

"Wh-where am I? What am I doing here?!"
>> No. 2060 edit
File 137746290251.jpg - (100.29KB , 1280x720 , 07-14.jpg )
"As I thought, you expect us to break our backs here for you. All to finally get out one day, right? Only, you'll just throw us back as soon as our back's turned You've got some sick sense of humor."

"Twelve of us? Didn't balaclava say it was 13...?"
>> No. 2061 edit
"You, the one with the glasses. Your name and specialty. Lest you wish to also be tied up and tortured."
>> No. 2062 edit
File 137746315544.png - (84.61KB , 480x280 , 2(512).png )
Right, I'm still here. It wasn't a dream after all.

"Sorry about that, sleeping makes my memory foggy."

Now that I look around, there's a new person here.

"Who's this guy?"
>> No. 2063 edit
File 137730482583.png - (353.89KB , 640x480 , cute moment.png )

Baffled, Phoenix stared at Monokuma in silence until....

"Auaarararaaaaaa! Monokuma is sooooo plushie! He sorta reminds me of a classic YORK peppermint pattie! OO! I call taking a bite out of him fiiirst!"

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)21:19:33
>> No. 2064 edit
File 137113374387.png - (51.02KB , 480x280 , 5(246).png )
"Well originally I had food prepared for you, but since someone took all of it, You have to work to get it yourself."
>> No. 2065 edit
File 13774638229.jpg - (17.98KB , 320x180 , 19_03.jpg )
They keep coming! The inhabitants of the island, one by one!

"Ah, I don't have a clue who you are either, but it looks like you all know each other except me. Tell me, what's this guy mean by 'specialty'?"
>> No. 2066 edit
File 137746386866.png - (201.98KB , 386x480 , cha_3262.png )

"Someone took it all?! Who would do such a thing?!"
>> No. 2067 edit
File 13774642824.png - (44.32KB , 480x280 , 5(241).png )
"That is one of the mysteries you have to solve"
>> No. 2068 edit
File 137732130142.png - (61.56KB , 480x280 , 2(524).png )
"I'm not sure, but it seems as if it's one of our skills is listed on our electroIDs. I'm Arino, by the way."
>> No. 2069 edit
File 13774644954.jpg - (101.99KB , 1024x768 , gyakkyo-burai-kaiji-hakairoku-hen_3.jpg )
"Oi, are you seriously listening to him? It was obviously them. They did it just to mess with us. I don't know how they're supposed to profit from a farm all the way out wherever, but they'll be taking the crops for it, that's obvious."

"Kaiji... I haven't been given an ID or anything like that."
>> No. 2070 edit
File 137730760598.png - (4.85KB , 97x95 , kamo3.png )
Exiting my room after a lengthy campaign of sleeping in, I rejoin the group, peering with interest at the new arrival.

"Good morning. I was suspicious when nobody with the qualities of a main character appeared, but it seems there was nothing to worry about."

I raise a hand to conceal a smile.

"My name is Kamo. It is a pleasure to meet you."
>> No. 2071 edit
File 137746463572.png - (518.30KB , 664x1112 , rio_a11_デフォ3.png )
"Our food is gone? First Thomas's lock was broken, and now this...
Should we go out and search for it?...
Actually, Arino, you're the chief here, right? Did you go to the kitchen recently? Or did anyone?"
>> No. 2072 edit
File 137132771396.png - (52.11KB , 480x280 , 5(242).png )
oh that's right! here have it!

"You recieved an ElectroID"
"You recieved the key no one took"

Last edited at 13/08/25(Sun)14:11:17
>> No. 2073 edit
File 137746507720.png - (200.78KB , 386x480 , cha_3259.png )

"Wha? You think so? Man, I don't know what to believe anymore. It's just that the thought of food is really clouding my judgment."
>> No. 2074 edit
File 137746593946.jpg - (92.57KB , 1280x720 , kaiji-2-11.jpg )
Kaiji receives the key he thought he already had along with an ElectroID. Eager to check his skill, he boots it up!

"...It's Itou Kaiji. And, according to this..."

"Here it is. Talent... eh?"
But, the contents of that ElectroID...!!

"What the hell? You call this a talent? Damn it, old man, what are you putting on my applications!"

"Actually... I think I'll keep my talent to myself. Anyway, who else is here besides the twelve of us?"
>> No. 2075 edit
File 137105988755.png - (49.30KB , 480x280 , 5(237).png )
NO ONE~~~~~~

Only the twelve of you and the corpse of that rude one~
>> No. 2076 edit
File 137746668412.jpg - (39.32KB , 800x599 , Kaiji_Vector-1.jpg )
"No one...? Yeah, I haven't seen hide nor hair of a black suit, but surely..."

"What the hell do you mean no one? I'm talking about your black suit underlings, puppet bastard. Don't get me wrong - I wish they'd go away too. But that aint gonna happen. Just tell me, how many of you are keeping us here?"
>> No. 2078 edit
New thread here:(each 200 post of everyday life a new thread is created (like the thread of teaparty,)

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