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Lion suxs general.

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So, did you guys enjoy the game? Do you want to keep talking about the game's what-ifs or Dangan in general? Do you think Kinjo sucks? This is the thread for you.
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File 137214422611.jpg - (418.75KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mkz4j83F4Q1qe9g4mo1_r1_500.jpg )
New to the board?
Check this post >>/gameboard/11393

Wondering what happened?
Check this post >>1840

POV Directory

Ozaki >>1
Rune >>219
Kedge >>308
Rosa >>499
Omni >>610
Rika >>689
Camphor >>805
Mion >>921
Rudolf >>1128
Ouro >>1271
Lion >>1383
Kirigiri >>1428


Trial >>1586

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File 137124044850.png - (151.67KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile2.png )
Hm, that is a shame. I was really enjoying it, but I did have a feeling that the system of monitoring all those different boards was probably too much for one person to handle. I really did like how the first case turned out; there were a surprising amount of twists and dramatic moments considering that none of it was at all planned. You're probably right that we wouldn't have hit another note as high as that if we'd continued.

I think that the system of multiple PoV boards is really neat, though, and could be worth revisiting in a different format some time. It could definitely be workable in a smaller-scale game with only a few players, especially if you could get more than one Game Master to work on it. You're right that the concept of the game itself probably wasn't so great in practice though. It wasn't really possible for us to create any particularly interesting murder mysteries given the tools that we had.

...Also, my personal method of roleplaying is to try and act in roughly the same way I would if I was really in that situation. So I was pretty much never going to kill anyone, and I'm guessing most of the others probably thought along the same lines. If we do something like this again, it might be better to assign people a detective/culprit role beforehand (without the players knowing each other's roles, of course) so that there is more definite driving force. ...That, or just have the Game Master control the culprit and have all the other players as detectives. I'd actually be interested in a Zero Escape style game along these lines...Don't know if anyone else here has played that.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and just say that this was a very interesting experiment, and I had a lot of fun with it. Many thanks to Kinjo for working so hard on it these past two weeks. Nipa~
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File 13721518397.png - (161.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1.png )
I'll go ahead and clarify some things now that we won't be dealing with them in-game:

1. There was really nothing inside the staff room. I didn't plan the museum's layout at all in advance so I was hoping it wouldn't become too important.

2. There were going to be four more quadrants prepared for four more mysteries. They'd include other places such as a medical clinic, power plant, amusement park, and volcano. The idea was to give a wide range of locations to murder and include a wide range of things to be used as murder tools.

3. The secret messages made by Ozaki were just his screwing around.

4. There was going to be a meta-story that you would eventually have to solve if we got down to 2-3 players remaining (because if the number is that low you can't really solve a crime by majority vote). It was hardly planned out though.

I suppose I can also post the list of skills (including despair skills). After all, they can't be found in the respective threads: http://pastebin.com/sa0UDrdz

...Oh, and the two names on the remaining seats in the trial were for the two people who didn't show up for the game. The number of rooms was magically modified on the map to accommodate their absence.

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File 137215303642.png - (23.68KB , 320x468 , you_don\'t_see_me.png )
Zero Escape would be too hard I feel. But overall Rika I think your suggestions sound awesome. I one time thought about a game where each person took a new identity, so that no one knew who was who. And secretly one of the players would be contacted and become the culprit. As wells as the GM would actually be one of the players in secret as well.
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File 137216284666.png - (56.21KB , 400x233 , tumblr_mk6ph2DBWP1r18ktbo1_400.png )
Ahhh, we ended already? I suppose if you were having trouble with it, it makes sense. I mean, I can only imagine how hard it must have been to keep track of all the boards, and it's clear some people were having trouble keeping up with the pace of the others. Still, it was really, really fun while it lasted, and if you ever try something similar in the future, I'd be down for it.

I find it unbearably funny that Drosselmeyer died because of his Despair Skill, I really, really couldn't have seen that coming. Also, I'm terrified by how quickly Ozaki pieced everything together. I mean, I've seen them do impressive work on other gameboards, but looking over his private board, that was terrifying.

My only regret is that I couldn't work out how to make a trap that wouldn't obviously be my doing, and that I never got to use this sprite-edit. Thanks again for the game, everyone, it's been great fun!

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A Zero Escape game could certainly be interesting. I would guess that the separate boards would only be for doing the rooms past the chromatic doors? And then return to the main board immediately following?

It might certainly be complex, but surely simpler than dangan ronpa
>> No. 1856 edit
Using imageboards wasn't the most effective setup for the game. Speaking from experience, running events handling 12+ people at a time in campaign series, the most effective medium really is to allow more direct interaction between the players without GM intervention, with more concise rules and mechanics that are visible to the players so that they may utilize them theirselves. In addition to some kind of program setup to accommodate the characters changing locations and whatnot, with a built-in system for "turns"; possibly something that allows everybody a certain number of posts within a certain timeframe, or waits until everybody else has posted before 'moving on' to a new round (ofc with a "time out" to just move on if someone doesn't respond) when they're all within proximity or interacting with each other, etc.

I actually run something quite a bit similar to this -- albeit not mystery oriented -- for a number of people using a program called... OpenRPG, I believe it is.

That said, I trusted and knew all of the players implicitly, and was fully capable of monitoring all of their self-driven interaction when necessary and they kept themselves from trying to cheat or metagame... primarily because most of the fun of that event series was, of course, the RP and the plot, so yeah.

This was all certainly a very interesting idea, and I did find it quite intriguing even granted I have 0 murder mystery experience, but the issue that really made everything so dependent on Kinjo was just the imageboard format I believe.
A more interactive medium -- a program designed for something like this -- would've flowed much better, indeed.
>> No. 1857 edit
File 137092057874.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Kinjo already knows my thoughts, and I agree with what you guys have said.

Just thought I'd post anyway.

I wonder if lurkers will be attracted to this page because of the anime for dangan ronpa... Should be interesting.

Last edited at 13/06/26(Wed)22:50:56
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File 137761164190.png - (67.89KB , 480x280 , Togami (2).png )
Kinda sucks I came here too late to participate in this, since I've really started liking Dangan Ronpa.

Guess I can always hope for a third one. As unlikely as that may be.
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