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It took me this long to figure out the real reason behind the name of this board.
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[Cathedral of Witches]

In a flash the calm little party disappeared and instead the cold ghastly cathedral replaced it. Beatrice and Battler looked around confused, for they were alone.

A bright flash blinded them before they could shield their eyes. When their vision cleared now standing in the area were 3 more people. Bernkastel the Witch of Miracles, Lambdadelta the Witch of Certainty, and Erika the Witch of Truth.

Erika let out a horrible laugh. “Come, let's see you try to beat the truth; that I Erika Furudo the Witch of Truth am about the create!”

Bernkastel let out a sinister cackle as she teleported next to the two. “Come now, we'll make it fair even.” A crafty cat like smile appeared on her face. “We'll give you five chances, that is more than fair right~”

The three witches became laughing in sync with each other. Lamdadelta smirked, as she stopped laughing. “Come show us what you got.”

“Yes, let us battle. The Witch of Truth vs you!”
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The person who does the most if not all the killings.
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Hmm ok, I've got motivation now. I'll jot down some notes on the twilights then try and make a full theory tonight.
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File 129811588292.png - (153.54KB , 606x480 , wdk_akuwaraib1.png )
Okay, here I go! The second theory!

Kanon is the culprit. His master key is not immediately found, so it could have been used for the closed room tricks. Also, he is the only person other than Shannon who could have placed all the corpses in their spots between midnight and 6AM. Kanon was forced by Kinzo to kill his family, and those six were the best sacrifices to choose, in his opinion. If he killed her parents they could be together. And he killed the rest of the servants because to him, they were furniture, mere sacrifices. Kanon killed them, tore off their skin using acid (or alternatively the stove), put their keys in the bags, and locked the room with his master key. He then went to the chapel and faked his death. George and Shannon found him and agreed to keep it a secret. Because Kanon was assumed dead, the following can be said in red: Shannon was the only living person that went outside between midnight and 6AM. Because Kanon is 'dead'.

Jessica is the culprit of the second twilight. She simply lied about seeing Shannon kill them. Jessica thought Eva was the killer since she always hated Krauss, Natsuhi, and the servants. Of course since Kanon is still alive the two of them teamed up and killed Eva together. Hideyoshi tried to stop them but also died. Jessica blamed it on Shannon, while Kanon once again went into hiding. Kanon used his signature cleaver to chop up Hideyoshi, and used a hammer from the toolbox to smash Eva.

Now, here's where things get confusing. Kinzo is still alive. Instead, Kanon put Nanjo's corpse in the boiler! When Erika and Nanjo left, they found Kanon. Erika made Kanon confess everything, and told her Kinzo was the culprit. Nanjo used an anesthetic to knock Erika out. However, Kanon killed Nanjo and burnt his corpse, using another entrance to the room. The door was hammered in place so that it wouldn't budge.

Kyrie goes into the boiler room, and gets killed by Kinzo, who tries to frame Rosa by writing 'rose' in Kanji.

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File 129811669092.png - (91.89KB , 343x440 , ber_akuwaraia3.png )
Kanon is not the mastermind.

Acid was not used on the victims of the 1st twilight.

Jessica is only saying what she believes happened in the dinning room.

Nanjo's body wasn't placed in the boiler.

Kinzo did not commit murder.

Erika was not killed by Rosa

No one died of suicide.

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Discussion Thread

Here you are free to discuss your theories and hopefully reach a presentable joint conclusion.
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File 129730186160.jpg - (13.71KB , 305x357 , dr_ozaki smile half body.jpg )
Hey if anyone wants to go, just go right ahead. It's not like we have a limit or anything.
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Is it safe to assume that someone faked their death along the way? At this point, I have to assume multiple culprits. There just doesn't seem to be any other way.
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Sorry, guys...I failed...heh. Time for someone else to step up to bat.
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Hmm, well the fact that Rosa still hasn't fully denied them from killing is funny but...

I've got something to do, so tomorrow or maybe today I'll give it a shot. And if Kinjo hasn't already seen this (doubt it) then I'll IM him after I try.

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