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Ozaki and Kinjo enter the room. As the timer comes to an end, the door behind automatically closes. It looks like the only way out is the press onward.

The room seems to be a large round area.

In the center you see a sign with what looks like German written on it.

To the side of the room you see a row of large clay flower pots. These pots are gigantic however, as a person could easily fit inside one.

The door is straight across from you, on the other side of the wall.
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File 137663876269.png - (64.91KB , 347x480 , ozaki_itaia1.png )
I take the pots to activate the sensor and take Kinjo with me. We then proceed through the door assuming it works.
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File 13766385592.jpg - (57.27KB , 620x349 , 237309-ZeroIII-Header.jpg )
You leave the room and find yourself in a hallway.

It looks like everybody else got out of their rooms first.

A few look a little sad.

One looks a lot more confidant than he should be... what did that little shit see in his room?

But that's odd, one person is missing from the group.

The rabbit appears again, on a screen along the wall.

"If I could have everybunny's undivided attention, I would just like to say that we just autoclaved all the rooms you were previously in. Sanitation sure is a high cost to pay y'know. Anyway, it seems like not everybunny is hare. Seems somebody got lost or left behind. Who knows? The people who went into that room and me of course! Welp, you al remember the rules right? Somebody dies, the roulette chooses one other to go with them! Twice the danger means twice the fun! Oh but I haven't actually prepared the roulette yet. Oh well, its a program anyway, so we'll know here in a second who is the unlucky winner."

At that moment you feel a pinprick on the inside of your wrist. That damned watch. Your world turns gray, as you feel your entire body go numb. After what feels like an eternity, you fade out to nothingness.
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asdf test

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Irie takes you into the basement. You notice a stockpile of weapons, some just thrown about on the floor, many hanging on the walls. Everything from smoke grenades to tasers (why are they all nonlethal?)

You see through one of the windows into a room over and see that there is a large assortment of testing devices. It also looks like there is a huge rack of just containers upon containers of blood.

"Ah, you noticed. It's probably important now that I tell you anyways." Irie says. "You see, I've been researching this epidemic called Hinamizawa syndrome. Getting blood of all the townspeople isn't hard when you're the local physician. As for the weapons, well, let's just say the people funding the research are rather involved in the study. One cannot be too careful around these people. They're certainly a dangerous type. I wouldn't be surprised if they were to try to simply kill everyone involved if the project failed. That's why I have to succeed at it. As long as the research is conclusive and to their liking, everything will be alright."
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It works, kinda. Not the most pleasant smell, but it's certainly not toxic or failing.
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Anyway I guess I'll run to the entrance and kill everyone.

But not really, I'll just run there while keeping my distance so I can explain what Iw as going to say in >>75
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for your convenience, I added bl, r and green to this board as well
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If for some reason I can't breath after leaving I'll pretend I can and continue to make it seem like I escaped.

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Irie's Clinic has been researching Hinamizawa syndrome. The blood samples taken were for this purpose. The failure of the experiment will lead to 'Tokyo' desiring to terminate the project and everyone involved. If word of the failure gets out, your life will be in danger.

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