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So, I've been thinking about how we should take advantage of this place. It seems potentially useful, but we're going to have to be pretty clever with it.

We don't actually seem to have much reason to want to do things without Ozaki's knowledge yet - but the very fact that we've been given the ability to do so suggests that we shouldn't be too trusting of him. I personally would have played dumb about Oishi's cause of death in his presence, but oh well, that's not a big deal.

At any rate, even if we don't have a particular need to make use of this place yet, I feel like we should make preparations for the time when we do want to use it. In particular I think we need to work out a way of alerting people (Rudolf included) to check this board. That way Rudolf will instantly know when we make secret moves and will be able to take them into account, and it could also prove useful if we want to start a private discussion in here or something.

Obviously we could just say something like "Psst, guys, check the secret board" whenever we use this place, but that would alert Ozaki that something suspicious is going on, possibly damaging our plans. It would be better if we could devise some means of alerting Rudolf and the other detectives using something that wouldn't look out of place or suspicious to Ozaki while being instantly recognisable to the rest of us. For example, we could maybe say "If one of us posts without an image, it means everyone should check the secret board" or "If one of us starts our first sentence without a capital letter, everyone should check the secret board" or something like that. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but we can't be too prepared! Any thoughts?
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Damaged. Looks like they were used for growing cultures. Were they researching some sort of bacteria here?
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Alright. I'm here, late as usual. I caught on after Erika mentioned about the secret board.
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Well, how are we going to be going about this then?
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There is supposedly a disease in the town of Hinamizawa. This disease is probably made up. However, you do suspect that there is something fishy about this town and the people in it. You conclude that the clinic is a good place to start for finding out more information.
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Feel free to make a thread if there is anything you'd like to cover.

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